Siemers Holsteins


Siemers Holsteins is located in northwestern Wisconsin on beautiful Lake Michigan between Milwaukee and Green Bay. They are currently milking over 2500 cows. Siemers enjoy owning, developing and breeding elite cattle with a special interest in showing their registered Holsteins. 

At Siemers Holsteins our goal is to make “GENETICS FOR COW PEOPLE.” Whether it’s type or genomic our goal is to produce a balanced product. For us, a balanced product consists of a solid sire stack, solid family production, and solid marketable genomic numbers. We believe that building a balanced cow will create problem free cattle that will pay dairyman dividends for years to come.


Siemers Holsteins
14421 Mineral Springs Road
Newton, Wisconsin 53063
United States


+1 920-693-3600

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Siemers Holsteins
Siemers Holsteins
EX-94 / GTPI +2376
DE-SU 1912-ET
Siemers Holsteins
Siemers Holsteins
Siemers Holsteins
Siemers Holsteins
GTPI +2371
Siemers Holsteins
GTPI +2820
Siemers Holsteins
EX-91 / GTPI +2098
Siemers Holsteins

News Items About this Breeder

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December 5, 2019
Top 25 PTAT Cows (GP-80 or higher)

Two Holstein Plaza member bred and owned cows dominate the list of PTAT Cows scored GP-80 or higher. Taking the No. 1 spot, bred and owned by Siemers Holsteins, is Siemers Avalanche Whip who scores +4.53 PTAT. Our-Favorite Velocity, with +4.52 PTAT, is bred and owned by Our-Favorite Holsteins and is the No. 2 PTAT Cow. 

1. Siemers Avalanche Whip +4.53 PTAT

2. Our-Favorite Velocity +4.52 PTAT

3. Hass-Acres Avlnch Daelyn +4.49 PTAT

4. Luck-E Avalanche Athena +4.32 PTAT

5. Furnace-Hill Knsha Clair +4.31 PTAT


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December 5, 2019
Siemers Holsteins breeds Top PTAT Heifer

Holstein Plaza Member, Siemers Holsteins bred and sold the #1 PTAT Heifer, Siemers SRG Apple 30689, with +4.73 PTAT. Apple 30689 is backed by Apple-Red and Altitude. A 0.06 point different separates the No. 2 heifer, Terralindarf Undn Cuddle, with +4.67 PTAT.

1. Siemers ARG Apple 30689 +4.73 PTAT

2. Terralindarf Undn Cuddle +4.67 PTAT

3. Kress-Hill Sundream-Red +4.67 PTAT

4. Garden-State UND Florist +4.65 PTAT

5. Ms Skykomish Undnied Cherry +4.62 PTAT


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November 14, 2019
Progressive Genetic Herds

Several Holstein Plaza Members have been awarded the title of Progressive Genetic Herd by the U.S. Holstein Association. To qualify for this award, a herd must be a member of their national and state associations, and be enrolled in multiple association programs, as well as have a minumum of 87% RHA and higher cows in the milking herd with CTPIs. Evaluation of herds is done annually and the award is given to 500 herrds with the highest TPI average for females in the herd, both young and mature. This year 15 of our members recieved this honor. Congratulations to the following herds: De Su Holsteins (29 Year Recipiant) | Regancrest Farm (29 Year Recipant) |Siemers Holsteins (28 Year Recipant) | Kings-Ransom Farm (22 Year Recipiant) | Hendel Farms (20 Year Recipiant) | Pine Tree Dairy (19 Year Recipiant) | Coyne Farms (16 Year Recipiant) | Woodcrest Dairy (15 Year Recipiant) | Oakfield Corners Dairy (11 Year Recipiant) | Speek-NJ Holsteins (11 Year Recipiant) | Misty Moor Holsteins (10 Year Recipiant) | Plain-Knoll Holsteins (10 Year Recipiant) | Brigeen Farms (6 Year Recipiant) | Mecuro Farms (4 Year Recipiant) | Genosource (3 Year Recipiant)

Click to enlarge - Siemers Pure Ki-Anna - Photo by Cowsmo
October 1, 2019
Junior Members find success on Day 1 of WDE

Holstein Plaza Members found their way to the Top 10 of several classes during today's International Junior Holstein Show.

Kings-Ransom Farm had two heifers break the Top 10 including Budjon-Abbott Dr Antonia-ET (7th Fall Heifer Calf) and Kings-Ransom Und Curlie (5th Summer Yearling Heifer).

Junior Showman at Stranshome Farm strapped, Ms St. Jacob Dempsey Again to a 3rd place finish in the Senior Three-Year-Old Cow class.

Siemers Holsteins exhibited three cows in the Top 10 of the Four Year-Old Cow class including the winning entry: Siemers Pure Ki-Anna.

Congratulations to all Junior Holstein Exhibitors!

