Online Embryo Auction February 16-22, 2018

Dernières Nouvelles

Click to enlarge - Unique UNSEXED NITRO embryos
20 février 2018
Unique UNSEXED NITRO embryos

NITRO (GTPI+2871 +983NM$ +1295M) embryos sell from a Flagship daughter scoring a GTPI+2681 and +2.55 UDC. Unique offering backed by a balanced pedigree...VIEW MORE TO BID

Click to enlarge - Create the next HIGH TYPE female
20 février 2018
Create the next HIGH TYPE female

IVF SEXED UNIX (PTAT+3.20 +3.35UDC) embryos selling out of a VG-85 Doorman daughter that scores a high +3.69PTA type and is directly out of EX-94 BVK Atwood Arianna! Armani has two of the highest type Archrival daughters in the WORLD! Tremendous type offering back to Chief Adeen...VIEW MORE

Click to enlarge - Take her home to IVF!
20 février 2018
Take her home to IVF!

Huge genomic offering, high net merit, balanced cow family... This Samuri daughter has it all! Scoring a GTPI+2813 +913NM$ and backed by the Whittier-Farms Outside Roz EX-95 cow family...View more details

Click to enlarge - +2842G Duke daughter sells!
20 février 2018
+2842G Duke daughter sells!

Selling as Lot 24... A Duke daughter scoring a high GTPI+2842 +932NM$ and +2014 pounds of milk! Her maternal brother scores a GTPI+2945 and +1088NM$! She is also directly out of the maternal sister to popular mating sires including Kennedy, Slamdunk...VIEW MORE

Click to enlarge - Genomic daughters from Thurler Jedi Royal
20 février 2018
Genomic daughters from Thurler Jedi Royal

An early Guarantee daughter scoring a GTPI+2842 +996NM$ and +1879 pounds of milk.. And a Fortune daughter with preliminary genomic results of +2892G +910NM$ +3.03T and +3.14UDC..VIEW MORE

Click to enlarge - High COPYCAT daughter
20 février 2018
High COPYCAT daughter

Stunning-M Copycat Lexus sells as Lot 8 in the Fun in the Sun at Lido Beach Sale. Lexus scores a GTPI+2875 and +973MNM$... Making her the No. 1 GTPI and No. 2 NM$ Copycat daughter...VIEW MORE

Click to enlarge - Mint scores VERY-GOOD
19 février 2018
Mint scores VERY-GOOD

Mint is a Polled Montross daughter backed by a tremendous line of the Sully Shottle Mays... And in a recent classification she has now been scored VG-85...VIEW MORE

Click to enlarge - Cleavage scores another point!
19 février 2018
Cleavage scores another point!

A fan favorite at Kings-Ransom... Kings-Ransom MG Cleavage earned an extra point making her now EX-95! It's been exciting seeing Cleavage develop...VIEW MORE

Click to enlarge - Potentially future ALL-AMERICAN
19 février 2018
Potentially future ALL-AMERICAN

SEXED KINGBOY (PTAT+3.25 +2.65UDC) embryos sell out of the Nominated All-American Fall Calf 2017 Budjon-Vail Doorman Elania! She is directly out of Budjon-JK Emilys Edair EX-95-2E...View More

Click to enlarge - Create the next CHART TOPPING female!
19 février 2018
Create the next CHART TOPPING female!

FIRST (GTPI+2840 +952NM$ +2078M +2.32PTAT +2.47FLC) embryos from a GTPI+2801 Jedi daughter backed by the Ruby D Shawn Cow Family....View Lot

Click to enlarge - Auction NOW OPEN for Bidding!
16 février 2018
Auction NOW OPEN for Bidding!

Online Embryo Auction runs from February 16-22, 2018 there are 24 tremendous offerings selling from deep maternal cow families and popular mating sires...VIEW AUCTION

Click to enlarge - PICK YOUR FAVORITE... High RZG & NM$ from D SHAWNS
16 février 2018

PICK YOUR FAVORITE from two exciting Legenday daughters that are backed by a great line back to Ladys-Manor Ruby D Shawn! Tramilda Legend Shastee scores GTPI+2662 combined with gRZG+158! She is on the list to be inspected this summer for a potential embryo contract! Her maternal sister Tramilda Legend Sofia scores GTPI+2754, combined with NM$+902 and gRZG+157! She has already been aspirated for IVF and made 36! oocytes in her first collection! The dam is a fresh Missouri daughter that looks very promising and the full sister the popular sire of sons MILORD at OHG Genetic Germany!


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Top 25 NM$ Cows (GP or higher)
décembre 2017
 NameScoreNM$Owner Name
1HURTGENLEA YODER MODESTO-ET86986Hurtgenlea Holsteins Ltd
2MISS OCD ROBST DELICIOUS-ET87970Delicious Partners
3DF MONTROSS MONA B 2751-ET85969Daisy Farms LLC
4MS DELICOUS NIGHTOUT-ET85969Delicious Partners
5MS DELICOUS NIGHTOUT 2-ETN82969Delicious Partners

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