MD-West-View Genetics

 MD-West-View Genetics 

MD-West-View Genetics is owned by Dr. Matt Iager, a dairy veterinarian and "certified" embryo transfer practioner with the American Embryo Transfer Association. He provides embryo transfer services for many elite herds throughout the Mid-Atlantic US and has exported embryos to 26 different countries. MD-West-View Genetics has bred and owned several All-American Holstein, Brown Swiss, and Jerseys. Matt is part owner of Butz-Butler Gold Barbara-ET, the 2019 Grand Champion Holstein at World Dairy Expo.

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MD-West-View Genetics
20608 Mill Point Rd.
Boonsboro, Maryland 21713
United States


+1 301-331-2203

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Donors Offered by This Breeder

Butz-Butler Gold Barbara
MD-West-View Genetics
MD-West-View Genetics
Gold-Barbara Believe
MD-West-View Genetics
GTPI +1907
Gold-Barbara Side Beyond
MD-West-View Genetics
(Sidekick x Goldwyn x Shottle)
Milksource Diamond Shade *RC
MD-West-View Genetics
VG-85 / GTPI +2054
Miss Lambda Footloose
MD-West-View Genetics
GTPI +2290
MD-West-View Genetics
Pleasant Nook Apple Dumpling
MD-West-View Genetics
EX-91 / (Applejack x Tequila x Actions)
Pleasant Nook Tequila Daiquiri
MD-West-View Genetics
EX-96 / (Tequila x Action x Brook)
Willowhaven Goldwyn Bliss *RC
MD-West-View Genetics
VG-89 / (Goldwyn x Sanchez x Talent)

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September 15, 2023
Breeder Page Updated

New donors added to MD-West-View Genetics breeder page! Looking for All-American pedigrees and the hottest cow families in the breed...look no further! Daughters of Gold Barbara EX-96, Shakira EX-97, Footloose EX-96, and more! VIEW HERE

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April 26, 2021
Daughter of Goldwyn June NOW VG-88 3YR

Pierstein Solomon Junisse, the only Solomon daughter to EX-97 Loyalyn Goldwyn June, is now scored VG-88 as a 3-Year-Old. Congratulations to owner MD-West-View Genetics!

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February 4, 2021
HP Members Consign to Retreat to the Beach Sale

Several Holstein Plaza Members have consigned to the Retreat to the Beach Sale on Tuesday, February 9th at 11 am EST in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. View offerings and bid online at


Lot 17: IVF SESSION with Pine-Tree 7019 Hero 8643-ET

Consigned by Pine-Tree Dairy

A2A2 BB female with nearly +800NM


Lot 18: IVF SESSION with Pine-Tree Yellowstone-ET

Consigned by Fit Genetics


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July 1, 2020
Breeder Page Updates for MD-West-View

New updates have been made to the breeder page of MD-West-View Genetics, including new donors and an updated advertisement. Adding the donor line up are three great females. Crossbrook HD Dixie is a beautiful All-American & All-Canadian, show-winning Jersey Female who has produced multiple daughters who mold her type and kind. Ernest-Anthony Drmn Demi is a Doorman daughter of the famous EX-96 3E Cache-Valley Lheros 2331. Gold-Barbara Diamond Boo is the Diamondback daughter direct from WDE Grand Champion, Butz-Butler Gold Barbara.

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March 17, 2020
NEW DONORS for MD-West-View Genetics

Two new donors have been added to the lineup for MD-West-View GeneticsDuckett Doorman Oynx is a doorman daughter x EX-93 OrangeCrush x EX-94 Mudpie x 2019 NOMINATED Cow of the Year, EX-96 Jasmin. Winright Solomon Liberty is the Solomon granddaughter to 2019 Grand Champion of the Royal Winter Fair, EX-95 Idee Windbrook Lynzi. VIEW BREEDER PAGE

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March 17, 2020
MD-West-View Consigns MACI to March Madness Sale

MD-West-View Genetics has consigned Milksource Doorman MACI to the 2020 March Madness: All Breeds Sale. Maci is the Doorman daughter to Royal Winter Fair, Grand Champion, Charwill Attic MARCY. Bid last on this proven donor dam backed by a proven show cow family. VIEW BREEDER PAGE

