Pine Tree Dairy


Pine-Tree Dairy is owned and operated by Matt Steiner and his sons aiming for increased protein pounds and percentage reflect their breeding goals, while paying close attention to health traits and longevity, milk production, and proven cow families. Numerous offspring of the Rudolph Missy family currently headline the herd at Pine-Tree Dairy.

Visit their website for more information:


Pine Tree Dairy
8586 Benner Rd
Marshallville, Ohio 44645
United States


+1 330-466-8916

Donors Offered by This Breeder

Pine Tree Dairy
GTPI +2521
Pine Tree Dairy
GTPI +2585
Pine Tree Dairy
GTPI +2784
Pine Tree Dairy
VG-86 / GTPI +1917
Pine Tree Dairy
VG-87 / GTPI +2683
Pine Tree Dairy
GTPI +2781
Pine Tree Dairy
GTPI +2632

News Items About this Breeder

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November 30, 2021
Pine Tree Dairy Website Updated

Holstein Plaza members Pine Tree Dairy have updated their website. Updates inclue outstanding consignments on the Fun in the Sun sale on December 17th, and exciting information on great bulls they have bred in AI! Check out these updates here! 

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May 24, 2021
Pine Tree Dairy Website Updates & Summer Opportunity Sale

Pine-Tree Dairy has updated their website with information on their Summer Opportunity Sale on June 11th. An elite lineup of 15 heifers sell including several heifers over +2900GTPI, a unique Red Carrier January heifer, and flush aged A2A2 BB Jersey female. Also selling are 10+ opportunities to purchase rights to IVF sessions with some of their top donor females. View a full list of offerings and more updates from Pine-Tree Dairy on their website HERE.

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March 1, 2021
Pine-Tree Dairy: Suppliers of Superior Genetics

Pine-Tree Dairy of Marshallville, Ohio is owned and operated by Matt Steiner and his family. They milk 650 milking females within the main facility, along with a 200-cow organic herd and a 250-cow Jersey herd. The farm focuses on cheese merit, pounds of milk, percent of components, and health traits.


In 2003, they purchased Wesswood-HC Rudy Missy at an auction in Wisconsin. Missy’s descendants can still be found in the herd today, many of which have made an impact on the herd, both through milk production and genetic progress.


To learn more about Pine-Tree Dairy, visit their breeder page HERE.

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February 4, 2021
HP Members Consign to Retreat to the Beach Sale

Several Holstein Plaza Members have consigned to the Retreat to the Beach Sale on Tuesday, February 9th at 11 am EST in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. View offerings and bid online at


Lot 17: IVF SESSION with Pine-Tree 7019 Hero 8643-ET

Consigned by Pine-Tree Dairy

A2A2 BB female with nearly +800NM


Lot 18: IVF SESSION with Pine-Tree Yellowstone-ET

Consigned by Fit Genetics


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January 6, 2021
January 2021 New Genomic Females

Several Holstein Plaza Members have females on the January 2021 list of New Genomic Females. Oakfield Corners Dairy and Pine Tree Dairy have females in the Top 5. Topping this list of New Genomic Females is Sandy-Valley Sugarplum-ET with +3121 GTPI. Sugarplum is a Parfact daughter backed by Sandy-Valley Plane Sapphire VG-87.


Top 5 Females

1. Sandy-Valley Sugarplum-ET +3121G

2. Jenniton Magntd Lilianna-ET +3071G

3. OCD Legacy Frances 63527-ET +3068G

4. Pine-Tree 7479 Gali 8883-ET +3065G

5. Siemers RLNT Paris 34454-ET +3065G


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November 10, 2020
Pine-Tree Dairy Announces November Bull Auction

Pine-Tree Dairy has announced their November 2020 Bull Auction on November 19th starting at 3:00PM EST. Jersey bulls will sell first followed imediately by Holstein bulls. VIEW BREEDER PAGE

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September 17, 2020
Pine-Tree Dairy Updates Website

Pine-Tree Dairy has updated their website. Updates on their Holstein page include embryos for sale, sale consignments, donors available for EX/IVF purchase, and several Red & White opportunities. Their Jersey and Brown Swiss pages also have sale consignments added. Pine-Tree has also added a list of their bulls at Stud for your review. VIEW WEBSITE

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August 12, 2020
Top 25 GTPI Polled Heifers

Holstein Plaza Members, Mercuro Farms and Pine-Tree Dairy have POLLED heifers in the top 25 on the list of High Ranking GTPI Polled Females during the August 2020 Index Run. Topping the list is a Heroic daughter with +2959GTPI, Winstar Heroic 6616-ET. Rounding out the top 5 are:

2. Penn-England Candy 16164P +2930GTPI

3. Winstar Legacy 6373 +2908GTPI

4. TTM Crimson Enough +2888GTPI

5. Winstar Heroic 6692 +2871GTPI


Click to enlarge - PINE-TREE 5976 PROP 7829-ET
July 9, 2020
New Donors at Pine-Tree Dairy

Several new donors have been added to the lineup at Pine-Tree Dairy including multiple colored breed donors!


New Holstein Donors:

Bomaz Shalom-P 8783 - 8783 is a unique homozygous polled female from the bull producing pedgree of Dalse Bomaz 1551. Many top indexing males and females have come from this cow family. 

Coldsprings Luster-P 11551 - 11551 is another beautiful polled female with an outcross pedigree. She is ready to flush and has the potential to make the next No. 1 female!


New Red & White Holstein Donors:

Aprilday W Moonshine-Red - Moonshine-Red is a Polled A2A2 donor with great potential to make some beautiful red calves. She comes from a line of high scoring females backed by EX-91 3E Windsor-Manor Mandy May who produced over 160,000 lbs of milk in her lifetime.

Westcoast S Sky 8724-Red - 8724 is the No. 1 GTPI Red female in the BREED.  She comes from the same line that produced Salvatore RC!


