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Oakfield Corners Dairy is a division of Lamb Farms, Inc http://www.lambfarmsinc.net/. We are proud to work with some of the best cow families in the Holstein breed.  A large-scale ET and IVF program allows up to focus on both high GTPI and show quality calves.  The highlights of our breeding program is to market bulls to AI companies, and the biennial Spring Sensation Sale.  With the addition of the Genetics Barn in 2014, we are better able to care for our high type and high GTPI females.  We invite you to stop in during your visit to NY.





Oakfield Corners
3962 Batavia-Elba Townlin Rd
Oakfield, New York 14125
United States


+1 585-704-2501

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Oakfield Corners
Oakfield Corners
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Oakfield Corners
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Oakfield Corners

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April 5, 2021
Banner Day for Oakfield Corners

It was a banner day for Oakfield Corners Dairy Red & Whites at the Northeast Spring R&W Show! Winning the Aged Cow class, and moving on to win both Senior and Grand Champion titles was Colganados D Avianca-Red. Following close behind was Oakfield Addiction Emoji-Red, winning the 5-Year-Old class and earning Reserve Senior and Reserve Grand Champion honors. Future-Manor Twister-Red, the winning fall calf, took Junior Champion honors in both the open and junior shows with Chloe & Claire Lamb at the halter. Congratulations to Oakfield Corners on their success this week! VIEW BREEDER PAGE

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January 18, 2021
Oakfield Corners Females Earn RWDCA All-American TItles

Oakfield Corners Dairy has earned the titles of Reserve and Honorable Mention All-American with their Junior Best Three Females and 4-Year-Old Cow.


2020 Reserve All-American Junior Best Three Females

Oakfield US Aviva-Red-ET

OCD Jordy Libation-Red-ET

OCD Jordy Rascal-Red-ET


HM All-American 4-Year-Old

Oakfield Addiction Emoji-Red

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January 6, 2021
January 2021 New Genomic Females

Several Holstein Plaza Members have females on the January 2021 list of New Genomic Females. Oakfield Corners Dairy and Pine Tree Dairy have females in the Top 5. Topping this list of New Genomic Females is Sandy-Valley Sugarplum-ET with +3121 GTPI. Sugarplum is a Parfact daughter backed by Sandy-Valley Plane Sapphire VG-87.


Top 5 Females

1. Sandy-Valley Sugarplum-ET +3121G

2. Jenniton Magntd Lilianna-ET +3071G

3. OCD Legacy Frances 63527-ET +3068G

4. Pine-Tree 7479 Gali 8883-ET +3065G

5. Siemers RLNT Paris 34454-ET +3065G


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October 7, 2020
North American Open Holstein Show Results

The North American Open Holstein Show 2020 is underway at the Pickaway Ag & Event Center in Circleville, OH. The class winners and Champions for the day will be selected by judge Mike Berry, WA, with Alan Berry, WA serving as the associate. Holstein Plaza Members are on-site and competing today. Highlights include:


Spring Heifer Calf

3rd - Duckett Doorman Cala (Doorman) Duckett Holsteins

Spring Yearling Heifer

2nd - (B&O) T-Triple-T Piece of Cake (Doorman) Triple-T Holsteins

9th - Windy-Knoll-View Pacey-ET (Solomon) Golden Oaks Farm

Milking Yearling

2nd - Tree-Hayven Tatoo Last Song (Tatoo) Duckett Holsteins

7th - Woodbine Tatoo Ohnest (Tatoo) Mercuro Farms

Summer Junior 2-Year-Old

5th - Ms T-Triple-T SW WB Payton (Windbrook) Triple-T Holsteins

9th - Kings-Ransom Undn Clever (Undenied) Midas-Touch Genetics

10th - Oakfield Undenied Eclair (Undenied) Oakfield Corners

Junior 2-Year-Old

1st - Ms Abba Amazing 2319 (Avalanche) Oakfield Corners

2nd - (B&O) Duckett Control Buffy (Control) Duckett Holsteins

5th - T-Triple-T Purple Rain (Slater) Triple-T Holsteins

7th - Wrightvale Doorman Livvy (Doorman) Triple-T Holsteins

Senior 2-Year-Old

1st - (B&O) Duckett Solomon Leta (Solomon) Duckett Holsteins

10th - Oakfield Doorm Brilliant (Doorman)  Oakfield Corners

Junior 3-Year-Old

1st - (B&O) Oakfield Solom Footloose (Solomon) Oakfield Corners

7th - Hilpine Doorman ASAP (Doorman) Oakfield Corners

Senior 3-Year-Old

2nd - Kevetta Daniel Lexi (Daniel) Oakfield Corners

6th - Oakfield Goldwyn Daisy (Goldwyn) Oakfield Corners

7th - Apple-Pts Amita (Crush) Golden Oaks Farm

9th - Oakfield Gold Easystreet (Goldwyn) Oakfield Corners


6th - Ms Listerines Look At Me (Atwood) Duckett Holsteins

Aged Cows

3rd - (B&O) T-Triple-T Play It Again (Fever) Triple-T Holsteins

4th - (1st Jr) T-Triple-T Petunia (Goldwyn) Triple-T Holsteins

7th - OCD Bradnick Candy (Bradnick) Oakfield Corners

Lifetime Production Cow

1st - Butz-Butler Gold Barbara (Goldwyn) MD-West-View Genetics

6th - T-Triple-T Platinum (Goldwyn) Triple-T Holsteins

9th - Oakfield Reality Harmony (Reality) Oakfield Corners

Senior Best Three Females

1st - Oakfield Corners

2nd - Triple-T Holsteins

Produce of Dam

1st - Oakfield Corners

2nd - Triple-T Holsteins

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October 5, 2020
North American Open Red & White Show Results

The North American Open Red & White Show 2020 is underway at the Pickaway Ag & Event Center in Circleville, OH. Choosing the class winners for the day is judge Pat Lundy, NY. Holstein Plaza Members are on-site and competing today. Highlights include:


Winter Calf Class

7th - Oakfield US Aviva-Red (Unstopabull) Oakfield Corners Dairy

8th - Rae-Mew Unstop Rosey-Red (Unstopabull) Mercuro Farms

Fall Calf Class

7th - Golden-Oaks Arrelli-Red (Avalanche) Golden Oaks Farms

Summer Yearling

1st - Pamprd-Acres Aw Adde-Red (Awesome) Tramilda Holsteins

Junior Best Three Females

2nd - Oakfield Corners Dairy

Premier Breeder of the Heifer Show & Overall Premier Breeder

Oakfield Corners Dairy

Senior 3-Year-Old

1st - Wil-O-Mar Diamndbk Rose-Red (Diamondback) Triple-T Holsteins

3rd - Flower-Brook Corena-Red (Avalanche) Golden Oaks Farms

Intermediate Champion & HM Grand Champion

Wil-O-Mar Diamndbk Rose-Red (Diamondback) Triple-T Holsteins


3rd - (B&O) Oakfield Addiction Emoji-Red (Addiction P) Oakfield Corners Dairy

5th - Velvet-View Return-Red (Awesome) Triple-T Holsteins

6th - Roll-N-View Aw Altitude-Red (Awesome) Savage-Leigh

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September 18, 2020

A message from Oakfield Corners Dairy on the Bright Futures II Sale going on NOW:

Bright Futures are ahead! As we #FocusOnTheFuture of the marketing program at Oakfield Corners, it makes sense for us to offer our best genetics to others. It is going to be really hard to say goodbye to the five donor dams selling tonight, but we're confident that they will do at least as well in your program as they have for us.