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August 26, 2019
Holstein Plaza Member Classification Highlights

Over the past month, Holstein Plaza Members have had great success with Holstein Classification. Over 15 two-year-olds owned by our members scored Very Good-86 and higher. Even more three-year-olds were able to earn the score of Excellent-90 or higher, with some Mammary Scores as high as Excellent-94. VIEW MORE HIGHLIGHTS

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June 7, 2019
Siemers Holsteins Highlighted in National Convention Tours

Later this month, hundreds of Holstein enthusiasts will gather for the National Holstein Convention in Appleton, Wisconsin. Holstein Plaza Member, Siemers Holsteins have been selected as one of the Host Day Tour locations. Visit their farm on Tuesday, June 25th to learn more about their impressive genetic program.

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April 2, 2019
Excellent classification day for Siemers

Siemers had an Excellent classification day recently with a total of 65 NEW Excellent cows! There were also 205 new Very Good cows of which 95 are NEW VG two-year-olds. There were also two MAX score Excellent-94 four-year-olds, four new 93-point cows, and a MAX-92 three-year-old.


Some highlights include:





SIEMERS PETY 22562 EX-91 91-MS @4-05





Siemers Holsteins is a 5th generation family farm in NE Wisconsin striving to develop "Genetics for Cow People". Current RHA: 2706 cows 37394M 4.0%F 1479F 3.0%P 1120P

Click to enlarge - Cookiecutter Mog Hanker EX-94 GMD DOM
February 12, 2019
Siemers bred HANIKO now available

288HO00216 HANIKO is the only bull with semen available that combines PTAT>4.00, UDC>3.75 and PTAP>40 and can be ordered through AI Total US. Haniko is backed by the tremendous Hanker, Halo and Dellias and bred by Siemers Holsteins. Congratulations to the team at Siemers!

Click to enlarge - Siemers Delta S-Roz-Ann VG-86
January 29, 2019
Top Red Carrier Heifers in the U.S.

Wondering who the top Red Carrier heifers are in the U.S. As of the December 2018 proof run, Siemers Smplty Roz 30388-ET RC with a GTPI of +2848, sired by Simplicity-P RC and backed by the Whittier-Farms Outside Roz family was No. 1. Congratulations to Siemers Holsteins.

1. SIEMERS SMPLTY ROZ 30388-ET (Simplicity-P x Delta x Supersire) GTPI+2848
2. KCCK YODA AMAZING-ET (Yoda x Delta x Supersire) GTPI+2827
3. BOMAZ SALVATORE RC 8066-ET (Salvatore RC x Delta x AltaEmbassy) GTPI+2800
4. LEANINGHOUSE SLTRC 23491-ET (Salvatore RC x Yoder x Donatello) GTPI+2789
5. BOMAZ SALVATORE 7881 (Salvatore RC x Silver x Supersire) GTPI+2786

VIEW FULL LIST (note this is an unofficial list, if your animal is missing please send them to

Click to enlarge - Cherry Crest Manoman Roz EX-91
December 3, 2018
35 new GMD and 5 new DOM for Siemers

Congratulations to the team at Siemers Holsteins! Holstein Association USA announced it's 2018 dams receiving GMD and DOM status, one of the highest honors awarded in the breed. The breeding program of Siemers Holsteins had 35 new Gold Medal Dams and five new Dam of Merits, a tremendous accomplishment. Several backed by the Cherry Crest Manoman Roz family. LEARN MORE about the donors of Siemers Holsteins.

Click to enlarge - R-E-W Happy Go Lucky EX-90
September 28, 2018
High-Ranking King Doc daughter sells

Selling as Lot 27 in the World Classic Sale next week is a +4.36PTA TYPE / +3.33UDC King Doc daughter back to the Unanimous All-American Milking Yearling '12 R-E-W Happy Go Lucky EX-90! 


Click to enlarge - Cookiecutter Mog Hanker & daughters
September 24, 2018
New picture...

Cookiecutter Mog Hanker EX-94 96-MS DOM has had several high-ranking PTAT daughters and is quickly becoming a favorite at Siemers Holsteins. 

Pictured is Hanker with three of her Monterey daughters. 


Click to enlarge - VISION-GEN SNZ WHIP-A770 EX-94 DOM
September 12, 2018
No. 1 GPTAT Heifer in the World!

Siemers Undnd Whish 29960 No.1 GPTAT in the WORLD! Scoring an impressive +4.81PTAT. Whish is an Undenied out of an Archrival x Sanchez Whip EX-94 GMD x Goldwyn EX-93 DOM x OUTSIDE WISH EX-95! View More --> CLICK HERE 

Click to enlarge - Cookiecutter Mog Hanker EX-94 96-MS
September 6, 2018
New Photos of Hanker!

New photos of the genetic powerhouse that has continued to make high type daughters, Cookiecutter Mog Hanger EX-94 96-MS DOM... 


August 9, 2018
A Monterey daughter back to the Cookiecutters is No. 3 PTAT cow

The Top 25 PTAT cows (GP-80 or higher) has been posted! 