New Guernsey Donor:

Dairyman Jordy 4396 Phiance - Guernsey lovers won't want to miss this donor. Phiance was the #2(T) CPI heifer during the April 2020 proofs, and is the highest %P heifer in the Top 200 females.


New Jersey Donor:

Pine-Tree Listowel Della 1598 - Producing nearly 20,000 lbs of milk in her first lactation, Della 1598 is an A2A2, Polled donor who is currently scored VG-86%. She comes from 7+ generations of VG & EX cows, including two scoring EX-93.


New Brown Swiss Donor:

Pine-Tree 7008 Archer 7970 - 7970 is a gorgeous Archer daugher from the VG-86 Driver daughter, Pine-Tree Driver Allie. 


Updated photos were also added to the donor pages of Pine-Tree 5976 Prop 7829 and Pine-Tree Era Achie 7593.

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June 9, 2020
Pine Tree Website Updates & Sale Consignments

The Pine-Tree Dairy website has been updated with new sale consignments! Check out their Holstein & Jersey offerings available through June sales. VIEW WEBSITE

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May 8, 2020
Opportunities at Pine-Tree Dairy - SALE DAY

The Opportunites at Pine-Tree Sale is Today! All animals sell in catalog order. Update sheets are available. Pine-Tree would like to thank everyone for their interest and look forward to the sale later today. VIEW BREEDER PAGE

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May 6, 2020
Another Update from Pine-Tree Dairy

Pine-Tree dairy has released new updates for their Opportunities at Pine-Tree Sale. View the list of updates HERE.

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May 5, 2020
Johnson Holsteins breeds No. 1 New Genomic Female - May 2020

Holstein Plaza Member, Johnson Holsteins, breeds the No. 1 New Genomic Female for the May 2020 Intermediate Proof Run. Matcrest Batman 2222-ET is a Batman daughter who goes all the way back to EX-95 2E GMD DOM Snow-N Denises Dellia. 2222 scores an impressive combination of +3101GTPI and +946NM$. Rounding out the Top 3 females are two Torro heifers from the Peak Genetics Program, each scoring +3060 and +3057GTPI respectively. 


Top 5 New Genomic Females - May 2020

1. Matcrest Batman 2222-ET --> +3101GTPI +946NM$

2. Peak 82799-ET --> +3060GTPI +943NM$

3. Peak 1912-ET --> +3057GTPI +929NM$

4. Peak 82805-ET --> +3053GTPI +895NM$

5. Blumenfeld Duluth 7132-ET --> +3040GTPI +885NM



Other Holstein Plaza Members with heifers in the Top 25 include Pine-Tree Dairy, Oakfield Corners, and Plain-Knoll Holsteins.

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May 5, 2020
Pine-Tree Sale Updates

This Friday @ 1:00 PM EST is the OPPORTUNITIES FROM PINE-TREE Auction.  

Dave Rama will be auctioning off each lot, via Cowbuyer.  

View the first update sheet HERE.

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May 4, 2020
High RZG Offerings on Pine-Tree Sale!

Opportunities at Pine-Tree Dairy starts at 1 PM EST on May 8th, 2020. This sale features mutliple high RZG offerings including several over +150 RZG.

Lot 15:  Purs 8431 is RZG +151

Lots 21 & 22:  They have NOT been RZG tested, but they are a solid parent-average for RZG (they do have full sisters that are testing well)

Lot 31:  IVF Session, the donor (Skywalker 8177) is RZG +150 !!

Lot 32:  Embryos, Sire (Helix) is RZG +161, and donor (Sky 8724-Red) is RZG +155...Sky-high potential for RC RZG!

Lot 37:  Embryos, Donor (J Cringle) is RZG +151 !!

VIEW CATALOG <---Includes snapshots of each lot!

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April 24, 2020
Pine-Tree Dairy Announces Opportunity Sale

Pine-Tree Dairy is having a sale on May 8th featuring some of the best from their herd. Check out their sale catalog HERE. Don't miss your next Opportunity at Pine-Tree Dairy. 

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February 4, 2020
Top New Genomic Females

Multiple new heifers made it to the top of the list of February's New Genomic Females. Several Holstein Plaza members had heifers in the Top 25 including Pine Tree Dairy, Plain-Knoll Holsteins, and Genosource



3. DENOVO PRINCE 1212-ET +2973G

4. PINE-TREE 7752 HERO 8596-ET +2993G

5. DENOVO HEROIC 1266-ET +2932G

View the full list HERE

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January 6, 2020
Pine Tree Website Updates & Sale Consignments

Pine Tree Dairy has updated their website ( has included a listing of their upcoming sale consignments. Selling in the Ohio Holstein Convention Sale on February 28th are several high indexing offerings including a choice lot with two A2A2 donors who are just fresh! Pine Tree is also consigning three great offerings to the Fun in the Sun sale on February 26 in Hawaii!


Selling in the OH Convention Sale (Feb 28)

*Pine-Tree AHS 7589 L 724 - CM$ +1120

*Cookiecutter Embark - UDC +3.33

*Pine-Tree 7589 NOBL 8281 - A2A2 BB

*Choice Lot: Pine-Tree 7019 Achi 7793 OR Pine-Tree Era Achie 7655


Selling in the Fun in the Sun Sale (Feb 26)

*Pine-Tree 7829 Enfo 8520 - Neat Sire Stack!

*Pine-Tree 7593 Lega 8477 - CM$ +1045

*Pine-Tree 5976 Lega 8366 - Flush-age


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December 5, 2019
Legacy Daughter also Tops the NM$ Heifer List

Bomaz Legacy 9214 topped the GTPI Calf list with +3046 GTPI and also takes the No. 1 spot on the Top NM$ Heifer list with +1219 NM$. Denovo Heroic 1071 is the No. 2 heifer with +1199 NM$.

