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Kings Ransom Farm
VG-88 / GTPI +2650
Kings Ransom Farm
EX-93 / GTPI +2423
Kings Ransom Farm
Kings Ransom Farm
EX-93 / GTPI +2468
Kings-Ransom Mogul Cleavage
Kings Ransom Farm
EX-95 / GTPI +2341
Kings Ransom Farm
Kings Ransom Farm
EX-93 / GTPI +2482
Kings Ransom Farm

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January 10, 2022
Tremendous End to 2021 for Kings-Ransom

Holstein Plaza member Kings-Ransom Farm had a great end to 2021, with a great visit from the classifier and mulitple All-American nominations. Check out their results HERE!

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February 9, 2021
Kings Ransom Consigns IVF Session to NY ET Sale

Kings Ransom Farm has consigned an IVF Session to the NY Holstein ET Sale. Selling as Lot 2 is the opportunity to control the next IVF Session with Kings-Ransom Cran Duckle-ET, the No. 1 GTPI & NM$ Crane daughter in the breed with +$850 and +2953GTPI. She just made 28 ocytes during her last session and comes from the same maternal line as 7H15394 Drive (3019 GTPI / $867 NM) and 29H19773 Duffy (3001 GTPI / $894 NM). Don't miss this unique offering!

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February 2, 2021
Kings-Ransom Farm earns 2 All-American Nominations

Kings-Ransom Farm has earned not one, but two All-American Nominations. Petitclerc Avalanche Syrah-ET is nominated in the Milking Yearling class after placing 1st at the New York State Show and 3rd at a National Holstein Open Show. Kings-Ransom Copy Dream, Kings-Ransom Kian Effie, and Kings-Ransom Montry Cans came together to earn a Senior Best Three All-American Nomination after being the winning Senior Best Three at the Mid-East Fall National Show. Congratulations to Kings-Ransom Farm!

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September 23, 2020
Holstein International features Kings-Ransom Farm in Sept. Issue

Holstein International has featured Kings Ransom Farm in their September Issue in an article titled Family Matters at Kings-Ransom Farm by Amanda Poelman Han Hopman. 

Kings-Ransom Farm has been a part of the landscape of Schuylerville, New York, for many years. The King family has been at the present location since the late 1800’s. Although the facilities and cow numbers have changed and grown, one thing remains the same: the importance of the family unit, both in the barn and outside of it.

View the full article HERE.

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August 26, 2020
New Photo of Kings-Ransom KR Climax!

Check out this new photo of Kings-Ransom KR Climax, owned by Kings-Ransom Farm. Climax is an EX-91 King Royal daughter from a long line of EXCELLENT cows including the famous EX-96 Hanoverhill Tony Rae and EX-97 Glenridge Citation Roxy. Climax's daughter by Moovin is 3.32T, 3.03 UC and A2A2! VIEW KINGS-RANSOM BREEDER PAGE

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April 28, 2020
Kings-Ransom Monterey Clash - Ready for Show Season

Kings-Ransom Monterey Clash EX-91-3YR is clipped up and ready for show season. Look for her in the Kings-Ransom string once shows start up again. VIEW BREEDER PAGE

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April 1, 2020
Kings-Ransom Mogul Cleavage

Our hearts go out to Holstein Plaza Member, Kings-Ransom Farm and everyone involved in the success of Kings-Ransom Mogul Cleavage.

A tremendous Mogul daughter who left her mark on the herds of many through her daughters and granddaughters.

Kings-Ransom Mogul Cleavage

6/9/12 - 3/31/20

Click to enlarge - Photo by Cowsmo
December 13, 2019
All-NY Contest Results

Congratulations to Holstein Plaza Members Kings-Ransom Farm, Midas-Touch Genetics, and Oakfield Corners Dairy on their accomplishments in the All-New York Holstein competition. Several animals from these top herds earned All-NY titles. Congratulations once again on breeding and showing some of the top animals in the state of New York!