** Online bidding is now open at www.cowbuyer.com

** Live auction begins at 7pm EST

** Thank you for supporting all of the consignors during this challenging year

** https://issuu.com/grn.../docs/bright_futures_ii._9.2020._web

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September 14, 2020
Bright Futures 2 Elite Embryo Auction 2020

The Bright Futures 2 Elite Embryo Live Online Auction 2020 featuring Oakfield Corners will take place on September 18, 2020. Bright Futures 2 is excited to feature several lots from Oakfield Corners. They will be offering embryos, donors and choices as well as a few unique “group” offerings of embryos that will be sold as one package (all for one price). VIEW CATALOG

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September 8, 2020
Oakfield Corners finds success at the NY State Shows

Oakfield Corners Dairy found great success at the New York Holstein State Show!  The show concluded with Oakfield WB Tiffany, the 1st 5-Year-Old and Senior Champion, winning the Grand Champion Title of the Holstein Show!


New York Holstein State Show Highlights:

Oakfield WB Tiffany, 1st 5-Year-Old, Senior & Grand Champion

Oakfield Solom Footloose, 1st Junior 3-Year-Old, Reserve Intermediate Champion

Oakfield Reality Harmony, 1st 150,000 lb Cow

Oakfield Doorm Brilliant, 1st Senior 2-Year-Old

Ms Abba Amazing 2319, 1st Junior 2-Year-Old

Oakfield Undenied Eclair, 1st Summer Junior 2-Year-Old

Reserve Junior Best Three Females


New York R&W Holstein State Show Highlights:

Oakfield Addiction Emoji-Red, 1st 4-Year-Old, Senior Champion & Reserve Grand Champion

Oakfield-Sis Al Rosebud-Red, 1st Spring Calf, Reserve Junior Champion of the Junior Show

Oakfield Us Aviva-Red, 1st Winter Calf, HM Junior Champion

Junior Best Three Females



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August 24, 2020
New Photo of Ms Abba Amazing!

Check out this photo from an Oakfield Corners Dairy donor who sure lives up to her name. Ms Abba Amazing is a beautiful Avalanche daughter who was recently the Winning Jr. 2 year old and HM Intermediate Champion at the 2020 New England Summer Show. VIEW OAKFIELD CORNERS BREEDER PAGE

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August 6, 2020
Oakfield Corners wins big at the New England Holstein Show

HP member Oakfield Corners Dairy had a banner winning day at the New England Holstein Show. Highlights include:



Senior Champion, Grand Champion & Champion Bred & Owned Female

Oakfield Reality Harmony, 1st Lifetime Production Cow

Intermediate Champion & Reserve Grand Champion

Kevetta Daniel Lexi, 1st Senior 3-Year-Old

Reserve Intermediate & HM Grand Champion

Oakfield Solomon Footloose, 1st Junior 3-Year-Old

Reserve Senior Champion

Oakfield WB Tiffany, 1st 5-Year-Old

HM Intermediate Champion

Ms Abba Amazing 2319, 1st Junior 2-Year-Old

Other Class Highlights

OCD Doorman Electric, 1st Milking Yearling

Oakfield Addiction Emoji-Red, 1st 4-Year-Old

Oakfield Doorman Brilliant, 3rd Senior 2-Year-Old

1st Senior Best Three Females


Oakfield Corners was also awarded Premier Breeder and Premier Exhibitor of the Show.

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June 3, 2020
Homebred Harmony Scored EX-95 3E

Oakfield Corners Dairy now has their first home bred committee cow! Oakfield Reality Harmony is now scored EX-95 3E at 10 years and 1 month old. She freshened in Febuary in her 7th lactation. Harmony has produced over 187,000 lbs of milk, over 7,200 lbs of fat (3.9%), and over 5,700 lbs of protein (3.1%). She is projected to be over 200,000 lbs lifetime by this fall. Congratulations to Oakfield Corners!

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June 2, 2020
New Genomic Females - June 2020

Congratulations to Holstein Plaza member, Plain-Knoll Holsteins on breeding the No. 5 New Genomic Female in the June Intermediate Run. Plain-Knoll Acura 3061-ET is backed by Seagull-Bay Oman Mirror and scores a great +3018 GTPI. Leading the list are Solution, Prince, Admiral, and AltaZazzle daughters. 


Top 5 New Genomic Females:

1. Siemers SLN Hanina 33232-ET +3119GTPI

2. Denovo Prince 1745-ET +3035GTPI

3. Denovo Admiral 1741-ET +3030GTPI

4. Peak 63007-ET +3024GTPI

5. Plain-Knoll Acura 3061-ET +3018GTPI


Other Holstein Plaza members with females in the Top 25 include Tramilda Holsteins and Oakfield Corners Dairy.

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May 5, 2020
Johnson Holsteins breeds No. 1 New Genomic Female - May 2020

Holstein Plaza Member, Johnson Holsteins, breeds the No. 1 New Genomic Female for the May 2020 Intermediate Proof Run. Matcrest Batman 2222-ET is a Batman daughter who goes all the way back to EX-95 2E GMD DOM Snow-N Denises Dellia. 2222 scores an impressive combination of +3101GTPI and +946NM$. Rounding out the Top 3 females are two Torro heifers from the Peak Genetics Program, each scoring +3060 and +3057GTPI respectively. 


Top 5 New Genomic Females - May 2020

1. Matcrest Batman 2222-ET --> +3101GTPI +946NM$

2. Peak 82799-ET --> +3060GTPI +943NM$

3. Peak 1912-ET --> +3057GTPI +929NM$

4. Peak 82805-ET --> +3053GTPI +895NM$

5. Blumenfeld Duluth 7132-ET --> +3040GTPI +885NM



Other Holstein Plaza Members with heifers in the Top 25 include Pine-Tree Dairy, Oakfield Corners, and Plain-Knoll Holsteins.

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April 17, 2020
Top Ranking PTAT Females in the US

Holstein Plaza bred and owned females make it on the list of top ranking females for PTAT in the US.


Top PTAT Heifers (<24 months)

1. Siemers SRG Apple 30689 +4.02PTAT

2. Lima Undenied Beauty +4.00PTAT

3. Ms Laces Crushabul Lilly +3.94PTAT

4. Ms Laces Upgrade Lacie +3.85PTAT

5. Jimtown KD Narcisa +3.84PTAT 



Top PTAT Cows (GP-80 or higher)

1. Hass-Acres Avlnch Daelyn VG-87 +3.71PTAT

2. Siemers Avalanche Whip VG-85 +3.67PTAT

3. Furnace-Hill Knsha Clair VG-86 +3.66PTAT

4. Our-Favorite Velocity VG-88 +3.58PTAT

5. Oakfield Solomon Holiday VG-86 +3.49PTAT


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February 25, 2020
ALL NY Red & White Awards Released

The New York Holstein Association awards All-New York titles to succesful R&W animals in the following categories: Calf, Yearling, Young Cow, and Mature Cow. Congratulations to Holstein Plaza Member, Oakfield Corners on the following achievements..