1. Bomaz Legacy 9214 +1219 NM$

2. Denovo Heroic 1071 +1199 NM$

3. Winstar Heroic 6428 +1182 NM$

4. Wilra SSI Legacy 2013 +1180 NM$

5. Pine-Tree 7592 Lega 8466 +1168 NM$


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November 14, 2019
Progressive Genetic Herds

Several Holstein Plaza Members have been awarded the title of Progressive Genetic Herd by the U.S. Holstein Association. To qualify for this award, a herd must be a member of their national and state associations, and be enrolled in multiple association programs, as well as have a minumum of 87% RHA and higher cows in the milking herd with CTPIs. Evaluation of herds is done annually and the award is given to 500 herrds with the highest TPI average for females in the herd, both young and mature. This year 15 of our members recieved this honor. Congratulations to the following herds: De Su Holsteins (29 Year Recipiant) | Regancrest Farm (29 Year Recipant) |Siemers Holsteins (28 Year Recipant) | Kings-Ransom Farm (22 Year Recipiant) | Hendel Farms (20 Year Recipiant) | Pine Tree Dairy (19 Year Recipiant) | Coyne Farms (16 Year Recipiant) | Woodcrest Dairy (15 Year Recipiant) | Oakfield Corners Dairy (11 Year Recipiant) | Speek-NJ Holsteins (11 Year Recipiant) | Misty Moor Holsteins (10 Year Recipiant) | Plain-Knoll Holsteins (10 Year Recipiant) | Brigeen Farms (6 Year Recipiant) | Mecuro Farms (4 Year Recipiant) | Genosource (3 Year Recipiant)

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October 4, 2019
World Classic Consignments from Pine Tree Dairy

More opportunities to buy into a prefix known around the world. Pine Tree Dairy has three tremendous consignments to tonights World Classic Sale at World Dairy Expo. Lot 12 is an incredible opportunity to get rights to an IVF session with Pine-Tree 7829 Laws 8324. Lot 13 is an early July Gamechanger daughter from Pine-Tree 5976 Prop 7829 (dam of Lot 13). Lot 16 is another IVF session, this time with the #1 NM$ Skywalker daughter, Pine-Tree 7445 Skyw 8177. VIEW BREEDER PAGE or VIEW SALE CATALOG

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September 9, 2019
Website Updates & Sale Consignments for Pine-Tree Dairy

Pine-Tree Dairy has updated their website to include new genomic information and upcoming sale consignments at World Dairy Expo across multiple breeds including Holstein, Jersey, Brown Swiss, and Ayrshire. For more information, view their breeder page & website! VIEW BREEDER PAGE or VIEW WEBSITE

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September 9, 2019

This week's auction is your chance to get your hands on early SEXED REDLIGHT-RED embryos from the Awesome-Red daughter with excellent numbers including over +3.50 PTAT and nearly +4.00 UDC. A potentially polled combination you won't want to miss. VIEW LOT

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July 22, 2019
Red Show Type Offerings

Featured in this week's Holstein Plaza Online Embryo Auciton are three high type, Red & White Holstein lots, from some of the best RED, SHOW-TYPE sires.

Lot 1: IVF SEXED WARRIOR-RED x Golden-Oaks Trinity-Red

Lot 18: IVF REDLIGHT-RED x Luck-E Awesome Joy-Red

Lot 19: CROWN-RED x Pine-Tree 5860 B6729-Red

Click to enlarge - Cookiecutter Ssire Has
July 17, 2019
Pine-Tree Consigns to Fun in the Sun Sale!

Holstein Plaza Member, Pine Tree Dairy is offering two Legacy daughters on the Fun in the Sun Sale held in conjunction with the New York State Holstein Picnic. Selling this Friday, these heifers come with impressive numbers and are direct from the Cookiecutter Ssire Has family, backed by Snow-N Denises Dellia. Their maternal brother is Pine-Tree Heroic at ABS. Both the dam and sire of these heifers have tested A2A2! VIEW CATALOG

Click to enlarge - Luck-E Awesome Joy-Red-ET
May 29, 2019
Donors added to the line up at Pine-Tree Dairy

Pine-Tree Dairy has added multiple donors to their already impressive line-up. From high index to high type, and polled heifers to Jersey donors, you won’t want to miss these top notch additions. Apple-PTS Adreva-Red *P, Luck-E Awesome Joy-Red *P, Pine-Tree 7019 Skyw 8157-ET, Pine-Tree 7019 Achi 7793-ET, Pine-Tree Era Achie 7593-ET, and Pine-Tree Disco Bitty 1702 have joined the donor pen at Pine-Tree and are all currently flushing. 

Click to enlarge - PINE-TREE ARRIA 7897-RED
April 17, 2019
ARRIA-RED Sells This Saturday!

PINE-TREE ARRIA-RED sells this Saturday, April 20th at the Ohio Spring Sale. Bred and offered by Holstein Plaza Member, Pine Tree Dairy, ARRIA-RED would be a great addition to any show or flush program. A great-granddaughter of KWH Regiment APPLE-Red, she combines +3.53PTAT and +48P.

Arria-Red sells with a 10 EMBRYO CONTRACT, along with 3 #1's of her own embryos sired by ALTITUDE-RED! Two additional SEXED lots of 6 #1 ARRIA X ALTITUDE embryos also sell! Don't miss ARRIA-RED selling as Lot 4. VIEW CATALOG

Click to enlarge - AOT MODESTY HOSS | SHE SELLS!
February 1, 2019
Exciting consignments to Ohio Convention Sale!

Pine Tree Dairy is sending exciting consignments to the Ohio Holstein Convention Sale, March 8th. The consignments includes the dam to the #2 GTPI bull in the breed with an NAAB code, Pine-Tree Heroic GTPI+2999 NM$+1154 as well as an EARLY Marius daughter scoring +2858G +948NM$ going back to the tremendous transmitting line of OCD Supersire 9882! CLICK HERE to read more!