All-NY Senior 3-Year-Old - Underground Bccas Blair-Red - Owned by Oakfield Corners Dairy

All-NY & Best B&O 4-Year-Old - Oakfield WB Tiffany - Bred & Owned by Oakfield Corners Dairy

All-NY 5-Year Old - Skycrest Mincio Prickles - Owned by Oakfield Corners Dairy

All-NY Aged Cow - Long-Haven Sid Charla - Owned by Oakfield Corners Dairy

All-NY Best Three Females - Oakfield Corners Dairy


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November 14, 2019
Progressive Genetic Herds

Several Holstein Plaza Members have been awarded the title of Progressive Genetic Herd by the U.S. Holstein Association. To qualify for this award, a herd must be a member of their national and state associations, and be enrolled in multiple association programs, as well as have a minumum of 87% RHA and higher cows in the milking herd with CTPIs. Evaluation of herds is done annually and the award is given to 500 herrds with the highest TPI average for females in the herd, both young and mature. This year 15 of our members recieved this honor. Congratulations to the following herds: De Su Holsteins (29 Year Recipiant) | Regancrest Farm (29 Year Recipant) |Siemers Holsteins (28 Year Recipant) | Kings-Ransom Farm (22 Year Recipiant) | Hendel Farms (20 Year Recipiant) | Pine Tree Dairy (19 Year Recipiant) | Coyne Farms (16 Year Recipiant) | Woodcrest Dairy (15 Year Recipiant) | Oakfield Corners Dairy (11 Year Recipiant) | Speek-NJ Holsteins (11 Year Recipiant) | Misty Moor Holsteins (10 Year Recipiant) | Plain-Knoll Holsteins (10 Year Recipiant) | Brigeen Farms (6 Year Recipiant) | Mecuro Farms (4 Year Recipiant) | Genosource (3 Year Recipiant)

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October 3, 2019
NEW DONOR for Kings Ransom and Midas Touch

EX-95 95-MS Ms D Apple Danielle-Red has been added to the donor lineup for Kings Ransom Farm and Midas Touch Genetics. Danielle-Red has a decorated record that includes multiple All-American nominations, several Grand Champion titles at National Shows, and two sons in AI. Watch for Danielle-Red in the Production Class at World Dairy Expo.

Embryos are now available from Danielle-Red. Contact Jeff (518-695-9245) or David (315-212-0032) for more information!

Click to enlarge - Siemers Pure Ki-Anna - Photo by Cowsmo
October 1, 2019
Junior Members find success on Day 1 of WDE

Holstein Plaza Members found their way to the Top 10 of several classes during today's International Junior Holstein Show.

Kings-Ransom Farm had two heifers break the Top 10 including Budjon-Abbott Dr Antonia-ET (7th Fall Heifer Calf) and Kings-Ransom Und Curlie (5th Summer Yearling Heifer).

Junior Showman at Stranshome Farm strapped, Ms St. Jacob Dempsey Again to a 3rd place finish in the Senior Three-Year-Old Cow class.

Siemers Holsteins exhibited three cows in the Top 10 of the Four Year-Old Cow class including the winning entry: Siemers Pure Ki-Anna.

Congratulations to all Junior Holstein Exhibitors!

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August 26, 2019
Holstein Plaza Member Classification Highlights

Over the past month, Holstein Plaza Members have had great success with Holstein Classification. Over 15 two-year-olds owned by our members scored Very Good-86 and higher. Even more three-year-olds were able to earn the score of Excellent-90 or higher, with some Mammary Scores as high as Excellent-94. VIEW MORE HIGHLIGHTS

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August 23, 2019
Kings-Ransom Wins Big at NY State Fair

Kings-Ransom Farm had a great morning at the New York State Fair Youth Dairy Show. Kings-Ransom KB Delicate earned Grand Champion Honors, while Kings-Ransom Monterey Clash was slapped as Honorable Mention. Best Bred and Owned Cow went to Kings-Ransom Kboy Jugs. Congratulations Kings-Ransom Farm. VIEW MORE HIGHLIGHTS

Click to enlarge - Cookiecutter Dta Habitan VG-89, 2nd dam
April 4, 2019
ELITE RZG Offering - IVF session SELLS

Selling TOMORROW, Friday, April 5 at 1:00 p.m. (EST) in Syracuse, New York in the New York Spring Select Sale is an IVF session from AOT Marius Hello, the +161 RZG Marius daughter with a GTPI of +2875, +982 Net Merit, +9.0 PL, +2.1 DPR, +1589 Milk with +80 Fat and +67 Protein and a low 2.55 SCS. Hello is backed by the Cookiecutter Halo and Snow-N Denises Dellia family! Bid Last on Lot M tomorrow!

Click to enlarge - KINGS-RANSOM MG CLEAVAGE EX-95
January 22, 2019
Classification day at Kings-Ransom

A tremendous classification day at Kings Ransom Farm! Highlights of the classification included 4 new EX-94's, 2 new EX 93's, 5 new EX-92's, 5 raised to EX-91 and 6 new Excellents! Also a 2-Yr-Old Kingboy daughter of Cleavage scored VG-88 EX-MS! Congratulations Kings Ransom!

