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Butlerview Farm strives to produce, provide and house quality genetics. Whether it be for the genomic, cow family or the type market Butlerview has something to offer everyone. Drop in and see our new facilities and visit some of the most famous cow families in the world!


Butlerview Farm
1827 E 7750 S. Road
Chebanse, Illinois 60922
United States


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Donors Offered by This Breeder

Butlerview Farm
VG-85 / GTPI +2534
Bryhill Earnhardt Mint P-ET
Butlerview Farm
GTPI +2365
Double-Eagle Flame Hope-ET
Butlerview Farm
GTPI +2357
Double-Eagle Tango Hula-ET
Butlerview Farm
VG-85 / GTPI +2458
Farnear Ellie Elsa
Butlerview Farm
GTPI +2537
Butlerview Farm
GP-84 / GTPI +2427
Larcrest Canto
Butlerview Farm
VG-88 / GTPI +2359
Butlerview Farm
VG-86 / GTPI +2429
Micheret Alexandra Sid
Butlerview Farm
Ms Apples Uno Armana RC TV
Butlerview Farm
EX-91 / GTPI +2288
Butlerview Farm
GTPI +2491
Oconnors Super Great Looks
Butlerview Farm
GP-82 / GTPI +2394
Peak Charm
Butlerview Farm
VG-85 / GTPI +2410
Butlerview Farm
GTPI +2397
Regancrest S Chassity-ET
Butlerview Farm
Butlerview Farm
GTPI +2359
Butlerview Farm
GTPI +2386
Snowbiz Sympatico Sofia-Red
Butlerview Farm
VG-85 / GTPI +2421
Butlerview Farm
GTPI +2628

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Click to enlarge - Snowbiz Sympatico Sofia-Red VG-85-2YR
May 15, 2016
Red Superstar Sofia pictured!

Snowbiz Symaptico Sofia-Red VG-85-2YR has been pictured. Sofia was the high seller of the 1st Holstein Plaza Online Heifer Sale and still scores GTPI+2520 and has many high testing sons and daugthers including Mr Salvatore *RC, a GTPI+2698 Red Carrier Supershot son at Jetstream Genetics. 

Click to enlarge - Snowbiz Sympatico Sofia-Red VG-85-2YR VG-MS
March 28, 2016
Snowbiz Sympatico Sofia-Red now VG-85

Snowbiz Sympatico Sofia-Red the No. 1 GTPI Red Cow in the Breed is now Very Good-85-2YR VG-MS. Backed by the Splendors, Sofia sold for $195,000 on the first Holstein Plaza Online Heifer Sale. 

Click to enlarge - High Seller Butlerview Dispersal, Silvermaple Camomile EX-95
March 8, 2016
Butlerview Dispersal averages over $5600

Congratulations to the team at Butlerview for a fantastic dispersal sale with 146 lots selling for an average price of over $5600. High seller was the EX-95 All-American brood cow, Silvermaple Damion Camomile. Bringing the top price of $45,000, Camomile was purchased by the Iager Brothers, Md. Second high seller of hte day was Lot 24, Ms Gold Chip Bright at $36,000 and was purchased by Budjon, Vail, Borba and Almeida. 

March 4, 2016
Updates and order NOW ONLINE for Butlerview Dispersal

Final updates and sale order now online for the Butlerview Dispersal Sale to be held tomorrow, Saturday, March 5 in Elkhorn, Wis. CLICK HERE

Click to enlarge - Blondin TJR Supersire Aroma *RC
October 28, 2015
New donors online for Butlerview

The donor section of Butlerview Farm has been updated with new photos, new donors and added information. CLICK HERE for more details.

Click to enlarge - Cookview Goldwyn Monique EX-96
October 21, 2015
Monique now EX-96

Congratulations to Butlerview and Joe and Amber Price, Cookview Goldwyn Monique joins the EX-96 club.