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February 27, 2020
GOLD BARBARA now scored 3E EX-96 GMD

Gold Barbara is now 3E EX-96 GMD! Congratulations to owners Kueffnerr, Iager, Hetts, Beilke & Armbrust! VIEW BREEDER PAGE

Click to enlarge -
February 21, 2020
DEZI is now EX-96 3E

CACHE-VALLEY LHEROS 2331-ET or DEZI has been scored EX-96 3E! Congratulations to those at MD-West-View Geneitics. VIEW DONOR PAGE or VIEW BREEDER PAGE

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February 13, 2020
2019 All-American Results!

The 2019 All-American Holstein Results have been released!






AA: BLEXYS CRUSH BUDWEISER - Budjon, Vail, Abbott, Van Exel & Woodmansee, WI

RESERVE: VANDOSKES DENVER CAMI - Enright, Quality, Beckridge & Agrriber, ON

HM: CASHELLS DEFIANT LOUIS V - Enright, Jaquemet & Diamond Hill, ON



AA: REYNCREST DRM LOVEBUG - Select Farm and Gerardo & Jose Gonzales, ON

RESERVE: CRYSTAL-STAR AVLNCH CALI - Hawbaker, MB Luckylady & Almeida, MD

HM: BUDJON-VAIL AVA ELLUSIVE – Westcoast Holsteins, BC


February 4, 2020
February Holstein Plaza Newsletter

We are excited to bring you our monthly newsletter in digital form! It can be viewed on our website or by using the link below. Don't forget to add our email ( to your contacts so you won't miss out on new content from Holstein Plaza. VIEW NEWSLETTER

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November 26, 2019
All-National Nominations

Holstein Association USA released their All-National Showcase Program which is designed to recognize U.S. Registered Holstein® cows and their owners for exceptional performance at National Holstein Shows. Multiple Holstein Plaza Members and their cows were awarded All-National and Reserve All-National titles and many Members were awarded as Top 10 Honorees.


Oakfield Corners was awarded the All-National Breeder and All-National Exhibitor Titles, as well as earning the All-National Four-Year-Old title with Oakfield WB Tiffany. Tiffany was the Grand Champion Holstein and Supreme Champion Cow at the 2019 All-American Dairy Show in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. Oakfield Corners also exhibited the Reserve All-National Summer Junior Two-Year Old title with Oakfield Byway Ms Taboo and the Reserve All-National Senior Three-Year-Old title with Ms Smith-Oak PW D Millie.


Duckett Holsteins also owned multiple All-National and Honoree titles including the Junior Three-Year-Old All-National Title with Fraeland Doorman Bonnie, who was the Honorable Mention Intermediate Champion at the Midwest Spring National Holstein Show.


Other Holstein Plaza members and animals they bred won awards including MD-West-View Genetics, Willows Edge Holsteins, Triple T Holsteins, Midas Touch Genetics, Golden Oaks Farm and Stranshome.



Click to enlarge - Lot 13: Jacobs Solomon Loan
November 25, 2019
New Snapshots of MD-West View Music City Consignments!

New Snapshots of MD-West-View Genetics Music City Celebration III Sale consignments. 

Lot 13, Jacobs Solomon Loan, is a Solomon daughter from the Grand Champion Holstein at World Dairy Expo, Jacobs Lauthority Loana. She is due early May 2020 to Croteau Lesperron Unix. 

Lot 50, Comestar Lanice Unix, is a Unix daughter of All-American Comestar Lamadona Doorman. She is due early June 2020 to Sidekick, and has international embryo interest. 


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November 25, 2019
NEW AD for MD-West-View Genetics

A new advertisment was added to the breeder profile of MD-West-View Genetics. View their breeder profile to learn more! VIEW PROFILE

Click to enlarge - Jacobs Solomon Loan
November 21, 2019
MD-West-View Genetics Consigns to the Music City Celebration III

MD-West View Genetics has consigned two offerings to the 2019 Music City Celebration III Sale.