Click to enlarge - Kings-Ransom Monterey Cans VG-89-2YR
October 30, 2018
Cans scores VG-89!

Kings-Ransom Montry Cans just scored VG-89-2YR! She is a direct daughter to Mogul Cleavage EX-95. Plans in the near future to flush cans. Inquiries will be welcome. 

Cans Donor Profile --> CLICK HERE

Click to enlarge - Kings-Ransom DM Debonair EX-93
October 29, 2018
Kings Ransom Classify

Recent classification at Kings Ransom resulted in 7 cows raised to excellent and 4 new EX-93 point cows! Including, Kings-Ransom DM Debonair being raised to EX-93 and just being a few short weeks fresh. She is a Doorman direct daughter to Kings-Ransom Dorcy DEXTRA EX-94. Debonair will be flushed soon and embryo inquiries are welcome. Also, highlighting Kings-Ransom Jives Gabrina raised to EX-93 94-MS and her daughter, Kings-Ransom Kian Effie just a month fresh was raised to EX-91 93-MS. 


Click to enlarge - Kings-Ransom Monterey Cans VG-88-2YR
September 7, 2018
Beautiful Monterey direct daughter to CLEAVAGE

Kings-Ransom Monterey Cans VG-88 2Yr-Old scores a +3.40T 3.49UDC and +2513G. She was also 2nd Place Sr. 2 and Best Udder at the New York State Fair this year. Her dam, EX-95 Mogul Cleavage, is just fresh and looks great! View More

Click to enlarge - CLEO now EX-95
August 29, 2018
CLEO now EX-95!

A fantastic day for Kings Ransom Farm! Kings-Ransom Mogul Cleo joings her full sister, CLEAVAGE, and is now also EX-95 and she knows how to transmit her beautiful genes! Her daughter Clash, sired by Monterey is also already scored VG-88!

Click to enlarge - Kings-Ransom MG Cleavage EX-95
June 29, 2018
Kings-Ransom Classification

Two new VERY-GOOD Monterey daughters at Kings-Ransom. Including Kings-Ransom Monterey Clash VG-88 @2-06 w/ MS-89, she is out of an EX-94 Mogul full sister to CLEAVAGE! And a direct daughter to Cleavage, Kings-Ransom Monterey Cans VG-88 @2-06 w/ MS-88. View Breeder Profile 

Click to enlarge - Kings-Ransom Benetar Jade EX-94
April 25, 2018
Kings-Ransom new photos

A new picture of Kings-Ransom Benetar Jade EX-94 Reserve Grand Champion 2018 New York Spring Carousel Junior Show. Also pictured is Kings-Ransom Montery Clash VG-86 Monterey x 94 Mogul Cleo... FULL SISTER to Cleavage! View More

Click to enlarge - Kings-Ransom Delta Destiny VG-88-2YR
March 15, 2018
Kings-Ransom Classification Results

Classification day at Kings-Ransom... Three raised to EX-94 including Kings-Ransom Dorcy Dextra, Kings-Ransom Bentar Mince and Kings-Ransom Bentar Jade! Kings-Ransom MGL Cleavage is now 97 in the mammary! As well as 11 new excellents and 20 very-good 2-YR-OLDS! Including Kings-Ransom Delta Destiny... View More

Click to enlarge - Kings-Ransom Delta Destiny VG-88-2YR
March 3, 2018
Dextra granddaughter scores VG-88

Kings-Ransom Delta Destiny is a Delta daughter out of an EX-92 Doorman that is directly out of Kings-Ransom Dorc Dextra EX-93 2E DOM... Destiny is now scoring VG-88 as a 2 YR-Old and has several sons in AI at ST Genetics, Semex and Ascol! View Destiny's Profile

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February 19, 2018
Cleavage scores another point!

A fan favorite at Kings-Ransom... Kings-Ransom MG Cleavage earned an extra point making her now EX-95! It's been exciting seeing Cleavage develop...VIEW MORE

February 6, 2018
Top 25 New Genomic Female List

A young Prophecy daughter at Pine-Tree scoring a +3003G easily tops the new genomic list! Followed by an early Pinnacle daughter scoring a +2969G...