Click to enlarge - Ms Dundee Belinda EX-96
July 20, 2015
Belinda repeat Grand!

Ms Dundee Belinda EX-96 97-MS was named Grand Champion of the 2015 Illinois Championship Show for Butlerview Farms and her third time winning this title. Butlerview also took home top honors in the heifer show with Stranshome Gold Annice winning the fall yearling class and being named Junior Champion. Congratulations!

June 1, 2015
Butlerview Classification Highlights

It was a great day at Butlerview with a visit from the classifer and several donors pictured. Highlights include Larcrest Cardigan going Very Good-86-2YR and the +2542G Numero Uno daughter Larcrest Cale. READ MORE

May 22, 2015
Exciting consignments from HP member to Crown Jewel II Sale

Holstein Plaza members Peak Genetics, Larcrest, Butlerview, MD-West-View Genetics, Speek-NJ,  Stranshome and Sunview Holsteins each send some of their most exciting females to the Crown Jewel II Sale which is held on May 23rd at the Frederick Fairground in Frederick, MD. The Sale starts at 11 AM EST. CLICK HERE for more information regarding the consignments.

April 1, 2015
Choose your Favorite Show Cow - Lovhill Goldwyn Katrysha

Lovhill Goldwyn Katrysha became the cow to beat in July when she sold for a quarter of a million dollars to Butlerview and impressed show critics at the 2014 International Intrigue Sale. Born in July 2009, Katrysha is sired by the premier Braedale Goldwyn and backed by an Excellent Encounter and then five more generations Very Good or Excellent. A crowd favorite, Katrysha went on to be named Reserve Grand Champion on both sides of the border in 2014.  You can vote for Lovhill Goldwyn Katrysha as your favorite show cow in the ShowSpots competition. READ MORE

Click to enlarge - Regancrest-PR Barbie EX-92 GMD DOM | Watch for her offspring selling in the Quest for Success II Sale!
March 24, 2015
Exciting Barbies selling from Holstein Plaza Members

Three exciting consignments by Butlerview FarmRegancrest Farm and Duckett Holsteins out of the Regancrest-PR Barbie family. Selling are a Fever daughter direclty out of Chassity, a Windbrook grand daughter of the one and only BARBIE and a September 2014 Doorman calf from Sandy-Valley Atwd Brandy EX-91! Don't miss these fancy calves and add a family member of the fantastic transmitting Barbies to your herd. Both heifers sell in the Quest for Success Sale II Friday March 27, 2015.

  • Lot 8 Ms Chassitys Forever | Fever calf directly out of Regancrest S Chassity EX-92 GMD DOM... Maternal sister to Gold Chip & Colt 45!
  • Lot 9 Regancrest-MVM Brooke | Windbrook x EX-90 DOM Goldwyn x Regancrest-PR Barbie EX-92 GMD DOM!
  • Lot 10 Duckett Doorman Brittany | Doorman September Calf from Sandy-Valley Atwd Brandy EX-91 EEEVE @ 3-04, next dam is the full sister to Braxton
Click to enlarge - Comestar Larion Goldwyn
February 5, 2015
Comestar Larion Goldwyn named People's Choice Heifer of the Year

Congratulations to Butlerview and Lightning Ridge Holsteins, Comestar Larion Goldwyn was named People's Choice Heifer of the Year by Holstein World.

Click to enlarge - Lovhill Goldwyn Katrysha now EX-95
November 25, 2014
Exciting Classification News from Butlerview Farm

Exciting Classification News from Butlerview Farms. Ms Dundee Belinda is now classified EX-95 and Lovhill Goldwyn Katrusha is now EX-95! Ms Dundee Belinda was the 1st placed 150,000 Cow at World Dairy Expo and Katrysha was the 1st 5-Yr-Old, Reserve Senior, Reserve Grand Champion of World Dairy Expo and 1st 5-Yr-Old and Reserve Grand Champion at the Royal Winter Fair recently.