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December 5, 2018
Pine-Tree CW Legacy #1 PLI Young Sire

Pine-Tree CW Legacy is the #1 gPLI young sire in the UK and the only bull over 900 PLI. Also in the Top 10 is his Charley Brother Pine-Tree Durable gPLI +827. Taking the #1 spot for the Proven Sires for PLI is Larcrest Commend a Balisto son of Larcrest Caboodle. 

CLICK HERE for Top 10 gPLI Young Sires UK

CLICK HERE for Top 10 PLI Proven Sires UK

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December 4, 2018
Pine-Tree Durable tops RZG list!

Pine-Tree Durable takes the #1 spot in the German RZG list! 

  1. Pine-Tree Durable Charley x Yoder x Liquid Gold GRZG+167
  2. Westcoast Soundcloud Outlast x Delta x Sympatico GRZG+166
  3. Ste Odile Expansion Guarantee x Supershot x Munition GRZG+166
  4. Green-Banks Guarnte 101 Guarantee x Montross x Dean GRZG+164
  5. Greatboy Gymnast x Balisto x Numero Uno GRZG+163

CLICK HERE for the complete Top 25

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November 13, 2018
Pine-Tree donors updated with NEW SCORES

Pine-Tree 9882 Wild 7101 is the No. 1 GTPI Wilder daughter in the breed and now is scored Very Good-85 at 2-05. 7101 is backed by the tremendous OCD Supersire 9882 and has several sons over +2800 GTPI. Extreme production, Midas-Touch Duke Jayme now scores GP-84-2YR. CLICK HERE to learn about these donors and more at Pine Tree Daiy.

Click to enlarge - OCD Supersire 9882 VG-86 VG-MS
October 18, 2018
Pine-Tree consigns ELITE offerings!

Selling as Lot 3 in the Ohio Holstein Fall Elite sale is a GTPI+2817 / NM$+956... She sells with a 5 embryos contract with Gen Elite at $2,200/embryo. She is also haplotype FREE, her dam is a VG-85 Profit direct daughter to OCD Supersire 9882, and she also sells in the sale as Lot 6! She is A2A2! Talk about ELITE offerings! 

View More 

Click to enlarge - OCD Supersire 9882 VG-86 VG-MS
September 29, 2018
The 1st Public Offering of GAMECHANGER embryos!

Selling this coming week in the International Opportunity Sale are #1 grade IVF Regan-Danhof GAMECHANGER embryos. Gamechanger scores an impressive GTPI+2914 / +991NM$, he is a Modesty son back to Larcrest COSMOPOLITAN. The donor is a +2815G Profit direct daughter to OCD Supersire 9882! These will be the very first Gamechanger embryos to sell in a public auction! 

View More --> CLICK HERE

Click to enlarge - OCD Supersire 9882 VG-86 VG-MS
September 26, 2018
Pine-Tree consignments in World Classic

A couple Pine-Tree highlights selling in the World Classic Sale.. Lot 15 is a young Scuttle daughter scoring a +2888G / +165RZG. She is out of a +2778 Bandares direct daughter to VG-88 Pine-Tree 14 Kingboy6660. Selling as Lot 16 is a Donor Dam Imax daughter scoring a +2882G / +2236M / +991NM$ and is the granddaughter to OCD Supersire 9882! Pine-Tree is also featuring a high Achiever back to Shauna and a high Medley daughter sells! 



August 8, 2018
+2965G Frazzled daughter makes the No. 3 spot...

The Top 50 GTPI Heifers in the U.S. (9-24 months of age) has been posted... Siemers Holsteins glide into the No. 3 spot with SIEMERS FRZLD ROZ 28505. Following her is another Frazzled daughter scoring a GTPI+2975, owned by Pine Tree Dairy. 

  1. DE-SU FRAZZLED 6984 GTPI+2987
  3. SIEMERS FRZLD ROZ 28505 GTPI+2965


August 8, 2018
+2955G Jared daughter completes the Top 5 GTPI calves!

The Top 50 GTPI Calves in the U.S. under 9 months of age has been posted! 

  1. BOMAZ ROBSON 49 +2983G 
  4. BOMAZ YODA 8429 +2961G 
  5. OCD JARED BALANCE 46058 +2955G Owned by, Oakfield Corners 


August 7, 2018
Sneak Peek... Top 5 GTPI Young Bulls

As proof week is underway... We will be posting a sneak peek of the lists! To start is the Top 5 High Ranking TPI Genomic Young Bulls. Topping the list is Pine-Tree Herioc, a +3004G Achiever son backed by the Cookiecutters! 

  1. 29HO19000 PINE-TREE HERIOC GTPI+3004
  2. 29HO19010 DENOVO 2800 PRINCE GTPI+3002
  3. 507HO14250 PINE-TREE CW LEGACY GTPI+2999
  5. 614HO14220 S-S-I BG FRZZLD RIVETING GTPI+2952

Full List to come SOON! 

June 5, 2018
Achiever followed by a Jared daughter tops the list!

An Achiever daughter tops the Top 25 New Genomic Females List scoring a GTPI+2938! Right behind her is a Jared daughter at Oakfield Corners scoring a GTPI+2924 and goes back to the Barbie's! 

  2. OCD JARED BALANCE 46058 GTPI+2924
  3. DENOVO YODA 8707 GTPI+2917
  4. MAJR 234 MODESTY 385 GTPI+2904


May 1, 2018
Top 25 New Genomic List

The top 25 new genomic females list has been posted... Topping the list is a Frazzled daughter scoring a GTPI+2917! 

  2. RONALEE IMAX 54745 GTPI+2903
  4. WINSTAR PONTIFF 4916 GTPI+2896 Owned by, Winstar Genetics
  5. PLAIN-KNOLL PINNCLE 1992 GTPI+2883 Owned by, Plain-Knoll Holsteins

View Full List

April 4, 2018
+1100 NET MERIT$ Frazzled daughter!