  1. PINE-TREE 5976 PROP 7829 GTPI+3003, Pine-Tree Dairy
  2. SIEMERS PNCL ROZ 28748 GTPI+2969, Siemers Holsteins
  3. DENOVO ACHIEVER 8310 GTPI+2956, De Novo Genetics
  4. LEANINGHOUSE JEDI 24266 GTPI+2954, Leaninghouse Holsteins
  5. LEANINGHOUSE PNNCL 23943 GTPI+2940, Leaninghouse Holsteins


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January 10, 2018
Early RESOLVE sells

Selling as Lot 5 in the NY Convention Sale is an early Resolve daughter with preliminary genomics of GTPI+2782 +1462M +73F and+897NM$... She already has two brothers over GTPI+2850! She doesn't end at her high index... She is backed by an elite pedigreed cow family! Back to Kings-Ransom Planet Dove EX-92 DOM. 


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November 9, 2017
Kings-Ransom Classify

Kings-Ransom Farm classification made for another fantasitc day! Including three MAX scored at EX-92 for their second lactation! 

  • Doorman Frozen x VG-87 GoldChip x VG-88 Pronto x EX-93 RoY ~ Intermediate Champion of Tri-County this year! 
  • Atwood Grace 95 Mam x two gens EX-92
  • Davinci Rival x EX Uno


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October 27, 2017
Create the 11th generation EXCELLENT

Lot 41 in the Harvest Sale is Kings-Ransom KB Knockers... A Kingboy daughter directly out of the beautiful EX-94 Kings-Ransom Mg Cleavage! Potential 11th generation excellent from this elite cow family going back to Citation Roxy! 


Click to enlarge - Kingemerling O-Sty Favor VG-86
October 27, 2017
Lot 12 & 13 HARVEST SALE

Selling in the Harvest Sale are Kingemerling Imx Famouso GTPI+2701 +2127M +79F and Kingemerling Fort Fright GTPI+2654. These young Imax and Fortune daughters both go back to VG-86 Kingemerling Oak Fala, full brother was the #1 PTA milk bull at over +3300M! Famouso and Fright's dam was fresh in mid September calving in with a beautiful udder! 


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August 12, 2017
Kings-Ransom Successful Classification

Kings-Ransom Farm have another successful day of classification. Scoring 11 new Excellents, 5 VG-88 two year olds (sired by Olympian, Kingboy, Supershot, Kian, and Yoder), and three raised to EX-94! Kings-Ransom Spech Devora, Kings-Ransom McCut Diva, and Kings-Ransom Mgl Cleavage joined the 94 club, making a total of 8 94's gracing our freestalls!


Click to enlarge - Kings-Ransom MG Cleavage EX-94 95-MS
August 8, 2017
Cleavage MAX score at Kings-Ransom

A favorite Mogul daughter... Kings-Ransom MG Cleavage is now EX-94 95-MS max score! Definitely an exciting day for all at Kings-Ransom, as well as owners of Cleavage's daughters! 


Click to enlarge - Kings-Ransom DM Debonair EX-92
June 22, 2017
Doorman MAXED OUT at Kings-Ransom

One of the highlights at Kings-Ransom Farm for Classification Day: Kings-Ransom DM Debonair is a new maxed-out 92 point 2nd calf Doorman! Debonair joins her EX full sister and 93 point Mccutchen maternal sister to make a pretty special trio of daughters from one of our favorite brood cows, Dorcy Dextra (EX-93). Debonair also has a number of daughters that have been flushed including her +2707 GTPI Delta that is due to calve soon. 
Debonair will be flushed this lactation, inquires welcome!  


Click to enlarge - BRIGEEN MCCUTCHEON BELLA VG-87 | #7 PTA Type cow in the USA
April 7, 2017
Top 25 PTA Type Cows and Heifers ONLINE

The Top 25 PTA Type cows and heifers has been posted! Topping the charts on the cow list is Ms Apple Ariella VG-87 +3.94T (Atwood x Apple) and on the heifer list Our-Favorite Velocity +4.53T is ranked first. 

Click to enlarge - Kings-Ransom Dorc Dextra EX-91
November 16, 2016
Impressive Dextra's at Kings Ransom Farm

The offspring of Kings-Ransom Doc Dextra keeps impressing at Kings Ransom Farm, recently Dextra herself raised her score to EX-91 fresh while she was only a week fresh with her 3rd calf! Her McCutchen daughter Kings-Ransom Mccut Diva is now scored EX-92 93-MS as a 3-Yr-Old and her Doorman sister scored VG-88 2nd calf, while a Deductive 2-Yr-Old scored VG-85!