Click to enlarge - Ms Dundee Belinda and Lovhill Goldwyn Katrysha
October 31, 2014
Classification Highlights from Butlerview!

Butlerview had a very exciting day with the classifier and your Reserve Grand Champion of World Dairy Expo 2014 is up for Committee!

Click to enlarge - Comestar Larion Goldwyn, Junior Champion
October 4, 2014
Fall Yearling wins Junior Champion

Judge Paul Trapp and Associate Pat Conroy named first place fall yearling, Comestar Larion Goldwyn-ET, junior champion of the 2014 International Holstein Show. Larion is owned by Jeff Butler and Lightening Ridge Holsteins. Reserve Junior Champion went to the winning spring yearling, Ashview-TG Atwood Lilly. Honorable Mention Junior Champion was awarded to the first place winter yearling, Savage-Leigh Alex Lacey.

Click to enlarge - Ms Dundee Belinda EX-95 | Grand & Senior Champion of Illinois State Fair
August 16, 2014
Tremendous Day for Butlerview Farm at Illinois State Fair

What a day for Butlerview Farm at the Illinois State Fair, Ms Dundee Belinda EX-95 was crowned Senior & Grand Champion of the Illinois State Fair. Ms Gold Chip Bright was Internmediate Champion and HM Grand Champion. CLICK HERE to read more highlights

Click to enlarge - Kings-Ransom Dorc Dextra VG-87 | Her GTPI+2386 Deductive sells tomorrow as lot 2 in the Virginia Sale of Stars
July 31, 2014
Holstein Plaza members selling at VA Sale of Stars 2014

Several Holstein Plaza members are selling some exciting heifers and cows tomorrow at the Virginia Sale of Stars 2014. The Sale of Stars start at 5:00 PM EST at the Rockingham County Fairgrounds in Harrisonburg, VA. CLICK HERE to find out which lots Holstein Plaza members consigned.

Click to enlarge - Ms Dundee Belinda EX-95 | Grand & Senior Champion at Illinois Championship Show also best Bred & Owned
July 18, 2014
Butlerview scores at Illinois Championship Show

A very successful day for Butlerview at the Illinois State Championship Show. Ms Dundee Belinda won the Grand & Senior Championship title and was also best Bred & Owned. While Ms Gold Chip Bright was intermediate champion and Comestar Larion Goldwyn, 1st Fall Yearling won the Junior Championship. READ MORE.

Click to enlarge - Stranshome Gold Annice
July 17, 2014
Stranshome Gold Annice wins Junior Show

Stranshome Gold Annice (s. Goldwyn) has won the Junior Champion at the Illinois Holstein Championship Junior Show. Annice is owned by Butlerview and was exhibited by Connor Butler and was the high seller of the Luau II Sale. READ MORE.

Click to enlarge - Dam of Lot 30: BVK Atwood Abrianna EX-92 (Max)
May 30, 2014
Butlerview consignments for Luau II Sale

Butlerview is selling some great lots on the Luau II sale that will be held Saturday, May 31, in Owatonna, Minn.  Selling is a Gold Chip from BVK Atwood Abrianna with a huge PTAT and unlimited show potential. READ MORE

Click to enlarge - Dam of Lots 30 & 31: BVK Atwood Arianna VG-89
May 1, 2014
Butlerview consigns the best to the Day at the Derby Sale

Butlerview is selling several top offerings tomorrow at the Day at the Derby Sale such an Atwood daughter (Lot 28)  and a First choice MAS Female (Lot 29) from Cookview Goldwyn Monique EX-95. A Doorman daughter (Lot 30) and a First choice MAS Female (Lot 31) of BVK Atwood Arianna VG-89. READ MORE

Click to enlarge - Junior Champion of the 2014 Midwest Spring National Holstein Show
April 19, 2014
Butlerview wins Junior Champion of Midwest Spring National

Comestar Larion Goldwyn adds another win to her resume being named Junior Champion of the 2014 Midwest Fall National Holstein Show earlier today in Jefferson, Wis. Judge Chris Lahmers named the winning winter yearling, Routina Zelgadis Paige, exhibited by Ernie Kueffner and Jeff Butler as reserve junior champion.