Rosylane-LLC Frzzle11270 is No. 2 NM$ Heifer in the U.S. (under 24 months) scoring +1100NM$! 

  1. DE-SU FRAZZLED 6984 NM$+1100
  2. ROSYLANE-LLC FRZZLE11270 NM$+1100
  3. DENOVO MEDLEY 7517 NM$+1100 
  4. DENOVO MEDLEY 7507 NM$1088
  5. PINE-TREE 5976 PROP 7829 NM$1068

View entire TOP 25

April 4, 2018
Pine Tree has the #2 and #6 GTPI calves in the U.S!

The top 10 GTPI calves in the U.S. under 9 months of age... Rosylane-LLC Frzzle11270 is the No. 2 GTPI calf! Scoring a GTPI+2954 and +1100NM$.. Not too far behind her is Pine-Tree 5976 Prop 7829, this young Prophecy daughter scores a GTPI+2919 and +982NM$! 

  1. Cherrypencol Lass GTPI+2964
  2. Rosylane-LLC Frzzle11270 GTPI+2954
  3. Peak Evelate GTPI+2935
  4. Denovo Robson 8414 GTPI+2922
  5. S-S-I Pinnacle 7260 8700 GTPI+2919

View More

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February 20, 2018
+2842G Duke daughter sells!

Selling as Lot 24... A Duke daughter scoring a high GTPI+2842 +932NM$ and +2014 pounds of milk! Her maternal brother scores a GTPI+2945 and +1088NM$! She is also directly out of the maternal sister to popular mating sires including Kennedy, Slamdunk...VIEW MORE

February 6, 2018
Top 25 New Genomic Female List

A young Prophecy daughter at Pine-Tree scoring a +3003G easily tops the new genomic list! Followed by an early Pinnacle daughter scoring a +2969G...

  1. PINE-TREE 5976 PROP 7829 GTPI+3003, Pine-Tree Dairy
  2. SIEMERS PNCL ROZ 28748 GTPI+2969, Siemers Holsteins
  3. DENOVO ACHIEVER 8310 GTPI+2956, De Novo Genetics
  4. LEANINGHOUSE JEDI 24266 GTPI+2954, Leaninghouse Holsteins
  5. LEANINGHOUSE PNNCL 23943 GTPI+2940, Leaninghouse Holsteins


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January 31, 2018
High NET MERIT$ female

Selling as Lot #5 in the Wisconsin Convention Futures Sale is one of the highest NM$ females to ever sell in a public auction! Pine-Tree 5976 Achi 7691 scoring a GTPI+2848 and +1057NM$! High genomic, high net merit and deep maternal line to match it. She is the complete package! 


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January 10, 2018
Pine-Tree Dairy Updates Donor Section

Pine-Tree Dairy have made some updates to their donor section... Including the addition of Parkhurst Modesty Samarie *RC, one of the highest Red Carriers in the World! Scoring a GTPI+2841 +2.73PTAT +2.51UDC and +2.19FLC. Huge AI cow family, being the maternal sister to sires of sons Santoris *RC and Successor *RC. Also added to the donor section is Pine-Tree 6691 Hang 7429, the #1 GTPI Hang-Time daughter in the breed! And on the Jersey side from the GREAT Tenn Haug E Maid EX-93... A high ranking Avon daughter! 


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January 2, 2018
Top 25 New Genomic Female List

To start the New Year off... The Top 25 New Genomic Females List has been posted! Siemers Holsteins crack the top 5 with a Frazzled daughter backed by Manoman Roz. Scoring a GTPI+2970! 

  3. PEAK RKSTR IMAX 80793 GTPI+2980
  4. SIEMERS FRZLD ROZ 28505 GTPI+2970
  5. ST GEN 79784 GTPI+2967


Click to enlarge - Meadow-Green Abso Fanny-Red EX-95 | Her RED POLLED Show Age Splendid SELLS!
December 7, 2017
Fannys daughter SELLS!

Selling as Lot 48 in the Fun in the Sun Sale is Red Polled Splendid-P daughter of Meadow-Green Abso Fanny-Red. Fanny was recently scored EX-95 and is the 2017 Grand Champion of the R&W Shows at World Dairy Expo and the Royal Winter Fair! Don't miss this exciting Show-Age September Calf that also tests +194 points over PA with postive values for DPR and rump angle. This exciting offering is consigned by Pine Tree Dairy. 

Also consigned by Pine Tree are two exciting Frazzled granddaughter of OCD Supersire 9882 (Lot 32A and 32B)! Both heifers display exiting genomics with GTPI's of +2787 and GTPI+2756 and over 170 lbs comined Fat + Protein! 

December 6, 2017
SANDY-VALLEY with the #1 GTPI Heifer (9-24 months)

SANDY-VALLEY HIGHLIGHT easily tops the list as the #1 GTPI Heifer (9-24 months) in the U.S. Scoring an impressive +3013G! 

  2. MS 78141-ET GTPI+2988


December 6, 2017
Top 50 GTPI Calves in the U.S.

The Top 50 GTPI Calves in the U.S. less than 9 months of age has been posted! Siemers Holsteins almost crack the top 10 with SIEMERS FRZLD ROZ 28450 scoring a GTPI+2929 and is backed by Cherry Crest Manoman Roz! 

  2. DE-SU FRAZZLED 6984-ET GTPI+2990
  3. DENOVO MEDLEY 7517-ET GTPI+2985
  4. MS DW MIRACULOUS 79604-ET GTPI+2971
  5. CO-OP FRAZZLED 8062 8651-ET GTPI+2964


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November 28, 2017
Fun in the Sun Vegas Style

The Fun in the Sun Vegas Style Sale will be held December 8, 2017 at 1:00pm PST in Las Vegas, NV. There will be 48 lots selling that are genomic leaderswith huge potential! Also 28 Holstein lots sell over +2800GTPI and 3 over +2900GTPI! In addition 5 of the highest GTPI in the Jersey breed sell. 