*Oakfield Jo Lion King-Red

All-New York Bred & Owned and High Honorable Mention All-New York Calf

*OCD Jordy Luxury-Red

Honorable Mention All-New York Calf

*Underground Bccas Blair-Red

All-New York Young Cow

*Oakfield ABS Candy-Red

All-New York and All-New York Bred & Owned


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February 17, 2020
AVIANCA-RED is now EX-95

It has been quite the year for Avianca-Red and the team at Oakfield Corners Dairy!

2019 All-American R&W Aged Cow
2019 Grand Champion R&W, All American Dairy Show
2019 Reserve Grand Champion R&W, The Royal Winter Fair

AND she is now the breeds newest EX-95!


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February 13, 2020
2019 All-American Results!

The 2019 All-American Holstein Results have been released!






AA: BLEXYS CRUSH BUDWEISER - Budjon, Vail, Abbott, Van Exel & Woodmansee, WI

RESERVE: VANDOSKES DENVER CAMI - Enright, Quality, Beckridge & Agrriber, ON

HM: CASHELLS DEFIANT LOUIS V - Enright, Jaquemet & Diamond Hill, ON



AA: REYNCREST DRM LOVEBUG - Select Farm and Gerardo & Jose Gonzales, ON

RESERVE: CRYSTAL-STAR AVLNCH CALI - Hawbaker, MB Luckylady & Almeida, MD

HM: BUDJON-VAIL AVA ELLUSIVE – Westcoast Holsteins, BC


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January 30, 2020
Oakfield Corners Says Goodbye to Prickles

"Prickles has been one of the hardest working cows on the farm. She always made it look easy while maintaining her grace and beauty! She may have called Oakfield Corners home for only a short time, but she was so loved by us all and her impact will not be forgotten. Rest in peace princess."

Skycrest Mincio Prickles -- EX-95 | 9/5/2013 - 1/30/2020

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January 23, 2020
Oakfield Corners owns 2 ALL-AMERICANS

Holstein Plaza member, Oakfield Corners takes away 2 All-American titles, a Reserve All-American, and one Honorable Mention title. Congratulations Oakfield Corners!

All-American Aged Cow - Colganados D Avanca-Red

All-American Senior 3 Year-Old - Underground Bccas Blair-Red

Reserve All-American Junior Best 3 Females - Oakfield US Ramona-Red (sold on 2019 Spring Sensation Sale to Jared Welk, PA), OCD Jordy Radiant-Red (sold on 2019 Spring Sensation Sale to Crazy Chaos Syndicate, CA), and OCD Jo Lionking-Red (sold on World Classic Sale to Claire Betley, WI)

HM All-American - Oakfield Addicto Emoji-Red


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January 14, 2020
Oakfield Corners Consigns to NY Convention Sale

Selling in the New York Holstein Convention Sale is a choice of 5 Jordy calves from Rosedale Lucky Rose-Red born June 2019. This consignment comes from Holstein Plaza Member, Oakfield Corners Dairy. Don't miss this tremendous offering! VIEW BREEDER PAGE

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December 20, 2019
1 year since Sara scored EX-96 3E

Oakfield Corners Dairy shared a fun memory on their facebook page of this time last year when Bella-Rosa GW Sara was scored EX-96 3E! Sara was Nominated All-American Aged Cow in 2017 and has many wins to her name including Grand Champion of the 2018 Northest Fall National Holstein Show. Learn more about Sara and other donors at Oakfield Corners on their breeder page HERE

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December 17, 2019
Oakfield Corners releases date of 2020 Workshop

Oakfield Corners Dairy has released the 2020 date of their Growing Through Showing Workshop & Tag Sale. Join them Saturday May 16th from 9am-5pm to learn about the dairy industry through hands-on experiences with top professionals. Over 200 youth attended last years workshop, coming from New York, Pennsylvania, and Ontario. Youth are invited to attend and learn from industry professionals in various topics including Showmanship, Judging & Calf Selection, Housing & Feeding, Pedigrees, Animal Health, and MORE!

Click to enlarge - Photo by Cowsmo
December 13, 2019
All-NY Contest Results

Congratulations to Holstein Plaza Members Kings-Ransom Farm, Midas-Touch Genetics, and Oakfield Corners Dairy on their accomplishments in the All-New York Holstein competition. Several animals from these top herds earned All-NY titles. Congratulations once again on breeding and showing some of the top animals in the state of New York!

All-NY Senior 3-Year-Old - Underground Bccas Blair-Red - Owned by Oakfield Corners Dairy

All-NY & Best B&O 4-Year-Old - Oakfield WB Tiffany - Bred & Owned by Oakfield Corners Dairy

All-NY 5-Year Old - Skycrest Mincio Prickles - Owned by Oakfield Corners Dairy

All-NY Aged Cow - Long-Haven Sid Charla - Owned by Oakfield Corners Dairy

All-NY Best Three Females - Oakfield Corners Dairy


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November 26, 2019
All-National Nominations

Holstein Association USA released their All-National Showcase Program which is designed to recognize U.S. Registered Holstein® cows and their owners for exceptional performance at National Holstein Shows. Multiple Holstein Plaza Members and their cows were awarded All-National and Reserve All-National titles and many Members were awarded as Top 10 Honorees.


Oakfield Corners was awarded the All-National Breeder and All-National Exhibitor Titles, as well as earning the All-National Four-Year-Old title with Oakfield WB Tiffany. Tiffany was the Grand Champion Holstein and Supreme Champion Cow at the 2019 All-American Dairy Show in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. Oakfield Corners also exhibited the Reserve All-National Summer Junior Two-Year Old title with Oakfield Byway Ms Taboo and the Reserve All-National Senior Three-Year-Old title with Ms Smith-Oak PW D Millie.


Duckett Holsteins also owned multiple All-National and Honoree titles including the Junior Three-Year-Old All-National Title with Fraeland Doorman Bonnie, who was the Honorable Mention Intermediate Champion at the Midwest Spring National Holstein Show.


Other Holstein Plaza members and animals they bred won awards including MD-West-View Genetics, Willows Edge Holsteins, Triple T Holsteins, Midas Touch Genetics, Golden Oaks Farm and Stranshome.



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November 14, 2019
Progressive Genetic Herds

Several Holstein Plaza Members have been awarded the title of Progressive Genetic Herd by the U.S. Holstein Association. To qualify for this award, a herd must be a member of their national and state associations, and be enrolled in multiple association programs, as well as have a minumum of 87% RHA and higher cows in the milking herd with CTPIs. Evaluation of herds is done annually and the award is given to 500 herrds with the highest TPI average for females in the herd, both young and mature. This year 15 of our members recieved this honor. Congratulations to the following herds: De Su Holsteins (29 Year Recipiant) | Regancrest Farm (29 Year Recipant) |Siemers Holsteins (28 Year Recipant) | Kings-Ransom Farm (22 Year Recipiant) | Hendel Farms (20 Year Recipiant) | Pine Tree Dairy (19 Year Recipiant) | Coyne Farms (16 Year Recipiant) | Woodcrest Dairy (15 Year Recipiant) | Oakfield Corners Dairy (11 Year Recipiant) | Speek-NJ Holsteins (11 Year Recipiant) | Misty Moor Holsteins (10 Year Recipiant) | Plain-Knoll Holsteins (10 Year Recipiant) | Brigeen Farms (6 Year Recipiant) | Mecuro Farms (4 Year Recipiant) | Genosource (3 Year Recipiant)

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November 8, 2019
Fanny-Red wins the Royal!