Lot 13, Jacobs Solomon Loan, is a Solomon daughter from the Grand Champion Holstein at World Dairy Expo, Jacobs Lauthority Loana. She is due early May 2020 to Croteau Lesperron Unix.

Lot 50, Comestar Lanice Unix, is a Unix daughter of All-American Comestar Lamadona Doorman. She is due early June 2020 to Sidekick, and has international embryo interest. 


Click to enlarge - Gold-Barbara Brocade
September 6, 2019
Brocade sells as Lot 1 in Eastern Elite Sale

Selling as Lot 1 in the Eastern Elite Sale is Gold-Barbara Brocade. A Crush daughter direct from All-American, Butz-Butler Gold Barbara. Consigned by Holstein Plaza Member, MD-West-View Genetics, Brocade sells pregnant to Sexed Mr D Apple Diamondback and is due in March 2020. Her dam is fresh again and is looking great. Don't miss out on your chance to buy into this impressive show winning family!


Click to enlarge - Eatonholme Atwood Brie
July 23, 2019
More HIGH Type Offerings

Don't miss these HIGH type offerings from All-American Pedigrees. These are just a few of the tremendous high type offerings in this week's Online Embryo Auction. View these lots and more at 

Lot 7: SEXED SOLOMON x Eatonholme Atwood Brie

Lot 8: SEXED UNIX x MD-Maple-Lawn Jacoby Carla

Lot 21: Doorman x Ms MD-West-View Hazel

Click to enlarge -
July 20, 2019
Make the next All-American Jersey

Make the next All-American Jersey with these three #2 grade IVF SEXED VENOM embryos from the daughter to Huronia Centurion Veronica. Dam is a full sister to EX-96 Arethusa Response Vivid and was Intermediate Champion at Big E in 2010. VIEW LOT

Click to enlarge - Butz-Butler Gold Barbara
July 9, 2019

Butz-Butler GOLD BARBARA scored EX-95 with an EX-96-MS and placed first in class at World Dairy Expo on three separate occasions. Selling in this week's auction are three lots from three daughters of Gold Barbara herself.

Lot 3: SEXED LAUTRUST x Gold-Barbara Diamond Boo

Lot 11: SEXED UNIX x Gold-Barbara Brocade

Lot 12: SEXED SOLOMON x Gold-Barbara Bonita

Click to enlarge - Gold-Barbara Bonita
June 19, 2019
All-American Show Type

Don’t miss this elite show type offering backed by a deep pedigreed cow family. Selling are 3 #1 grade SEXED SOLOMON (PTAT+3.91 UDC+2.61) embryos out of the beautiful fresh Sid daughter to the one and only Gold BARBARA! Solomon and Gold Barbara come together to create the ultimate show-stopper! VIEW LOT

Click to enlarge - Huronia Centurion Veronica
June 18, 2019
Jersey All-American Show Type

Offering three #2 grade IVF SEXED VENOM embryos out of the EX-92 daughter to SUPREME CHAMPION of World Dairy Expo, Huronia Centurion Veronica. View is a full sister to EX-96 Arethusa Response Vivid. Bid last and make the next Champion and All-American Jersey! VIEW LOT

Click to enlarge - Gold-Barbara Brocade
June 8, 2019
Daughter to Gold Barbara SELLS

Yet another eye catching consignment to the National Convention Sale. Consigned by Holstein Plaza Member, MD-West-View Genetics, Brocade is a Crush daughter direct from 3x All-American and Expo winner, Gold Barbara. If you are looking for an extremely correct, high type heifer to take you to the top this fall, bid last on Brocade!

Click to enlarge -
February 7, 2019
MD-West-View adds new donors

MD-West-View Genetics of Boonsboro, Md. has added two new exciting donors to their lineup. Gold-Barbara Diamond Boo and Gold-Barbara Brocade both direct daughters of Butz-Butler Gold Barbara EX-95 and sired by Diamondback and Crush, respectively. LEARN MORE

Click to enlarge - Jacobs Lauthority Loana EX-96-3E-CAN
November 29, 2018
Donors added for MD-West-View Genetics

Exciting new donors have been added to the lineup for MD-West-View Genetics, Boonsboro, Md. including a beautiful Solomon daughter direct from World Dairy Expo Champion, Lauthority Loana. Check out Jacobs Solomon Loan and herdmate Jacobs Capital Gain Brise.