Click to enlarge -
March 4, 2014
Update from Butlerview Tag Sale

A fantastic few days for the Butlerview Tag Sale. CLICK HERE for a list of lots sold. Please contact a member of the Butlerview team if there is any further interest on the other lots. 

February 28, 2014
Pictures Butlerview Tag Sale animals

Photos NOW ONLINE of the great heifers selling at Butleview Tag Sale starting tomorrow March 1 and running through Monday, March 3.
Read more

Click to enlarge - Cookview Goldwyn Monique EX-95
February 26, 2014
Butlerview Tag Sale

Butlerview Tag Sale will be held this coming weekend at Butlerview Farm, Chebanse, Ill. Top animals sell such as a fancy Atwood x Monique EX-95, a group of Goldwyn and Goldchip heifers out of BVK Atwood Abrianna EX-92 (max) Read more.

Click to enlarge - K-Manor Sensational-Red-ET *PP
February 21, 2014
Great donor update from Butlerview Farms

Exciting new donor updates from Butlerview with a very interesting group of heifers they are working with including the No.1 Red Homozygous Polled GTPI heifer in the World. READ MORE 


Click to enlarge -
February 7, 2014
Announcing Butlerview Tag Sale

The team at Butlerview is excited to announce the Butlerview Tag Sale to be held March 1-3 at the farm, Chebanse, Ill. Watch for online catalog and more details!

Click to enlarge - Silvermaple Damion Camomile EX-95
January 8, 2014
Full siblings to Lot 3 with results back in January

Selling in the Holstein Plaza Online Embryo Auction are five #1 grade Brokaw embryos from the NOW Excellent-95 All-American Damion Camomile. Two full sisters and two maternal sisters just had results come back! VIEW LOT

  • Butlerview Doorman Calet PTAT+4.62
    (Doorman x Camomile)
    - #3 PTAT heifer in the WORLD
  • Butlerview Brokaw Cami PTAT+4.60
    (Brokaw x Camomile)
  • Butlerview Brokaw Cici PTAT+4.44
    (Brokaw x Ccamomile)
  • Butlerview Door Camilla PTAT+4.35
    ​(Doorman x Camomile)
Click to enlarge - Monique, Camomille & Belinda now all EX-95!
December 30, 2013
EXcellent Day at Butlerview

It was an EXCELLENT Day for Butlerview Farm. Cookview Goldwyn Monique, Silvermaple Damion Camomile and Ms Dundee Belinda are now all EX-95. Congratulations to the Butlerview Team!

Click to enlarge - Cookview Goldwyn Monique EX-95 (up for committee)
November 27, 2013
Butlerview Classifies... 3 up for Committee

A note from Declan Patten, Butlerview Marketing Manager: "Smiles all round at Butlerview Farm today when history could be made! This might just be the best classification yet! Thank you to our dedicated team of employees that have these cows on the money 365 days of the year!"

  • Farnear Brocades Brooks VG85 @ 2 yrs (Observer x Brocade EX-92)
  • MS Atwood Adrenaline VG89 @ 2 yrs (2nd Milking Yearling, RWF 2013)
  • Silvermaple Damion Camomile EX-95 (Up for committee) 
  • Ms Dundee Belinda EX-95 (Up for committee)
  • Cookview Goldwyn Monique EX-95 (Up for committee)
Click to enlarge - Ms Licorice Uno Liberty *RC
September 16, 2013
New photo of Uno Liberty *RC

New photo of Ms Licorice Uno Liberty *RC, the GTPI+2154 and +3.21T Numero Uno daughter of RockyMountain Talent Licorice EX-95! Selling in the Holstein Plaza Online Embryo Auction are five #1 grade Chevrolet embryos from Liberty.