Holstein Plaza Members took the top spots during the 2019 Red & White Holstein Show at the Royal. Winning the Grand Champion title for the 3rd time was Meadow Green Absolute Fanny-Red, owned by T-Triple-T Holsteins and Partners. Taking the Reserve spot was Colganados D Avianca-Red owned by Oakfield Corners. Both cows placed No. 1 and 2 in the Mature Cow class and earned Senior and Reserve Senior titles. Congratulations to Holstein Plaza member T-Triple-T Holsteins and Oakfield Corners on their success at this year's Royal Winter Fair. 

Click to enlarge - OCD HO Sandstorm
August 23, 2019
Oakfield Corners Consigns to Lebanon Showcase Sale

Oakfield Corners has consigned multiple lots to the Lebanon County Showcase Sale in Lebanon, Pennsylvania. The sale starts TONIGHT at 7:00PM EST. Bid in person or online at cowbuyer.com.


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August 14, 2019
Top 50 GTPI Calves (under 9 months)

Denovo Honda 51 leads the list of GTPI Calves (<9 months) at +2989G, followed closely by Oakfield Corners bred, OCD Legacy Shimmer 52850 at +2972G. VIEW LIST

1. DENOVO HONDA 51 2989G


3. S-S-I LA 28180 22861 2956G

4. FB 7529 RIVETING 476619 2954G


Click to enlarge - OCD Bradnick Candy EX-94
June 6, 2019
New Scores at Oakfield Corners

Holstein Plaza Member, Oakfield Corners had a great day with the classifier. Many high storing individuals including multiple new and raised Excellents, 20 VG scores (5 of which are VG-87 or VG-88 two-year-olds), and 57 GP scoring 1st lactation cows! VIEW HIGHLIGHTS

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June 4, 2019
Top 25 NEW Genomic Females in the U.S.

The Top New Genomic tested females for June 2019 have been released by Holstein Association USA and topping the list at +2973 GTPI is OCD Option Detroit 47665-ET (Option x Bandares x Draco) from Holstein Plaza member, Oakfield Corners. At No. 2 is 840003205638661-ET scoring +2964 GTPI.

1. OCD OPTION DETROIT 47665-ET (Option x Bandares x Draco) GTPI +2973
2. 840003205638661-ET (Lionel x Samuri x AltaSpring) GTPI +2964
3.  LARS-ACRES SSI 22907-ET (Legacy x Jagger x Rubicon) GTPI +2959
4. OCD DISCJOCK NAPPY 52581-ET (DiscJockey x Delta x Doorman) GTPI +2948
​5. DENOVO KENOBI 502-ET (Kenobi x Frazzled x Delta) GTPI +2947


Click to enlarge - Lot 87: Avalanche x Sara (Sept. 2018)
May 16, 2019
Oakfield's Spring Sensation Sale this SATURDAY

Don't miss the 8th edition of the Oakfield Spring Sensation Sale this Saturday, May 18 at Lamb Farm No. 2, Oakfield, New York. Tremendous line-up of of show-type, deep pedigree heifers sell from All-American and National Show Winners.

Click to enlarge - Oakfield HO Solaris
February 1, 2019
Selling from Sara

Selling tonight in the New York Convention Sale from Oakfield Corners is the beautiful High Octane fall calf from All-American Nominated Bella-Rosa GW Sara EX-96! Oakfield HO Solaris is a big time fall calf for 2019, bid last! Sale starts at 6:00 p.m. (EST). VIEW CATALOG

February 1, 2019
Selling tonight in the New York Convention Sale

Selling tonight in the New York Convention Sale from Oakfield Corners is the beautiful High Octane fall calf from All-American Nominated Bella-Rosa GW Sara EX-96! Oakfield HO Solaris is a big time fall calf for 2019, bid last! Sale starts at 6:00 p.m. (EST) VIEW CATALOG

Click to enlarge - BELLA-ROSA GW SARA Now EX-96-3E
December 21, 2018
Sara scores EX-96-3E!

BELLA-ROSA GW SARA is now EX-96-3E. Sara is a daughter of Goldwyn and has a long and successful show history. Recently she was 1st Aged Cow & Grand Champion Nordeast Fall National Holstein 2018. Congratulations to the team at Oakfield Corners Dairy!

Click to enlarge - Underground Bccas Blair-Red EX-90 at 2-09
November 23, 2018
Tremendous Classification at Oakfield Corners

A tremendous classification at Oakfield Corners Dairy earlier this week included a total of 176 scored, 15 Excellents (8 new Excellents), 37 Very Good (1 new first lactation VG-89), 87 Good Plus (15 with VG-MS). Highlighted by Vale-O-Sken Gold Karmilla going Excellent-94 (max) and the winning Senior 3-Year-Old at the Northeast Fall National Show 2018. Underground Bccas Blair-Red went Excellent-90 at 2-09 an exciting young cow that will show as a Senior 3-Year-Old next year! Congratulations to the team at Oakfield Corners!

Click to enlarge - HARVUE ROY FROSTY EX-97-USA 3E GMD
October 18, 2018
More sale highlights...

Lot 8 in the Ohio Holstein Fall Elite Sale is Oakfield Slater Tabby... A June 2018 Slater daughter that scores a +3.05PTA TYPE and is backed by Gaige Highlight Tamara EX-97-4E. Oakfield is also featuring a Beemer granddaughter to FROSTY! 


Click to enlarge -
October 8, 2018
Oakfield Corners, Premier Breeder!

Oakfield Corners had a tremendous World Dairy Expo. They bred Oakfield A Shampagne-Red, the 1st Place Jr. 3-Yr-Old, Intermediate Champion and Grand Champion of the International Red and White Show. Also had a couple Jordy-Red daughters in the spotlight, including OCD Jordy Lochness-Red, Honorable Mention Junior Champion and OCD Jordy Lochness-Red 1st Place Winter Calf. Lastly, Oakfield was also the Premier Breeder of the International Holstein Heifer Show. 

Congratulations on an exciting World Dairy Expo for Oakfield! 

Click to enlarge - Lot 14: 12/17 Callen X 3E-95 Sara
September 18, 2018
Oakfield Corners consign to Eastern Elite Sale

Selling TONIGHT in the Eastern Elite Sale at 6:30 PM EDT as Lot 14 is a December 2017 Callen direct daughter (PICTURED) to the EX-95-3E SARA! Selling as Lot 22 is an Undenied direct daughter to EX-94-2E Dawn and selling as Lot 33 is an Atwood direct daughter to EX-94 Beanie. Don't miss out on these beautiful heifers that are all daughters to elite show type cows!

View More --> CLICK HERE 

Click to enlarge - Bella-Rosa GW Sara EX-95
September 14, 2018
Oakfield does it again!

Oakfield Corners take home Grand Champion honors of the Northeast Fall National Holstein Show with the winning Aged Cow, Bella-Rosa GW Sara EX-95! 

View More --> CLICK HERE 

Click to enlarge - Rosedale Avala Lollipop-Red
September 13, 2018
Oakfield wins Junior Champ at the Big E!

Junior Champion of the Big E Red & White Show goes to the winning Summer Yearling, Rosedale Avala Lollipop-Red. An Avalanche direct daughter to EX-94 Rosedale Lucky Rose-Red! 

Congratulations to Oakfield Corners! 

September 10, 2018
More Oakfield Classification Highlights!

There were a total of 204 cows scored at Oakfield Corners last Tuesday. Which resulted in 6 excellents, 32 very-good and 117 good-plus! 