Click to enlarge - Redtag Destry Sneezy-Red EX-94
April 18, 2018
Highlights from Maryland Spring Show

Members compete over the weekend at the Maryland Spring Show... Redtag Desty Sneezy-Red did it again! Being named 1st Place 5 Year-Old, and Grand Champion of both the Junior and Open Show! Another highlight is Jacobs Doorman Britt VG-86 winning the Senior 2 Year-Old Class. This fancy young cow is a daughter of Jacobs Goldywn Brittany EX-96...VIEW MORE

Click to enlarge - Butlerview Vette Carly
April 13, 2018
Daughter to CAMOMILE

New photos of Butlerview Vette Carly, a Corvette daughter directly from EX-95 Damion Camomile. This beautiful young cow is fresh only 10 days! View More

Click to enlarge - Savage-Leigh Leona EX-96-2E DOM
March 29, 2018
Members consign to Exclusive Opportunity Sale

Selling as buyers choice of two GOLDWYN daughters out of Savage-Leigh Leona EX-96-2E GMD! Pick your favorite from these stunning daughters and you could own the next All-American...More Consignments 

Click to enlarge -
March 7, 2018
Doorman from Brood Cow CAMOMILE

LOT 26... Directly out of Camomile... Full sister to the Show-Winning Doorman Class and Camilla! Close to flush age. Don't miss your opportunity to own one of the very last daughters of CAMOMILE! View More Details 

Click to enlarge -
December 7, 2017
CAMOMILE offerings!

Selling as Lot 16 in the Music City Celebration Sale Monday December 11th is a first choice female Doorman daughter from Silvermaple Damion Camomile EX-95! All daughters scoring nearly a +3.10PTAT and +3.30PTAT. Also selling as Lot 17 & 17A is a beautiful Brazzle daughter from Camomile and Crush grandaughter to Camomile! 


Click to enlarge -
December 1, 2017
First Choice female from CAMOMILE

Selling as Lot 16 in the Music City Celebration Sale is a first choice female Doorman daughter from Silvermaple Damion Camomile EX-95! All daughters scoring nearly a +3.10PTAT and +3.30PTAT...


Click to enlarge - Winter Calves from Coolea Farms Sanchez Liza EX-93 2E
November 20, 2017
Coolea Farms Sanchez Liza EX-93 2E

Coolea Farms Sanchez Liza is now EX-93 2E. Liza is a Sanchez daughter of the top priced cow in Canada of 2008 Calbrett Goldwyn Liza VG-88 10* followed by Lylehaven Lila Z EX-94 23*. Sanchez Liza is proving herself to be a valuable brood cow. MD-West-View Genetics are excited about the daughters of this fancy Sanchez daughter. Take a look at the picture with 3 fancy winter calves. Selling in the Online Heifer Sale, December 8-15 2017, will be a first choice from her really nice Sid daughters as well as an Archrival daughter. Don't miss the opportunity to start your own branch of this tremendous cow family!

Click to enlarge -
September 25, 2017
Highest type DOORMAN daughter from Camomile!

Selling as Lot #4 in the World Classic Sale... Md-Maple-Lawn Camcam. The highest Doorman daughter from Camomile herself. Camcam scores a high PTAT+3.63 +2.67UDC and +1.67FLC. Her full sister EX-92 Camila is fresh, looking incredible and ready to make her mark in Madison this year! 


Click to enlarge -
September 13, 2017
Eastern Elite Sale

The Eastern Elite Sale will be held September 19, 2017 at the Pennsylvania Farm Show Complex in Harrisburg, PA. Selling as Lot 1, Gold Barbara WB Bianca. She is the only Windbrook daughter of Barbara in the World. Bianca will show as a Sr. 2 this year and is due back in May next year to Doorman! 


