Online Embryo Auction: March 17-23, 2023

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Click to enlarge - FINAL DAY
March 23, 2023

Our March Online Embryo Auction is in its final day! Head over to the auction website so you don't miss out on our chance at great opportunities like thes SEXED IVF SHOWTIME *RC x Arethusa Awesome Demi RC VG-86! Your chance to make potentially RED granddaughters of the great Arethusa Sanchez Dice EX-96! VIEW HERE.

Click to enlarge - Added Lots!
March 20, 2023
Added Lots!

We have some excitng lots that have been added to our March Online Embryo Auction! Check out the newly added embryos backed by mulpiple EX-96 dams, and a great IVF session opportunity! VIEW HERE

Click to enlarge - Embryos built-in OVER 3000 PA-GTPI
March 20, 2023
Embryos built-in OVER 3000 PA-GTPI

BRACKET BUSTING OPPORTUNITIES ... program changing index for not a lot of $$ selling NOW in the Holstein Plaza Online Embryo Auction

These fantastic offerings and more sell! Auction closes Thursday, March 23 at 3 p.m. (CST)

Click to enlarge - Holstein Plaza Auction Now LIVE
March 17, 2023
Holstein Plaza Auction Now LIVE

Our Holstein Plaza Online auction is now LIVE! Use the link below to check it out! We've got something for everyone, high index, jerseys, and offerings from the most elite show families including SEXED ALTITUDE-RED x Milksource Diamand Shade RC VG-85, a Diamondback sister to the 2021 WDE Supreme Champion SHAKIRA! VIEW HERE

Click to enlarge - NOW HIRING
December 2, 2022

Genetics Consolidated is looking for a talented and enthusiastic individual to take leadership and promote growth over their North American businesses. Follow the link to learn more about the US General Manager position.

Click to enlarge - GERMAN MASTERS!!!
October 20, 2022

GERMAN MASTERS 2022!! Tomorrow is the big day, head over to their website to check out the awesome lineup featuring offerings from the most exciting show cows in the breed and high interest high index donors! View Here

Click to enlarge - 2022 World Classic Catalog
September 20, 2022
2022 World Classic Catalog

The catalog for the 2022 World Classic is now ONLINE! Featuring lots from the worlds greatest cow families, show winners, and the most elite genomic donors the industry has to offer, many Holstein Plaza members, are offering some of their best! View the catalog HERE!

Click to enlarge - Catalog NOW ONLINE
August 17, 2022

The catalog for The Grand Finale at Willows-Edge is NOW ONLINE.

Click to enlarge - Announcing the Grand Finale at Willows-Edge
July 28, 2022
Announcing the Grand Finale at Willows-Edge

"We have enjoyed the Registered Holstein industry for well over 40 years. Many trophies and Premier Breeder banners. We again have a barnful of young cows, about 80, and pens full of youngstock (100) that encompass our breeding philosophy. Our official BAA in February of this year was 111.1. Our recent special classification of 43 cows added 13 new Very Good 2-year-olds, 7 new Excellents and 9 Excellents raised in score. We have three 3-year-olds that maxed out at EX-92: Willows-Edge Doorman Breezy, Willows-Edge Crush Kenni and Willows-Edge Diamondback Mimicry."

Willows-Edge WILL CLOSE THEIR DOORS SEPTEMBER 7, 2022 AND PUT ALL CATTLE UP FOR SALE. They will certainly have something for everyone including show cattle with deep pedigrees. Cheers to the Grand Finale and your future. 

Click to enlarge - Leaninghouse Holsteins Has Outstanding Classification
July 28, 2022
Leaninghouse Holsteins Has Outstanding Classification

On a recent visit from the classifier, Holstein Plaza member Leaninghouse Holsteins, saw outstanding results including 85 scores of Excellent, and over 500 scores of Very Good! Read more avout their recent classfication HERE!

July 18, 2022

BIG TIME INDEX POTENTIAL!!! Sexed LIONEL x Tramilda Alphabet Lacey! These embryos Parent Average +3019 GTPI and +2419 Milk! Lacey is the #3 PTAT ALPHABET daughter coming in at +2.37! Backed by one of the most notable brood cows of recent history...Ufm-Dubs Eroy VG-87 GMD DOM! VIEW HERE

Click to enlarge - Bring Home Banners!
June 8, 2022
Bring Home Banners!

SEXED IVF JOEL x Pleasant Nook Tequila Daquiri EX-96! Tequila Daquiri has been one of the most consistent show winners in recent history, a 3x All-Canadian winner in milking form and HM All-American 4 year old in 2016! She has also proven to be a tremendous transmitting cow, as her daughter Apple Dumpling EX-91 MAX, was All-Canadian Jr 3 and Intermediate Champion at the Canadian Royal Winter Fair in 2019! Here is your chance to make sisters to Apple Dumpling by CANADIAN CLUB! Bid last on these and you are sure to take home banners! VIEW HERE

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Holstein Canada National Convention
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Top 5 GTPI Young Bulls (with NAAB code)
August 2022
1551HO04520STGEN COWEN THORSON-ET3218Sexing Technologies
27HO16176WILRA S-S-I GD WAR GEAR-ET3160Select Sires Inc.
37HO16276OCD TROOPER SHEEPSTER-ET3155Select Sires Inc.
4200HO12489PEAK POWERSTAR-ET3143Semex
5551HO04913T-SPRUCE GAMEON-ET3142Sexing Technologies

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