Included in the show cow highlights: Avianca is now EX-94 EX-94-MS, Karmilla is now EX-93 EX-94-MS, and Red Candy is now EX-92 EX-93-MS. Paige stays VG-89 EX-MS, while red sisters Emma and Emoji are both VG-86....


Click to enlarge -
September 5, 2018
Karmilla scores EX-93 EX-94-MS!

Classification at Oakfield Corners went well yesterday, Goldwyn KARMILLA now scored EX-93 EX-94-MS as a Senior 3 Yr Old! 

Congrats to Oakfield! 

Click to enlarge - Avianca | Photo Cred: Cowsmopolitan
August 19, 2018
Avianca named Supreme!

Oakfield Corners was awarded Supreme Champion with AVIANCA at the Erie County Fair/WNY Regional Shows. Watch for her in the 5-Yr-Old class this fall! View More

Click to enlarge - Avianca
August 12, 2018
Congratulations to Oakfield Corners!

Oakfield Corners Dairy take home Grand Champion Red and White with Avianca (a Destry daughter to Apple1), Avianca was purchased in the Spring Selections Sale at the Great Northern. Her very first show in New York was great success! Oakfield also received Intermediate and Grand Champion Black and White with Vale-O-Skene Goldwyn Karmilla! 

August 8, 2018
+2955G Jared daughter completes the Top 5 GTPI calves!

The Top 50 GTPI Calves in the U.S. under 9 months of age has been posted! 

  1. BOMAZ ROBSON 49 +2983G 
  4. BOMAZ YODA 8429 +2961G 
  5. OCD JARED BALANCE 46058 +2955G Owned by, Oakfield Corners 


Click to enlarge - OCD Delta Missy 4212 EX-91 EX-93-MS
July 16, 2018
New Photo

New photo of OCD Delta Missy 4212, an EX-91 EX-93-MS 3-Yr-Old. She's out of an EX-94 Mccutchen that goes back to Eastside Lewisdale Gold Missy EX-95-2E-CAN! View More

June 5, 2018
Achiever followed by a Jared daughter tops the list!

An Achiever daughter tops the Top 25 New Genomic Females List scoring a GTPI+2938! Right behind her is a Jared daughter at Oakfield Corners scoring a GTPI+2924 and goes back to the Barbie's! 

  2. OCD JARED BALANCE 46058 GTPI+2924
  3. DENOVO YODA 8707 GTPI+2917
  4. MAJR 234 MODESTY 385 GTPI+2904


Click to enlarge - Ocean-View Sanchez Zasha EX-92
May 24, 2018
New Photo of ZASHA

Ocean-View Sanchez ZASHA EX-92 was purchased by Oakfield Corners in the Ocean-View Dispersal Sale last fall. She is a direct daughter to EX-93 Atwood ZANDRA! Zasha was 2nd place 4 Yr Old at the Northeast Spring National Show last month! View More

Click to enlarge - Lot 4A Oakfield Avalan Liberty
May 15, 2018
2018 Oakfield Corners Tag Sale Results!

The 2018 Oakfield Corners Tag Sale was a great success, with 43 animals selling. The sale grossed $122,275, with an average sale price of $2,844. Animals sold to 12 US states and Ontario, Canada. High sellers were both daughters of 2E-94 Cowtown Durham Luella, and sisters to the Junior Champion of the Northeast Spring National Holstein Show last month in Syracuse. Keaton Phoenix from Ontario, Canada purchased Lot 4A Oakfield Avalan Liberty-ET (pictured), for $6,100... VIEW MORE

May 3, 2018
Oakfield Corners TAG SALE

Oakfield Corners Tag Sale starts TOMORROW May 4th and runs through the weekend. There are 51 lots included in the sale. Lot 1-4 are maternal sisters to Oakfield Blake Luxiurant... The 1st Place Summer Yearling and Junior Champion of the Northeast Spring National '18. 

View Catalog

Click to enlarge - Kevetta Rdburst Lucious-Red EX-94
April 24, 2018
New photo of LUCIOUS-RED

Oakfield Corners have received photos back from NY Spring Show! Kevetta Rdburst Lucious-Red EX-94 placed 2nd in the 5 Yr-Old Class and pulled out for Senior Champion. View More

Click to enlarge -
April 17, 2018
OAKFIELD classification highlights

A recent classification at Oakfield Corners left them with several excellent and very-good cows! Including three new EX-94 cows, including the 2nd Place Aged Cow at NE Spring National Show this year, Long-Haven Sid Carla. For more detailed highlights of Oakfield Corners classification... CLICK HERE

Click to enlarge -
April 13, 2018
Oakfield Classification

Oakfield classification day resulted in 11 total excellent cows, 3 going EX-94 (Carla, Lucious, Missy) and 4 going excellent in their 2nd lactation. There were also 27 total very-good with 18 VG in their 1st lactation and 34 good-plus 1st lactation heifers with very-good udders. View More

Click to enlarge - Wilstar-RS Tlt Limited-Red EX-94-2E
April 10, 2018
Daughter to LIMITED-RED sells!

Selling this Saturday April 14th at the Red Fest with a Touch of Black Sale... Lot 5 is an Awesome-Red daughter directly out of EX-94 LIMITED-RED! Maternal sister to Awesome Lass-Red is the Nominated All-American Red & White Jr-2-Yr-Old '17... View More Lots

April 4, 2018
Dam of Richard Charl maintains high NM$!

Hurtgenlea Yoder Modesto the dam of Hurtgenlea Richard CHARL, the No. 1 bull over 12 months of age at +2903 GTPI. Modesto scores a +947NM$ ranking her No. 2 in the Top 25 NM$ Cows scoring GP-80 or higher... 

  1. PLAIN-KNOLL SSI BG 7467 NM$+975
  3. BOMAZ CABRIOLET 6769 NM$+944
  4. BOMAZ CABRIOLET 6769 NM$+944
  5. GENOSOURCE RDELTA 32507 NM$+937

View More

April 4, 2018
Siemers top the GTPI cow list!

A VG-85 Delta daughter backed by Whittier-Farms Outside Roz... Tops the GTPI cow list scoring a GTPI+2820 and +933NM$! Following her is a GP-81 Josuper daughter scoring a GTPI+2805 at Plain-Knoll Holsteins. 

  3. PLAIN-KNOLL SSI BG 7467 GTPI+2799

View entire TOP 25

Click to enlarge - Craigcrest Rubies Rachelle EX-94
March 27, 2018
Oakfield Corners offerings

With so many spring sales right around the corner we would like to highlight some lots selling from Oakfield Corners. Featuring a Cinderdoor daughter out of the EX-94 RUBIES RACHELLE...VIEW MORE

Click to enlarge -
February 12, 2018
The only embryos to sell from LUCKY ROSE this year!

A package of 2 #1 and 3 #2 IVF Sexed Diamondback out of the cow that has had several well deserved honors in the show ring... Rosedale Lucky-Rose-Red EX-94. These will be the only embryos to sell from Lucky Rose in 2018. So be the last to bid this Friday February 16th..VIEW MORE

Click to enlarge -
February 7, 2018
+3027G Pinnacle son!

OCD Pinnacle Diesel is Oakfield Corners first animal over +3000G! He is the No. 1 high-ranking young bull for the month of February and the No. 3 overall bull of the breed! His dam is a recently fresh Draco, then EX McCutchen and 5 more VG and EX dams from the 4E-95 Rid Zip family! 