Click to enlarge -
August 1, 2017
Md-West-View Genetics Updates Donor Page

The donor page of Md-West-View Genetics has been updated with several new donors! Including an EX-90 Oconnors Ladd Lacey *RC, a Ladd-P daughter that goes back to Lila Z! 


Click to enlarge - Butlerview Atwood Casey
July 7, 2017
Beautiful Atwood daughter sells...

The 2017 Maryland State Convention Sale will be held July 20, 2017 at the Garrett County Fairgrounds at 6pm. Selling as Lot 1 is Butlerview Atwood Casey... This beautiful December heifer directly out of the EX-95 Damion Camomile scores a high type of +3.45, +2.97UDC and +2.27FLC. She is also short-bred to Sexed Solomon! 


Click to enlarge -
June 5, 2017
2017 Red & White Convention Sale

The 2017 Red & White Convention Sale will be held this Friday June 9, 2017 at the Dodge County Fairgrounds in Kasson, Minnesota. There will be several exciting animals selling from Holstein Plaza members. 


Click to enlarge -
May 23, 2017
Best of the Barn Sale

The Best of the Barn Sale will be held this Friday May 26th, 2017 at the Landis-Mrk Barn in Lancaster, PA. There are several tremendous animals selling from impressive bloodlines.. 


Click to enlarge - Gold-Barbara Bernadette (Solomon x Gold Barbara EX-95)
January 5, 2017
Exciting Barbara daughters at MD-West-View Genetics

The donor section of MD-West-View Genetics has been updated with some very exciting new donors! Three daughters of 3x WDE class-winner Butz-Butler Gold Barbara EX-95 have been added to the line-up, but also offspring from the famillies that produced Rosedale Lexington EX-95, Camomile EX-95 and Leona EX-96! Multiple donors from these exclusive families are also over 3 points PTA Type! CLICK HERE for a direct link to MD-West-View Genetics breeders profile.

Click to enlarge - Silvermaple Damion Camomile EX-95
October 7, 2016
Archrival granddaughter of Camomile SELLS in World Classic Sale

MD-Maple-Lawn Chelsea SELLS tonight in the World Classic Sale with a PTAT of +3.11. She is flush-age and backed by the tremendous producing Silvermaple Damion Camomile family. Dam is the VG-88 All-American nominated Doorman Class. Bid last on Lot 37.

Click to enlarge - Windy-Knoll-View Parfait EX-94 94-MS
July 15, 2016
Classification Updates from MD-West-View Genetics

We already mentioned a couple weeks back that Butz-Butler Gold Barbara is now EX-95 96-MS, but there was more exciting news at MD-West-View Genetics. Recently Windy-Knoll-View Parfait was scored EX-94 94-MS, Parfait is the Atwood daughter of Windy-Knoll-View Promis!

Click to enlarge - Butz-Butler Gold Barbara EX-95 96-MS
June 29, 2016
Elite Show-Type offerings from MD-West-View

MD-West-View Genetics has send some elite Show-Type offerings to the National Convention Sale, tomorrow in Saratoga Spring, NY. Gold-Barbara Bridgette is a Doorman daughter of the ONE AND ONLY Butz-Butler Gold Barbara who recently raised her score to EX-95 96-MS! Full sister to Bridgette is now VG-87 and was recently 2nd Sr. 2-Yr-Old at the Western Spring National. Lot 4T is also backed by an All-American and All-Canadian dam. Selling as Lot 4T is a June 2015 Brazzle daughter directly out of the tremendous brood cow Silvermaple Damion Camomile EX-95 and she sells ready to flush with an embryo contract for Japan!

Click to enlarge - Butz-Butler Gold Barbara now EX-95 96-MS
June 27, 2016
Barbara now EX-95 96-MS

Butz-Butler Gold Barbara recently increased her score to EX-95 96-MS! Congratulations to the Gold Barbara partners!