Click to enlarge - Grand Champion, BVK Atwood Abrianna EX-92
August 19, 2013
Great Illinois State Fair Holstein Show for Butlerview

Butlerview Farm had a very successful Illinois State Fair Holstein Show, taking home 7 Titles!


  • 1st Spring Heifer Calf Ms Tara GC Tab-ET
  • Junior Champion & 1st Fall Heifer Calf Pierstein Gold Chip Rockstar (Gold Chip grand daughter of Thurlane James Rose)
  • Reserve Junior Champion & 1st Spring Yearling Valleyville Alexander Chief-ET 
  • 1st Winter Yearling Ms Gold Chip Bright-ET (Gold Chip sister to Mr Atwood Brokaw, #1 Type sire in the breed)
  • HM Intermediate Champion & 1st Junior 2-Year-Old Ms Atwood Adrenaline-ET
  • Grand Champion, Intermediate Champion & 1st Junior 3-Year-Old BVK Atwood Abrianna (Atwood x Ms Kingstead Chief Adeen)
  • HM Senior Champion & 1st 5-Year-Old RockyMountain Gold Winter
  • Reserve Grand Champion, Senior Champion & 1st Aged Cow Ms Dundee Belinda
Click to enlarge - Butz-Butler Gold Barbara EX-92
August 14, 2013

Note from Declan Patten, "Genomics isn't the only exciting thing happening at Butlerview Farm!! We would love to announce and congratulate the new owners of Butz-Butler Gold Barbara EX-92 (max). She is fresh in July and looks incredible, we wish the new owners all the success in the WORLD! Great cows like this do not come around very often and we are glad to have had so much success with her! What a complete package! Congratulations to new owners Ernie Kueffner, Tim Abbott, George Liberty and Partners."

Click to enlarge - Cookview Goldwyn Monique EX-94
August 12, 2013
Wonderful Classification day at Butlerview

Butlerview Farms had a great classification day! READ MORE

  • Cookview Goldwyn Monique EX-94 - (Maximum Score 4yr old)
  • Silvermaple Damion Camomille EX-94
  • Rockymountain Gold Winter *RC EX-94
  • MS Dundee Belinda EX-94
  • Butz-Butler Gold Barbara EX-92 (Max) (Goldwyn x Regancrest Brasilia)
  • BVK Atwood Abrianna EX-92 (Max) (Atwood x Ms Kingstead Chief Adeen)
  • Eastriver Gold Deb EX-92 (Max)
Click to enlarge - KHW Super Aderyn VG-85
July 8, 2013
KHW Super Aderyn *RC Pictured

Recently KHW Super Aderyn *RC VG-85 has been pictured. KHW Super Aderyn *RC VG-85 is a GTPI+2202 Superstition daughter of KWH Goldwyn Aiko EX-91, Aderyn is the former #1 on the *RC/Red genomic list. 

Click to enlarge - Ms Gold Chip Bright
April 22, 2013
Ms Gold Chip Bright wins Winter Yearling Class

Ms Gold Chip Bright the Gold Chip winter yearling from Regancrest Mac Bikasa quite handily won the winter yearling class at the 2013 Midwest Spring National Holstein Show. Don't miss the opportunity to purchase Doorman embryos direct from Bright and the tremendous Barbies on the Holstein Plaza Online Embryo Auction.

Click to enlarge - Eastriver Gold Deb 850
April 22, 2013
Eastriver Gold Deb 850 named Grand Champion

Eastriver Gold Deb 850 was named Grand Champion of the 2013 Midwest Spring National Holstein Show. Owned by Butlerview, Durrer and Borba, Deb was also the winning senior three-year-old and intermediate champion of the show!

April 16, 2013
Butlerview wins Premier Exhibitor, NY International Spring Show

Congratulations to Jeff Butler and the team at Butlerview Farm for a tremendous day at the New York Spring International Holstein Show concluded with the winning of the Premier Exhibitor banner. Other highlights from the day...