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November 9, 2017
Sale of Stars 2017

The Sale of Stars 2017 will be held tonight November 9, 2017 at the Royal Winter Fair. There will be a lineup of excellence entering the ring.. Including Pine-Tree 6809 Fraz 7605 sells as LOT 7. This impressive Frazzled daughter scores a GTPI+2882 / +3535 GPA-LPI +978NM$ and +1996lbs of milk. Her 4th dam is Pine-Tree Ramos Alexia EX-91! 


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November 6, 2017
High index offerings

Lot 1 of the Ohio Holstein Fall Sale... Pine-Tree 9839 Fraz 7623 selling is a full sister to the No. 1 GTPI (+3022G) and No. 1 NM$ (+1140NM) BULL (8/17). Selling as Lot 2 Pine-Tree 9882 Fort 7556 is a June 2017 Fortune heifer scoring a +2737G. Maternal sister sold for $32,000 in 2017 Ohio Convention Sale. And selling as Lot 3 Pine-Tree 9882 Achi 7591 a +2756G sister from the sale elite family. 


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November 1, 2017
2017 Ohio Holstein Fall Sale

The Ohio Holstein Fall Sale will be held November 18, 2017 10:30 AM at the Wayne County Fairgrounds in Wooster, Ohio. Including in the sale elite offerings of Holsteins, Ayrshires, Brown Swiss, and Milking Shorthorns! 


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October 26, 2017
New York Holstein Harvest Sale

The New York Holstein Harvest Sale is November 4, 2017 at 11:00 AM at the Cornell Livestock Pavillion in Ithica, NY. Selling as Lot 2 is Pine-Tree 6809 Fraz 7609... She scores a GTPI+2812 +928NM$ +1952M +9.1PL. Exceptional OUTCROSS pedigree! Selling as Lot 3 is Pine-Tree Era Achie 7603... Scoring a GTPI+2803 +954NM$ +1285M +103F. EARLY Achiever daughter with a unique pedigree! Watch for more highlights in the Harvest Sale and select the link below to view the full catalog. 


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September 8, 2017
Bovines on the Goal Line Sale

The Bovines on the Goal Line Sale will be September 12, 2017 at the Weston Lounge, Michigan Stadium in Ann Arbor, MI. Featuring 58 of the genomic leaders in the Holstein and Jersey breed!


September 6, 2017
Top 25 New Genomic Female List

The top 25 new genomic females list has been posted. PENN-ENGLAND MARGE 13966 makes her way to the top with a GTPI+2962! 

  1. PENN-ENGLAND MARGE 13966 - GTPI+2962
  2. OCD JEDI LILAC 43441  - GTPI+2930
  5. 8.40003E+14 - GTPI+2890


Click to enlarge - Endco Yoder L7933 9839 GP-83-2YR VG-MS
August 10, 2017
Endco Yoder L7933 9839 Pictured!

Recently Endco Yoder L7933 9839 was pictured at Pine Tree Dairy. 9839 already scored GP-83 VG-MS at 2-01 and is the dam of the #1 GTPI bull in the breed, sired by Frazzled, at GTPI+3022 NM$+1140. She also has high ranking offspring by Griff, Charley, Gage, Blowtorch, Apprentice, Burley. 9839 is in a flush program again and is backed by the family that brought Massey and many more AI sires! Unique OUTCROSS pedigree!

July 5, 2017
Top 25 New Genomic Female List

The top 25 new genomic female list has been posted! Topping the chart is Sandy-Valley Play4Glory at Sandy-Valley Farms with a GTPI+2926. Also making their way to the top 5 are two Bandares daughters scoring a GTPI+2904 and GTPI+2902, not far behind is a Blowtorch daughter scoring a GTPI+2899... All owned by Oakfield Corners


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June 15, 2017
2017 National Convention Sale

The 2017 National Convention Sale will be held Friday June 30, 2017 in Bellevue, WA. There are several offerings from genomic heifers, backed by All-American and State Show winning dams, deep maternal lines, red & whites of prominence and many more exciting offerings that will fit your specific needs! 


Click to enlarge - Sandy-Valley Robust Ruby VG-87
April 26, 2017
Holstein Plaza Members consign to Pinnacle of Peak

The Pinnacle of Peak will be held this Friday April 28,2017 at 6 P.M. in Madison, WI. Here are some highlights selling from current Holstein Plaza Members. Selling as Lot #2.. Seagull-Bay is consigning the No. 1 GTPI Bourbon in the Breed! She also has the same maternal line as AI bulls Jedi, Jett and Flagship.. And goes back to the EX-91-2E GMD DOM Lynmead Celsius Minnow... 


April 7, 2017
Top 25 Net Merit $ Cows and Heifers uploaded

The Top 25 Net Merit $ Cows and Heifers has been uploaded to the website. Topping the Top 25 Cows is Ms Delicious Nightout with NM$+927, followed by her clone and dam. High ranking heifer is Sandy-Valley Highlight NM$+1074 owned by Sandy-Valley Farms.

April 5, 2017
Top 25 GTPI Red Heifers

The Kamps-Hollow Altitude family remains strong in the Top 25 GTPI Red Females in the USA. No less than 9 females from this family rank amongst the 25 highest Red females. 

  1. Ri-Val-Re Culberta-Red GTPI+2601
  2. EDG 74042-Red GTPI+2584
  3. Kenmore MW Ambrosia-Red GTPI+2572
  4. KHW Pat Amiable-Red GTPI+2570
  5. Carters-Corner SD BB-Red GTPI+2554



Click to enlarge - OCD Mogul Abracadabra VG-88 DOM | Her GTPI+2829 EARLY Bandares granddaughter SELLS!
February 22, 2017
Elite offerings from Holstein Plaza Members SELL!

