Online Embryo Auction: February 15-21, 2019

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Click to enlarge - BID LAST, auction closes today
21 février 2019
BID LAST, auction closes today

Online Embryo Auction closes TODAY! Make sure to take a look at the exciting offerings and place your bids. There are EARLY RIVETING embryos and DIVERSITY with PA over +2800 GTPI and tremendous opportunities for All-American show type from Gold Barbara, Leona and more!  VIEW AUCTION

Click to enlarge - High NET MERIT$ offerings
19 février 2019
High NET MERIT$ offerings

Selling in the Holstein Plaza Online Embryo Auction are selling combinations with high NET MERIT$ potential!

Lot 2: DIVERSITY x Ms Misty-Moor Swch Yodel - Five #1 grade DIVERSITY (GTPI+2856 / +1057NM$) embryos sell from the high indexing Charley daughter scoring +2757 GTPI with +7.2 PL, +2.9 DPR, SCE 6.7% and a low 2.54 SCS. Over +2800 PA-GTPI +960
Lot 7: IVF SEXED LIONEL x G-Deruyter Samuri 51522 - Four #1 grade IVF Sexed LIONEL (GTPI+2792 +993NM$ +2645M) embryos from the +2736 GTPI Samuri daughter backed by the COOKIECUTTERS! Samuri 51522 scores +916 Net Merit, +104 fat with +0.21%F and solid type figures. HUGE NET MERIT offering with tremendous overall index and from a great cow family PA-NM$ +955
Lot 8: SEXED SOLUTION x Peak Honor Polish 20501 - Three #1 grade Sexed SOLUTION (GTPI+2883 +1034NM$ +2128M) embryos from the +2689 GTPI AltaPolish daughter with a beautifully balanced index (components, health traits, type) and backed by a deep maternal line from J-Mor Elton Goldie. PA-NM$ +930
Lot 10: IVF SEXED CRIMSON x Aardema Answer PO 23937 - Selling five #1 IVF Sexed CRIMSON (GTPI+2878 +1070NM$ +116F +0.19%F) embryos from the +2671 GTPI Answer daughter with +2284 lbs of milk and +2.4 DPR. Backed by a deep maternal line from Dalse Bomaz 1617. PA-NM$ +975
Lot 17: IVF SEXED BIG AL x G-Deruyter Samuri 51543 - Six #1 grade IVF Sexed Big Al (GTPI+2866 +1026NM$ +0.23%F) embryos from the +2737 GTPI Samuri daughter with 900 net merit and +100 lbs of fat and +0.21% fat ... PA-NM$ +963

Click to enlarge - Exciting Classification Results
18 février 2019
Exciting Classification Results

Following a visit from the classifier, Tramilda Holsteins is excited to report 12 new Excellents, 18 new Very Good two-year-olds and 35 total new Very Goods. Highlights include:

Tramilda Montross Golden VG-89 (MAX)
(Montross x EX Supersonic)
- Currently working with daughters over +2700G
Savage-Leigh RC Lena EX-90
(Armani x Savage-Leigh Leona EX-96)
Crasdale Doorman Liberty EX-90
(Doorman x Goldwyn Locket EX-94)
Ladys-Manor MG Suzanne EX-90
(Mogul sister to Shamrock)
Sheeknoll Doorman Aspire VG-86
(Doorman x Arrow EX-96)

Click to enlarge - Auction NOW OPEN for Bidding!
15 février 2019
Auction NOW OPEN for Bidding!

The Holstein Plaza Online Embryo Auction is open for bidding.... Offerings sell from North America's premier cow families and sired by the industry's hottest mating sires including Diversity, Riveting, Lionel, Crimson, Solution, Big Al, AltaRobert, Crushabull, Doorman, Unix, Solomon and more. Don't miss the chart-topping GTPI offerings, outcross, high PTAT and show winning type!

Click to enlarge - Rasberry daughters keep impressing!
12 février 2019
Rasberry daughters keep impressing!

The daughters of GOLDEN-ROSE RASBERRY EX-91 keep impressing. Recently ROYLANE-KH TANGO RASS received the Max Score of EX-92 93-MS and Montross daughter ROYLANE-KH MONTROSS RITA scored EX-90 92-MS! Congratulations to the Rasberry Partners!

Click to enlarge - Siemers bred HANIKO now available
12 février 2019
Siemers bred HANIKO now available

288HO00216 HANIKO is the only bull with semen available that combines PTAT>4.00, UDC>3.75 and PTAP>40 and can be ordered through AI Total US. Haniko is backed by the tremendous Hanker, Halo and Dellias and bred by Siemers Holsteins. Congratulations to the team at Siemers!

Click to enlarge - MD-West-View adds new donors
7 février 2019
MD-West-View adds new donors

MD-West-View Genetics of Boonsboro, Md. has added two new exciting donors to their lineup. Gold-Barbara Diamond Boo and Gold-Barbara Brocade both direct daughters of Butz-Butler Gold Barbara EX-95 and sired by Diamondback and Crush, respectively. LEARN MORE

Click to enlarge - Exciting spring consignments Willows Edge
5 février 2019
Exciting spring consignments Willows Edge

Exciting spring consignments from Willows-Edge Holsteins. Selling at the Quest for Success Sale, March 9, is a stylish Winter Yearling from Lake-Breeze Def Careful-Red VG-88 EX-MS 2-Yr. Careful is the Defiant daughter of Greenlea A Care-Red EX-94 (Absolute x CARAMAC) who was Grand Champion at Quebec Spring Red & White Show 2018, Res. Grand Champion and Intermediate Champ R&W Show Royal Winter Fair 2017! Selling at the Purple Ribbon Classic is a Defiant Summer Yearling from a VG-2YR Doorman granddaughter of Willows-Edge Bolton Flicker EX-94!