Click to enlarge - Butlerview Armani Coach *RC
April 28, 2016
New donors added for MD-West-View

Several new donors have been added to the tremendous lineup at MD-West-View Genetics, Boonsboro, Maryland. Butlerview Armani Coach, the red carrier Armani daughter direct from Camomile with a beautiful cut will be flushed. Don't miss Coach and others VIEW DONORS

Click to enlarge - Butz-Butler Gold Barbara | 1st Aged Cow NY Spring Holstein Show
April 13, 2016
Holstein Plaza members successful at NY Spring Show

Holstein Plaza members had a great day at the New York Spring Holstein Show 2016. CLICK HERE for the member highlights.

Click to enlarge - Silvermaple Damion Camomile EX-95
March 14, 2016
PTAT+3.96 Archrival SELLS March Madness

Selling as Lot 28 on Saturday, March 19 in the 2016 March Madness Sale is one of the highest PTAT heifer in the breed, MD-Maple-Lawn Caroline. Caroline is a December 2015 Archrival daughter from the HM All-American, Doorman Class, due in May and next dam is Camomile EX-95. Bid last on the No. 6 PTAT Heifer in the U.S. and she is fancy ... will show this spring with the best!

Click to enlarge - Stone-Rail Mogul Sparkle VG-85
February 24, 2016
Sparkle scores VG-85

Stone-Rail Mogul Sparkle has recently been classified VG-85 with a VG-MS at 3-00. Sparkle is a GTPI+2403 Mogul daughter backed by a unique pedigree. Sparkle already has several high testing daughters by Supershot, Damaris, Monterey and more!

Click to enlarge - MD-West-View Sapphire
October 28, 2015
Donors updated for MD-West-View Genetics

New donors have been added to the profile of MD-West-View Genetics, Boonsboro, Md. including the winning Brown Swiss Winter Calf at World Dairy Expo, MD-West-View Sapphire and an Atwood daughter direct from Apple, Ms Apples Akeeva *RC. LEARN MORE

Click to enlarge - Stone-Rail Mogul Sparkle
October 6, 2015
New Photo of Stone-Rail Mogul Sparkle

New photo of Stone-Rail Mogul Sparkle the GTPI+2448 Mogul daughter backed by a unique pedigree with no Oman, Shottle or Goldwyn. Sparkle has several daughters and sons over +2600G and as high as +2667. MORE INFO.

Click to enlarge - Savage-Leigh Atwood Lic EX-92
September 15, 2015
First Choice McCutchen from Premier National Junior Grand Champ

Selling as Lot 7 in the Eastern Elite Sale tonight is a first choice female McCutchen (4 pregnancies due March 1, 2016) from the Grand Champion of the Premier National Junior Holstein Show, yesterday. Savage-Leigh Atwd Lic is an EX-92 Atwood daughter straight out of Savage-Leigh Licorice!

Click to enlarge - Second High Seller: Butlerview Doorman Class sold for $34,000
May 25, 2015
Butlerview Doorman Class second high seller

Butlerview Doorman Class sold for $34,000 and was the second high seller at this weekend's Crown Jewel II Sale. Class was consigned by MD-West-View Genetics and the Iager Brothers and sold to Jordon and Whitney Ebert. Class was the HM All-American Spring Calf in 2014 and has sold embryos through the Holstein Plaza Online Embryo Auctions. 

In total 119 live lots sold for an average of nearly $6500. High seller was and Atwood senior two-year-old from the Ocean-View Lindy Sheens selling for $42,300. At $23,500 the third high seller was Ladies-First SS Blessing consigned by Barbara Mountain and Ladies-First Holsteins. Blessing is a +2518G Supersire backed by the Baler Twines and was the successful purchase of Mercuro Farms.

May 22, 2015
Exciting consignments from HP member to Crown Jewel II Sale

Holstein Plaza members Peak Genetics, Larcrest, Butlerview, MD-West-View Genetics, Speek-NJ,  Stranshome and Sunview Holsteins each send some of their most exciting females to the Crown Jewel II Sale which is held on May 23rd at the Frederick Fairground in Frederick, MD. The Sale starts at 11 AM EST. CLICK HERE for more information regarding the consignments.

Click to enlarge - Dublin-Hills Sera
April 29, 2015
All-American Brown Swiss Spring Calf SELLS!