  • 1st Fall Calf, Pierstein Goldchip Rockstar
  • 7th Spring Yearling, Valleyville Alexander Chief
  • 5th Winter Yearling, Ms Gold Chip Bright (embryos available by Doorman)
  • 3rd Senior 2-Year-Old, R-E-W Happy Go Lucky
  • 1st Junior 3-Year-Old, BVK Atwood Arianna
  • 1st Senior 3-Year-Old and HM Intermediate Champ, Eastriver Gold Deb 850
  • 6th Five-Year-Old, Micheret Alexandria Sid
  • 4th Aged Cow, Pierstein Goldwyn Frisou
Click to enlarge - Rocky Mountain Talent Licorice-ET Excellent-95
October 31, 2012
Legendary Licorice Passes

It is with great sadness that we share with you the passing of a legendary Champion at Butlerview. RockyMountain Talent Licorice was laid to rest today, October 31, 2012 due to complications with cancer.  “Words can not describe how proud we are to have owned and worked with one of the greatest cows in the dairy industry” said the team at Butlerview.  “It is a shame that her life was cut short and she was unable to reach her full potential.  We felt had her life not been cut short that she could have went down in history as one of the all time greats.  We are looking forward to seeing her legacy live on through her offspring sired by Damion, Gold Chip, Goldwyn, Alchemy, and Numero Uno”.  Licorice has a red son by Destry and a RC Goldwyn that will be released in early 2013 at Jetstream Genetics.

Click to enlarge - Cookview Goldwyn Monique, Intermediate and Reserve Grand Champion
October 6, 2012
Cookview Goldwyn Monique named Intermediate Champion!

Cookview Goldwyn Monique was named Intermediate and Reserve Grand Champion of the 2012 International Holstein Show. Congratulations to Jeff Butler and Joe and Amber Price! CLICK HERE to watch video footage from the selection of intermediate champion.

August 2, 2012
Updates NOW ONLINE for the International Intrigue Sale

Click here for the most recent updates for Saturday's highly anticipated International Intrigue Sale at Butlerview Farms!

Click to enlarge -
August 2, 2012
Countdown to International Intrigue!

One of the most highly anticipated sales for 2012 is just two days away! A line-up featuring the absolute best in the industry and hosted at the world-class Butlerview Farms facility. Check out the catalog by clicking here!

Click to enlarge - RockyMountain Talent Licorice-ET *RC
July 26, 2012
Talent Licorice up for committee EX-95

Just in from Butlerview... Rockymountain Talent Licorice the All-American and All-Canadian Four-Year-Old in 2011 has been put up for committee at Excellent-95! Congratulations to the owners and breeders of such as tremendous cow!

Click to enlarge - Ms Atlees Goldwyn Ariel EX-92 EX-MS
June 5, 2012
First embryos to EVER sell from Ariel

Exclusive Offering... Four #1 grade McCutchen embryos direct from Goldwyn Ariel sell in the Holstein Plaza Online Embryo Auction! This is your opportunity for offspring direct from the beautiful Ariel and the full sister to Atwood... Click here for more details!

January 11, 2012
Top 6 NM$ Heifers from January Run - Full Sisters

The Top 6 NM$ heifers from the January 2012 run are all full sisters Shamrock x Freddie x Ramos and from the Coyne-Farms Bestow Jell cow family.  These Shamrock daughters range from +1044NM$ to +934NM$. Congratulations to Butlerview Farms owner of these six full sisters.

Click to enlarge -
November 9, 2011
Exciting Offerings from Butlerview to Sale of Stars

Tremendous offerings to the Sale of Stars from the best of Butlerview!