Take a look at the elite consignments of Holstein Plaza members to the More Fun in the West Sale which will be held on February 24th. The consignments include various heifers over GTPI+2800 and several will be ready to IVF (soon). CLICK HERE to read more. 

Click to enlarge - Ocd Robust Shimmer EX-90
January 30, 2017
Donor Updates from Pine Tree Dairy

The donor section of Pine Tree Dairy has been updated with several exciting donors. One of the highest GTPI cows and having several daughters over 2700+GTPI Sandy-Valley Morgan Era has been added to the list! Pine-Tree 9882 SPRI 7003 GTPI+2723, an Altaspring daugther of Ocd Supersire 9882, the top seller of the World Classic Sale 2016! Also new at Pine Tree is Midas-Touch Duke Jayme GTPI+2815 +2472M +108F +88P, one of the highest production heifers in the breed, also dam is the maternal sister to Supersire, Headliner, Platinum and more. CLICK HERE for a direct link to the profile of Pine Tree Dairy! 

Click to enlarge - S-S-I Uno Damica 8433 VG-87 | Her altaHotrod sells in the Online Heifer Sale!
November 29, 2016
Damica fresh again!

S-S-I Uno Damica 8433 is recently fresh with her 3rd calf and looks better than ever! Damica is a VG-87 DOM Numero Uno daughter from a tremendous line of the Niclo Duster Donna family and has several sons at ABS and Select Sires including Ian, one of the highest RZG young sires in the breed! Watch for the +2609 Flush-Age altaHotrod daughter from Damica in the Holstein Plaza Online Heifer Sale starting next week friday (December 9, 2016)!

Click to enlarge - S-S-I Moonry Myesha 9071 | Her GTPI+2711 Modesty daughter SELLS!
November 17, 2016
Tremendous consignments to More Fun in the Sun Sale!

Check out the tremendous consignments of Holstein Plaza members to the More Fun in the Sun Sale, Lido Edition! Don't miss the opportunity to own one of the exciting calves over GTPI+2700 backed by tremendous cow families or flush-age heifers as high as +2650G and over +155 RZG! The More Fun in the Sun Sale starts tomorrow at 2 PM in Sarasota Florida. CLICK HERE to read more.

Click to enlarge - OCD Supersire 9882 VG-85 VG-MS
September 13, 2016
9882 SELLS in World Classic Sale

Exciting update from Pine Tree Dairy... OCD Supersire 9882 (VG-85 VG-MS) SELLS Friday night on the colored shavings at the World Classic Sale. 9882 is one of the hottest cows in the breed at the moment with 14 sons and daughters over +2800G and backed by the Rudy Missys! Her +2735 GTPI Modesty daughter will sell in the Holstein Plaza Online Heifer Sale starting October 4.

August 10, 2016
Top 50 GTPI Calves <9 Months

Stantons Jedi Elisa tops the GTPI list for calves young than 9 months, she is a GTPI+2911 Jedi granddaughter of Stantons Mogul Erika. 2nd highest calf on the listis a GTPI+2873 Profit daughter of OCD Supersire 9882 at Pine Tree Dairy.

  1. Stantons Jedi Elisa GTPI+2911
  2. Pine-Tree 9882 Prof 7019 GTPI+2873
  3. Ms Nightout 1-ETN GTPI+2864
  4. Ms Nightout 2-ETN GTPI+2864
  5. Hy-Jo-De Modesty Maddie GTPI+2864


Click to enlarge - Greenlane Supersire Susanna VG-87 88-MS
July 25, 2016
Exciting Donor Updates from Pine Tree Dairy

The donor section of Pine Tree Dairy has been updated with several exciting donors and also with the latest classification scores. Genomic Powerhouse OCD Supersire 9882 is now VG-85 with a VG-MS! Greenlane Supersire Susanna scored VG-87 88-MS, she has sons in AI and is the dam to a +2715G Profit daughter. New at Pine Tree is Seagull-Bay My Octavia GTPI+2716, one of the highest GTPI Outcross heifers in the breed, also backed by a different sire stack is Endco Yoder L7933 9839 a GTPI+2697 Yoder daughter backed by the family that produced MASSEY. Also new in the donor section is a +2731 Damaris grand daughter of Seagull-Bay Oman Mirror! CLICK HERE for a direct link to the profile of Pine Tree Dairy!

July 5, 2016
New Females GTPI July 2016

The Top 25 new females for July has been posted.

  1. Hy-Jo-De Modesty Maddie GTPI+2864
  2. DF Rubicon Antheia GTPI+2858
  3. Ms Delicious Nightout 3-ETN GTPI+2823
  4. Pine-Tree 9882 Jedi 7068 GTPI+2812
  5. Gil-Gar Mdsty Chrome GTPI+2807

CLICK HERE for the complete top 25.


Click to enlarge -  OCD Supersire 9882 GP-83-2YR
June 30, 2016
Pine-Tree sells #2 GTPI altaSpring in the Breed!

Pine-Tree Dairy sends a tremendous consignment to the National Convention Sale. Selling as Lot 4G is a +2809 altaSpring daughter from probably one of the hottest cows in the breed, OCD Supersire 9882 GP-83-2YR. 9882 will leave her mark on the breed thru her many high ranking sons and this calf gives an elite opportunity to buy into one of the hottest cow families around! Pine-Tree 9882 Spri 7002 was the #2 GTPI altaSpring in the breed during the April run (only 1 point behind #1).

Click to enlarge - OCD Supersire 9882 GP-83-2YR
June 13, 2016
Huge Month at Pine Tree Dairy

Pine Tree Dairy had a tremendous June genomic run, no less than 10 of the 17 new bulls over +2800G are carrying the Pine Tree prefix, even more remarkable is the fact that all 10 bulls are sons of OCD Supersire 9882 GP-83-2YR. An altaSpring daugher of 9882 topped the Holstein Plaza Online Heifer Sale last week selling for $25,000. 