Dublin-Hills Sera-ET the 2014 Unanimous All-American Spring Calf sells on Friday, May 1 at the Day at the Derby Sale, Lexington, Kentucky. Sera is backed by 8 generations Excellent with production and numerous All-American nominees! Don't miss Dublin-Hills Sera selling as Lot 27 on Friday.

Click to enlarge - Windy-Knoll-View Parfait EX-92-3YR | Reserve Grand Champion NY Spring Show!
April 13, 2015
Windy-Knoll-View Parfait Res. Grand Champion NY Spring Show

It was a fantastic day for Windy-Knoll-View Parfait, the EX-92-3YR Atwood daughter of Windy-Knoll-View Promis EX-95. Parfait was crowned Reserve Grand Champion of the 20145 New York Spring International Holstein Show and was also the Reserve Senior Champion and first place four year old.

Click to enlarge - Butz-Butler Gold Barbara now EX-92 EEEEE EX-94-MS
December 21, 2014
Gold Barbara now EX-92 EX-94-MS EEEEE

Recently the 1st 4-Yr-Old Cow at World Dairy Expo, Butz-Butler Gold Barabara was re-scored and is now EX-92 EEEEE EX-94-MS! Barbara is also Nominated All-American 4-Yr-Old 2014!

November 12, 2014
Great Offerings from Holstein Plaza Members at Jetstream Sale

Tonight at the Jetsteram Global Greatness Sale (sale starts at 6.30 p.m. at the King 1 Ballroom Hyatt Regency Hotel in Toronto) several Holstein Plaza members are offering several exciting lots. CLICK HERE to find out the tremendous lots that are consigned by the Holstein Plaza Members.

Click to enlarge - Buterlview Doorman Class | 3rd Spring Heifer Calf at World Dairy Expo
October 16, 2014
Exciting Donor Update from MD-West-View Genetics

Exciting donor update from MD-West-View Genetics. New to the line-up is Butlerview Doorman Class, she is an exciting Doorman daughter from the All-Canadian and All-American Silvermaple Damion Camomile EX-95 EEEEE. Class was the 3rd Spring Heifer Calf at World Dairy Expo and also has exciting genomic numbers including PTAT+4.17! Several more of MD-West-View Genetics elite females did well at World Dairy Expo. CLICK HERE to read more.

Click to enlarge - Windy-Knoll-View Parfait now EX-92 (Max Score) EX-94-MS
August 27, 2014
Windy-Knoll-View Parfait now EX-92 94-MS

Windy-Knoll-View Parfait is now Excellent-92 (max-score) with an EX-94 Udder. Parfait was the 1st Jr. 3-Year-Old at the New York Spring Show 2014. Parfait is the Atwood daughter of Windy-Knoll-View Promis EX-95, Parfaits Fancy June Numero Uno daughter sells in the World Classic Sale!

Click to enlarge - Hopeful Shocking Diva EX-91 | She sells as lot 7 in the Reno Spa-Tactular Sale
August 4, 2014
Exciting consignments Holstein Plaza members to Reno Sale

Several Holstein Plaza members are selling some of their elite animals this week in the Reno Spa-Tacular Sale at the Atlantis Casino, Resort & Spa in Reno Nevada. CLICK HERE to find out which Holstein Plaza members are selling.

Click to enlarge - Stone-Rail Mogul Sparkle | Her 1st Choice Powerball-P Female sells at the International Intrigue
July 25, 2014
1st Choice Powerball from Sparkle and Princess

MD-West-View Genetics sells two exciting Powerball-P choices from Stone-Rail Mogul Sparkle and Windy-Knoll-View Princess at the Intrigue. Both lots have an built in PA-GTPI>2435! Both heifers will be flushed twice to Powerball and 2 heifers are guaranteed or one Polled Female above PA. Stone-Rail Mogul Sparkle is an exciting Mogul daughter with no an unique pedigree! Windy-Knoll-View Princess is one of the highest decendants of the Windy-Knoll-View P family. 