Click to enlarge -
January 10, 2018
Extraordinary offering from SARA

The NY Convention ET Sale is tomorrow January 11, 2018 starting at 6 PM ET. Selling for the first time from Sara "The Queen of Oakfield Corners", is your choice of Sara's four September '17 calves by Rebound and Solomon selling as LOT 17. Don't miss your chance on this rare offering! 


Click to enlarge -
January 2, 2018
Top 25 New Genomic Female List

To start the New Year off... The Top 25 New Genomic Females List has been posted! Siemers Holsteins crack the top 5 with a Frazzled daughter backed by Manoman Roz. Scoring a GTPI+2970! 

  3. PEAK RKSTR IMAX 80793 GTPI+2980
  4. SIEMERS FRZLD ROZ 28505 GTPI+2970
  5. ST GEN 79784 GTPI+2967


Click to enlarge -
December 20, 2017
Show age calves from LIMITED

Create the next SHOW STOPPER... Selling tomorrow as Lot 129 and Lot 130 is a Redburst and Lotus daughter directly out of Wilstar-RS Tlt Limited-Red EX-94 2E! Take your pick from the All-American cow family! 


Click to enlarge -
December 7, 2017
Ms Nightout Delight #5 GTPI cow (80 or higher)

The Top 25 GTPI Cows (GP-80 or higher) has been posted! With several going back to Windsor-Manor Rud Zip! 

  4. DE-SU DELTA 4900-ET GTPI+2827


Click to enlarge -
December 7, 2017
Great addition to your show string!

Oakfield Solomon Harmony... A big time show calf for your show string! This sweet Solomon calf is directly out of Hez Atwood Haidee EX-92 Unanimous All-NY Sr. 2-Yr-Old 2015. Backed by Dundee HEZBOLLAH EX-92! Incredible show type pedigree! Don't miss your chance to invest in a great cow family! 


December 6, 2017
Top 50 GTPI Calves in the U.S.

The Top 50 GTPI Calves in the U.S. less than 9 months of age has been posted! Siemers Holsteins almost crack the top 10 with SIEMERS FRZLD ROZ 28450 scoring a GTPI+2929 and is backed by Cherry Crest Manoman Roz! 

  2. DE-SU FRAZZLED 6984-ET GTPI+2990
  3. DENOVO MEDLEY 7517-ET GTPI+2985
  4. MS DW MIRACULOUS 79604-ET GTPI+2971
  5. CO-OP FRAZZLED 8062 8651-ET GTPI+2964


December 5, 2017
Delta remains the #1 GTPI Proven Bull

Mr Mogul Delta remains the #1 GTPI proven bull in the breed for GTPI. He is accompanied by his full brothers Denver and Dion in the Top 5. All three bulls are tracing back to OCD Planet Danica who was bred by Oakfield Corners Dairy, her full sister was OCD Planet Diamond who had a very successful career as a brood cow at Claynook Farms.

  1. Mr Mogul Delta 1427 GTPI+2839
  3. MR MOGUL DENVER 1426 GTPI+2779
  5. MR MOGUL DION 15008 GTPI+2757

CLICK HERE for the Complete Top 25

Click to enlarge -
November 20, 2017
Oakfield Classification

A phenomenal classification at Oakfield Corners Dairy with 6 excellent, 21 very-good (13 were 1st lactation), and 43 good-plus animals. With some of the high lights being: 

  • LONG-HAVEN SID CARLA, HM Grand Champion at CNY & WNY Regional Shows '17, is now EX-94-2E EX-95 MS
  • BUTZ-HILL MAGICAL MISSY-ET, now EX-93-EX-94 MS, grandam to many bulls in AI


Click to enlarge - EDG Ruby Uno Rae 2054 EX-91 DOM
November 15, 2017
Oakfield corners new photo

Oakfield Corners have recieved a new photo of EDG Ruby Uno Rae 2054 EX-91 DOM, who is the dam of 250HO12746 Rambo... She is fresh in her 3rd lactation and looking fantastic! 


Click to enlarge -
November 7, 2017
Type Offerings in Ohio Holstein Fall Sale

Selling as Lot 4 is OCD Defiant Lucky-Red.. A June Defiant Red calf from the All-American R & W 4-yr-old 2009. Also selling as Lot 5 is Oakfield Blake Elicit, a June 2017 calf by Blake from Emily's Edair! Tremendous type offerings. 


Click to enlarge - Oakfield Crush Robinhood
November 3, 2017
Lot 45 and first in the ring!

The New York Harvest Sale is tomorrow! And first to step in the ring is this beautiful Crush daughter out of the HM All-American Jr. 3-year-old 2016... Don't miss out on the opportunity to buy Rachelle's March '17 Crush.


Click to enlarge -
October 31, 2017
Diane's new picture is posted!

Shiloh-Usa Avh Diane-Red new picture! Diane was 3rd place Winter Calf at World Dairy Expo, 1st and Honorable Mention Junior Champion at NYSF, and 1st and Junior Champion at WNY!


Click to enlarge - Craigcrest Rubies Rachelle EX-93
October 30, 2017
Impressive show calves available

Selling as Lot 45 is a Crush daughter directly out of the Honorable Mention All-American Junior three-year-old 2016 Craigcrest Rubies Rachelle EX-93... Another show heifer to sell is Lot 46 a Blake daughter directly out of Ms Ken-Drew Sanchez Feather EX-94. Tremendous opportunity for someone looking to expand or start their show herd! 


Click to enlarge -
October 30, 2017
Shampagne continues to shine

Oakfield A Shampagne-Red once again makes her way to the top.. Winning 1st place Junior 2-year-old and Reserve Intermediate Champion, and Grand Champion R&W at the Westerner Championship Show in Alberta. 


Click to enlarge - Rosedale Lucky-Rose-Red EX-94
October 24, 2017
Starting to IVF the red queen of Oakfield Corners

Rosedale Lucky-Rose-Red EX-94 of Oakfield Corners that goes back to the famous Lavender Ruby Redrose-Red EX-96 was 3rd place Aged Cow at World Dairy Expo and Grand Champion at the NY State Fair...


Click to enlarge -
October 20, 2017
Consignments for 102nd Allegany Steuben Sale

The Allegany Steuben Sale will be held tonight October 20, 2017 7:00 pm in Canisteo, NY. Selling as Lot 13 is a Blake daughter directly out of the EX-94 Ms Ken-Dren Sanchez Feather! Also selling as Lot 14 is a June '17 Defiant daughter out of EX-94-2E Limited-Red! Tremendous show type offerings! 


Click to enlarge -
October 17, 2017
Beautiful picture of Sara!

Oakfield Corners just recieved their new picture of Bella-Rosa GW Sara EX-95. Sara placed 3rd place in the Aged Cow class at World Dairy Expo...


Click to enlarge -
September 13, 2017
Eastern Elite Sale

The Eastern Elite Sale will be held September 19, 2017 at the Pennsylvania Farm Show Complex in Harrisburg, PA. Selling as Lot 1, Gold Barbara WB Bianca. She is the only Windbrook daughter of Barbara in the World. Bianca will show as a Sr. 2 this year and is due back in May next year to Doorman! 