  • The #4 Snowman daughter at +2416 GTPI +725NM$ +3.46T sells from Chassity
  • Gold Chip's full sister sells with a GPA-LPI+2518 and GTPI+2070
  • Extreme Type Offering... Sanchez sells from Brasilia and due in May to Atwood
  • #1 Epic x the beautiful Shottle Aubry... perfect combination of the Elitas and Atlees!
November 2, 2011
Robust daughter #1 NM$ for Butlerview on November run

Ms Moviestar Shaker-ET GTPI+2470 is the #1 NM$ female at +914NM$ from the Nov. 2011 run! Shaker is a Robust daughter (Robust x Planet x Shottle) from the Wesswood-HC Rudy Missy family and owned by Butlerview, Borba and Glaz-Way.

Click to enlarge - Regancrest Brasilia-ET EX-90 DOM
October 26, 2011
Two offerings from Brasilia on the Legends of the Fall Sale

Two tremendous opportunities from Brasilia sell tomorrow on the Legends of the Fall Sale! First is her extra fancy Mac daughter due May 2012 to Gold Chip. Second is a first choice Epic from flush due July 2012!

Click to enlarge -
October 6, 2011
1st Choice Shamrock x Ariel

Important sire change for Lot 29 selling in tonight's Planet Holstein Sale... Now selling 1st Chioce Shamrock x Ariel. Ariel needs no introduction, and she looks incredible at the moment. Her full brother, Atwood, and maternal brother, Aftershock, remain at the top of the sire listings and Ms Goldwyn Ariel-ET VG-89 (EX-MS) proves how the maternal line works too. Now you have the chance to buy a first choice Shamrock daughter. An exciting combination of some of the hottest pedigrees on the Planet!

Click to enlarge - Regancrest S Chassity-ET EX-92 EX-MS DOM • GTPI+2256
July 29, 2011
Butlerview consignments to the International Intrigue Sale 2011!

Selling from Regancrest S Chassity EX-92
• Lot 40 - 1st Choice Facebook due March 2012
• Lot 40A - Goldwyn x Chassity born March 2011 (genomics back by sale time)
• Lot 40B - 1st Choice Armitage Female due March 2012

Selling from Ms Atlees Goldwyn Ariel VG-89
Lot 46D - Butz Butler Jeeves Amber (Born 3/13/2010 GTPI +1806G +2.15T - Fancy!)
Lot 46C - MS Ariel Observe Asset (Born 12/24/2010 GTPI +2122G +602NM$ +2.59T)
Lot 46A - Ms Ariel Sanchez Aruba (Born 5/7/2010 GTPI +1913G +4.24T)
Lot 46B - Ms Ariels Adrianna (Beacon x Ariel) Born 3/29/2011 GTPI +1700G
Lot 46 - MS Planet Arissa (Born 6/17/2010  GTPI +1974G)

Selling from Ms Atlees Shottle Aubry-ET VG-88
Lot 45 - Domain Female x Aubry  (Born April 2011)
Lot 45A - Goldwyn Female x Aubry (Born March 2011)Check out more exciting consignments in the catalog from Brasilia and Brocade!

Click to enlarge - Regancrest S Chassity-ET EX-92 EX-MS DOM • GTPI+2256
July 18, 2011
Atwood x Chassity sells on Central Wisconsin Summer Event

April 2011 Atwood GTPI+2035 +3.57T sells on Thursday, July 21 at the Central Wisconsin Summer Event Sale from the genomic powerhouse, S Chassity EX-92 DOM.

Click to enlarge - Regancrest Mac Bikasa VG-87-2YR • Dam of the #1 Type Bull in the World
July 15, 2011
Aftershock x Mac Bikasa sells on MD State Sale!

March 2011 Aftershock sells from Regancrest Mac Bikasa VG-87-2YR (Mac x Barbie) this Saturday on the Maryland State Sale. Maternal brother is the #1 Type Bull in the World, Atwood Brokaw.

Click to enlarge - Regancrest S Chassity-ET EX-92 EX-MS DOM • GTPI+2256
June 22, 2011
Domain x Chassity... Imagine the Possibilities!

