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Click to enlarge - Bring Home Banners!
8. Juni 2022
Bring Home Banners!

SEXED IVF JOEL x Pleasant Nook Tequila Daquiri EX-96! Tequila Daquiri has been one of the most consistent show winners in recent history, a 3x All-Canadian winner in milking form and HM All-American 4 year old in 2016! She has also proven to be a tremendous transmitting cow, as her daughter Apple Dumpling EX-91 MAX, was All-Canadian Jr 3 and Intermediate Champion at the Canadian Royal Winter Fair in 2019! Here is your chance to make sisters to Apple Dumpling by CANADIAN CLUB! Bid last on these and you are sure to take home banners! VIEW HERE

Click to enlarge - HUGE INDEX POTENTIAL
8. Juni 2022

HUGE INDEX POTENTIAL!!! SEXED IVF MOONWALKER (+3063 GTPI, +1160 NM$) x Pine-Tree 9260 Amy! Parent Average of +3059 GTPI and +1162 NM$! Amy is from the same family as the high impact bull 7H14250 LEGACY, and is a granddaughter of the #1 SKYWALKER in the breed! This is an opportunity to make the great one! VIEW HERE

Click to enlarge - Top 25 New Genomic Female-June 2022
8. Juni 2022
Top 25 New Genomic Female-June 2022

Peak 164136 is the new number one new female in the newly released June intermediate run. She comes in at +3180 GTPI +1280 NM$ and +1.21 PTAT! Congratulations to her breeders and owners Peak Genetics! Rounding out the top five are:

2. S-S-I SHF Fan 37774 +3144 GTPI, +1146 NM$, +1.30 PTAT

3. Plain-Knoll Gameday 3973 +3133 GTPI, +1171 NM$, +1.24 PTAT

4. Peak 85578 +3123 GTPI, +1096 NM$, +1.66 PTAT

5 Peak 164135 +3123 GTPI, +1219 NM$, +0.93 PTAT

View the top 25 HERE!

Click to enlarge - BIG TIME RED
8. Juni 2022

BIG TIME RED!!! Don't miss your opportunity to get in on the HOTTEST Red family in the breed! SEXED ARCHITECT *RC x Milksource Tranquility *RC. Tranquility *RC is an exciting AVALANCHE *RC daughter of Strans-Jen-D Tequila-Red EX-96, and a granddaughter of Jen-D Devil Tiffany-Red EX-95 3E! These two cows have a combined 14 All-American Nominations!!! VIEW HERE

Click to enlarge - Holstein Plaza Online Auction LIVE
3. Juni 2022
Holstein Plaza Online Auction LIVE

The Holstein Plaza Online Embryo Auction is NOW OPEN for bidding. Featuring numerous packages of IVF, Sexed, Conventional, Type, Index, All-American cow families and the industry's hottest sires! VIEW HERE

Click to enlarge - May Intermediate Run
5. Mai 2022
May Intermediate Run

T-Spruce Kashot 18217-ET tops the list of new genomic females after the May intermediate run. 18217 comes in at +3184 GTPI, +1176 NM$, and +1.28 PTAT. Rounding out the top five are:

2. Cherrypencol K 6463 +3153 GTPI +1230 NM$ +0.60 PTAT

3. JC-Kow Gameday 1739 +3150 GTPI +1159 NM$ +1.78 PTAT

4. AR-Joy CU Tribute Mariah +3148 GTPI +1137 NM$ +1.66 PTAT

5. Peak 3396 +3140 GTPI +1221 NM$ +1.12 PTAT

View the top 25 HERE!

Click to enlarge - FINAL HOUR
28. April 2022

We are now entering the final hour of our April Online Embryo Sale. Make sure you don't miss out on your chance to get in on some of the best cow families in North America! VIEW HERE

Click to enlarge - FINAL DAY
28. April 2022

Our April Online Auction is in its final day, make sure you don't miss out on the awesome offerings like this:

SEXED IFV CHIEF x Gold-Barbara Summerbreez, the exciting SUMMERFEST daughter of the 2019 WDE Grand Champion Butz-Butler Gold Barbara EX-96 3E GMD! A once in a generation kind of cow, Barbara has been nominated All-American SEVEN times in milking form! VIEW HERE

Click to enlarge - DOMINANT RED!
27. April 2022

HIGH IMPACT COW FAMILY and DOMINANT RED!!! Four #1 SEXED MONTEVERDI (+2987 GTPI +1021 NM$ +161 RZG) x Thurler Cmfrt Lgc Andesine Red! Get in on the same family that brought us the popular 200HO11963 CHAMPION-RED with these exciting MONTEVERDI embryos. Parent Average of +2845 GTPI +3532 LPI and 50% Dominant Red! This a cool offer you don't want to miss! VIEW HERE

Click to enlarge - BIG TIME BLEXY!!
27. April 2022

BIG TIME BLEXY!!! SEXED IVF DELTA-LAMBDA x Blexys King Doc Bloom! Rosiers Blexy Goldwyn EX-97 took the world by storm in 2017 and her is your chance to get in on the action with embryos from her exciting Doc daughter! Delta-Lambda remains one of the hottest bulls in the industry and his daughters are incredible! DELTA-LAMBDA x DOC x BLEXY...imagine the udders! VIEW HERE

Click to enlarge - HUGE INDEX UPSIDE!
26. April 2022

HUGE UPSIDE! SEXED HOLYSMOKES x Thurler Cmfort Legc Domino! This is your chance to add a HOT family to your program with big Parent Averages, +2971 GTPI and +960 NM$, backed by the Gold Dancers! This family genomic tests like crazy, the last five generations have averaged 152 OVER PARENT AVERAGE for GTPI!!! VIEW HERE

Click to enlarge - SHAKIRA TIME!
26. April 2022

SHAKIRA TIME!!! Erbacres Snapple Shakira EX-97 has been cementing herself as one of the greatest show cows of our time, over the last few years. Here's your chance to make your own family members with SEXED IVF DELTA-LAMBDA x Jacobs Lautrust Shine, the exciting LAUTRUST granddaughter of Shakira! VIEW HERE

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