May 3, 2016
Top 25 New Genomic Females for May 2016

JUST IN... the Top Genomic Females for May 2016. Congratulations to Pine Tree Dairy with four full sisters in the Top 20 and the No. 1 female for May at +2871G, Pine-Tree 9882 Prof 7019.

  1. PINE-TREE 9882 PROF 7019-ET GTPI+2871
  2. HILMAR-D JEDI 10296-ET GTPI+2841
  3. DE-SU MODESTY 5829-ET GTPI+2806
  4. DE-SU MODESTY 5810-ET GTPI+2803
  8. DE-SU MODESTY 5792-ET GTPI+2785
  9. NO-FLA SUPERSHOT 43459-ET GTPI+2782


Click to enlarge - OCD Supersire Embark VG-87-2YR | Her Lottomax daughter sells as Lot 4 in the Online Heifer Sale
December 8, 2015
New Donors added Pine Tree Dairy

Three new exciting donors have been added to the profile page of Pine Tree Dairy. Two high-ranking GTPI Kingboy daughters of top-ranking Net Merit $ cow Pen-Col Robust have been added, they are both in an IVF program and both heifers show a very balanced proof with good scores for production, type and health traits. Another added donor is Pine-Tree 8602 Lott 5863, she is a GTPI+2608 December 2014 Lottomax daughter backed by a deep pedigree. Lott 5863 her dam is an early and already classified VG-87-2YR Supersire daughter that is due with her 2nd calf next month. Lott 6568 show a very balanced proof and SELLS as lot 4 in the Holstein Plaza Online Heifer Sale! CLICK HERE for her catalog page. 

Click to enlarge - Pine-Tree 1782 Toubi 4831 *PO VG-85 VG-MS
June 23, 2015
Pine-Tree Update

New donors have been added to the profile of Pine-Tree Dairy, check it out today! AND don't miss the +2315G HOMOZYGOUS POLLED heifer selling in the National Convention Sale from Pine-Tree Dairy. Pine-Tree 5693Home 6635 is the Homerun-P daughter backed by the Rudy Missys with +47 protein. She sells as Lot 35. Also selling as Lot 62 from Pine-Tree is a +2466G Pure daughter from Pen-Col Robust Harp and over +2000 milk!

Click to enlarge - Wesswood-HC Rudy Missy EX-92 GMD DOM | Several of her family members where scored!
January 22, 2015
Pine-Tree Dairy Classification Update

Pine-Tree Dairy recently had a visit from the classifier with several donors scoring Very Good, the highlights include:

  • Pine-Tree 4233 Mogul 5488 VG-85 87-MS at 2-04, she is a GPTI+2499 Mogul x Die-Hard x Shottle x Outside x Wesswood-HC Rudy Missy
  • Pen-Col Robust Harp VG-85 EX-MS at 3-04, just fresh 2nd lactation, Harp is one of the highest NM$ cows in the Breed scoring NM$+724!
  • Pine-Tree 4606 Sudam 5374 VG-87 EX-MS at 2-07, GTPI+2382 Sudan x Domingo x Jinx x Outside x Wesswood-HC Rudy Missy!
  • Pine-Tree Zde Allbang EX-90 EX-MS at 5-04

CLICK HERE to view the profile of Pine-Tree Dairy.

Click to enlarge - S-S-I Robust Design 7220 VG-87 | Her GTPI+2560 Numero Uno daughter is at Pine Tree
November 21, 2014
Exciting Donor Update from Pine Tree Dairy

The donor section of Pine Tree Dairy has been updated with some truly interesting donors of which several have Unique Pedigrees! New in the donor section or some of the highest Mascalese, History and Uno daughters in the Breed! S-S-I Uno Damica 8433 is a GTPI+2560 from the Niclo Duster Dolly Family, Pine-Tree 705 Tango 6344 is a GTPI+2510 Tango daugther with an unique pedigree including sires like Levi, Trump and Billion her high ranking Massey sister will also soon be in a flush program. Legacy-Sch History 8326 is the #1 GTPI History daughter in the world and Pine-Tree 4944 Masc 5810 is one of the highest Mascalese daughters!

Click to enlarge - Wesswood-HC Rudy Missy EX-92 | Several members of the Rudy Missy family sell
August 11, 2014
Exciting consignments Pine-Tree to Summer Extravaganza

Pine Tree Dairy has several exciting animals consigned to the Ohio Holstein Summer Extravaganza & Summer Sale which is held at the Wayny County Fairgrounds on August 16 startin at 2:00 pm. CLICK HERE to learn more about the Pine-Tree consignments.

Click to enlarge - 4th Dam of Lot 28B: Pine-Tree Outside Mint VG-87 DOM
April 11, 2014
Pine-Tree Consignment to NY Sale

Pine-Tree consigns a first choice of two heifers to the New York Spring Holstein Sale that will be held tomorrow in Syracuse. Lot 28 is a choice of two Numero Uno daughters with GTPIs of +2464 and +2437. READ MORE

Click to enlarge - Richmond-FD Pompey EX-90 DOM
February 18, 2014
New Donor update from Pine Tree

Exciting new donor update from Pine-Tree Dairy, Rittman, Ohio. This update includes heifers such as the No. 2 Red GTPI Heifer in the US, a +2315 GTPI Polled and a GTPI+2417 Massey, READ MORE


Click to enlarge - Pine-Tree Leif Suzy VG-86 DOM
March 2, 2013
Selling direct from the dam of No. 7 GTPI AltaOak!

Don't miss this fantastic exclusive offering selling on the Holstein Plaza Online Embryo Auction... IVF Willpower embryos from the dam of AltaOAK, Pine-Tree Leif Suzy-ET VG-86 DOM. Click here for more details on this huge outcross opportunity.