March 2011 Domain daughter from the genomic giant S Chassity sells on Friday at the National Convention Sale! A maternal sister to Gold Chip, this Domain daughter is +2201 GTPI +2.50T.

Click to enlarge -
May 30, 2011
Successful Memorial Day Sale!

Congratulations to the team at Butlerview for assembling and hosting a fantastic sale. This weekend long event was filled with great hospitality and tremendous Holstein cattle. A deep line-up of heifers and cows paraded through the sale ring today featuring the best of Butlerview along with a few elite guest consignments. Topping the sale at $61,000 was Lot 1, a first choice Lauthority from Rockymountain Talent Licorice the All-Canadian Sr 3-Yr Old in 2010 and recent Grand Champion of the NY Spring International Show. Two lots brought $60,000 the first was Lot 21 the +2414G Observer from the one and only Chassity and a super cut heifer in her own right and also bringing $60,000 was Lot 3 the first choice Lewis male from RC-LC Goldwyn ATM.

May 28, 2011
FINAL UPDATES for the Memorial Day Spectacular Sale!

CLICK HERE for the final Updates for the Butlerview Memorial Day Spectacular Sale.

May 26, 2011
NEW updates now available for the Memorial Day Spectacular Sale

Click here for updates for the upcoming Memorial Day Spectacular Sale at Butlerview Farm on Monday, May 30.

Click to enlarge - BVK Atwood Angie-ET
May 25, 2011
Butlerview consignments to Field of Dreams

Lots of opportunities in the coming days to invest in quality Holstein genetics from Butlerview Farm! The Memorial Day Spectacular Sale will be held Monday, May 30 with numerous special offerings and while the final details are being lined-up in Chebanse, Illinois - five special Butlerview heifers will also sell in Iowa at the Field of Dreams Sale.

Butler Atwood Angie, an Atwood from Chief Adeen and a very special spring yearling!
• From Kingsmill Durham Ava EX-92 a Goldwyn fall calf and Alexandar winter calf sell.
• From the 2x All-American and All-Canadian nominee, Jasper Aka comes an Aftershock fall calf!
• Jasper fall calf sells from the All-Canadian nominated Comco Roy Spears VG-89-3YR-CAN

Click to enlarge - BVK Goldwyn Amazing-ET
May 19, 2011
NEW PHOTO - Goldwyn x Adeen... Sells May 30th

New photo for BVK Goldwyn Amazing (Goldwyn x Chief Adeen) sells as Lot 52 on the Memorial Day Sale, Monday, May 30th.

Click to enlarge -
May 11, 2011
Butlerview consignments to Canadian National Convention Sale

Three fantastic offerings selling Saturday, May 14 at the Canadian National Convention Sale from Butlerview.

- 10/10 Alexander from the Unanimous All-American and All-Canadian Goldwyn Lotto EX-95!
- 1st Choice Alexander, Sanchez or Aftershock from Goldwyn Stella VG-89-CAN and 1st 4-Year-Old, WDE 2010.
- 9/11 Goldwyn from Jasper Aka the All-American and All-Canadian Jr 3-Yr Old in 2008.

Click to enlarge -
April 28, 2011
Holstein Plaza welcomes Butlerview

Holstein Plaza welcomes Butlerview online as a new member! Browse their breeder profile and some of the elite donors they are currently working with and be sure to check back as new donors are added! Also stay tuned for more details on the upcoming Memorial Day Spectacular Event featuring an open house of the new facilities and sale.

Click to enlarge - Ms Dundee Belinda-ET, Reserve Grand Champion and Champion Bred & Owned - Midwest Spring National 2011-
April 16, 2011
Congratulations Butlerview!

Ms Dundee Belinda-ET had a fantastic day at the 2011 Midwest Spring National Holstein Show taking home the honors of Reserve Senior and Reserve Grand Champion and Champion Bred & Owned of the Show for Jeff Butler.