5 février 2019
Top 25 NEW Genomic Females in the U.S.

The Top NEW Genomic Females in the U.S. for February 2019 is now available. Topping the list and crossing the 3000 GTPI mark is Denovo Honda 51 at +3070 GTPI, +1145NM$ and +2.19 PTAT.

1. DENOVO HONDA 51-ET (Honda x Frazzled x Delta) GTPI+3070
2. SSI-TOG X462 (Nugent x Markley x Jacey) GTPI+2973
3. SAN-DAN CHARL 646-ET (Charl x Dante x Montross) GTPI+2966
4. AR-JOY HONDA ATLEE-ET (Honda x Jedi x Rubicon) GTPI+2965
5. PEAK HEIDI POSTV 61930-ET (Positive x Delta x Supersire) GTPI+2955


Click to enlarge - New Lots ADDED by DIVERSITY
5 février 2019

Just added to the lineup of the Online Embryo Auction are early DIVERSITY (GTPI+2856 / +1057NM$) embryos backed by >2750 donors. Lot 24 are early DIVERSITY embryos from a huge indexing FRAZZLED daughter that scores +2755 GTPI and +950 NM$ with huge production from the Rud Zips. Lot 25 are DIVERSITY backed by a +2757 GTPI Charley daughter with low SCS and SCE and high +7.2 PL, next dam is by Delta and from an OUTCROSS line back to Manfred Yadda!

Click to enlarge - From the COOKIECUTTER
5 février 2019

Several tremendous offerings direct from the hear of the Cookiecutter MOM Halo family sell on the Holstein Plaza Online Embryo Auction.

Lot 3: SEXED RIVETING x Peak Cookie Otlst 80547 - Two #1 grade early SEXED RIVETING (GTPI+2933 +1003NM$) embryos backed by the COOKIECUTTERS with a different sire stack: Outlast x Supershot x Jacey. Dam is the +2649 GTPI Outlast daughter of Cookiecutter Sshot Honor VG-85 followed by Jacey Hacey VG-87 and HALO. Unique offering with huge index opportunity!
Lot 6: IVF SEXED DYNAMO x Peak Cookie Htln 20486 - Four #1 IVF Sexed DYNAMO (GTPI+2852 +989NM$) embryos from the +2685 GTPI Hotline backed by the Cookiecutters. Hotline 20486 has tremendous components at +0.13% fat and +0.08% protein with a low 6.0 SCE and 2.20 PTAT. Hotline x Supershot x Jacey x MOM HALO
Lot 7: IVF SEXED RIVETING x G-Deruyter Samuri 51533 - Five #1 IVF Sexed Riveting (GTPI+2933 +1003NM$) embryos from the +2737 GTPI Samuri daughter with +0.16% fat and +2.30 PTAT. Dam by Rubicon, next dam VG-88 Supersire followed by COOKIECUTTER HALO! PA-GTPI+2835

Click to enlarge - Direct from fan favorite CHEERIO EX-96 2E
5 février 2019
Direct from fan favorite CHEERIO EX-96 2E

Don't miss selling in the Online Embryo Auction an EXCLUSIVE OFFERING ... Three #1 grade IVF SEXED DOORMAN embryos from the Reserve Grand Champion of the Royal Winter Fair 2016, CHEERIO EX-96 2E. Huge type offering from one of the deepest resumed show cows in the breed and America's sweetheart, CHEERIO! VIEW LOT

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12 avr. 2019 through 13 avr. 2019
All-European Championship
Libramont, Belgium

17 avr. 2019 through 18 avr. 2019
Expo Printemps
Victoriaville, QC

24 avr. 2019 through 27 avr. 2019
Canadian National Holstein Convention
Charlottetown, PE

18 mai 2019
Oakfield Corners Spring Sensation Sale
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20 juil. 2019 through 21 juil. 2019
Eastern NY Holstein Show

16 oct. 2019 through 20 oct. 2019
World Dairy Expo
Madison, Wisconsin

Génomiques Tops

Top 25 New Genomic Females in the U.S.
janvier 2019
 NameSire StackGTPICow Family
1DENOVO HONDA 3006-ETHonda x Modesty x Montross3029Sully Shottle May
2PEAK LREAT POSTV 81505-ETPositive x Jedi x Yoder2963Comestar Laurie Sheik
384697Charl x Rubicon x Planet2955Windsor-Manor Rud Zip
4GENOSOURCE SHATTER 42864-ETCharl x Jedi x Denver2947UFM-Dubs Eroy
5SANDY-VALLEY TE6971-ETTarrino x Rubicon x Morgan2936Snow-N-Denises Delia

Holstein HighlightsClassification, Registry and more!

Top 5 TPI Genomic Young Bulls with NAAB Code
décembre 2018
 NameSire StackGTPICow Family
1PINE-TREE CW LEGACYFrazzled x Yoder x Liquid Gold2949Co-op Bosside Yelonda
2MR DYNASTY NASHVILLEDynasty x Nominee x Robust2944Windsor-Manor Rud Zip
3S-S-I BG FRZZLD RIVETINGFrazzled x Profit x Rodgers2933Vision-Gen Omega
4HURTGENLEA RICHARD CHARLCharley x Yoder x Supersire2920Hurgenlea Mandel Mara
5PEAK ALTALAWSONAltaRobson x Delta x Supersire2913Comestar Laurie Sheik

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