Click to enlarge - Coolea Farms Sanchez Liza EX-92 | Now at MD-West-View Genetics
July 15, 2014
Exciting new donor at MD-West-View Genetics

MD-West-View Genetics from Boonsboro, MD has added an exciting donor to their program. Coolea Farms Sanchez Liza EX-92 (Max Score) is a Sanchez granddaughter of Lylehaven Lila Z EX-94. This exciting young Sanchez daughter is a daughter of Calbrett Goldwyn Liza VG-88-2YR-CAN. The full sisters to Liza are the dam to popular bulls like Lavaman, Larson, Lexor and Latimer. Sanchez Liza has already been shown as a Senior 2-Yr-Old old with success, she was 1st Sr. 2-Yr-Old and HM Intermediate Champion of the Illinois State Show 2013.

Click to enlarge - Stone-Rise Mogul Sparkle GTPI+2444
June 27, 2014
Two exciting first choice offerings from MD-West-View

Selling tonight on the 2014 National Holstein Convention Sale are two exciting First Choice offerings from MD-West-View Genetics. Lot 21 is a First Choice Monterey or MAS from Stone-Rail Mogul Sparkle, the +2444G Mogul daughter from a VG-85 Planet, unique outcross pedigree with no Oman, Shottle or Goldwyn. Lot 77 is a First Choice Offering from 8 pregnancies due December by Yoder from the +2398G Supersire granddaughter of Windy-Knoll-View Pledge, Windy-Knoll-View Princess. Don't miss these two incredible choice offerings! 

Click to enlarge - Windy-Knoll-View Parfait VG-89-2YR EX-MS
May 12, 2014
Donor update of MD-West-View

Exciting donor update from MD-West-View Genetics with two new Atwood donors. They are Windy-Knoll-View Parfait VG-89-2YR EX-MS directly from Promis EX-95 and Savage-Leigh Atwd Lic VG-88-2YR EX-MS an Atwood daughter of Savage-Leigh Licorice EX-92. VISIT PROFILE

Click to enlarge - Windy-Know-View Princess
April 30, 2014
MD-West-View sells two First Choices over +2500 GTPI

MD-West-View consigns two First Choices to the Day at the Derby Sale. Selling as Lot 50 is a First Choice from Stone-Ridge Mogul Sparkle GTPI+2444 and selling as Lot 51 is a choice of Windy-Know-View Princess GTPI +2398. READ MORE

Click to enlarge - Windy-Knoll-View Princess
January 20, 2014
New photo of Windy-Knoll-View Princess

New photo of Windy-Knoll-View Princess, the +2352G Supersire granddaughter of Pledge and the tremendous Promis family! Princess is currently being flushed with a First Choice Racer or MAS selling on March 15 in the March Madness Sale, Frederick, Maryland.

Click to enlarge - Stone-Rail Mogul Sparkle
January 13, 2014
Exciting consignment from Outcross Sparkle

Exciting consignment from MD-West-View Genetics, selling in the GTPI Sale is an 1st choice EARLY Racer from Stone-Rail Mogul Sparkle-ET, Sparkle is a GTPI+2397 Mogul daughter with no Shottle, Goldwyn and Oman in the pedigree. Racer is one of the most exciting young bulls in the breed scoring GTPI+2482 and gRZG+160, which makes him one of the highest bulls in the German RZG system. PA-GTPI on this lot is almost +2450G! The GTPI sale will be held on February 7th in Lebanon, PA. 

Click to enlarge - Butz-Butler Gold Barbara EX-92
November 3, 2013
Gold Barbara adds another title

Butz-Butler Gold Barbara took home Reserve Intermediate honors at the 2013 Exposition Internationale Quebec and adds another title to her impressive record. Next stop Royal Winter Fair!

Click to enlarge - MD-West-View Genetics
October 31, 2013
MD-West-View Genetics joins Holstein Plaza

Holstein Plaza welcomes MD-West-View Genetics as a new member. MD-West-View Genetics is owned and operated by Dr. Matt Iager, his wife Laura and their children Noah and Brooke. MD-West-View Genetics has currently an amazing line-up of donors consisting of High Genomic Females, Deep Pedigrees and Great Show cows. Click HERE to learn more about MD-West-View Genetics.