Click to enlarge - Oakfield Solomon Dandy
September 8, 2017
Impressive Solomon daughter sells

Oakfield Solomon Dandy, 1st place Spring Calf at WNY and the NY State Fair. Dandy's full sister, Dynamic, sells as Lot 8 tonight at the Mifflin County Summer Event, 7pm in Reedsville, PA. Dandy and Dynamic's Gold Chip Jr 3 sister looks tremendous and was recently 2nd place in Canada at only 3 weeks fresh. Don't miss this great offering! As well as several other tremendous animals selling.


September 6, 2017
Top 25 New Genomic Female List

The top 25 new genomic females list has been posted. PENN-ENGLAND MARGE 13966 makes her way to the top with a GTPI+2962! 

  1. PENN-ENGLAND MARGE 13966 - GTPI+2962
  2. OCD JEDI LILAC 43441  - GTPI+2930
  5. 8.40003E+14 - GTPI+2890


Click to enlarge -
August 28, 2017
New York State Fair 2017 Results

The New York State Fair Holstein Show 2017 has been concluded in Syracuse, NY. Judge Chris Hill, MD has named his Grand Champion, OCD Bradnick Candy, 1st 4 Year Old, exhibited by Oakfield Corners Dairy. 


Click to enlarge -
July 12, 2017
More elite cattle sell

Also selling at the 2017 Maryland State Holstein Convention Sale...

  • Lot 22 ~ TTM Modesty Brindle +2670GTPI +2136M +87F +65P
  • Lot 32 ~ Butlerview BK Alexx +3.03PTAT +2.37UDC +2.49FLC, Goes back to CHIEF ADEEN! 


July 5, 2017
Top 25 New Genomic Female List

The top 25 new genomic female list has been posted! Topping the chart is Sandy-Valley Play4Glory at Sandy-Valley Farms with a GTPI+2926. Also making their way to the top 5 are two Bandares daughters scoring a GTPI+2904 and GTPI+2902, not far behind is a Blowtorch daughter scoring a GTPI+2899... All owned by Oakfield Corners


Click to enlarge - OCD Goldwyn Flashy
May 19, 2017
2017 Spring Sensation Sale

The 2017 Spring Sensation Sale is right around the corner and the sale order is now available! Pictured as Lot 62 is a Goldwyn fall calf directly out of the EX-94 Ms Ken Dren Sanchez Feather! There will be several exciting animals selling and the sale starts at 11AM tomorrow. Be there beforehand to have your favorites picked out! 


Click to enlarge - Markwell Durham Dawn EX-94-2E
May 15, 2017
Spring Sensation Sale

Oakfield Corners are welcoming all to their 7th Edition of the Spring Sensation Sale this upcoming Saturday May 20th, 2017.. Selling are nearly 90 lots from strong pedigreed animals. Whether you're looking for your genomic powerhouse or show type there will be several tremendous offerings you don't want to miss out on! 


Click to enlarge - Hex Atwood Haidee EX-92
May 15, 2017
Successful Classification Day for Oakfield Corners

Oakfield Corners Dairy ended classification last week with a total of 5 new excellent cows, including EX-92 Hez Atwood Haidee! In addition to 16 VG 1st lactation cows.. Including a VG-88 Atwood and a VG-88 Kingboy. Several decendants selling in the upcoming Spring Sensation Sale! Congratulations to Oakfield Corners on a fantastic classification day! 



May 2, 2017
Top 25 New Genomic Female List

The Top 25 New GTPI Female List has been posted.. With De-Su Frazzled 6984 making her way to the top of the list with a GTPI +2950! 

  1. DE-SU FRAZZLED 6984 GTPI +2950
  2. 840003140985770 GTPI +2926
  3. SPEEK-NJ MODESTY 328341 GTPI +2895


April 7, 2017
Top 25 Net Merit $ Cows and Heifers uploaded

The Top 25 Net Merit $ Cows and Heifers has been uploaded to the website. Topping the Top 25 Cows is Ms Delicious Nightout with NM$+927, followed by her clone and dam. High ranking heifer is Sandy-Valley Highlight NM$+1074 owned by Sandy-Valley Farms.

April 5, 2017
Top 50 GTPI Heifers 9-24 months

Top 50 GTPI Heifers 9-24 months list has been posted. With STANTONS JEDI ELISA topping the list with a GTPI +2967. 



April 4, 2017
Top 50 GTPI Calves in the U.S.

The updated Top 50 GTPI Calves in the U.S. have been posted! Peak Divine Jedi 80315 tops the list with a +2991GTPI.

  1. PEAK DIVINE JEDI 80315 GTPI +2991
  3. MS 78574 GTPI +2966

CLICK HERE to view the complete top 50 list. 


Click to enlarge - EX-96-3E-DOM Ernest-Anthony SD Tobi
March 28, 2017
Quest for Success consignments..

Indianhead sells as Lot #20 a Doorman daughter out of Indianhead Trinity EX-92-2E.. Same family as the EX-96-3E-DOM Ernest-Anthony SD Tobi! Oakfield Corners is selling as Lot #23 a Jacoby daughter out of EX-91 Woodlawn Dundee Daphne whose out of an EX-92 Durham backed by an EX-93 Juror. Deep maternal line! 


Click to enlarge -
February 28, 2017
Holstein Plaza members consign to upcoming APPLE MANIA SALE!

The Apple Mania II 2017 Sale is scheduled for this upcoming Saturday March 4th at 10:30am at the Great Northern Sale Arena in Fond du Lac, WI. Featuring 90 impressive lots all backed by KHW Regiment Apple-Red-ET EX-96-3E! 


Click to enlarge - Craigcrest Rubies Rachelle EX-92 EEEEE
December 19, 2016
Exciting classification at Oakfield Corners

Oakfield Corners reports the results of an exciting classification! Highlights include an EX-94 EEEEE Braxton daughter of Harvue Roy Frosty EX-97, an EX-90 McCutchen daughter from the Gold Missys and many more EX and VG-2YR-Olds backed by breed leading families like Crimson, Roxy, Raven, Lili, Elegance and Barbie! READ MORE.

Click to enlarge - Luck-E Damion Tassel
November 30, 2016
Exciting consignments Oakfield Corners to Holiday Fashions Sale

Oakfield Corner has send a great group of heifer to the Holiday Fashions at the Northern Sale. The sale will start tomorrow 11 AM at the Great Northern Sales Arena in Fond du Lac Wisconsin. Don't miss out on the elite consignments from Oakfield Corners from the Elegance, Finesse, Ravens or the buy a granddaugher of Skybuck Lucy. READ MORE.

Click to enlarge - Uno Rae 2054 EX-90
November 15, 2016
Uno Rae 2054 EX-90 a tremendous transmitter at Oakfield

Take a look at the grazing picture of the Excellent-90-3YR Numero Uno daughter EDG Ruby Uno Rae 2054 EX-90-3YR DOM! 2054 is proving herself as one of the best transmitters at Oakfield with already 12 daughters over +2600G including 3 over +2700 GTPI! 2054 is the dam of the popular mating sire OCD Kingboy Rambo at Select Sires.

Click to enlarge - KHW Regiment Apple-Red EX-96 | Her VG-86-3YR Uno SELLS!
November 9, 2016
Tremendous consignments from Holstein Plaza members

Tremendous consignments from Holstein Plaza members to the Sale of Stars 2016, the Sale of Stars takes place tomorrow November 10 starting at 5:00 PM at the Royal Winter Fair, Toronto Canada. Some of the consignments include high ranking PTA Type progeny of show winners like Gold Luster and Lovestruck or high ranking females from the Roz and Barbie family and many more! CLICK HERE to read more!