Click to enlarge - Kings-Ransom DM Debonair VG-88-2YR
June 29, 2016
Elite Boastful from Unique Maternal Line sells

Looking for a heifer that is ready to flush or IVF, has a very complete profile and a unique sire stack? Selling on Thursday at the National Convention Sale as Lot 31G is  Kings-Ransom B Dauting +2664G. She is a Boastful from an already scored VG-88-2YR Doorman! Next dam is the EX-90 DOM Dorcy daughter Kings-Ransom Dorc Dextra! Don't miss the opportunity to own a heifer directly out of one of the best lines at Kings-Ransom Farm!

Click to enlarge - De-Su 1912 VG-87-2YR EX-MS DOM
June 24, 2015
Kings Ransom Farm consigns granddaughters of 2150!

Kings Ransom Farm consigned three elite females from their breeding program to the National Convention Sale. Selling as Lot 46 is a GTPI+2544 PTA Type+3.07 October 2014 Bombero daughter of De-Su 1912 VG-87-2YR EX-MS DOM. De-Su 1912 was the topseller of the World Classic Sale 2014 where she sold for $74,000. Her maternal sister by alta1stClass GTPI+2540 PTA Type+2.80 sells as Lot 52. Selling as Lot 51 is a GTPI+2535 PTA Protein+62 Supershot grand daughter of the tremendous brood cow Kings-Ransom Dorc Dextra VG-87 EX-MS DOM. 

October 7, 2014
Kings-Ransom Classification

We were excited to have 12 new Excellent cows by sires such as Roy, Pronto, Onyx, Jardin and Trigger.  Maternal sisters Bookem Deztiny (+2121G) and Iota Dynamo (+2134G) were also Excellent at three years.  Four Super daughters are also new excellents, including 3 full sisters who are daughters of Kings-Ransom Shottle Fiddle EX-91. Raised in score were also six to EX-91, one each at 92 and 93 and a new cow at EX-94 - Kings-Ransom Potter Risbee-ET with an EX-95 MS at the age of 8-10.

A nice group of young cows included 33 new Very Good (1st Lactation) that were sired by Dover, Domain, Robust, Cameron, Burton, Meteor, Gold Chip, Yano, Grafeeti, Numero Uno, Epic, Petrone, Iota, Mogul and others. READ MORE

Click to enlarge - Kings-Ransom Dorc Dextra VG-87 DOM | Her Kingboy daughter tops the charts with GTPI+2658
September 2, 2014
Top 25 New GTPI Females September

The Top 25 GTPI New Genomic Females has been uploaded to the Holstein Plaza Website. Topping the list is Kings-Ransom Kingby Dula a GTPI+2658 Kingboy daughter of Kings-Ransom Dorc Dextra VG-87 DOM. 

  1. Kings-Ransom Kinby Dula GTPI+2658 +3.46T
  2. Gold-N-Oaks MVP Aria2815 GTPI+2646 +3.42T
  3. De-Su Halogen 4109 GTPI+2633 +3.35T 
  4. S-S-I Montrss Dream 9463 GTPI+2617 +3.39T
  5. EDG Jobritt Mack 55379 GTPI+2599 +3.14T

CLICK HERE for the Top 25 New Genomic Females US.

Click to enlarge - Pine-Tree Dorcy Alexa II VG-88 | Her GTPI+2473 Dictate daughter sells tomorrow at the Emprie Summer Blast Sale
August 6, 2014
Holstein Members selling at Empire Summer Blast Sale

Several Holstein Plaza members are selling exciting calves tomorrow at The Empire Summer Holstein Blast. CLICK HERE to find out what Holstein Plaza members are selling.

Click to enlarge - Kings-Ransom Dorc Dextra VG-87 | Her GTPI+2386 Deductive sells tomorrow as lot 2 in the Virginia Sale of Stars
July 31, 2014
Holstein Plaza members selling at VA Sale of Stars 2014

Several Holstein Plaza members are selling some exciting heifers and cows tomorrow at the Virginia Sale of Stars 2014. The Sale of Stars start at 5:00 PM EST at the Rockingham County Fairgrounds in Harrisonburg, VA. CLICK HERE to find out which lots Holstein Plaza members consigned.

Click to enlarge - Kings-Ransom Dorcy Dextra VG-87 EX-MS DOM
June 26, 2014
Kings-Ransom sells +2522G Flame

Selling in the National Convention Sale tomorrow evening in Dubuque, Iowa is a +2522G Flame daughter from Kings-Ransom Dorc Dextra VG-87 EX-MS DOM and the Mascot Deanna family! Outcross pedgiree and huge numbers across the board don't miss this March 2014 Flame daughter selling as Lot 6 with contract interest from Select Sires.