Click to enlarge - Bella Rosa GW Sara
August 19, 2016
Fantastic day Oakfield Corners at WNY Regional Show!

Oakfield Corners had a tremendous day at the Western New York Regional Show recently, exhibiting both Grand Champion and Reserve Grand Champion. 1st Place Aged Cow Bella Rosa GW Sara (s. Goldwyn) was Grand Champion and Long Haven Sid Carla (s. Sid), 1st Place 4-Yr-Old Reserve Grand Champion! Congralutions!

Click to enlarge - Wilstar-RS TLT Limited-Red EX-94
July 8, 2016
Tremendous R&W consignments from Holstein Plaza members!

Selling in the National R&W Convention Sale, are several exciting offers from different members. READ MORE

Click to enlarge - EDG Ruby Uno Rae 2054 VG-86-2YR
June 27, 2016
Oakfield sends fantastic lots to National Convention!

Take a look at the update donor section of Oakfield Corners Dairy and their fantastic consignments to the National Convention Sale. Looking for a great Show Cow backed by a huge type pedigree? Selling as Lot 14T a stunning March Brady daughter from Budjon-JK Emilys Edair EX-95, the four closest dams all average 95 points from the Elegance family! Maternal sisters to Oakfield Brady Epic have scored very well at shows! Also selling are a +2734 Supershot x Jabir from an GP-84 DOM altaIota daughter of OCD Planet Danica EX-93 DOM and selling as lot 12G is a +2727 Delta daughter that is ready to IVF backed by the Planet Sapphire family.

April 29, 2016
Price List and Updates NOW ONLINE

The Tag Sale at Oakfield Corners Updates and Price List is NOW ONLINE

CLICK HERE for more details and snapshots

Click to enlarge - Butz-Butler Gold Barbara | 1st Aged Cow NY Spring Holstein Show
April 13, 2016
Holstein Plaza members successful at NY Spring Show

Holstein Plaza members had a great day at the New York Spring Holstein Show 2016. CLICK HERE for the member highlights.

April 6, 2016
Top 50 GTPI Calves in the USA (<9 Months)

The new Top 50 GTPI calves under 9 months of age in the US has been posted. Siemers Holsteins and Oakfield Corners both have no less than 4 calves in the Top 50!

  1. T-Gen-AC Dixie Delilah GTPI+2851
  2. OCD Classic GTPI+2845
  3. Ms Delicious Rub 73400 GTPI+2828
  4. Sandy-Valley Eternity GTPI+2827
  5. 840003134835574 GTPI+2826


April 5, 2016
Siemers Delta S-Roz Ann #1 GTPI Female (9-24 Months)

Siemers Delta S-Roz Ann is the #1 GTPI Female between 9-24 months of age scoring GTPI+2835! 

  1. Siemers Delta S-Roz-Ann GTPI+2835
  2. De-Su Delta 4900 GTPI+2803
  3. Blumenfeld Troy 4747 GTPI+2794
  4. A-L-H Delta Harriet GTPI+2791
  5. Ms Nightout 63168 GTPI+2790


Click to enlarge -
January 14, 2016
Donors updated for Oakfield Corners

The donors have been completely updated for Oakfield Corners... find the dams and granddams of the chart-topping males and females from the January 2016 run and read more on their Tag Sale to be held April 29 through May 1, 2016 in conjunction with the Growing Through Showing Youth Workshop. READ MORE

January 5, 2016
Top 25 New Genomic Females in the U.S

The Top 25 New Genomic Females for January 2016 is NOW ONLINE. Congratulations to Oakfield Corners with three of the top five heifers ... all over +2800G and maternal sisters from OCD Supersire 9882 and backed by the Wesswood Rudy Missy Family.

1. S-S-I SILVER 10721 11648-ET (Silver x Montross x Supersire) GTPI+2839
2. OCD 1STCLASS 34716-ET (Alta1stClass x Supersire x Robust) GTPI+2838
3. SANDY-VALLEY RBCN LOGAN-ET (Rubicon x Supersire x Planet) GTPI+2824
4. OCD SPRING 35372-ET (AltaSpring x Supersire x Robust) GTPI+2814
5. OCD SPRING 35509-ET (AltaSpring x Supersire x Robust) GTPI+2802

Click to enlarge - OCD Robust Shimmer now EX-90!
December 11, 2015
Oakfield Corners Classifies!

Oakfield Corners reports some exciting classification results! Including several popular donors and bull dams received exciting scores. READ MORE.

Click to enlarge - Locust-Ridge Plaid Beanie EX-94
August 17, 2015
Locust-Ridge Plaid Beanie wins WNY Regional Show!

An exciting day for Oakfield Coners Dairy, their recent purchase Locust-Ridge Plaid Beanie was Senior and Grand Champion of the WNY Regional Show, earlier during the day Beanie was the 1st Place 5-Yr-Old. Also winning their class was Hez Atwood Haidee, 1st Sr. 2-Yr-Old and Intermediate Champion, Craigcrest Goldwyn Rachelle, 1st Jr. 2-Yr-Old and Reserve Intermediate Champion. Oakfield Corners was also named Premier Breeder of both B&W Show and R&W Show! Congratulations!

Click to enlarge - Locust-Ridge Plaid Beanie EX-94 EEEEE @ 4-11 has arrived at Oakfield Corners
August 6, 2015
Locust-Ridge Plaid Beanie has arrived at Oakfield Corners

Locust-Ridge Plaid Beanie has arrived at Oakfield Corners Dairy. Beanie was bought by Oakfield Corners at the International Intrigue Sale and is an EX-94 EEEEE 5--Yr-Old! Watch for Beanie at the upcoming shows starting next week with a regional show next week.

Click to enlarge - Oakfield Corners
May 19, 2015
Exciting classification at Oakfield Corners

Oakfield Corners Dairy had an exciting classification recently with several new Very Good and new Excellent scored cows. CLICK HERE for the highlights.

Click to enlarge -
May 13, 2015
Oakfield Corners Spring Sensation Sale Highlights

The Oakfield Corners Spring Sensation Sale was a tremendous success, averaging $14,509.00 over 74 lots. Lots sold to 20 different states and Canada. The sale featured two heifers over GTPI+2700. Lot 11 sired by Mr Mogul Delta 1427 from the Gold Missy family sold for $190,000 and Lot 94 a Supershot daughter with GTPI+2708 and 73 Protein from the Ravens sold for $175,000. 

Click to enlarge -
May 8, 2015
Oakfield Corners Spring Sensation Sale TOMORROW!

If you haven't had a chance to check out the catalog and tremendous lineup being offered at the Oakfield Corners Spring Sensation Sale tomorrow we encourage you to CLICK HERE. Sale will start at 11:00 a.m. (EST) at the Lamb Farms #2, Steve Mower will be attending the sale, please feel free to contact Steve (+1 240-520-5906) with any questions.

Click to enlarge -
April 29, 2015
Holstein Plaza welcomes Oakfield Corners

Holstein Plaza welcomes Oakfield Corners online. Click here to learn more about the donors currently being worked with by Jonathan and Alicia Lamb and family at the farm in Oakfield, New York. We also encourge you to check out the tremendous lineup selling on May 9 at the Spring Senation Sale... Breed Leading Genomics - Show Quality Red & Whites and Black & Whites.