Click to enlarge - Kings-Ransom Dorc Dextra-ET VG-87 EX-MS Maternal sister to Kings-Ransom Avry Dabble VG-85 86-MS @2-05
May 15, 2014
Kings-Ransom Classification highlights

In total 28 new Very Good two-year-olds were classified last week at Kings-Ransons Farms, also nine cows scored EXCELLENT for the first time, Two cows classified EX-94 with EX-95-MS. READ MORE

Click to enlarge - Kings-Ransom Iota Drama-ET VG-89-2YR EX-MS
February 21, 2014
Kings-Ransom Classification update

Following a recent visit from the classifier, Kings-Ransom has five new Excellents, a new VG-89-2YR and several new Very Good two-year-olds. READ MORE

Click to enlarge - Kings-Ransom Dorc Dextra-ET VG-87 EX-MS
February 14, 2014
Exciting Donor update from Kings Ransom

A really exciting donor update from Kings-Ransom Farm, Schuylerville, New York:

Kings-Rasom Dorc Dextra ET VG-87 EX-MS, GTPI+2331 the current No. 16 on the Locator List and the dam of Kings-Rasom Doorman Dina-ET the No. 1 Doorman and No. 9 GTPI Heifer in the US.

Ms Welcome Iota Tacey-ET VG-88-2YR VG-MS, GTPI+2244 dam of the No. 4 PTA Milk Heifer in the breed +2736M

Kings-Rasom Iota Drama-ET VG-89 EX-MS GTPI+2279 +3,60T Iota x VG-87 Jeeves x Kings-Rasom Goldwyn Dil-ET EX-91

Ms JJR Day Dixie-ET GTPI+2394 +1847M +76F +49P +2.78T, daughter of Miss OCD Robust Deja Vu-ET VG-87-2YR EX-MS and same family as the No. 1 Heifer and Cow in the Breed

Click to enlarge - Kings-Ransom Dorc Dextra-ET Now VG-87 EX-MS
November 7, 2013
Great classification at Kings Ransom Farm

Kings Ransom Farm had a great classification day recently with 10 Excellent new 20 VG-2YR Olds. Click HERE for the highlights



Click to enlarge - Bru-Dale MOM Starly VG-86-2YR | Her EARLY Save *RC & Shakespeare embryos sell!
October 9, 2013
Two EARLY lots from Bru-Dale MOM Starly

Selling in this weeks Online Embryo Auction are two lots from Bru-Dale MOM Starly VG-86-2YR. Both lots are sired by EARLY semen of Ladys-Manor Shakespeare (GTPI+2450 +3.28T) and K-Manor Epic Save-ET *RC (GTPI+2339 +2351T). Bru-Dale MOM Starly is a VG-86 Man O Man daughter, maternal sister to Bru-Dale Snowden and has already several sons in A.I.. Her pedigree goes back to Ricecrest Ned Boy Noreen EX-91 2E GMD.

  • Lot 15 Shakespeare x Bru-Dale MOM Starly-ET
  • Lot 16 Save *RC x Bru-Dale MOM Starly VG-86-2YR
Click to enlarge - Kings-Ransom Dorc Dextra-ET VG-86 | Dam to the #3 GTPI heifer in the breed
October 3, 2013
#3 GTPI Heifer in the World Sells

Toninght at 7.00 PM (CST) Kings-Ransom Doorm Dina-ET sells at the Planet Holstein Sale in the Sheraton Hotel, Madison. Kings-Ransom Doorm Dina-ET is the #3 GTPI heifer in the breed and is an EARLY Doorman daughter from Kings-Ransom Dorc Dextra-ET VG-86-2YR. Dina scores GTPI+2649 and +4.20T and sells as lot 6.

Click to enlarge - Holstein Plaza Welcomes Kings Ransom Farm
September 19, 2013
Holstein Plaza welcomes Kings Ransom

Holstein Plaza welcomes Kings Ransom Farm online, located in Schuylerville, New York. Kings Ransom Farm has a great line-up of donors. The current line-up consists of descendants of the Converse Judys, Pen-Col D, Ms Welcome Colby Taya, Kings-Ransom Garter Dime and many more including Kings-Ransom Dorc Dextra VG-86 EX-MS who is the dam to Kings-Ransom Doom Dina, the #3 GTPI heifer in the breed. Dina will sell at the Planet Holstein Sale on October 3rd.