  1. AIR-OSA-HB BLISS 21442 PTAT+4.21

FULL LIST --> Click Here 

August 9, 2018
Top 25 PTAT Heifers in the U.S. (under 24 months)

The Top 25 PTAT Heifers in the U.S. (under 24 months) has been posted! Topping the list is an Undenied daughter scoring a PTAT+4.67, following her is a +4.64PTAT Delight daughter from the Our-Favorite Unlimited cow family and also scoring a +4.64PTAT is a King Doc back to the Cookiecutters and owned by Siemers Holsteins! 



August 8, 2018
Embryos available from +2811G Josuper daughter!

The Top 25 GTPI Cows GP-80 or higher in the U.S. has been posted. PLAIN-KNOLL JOSUPER 794 is No. 7 on the list scoring a GTPI+2811 and there are embryos currently available in the 24/7 Webshop! 

  3. SIEMERS DELTA S-ROZ-ANN GTPI+2829 Owned by, Siemers Holsteins 
  4. ABS 7484 ANNA GTPI+2823
  5. TTM RUBICON ALABAMA GTPI+2818 Owned by, Mercuro Farm 

Full List --> CLICK HERE 

Link to Embryos --> CLICK HERE

August 8, 2018
+2965G Frazzled daughter makes the No. 3 spot...

The Top 50 GTPI Heifers in the U.S. (9-24 months of age) has been posted... Siemers Holsteins glide into the No. 3 spot with SIEMERS FRZLD ROZ 28505. Following her is another Frazzled daughter scoring a GTPI+2975, owned by Pine Tree Dairy. 

  1. DE-SU FRAZZLED 6984 GTPI+2987
  3. SIEMERS FRZLD ROZ 28505 GTPI+2965


Click to enlarge - Cookiecutter Mog Hanker EX-94 96-MS
August 8, 2018
Siemers Classification Highlights

Siemers Holsteins had a fantastic classification day! Including 50 new excellent cows and 75 new very-good 2-yr-olds were scored. Many of the new VG 2-yr-olds are backed by Cookicutter MOG Hanker! 


Click to enlarge - Clear-Echo 822 Ramo 1200 EX-94-3E-DOM
August 6, 2018
New VERY-GOOD 2-Yr-Olds

Classification at Siemers Holsteins... Siemers Awesome Great-RED scored VG-88 91-MS. An Awesome-Red direct daughter to an EX-92 Defiant. Also newly scored very-good is Siemers Draco Starlite-ET VG-88 MS-90. A Draco daughter x VG-87 Mogul x EX-94 Clear-Echo 822 Ramo 1200. Read More

Click to enlarge - Ri-Val-Re Delta Riri-Red
July 2, 2018
No. 1 GTPI Red & White SELLS!

Variant Red... Lot 4 in the National Holstein Convention Sale is a +2834G / +161 RZG Pinnacle daughter! She is a direct daughter to a +2664G Delta that goes back to the FOOLS Gold-Red cow family. This heifer is the #1 GTPI RED and WHITE Heifer and will be soon ready to IVF! Don't miss out on this elite offering! VIEW MORE

June 4, 2018
Siemers earn Herd of Excellence Award!

Siemers Holsteins is one of the farms that have earned the distinction of 2017 Herd of Excellence by Holstein Association USA in the 500 and over herd division size. 
With ME Production Averages – 36,359 pounds of milk, 1,373 pounds of fat and 1,075 pounds of protein. View More

Click to enlarge - Siemers Hankers Dam and Daughters
April 18, 2018
Elite HANKER cow family

New photo of the extraordinary brood cow Cookiecutter MOG Hanker EX-94 96-MS. Hanker has several high ranking daughters and granddaughters including, Hanker's King Doc granddaughter topping the NO. 1 spot on the current Top 25 PTAT Heifers List with a PTAT+4.68! Also included is a new photo of Hanker's VG-86 Monterey daughter that made the Top 25 PTAT Cow List. VIEW MORE

April 5, 2018
PTAT+4.09... Monterey x Mogul x Man-O-Man

Like mother, like daughter! The dam to the No. 1 PTAT Heifer, ranks NO. 1 on the PTAT cow list! A VG-85 Monterey scoring a PTAT+4.09... 

  2. AIR-OSA-HB BLISS 21442 PTAT+4.09

View TOP 25

April 5, 2018
+4.68PTA TYPE King Doc daughter!

Siemers top the list again with the high PTAT heifer in the U.S. under 24 months of age... Siemers Doc Hanan 28286 scores a PTAT+4.68! She goes back to the cookiecutters! Also several daughters from the Our-Favorite Conceited cow family made the list. Select link below to view the top 25. 

  1. SIEMERS DOC HANAN 28286 PTAT+4.68

View entire TOP 25

April 4, 2018
Dam of Richard Charl maintains high NM$!

Hurtgenlea Yoder Modesto the dam of Hurtgenlea Richard CHARL, the No. 1 bull over 12 months of age at +2903 GTPI. Modesto scores a +947NM$ ranking her No. 2 in the Top 25 NM$ Cows scoring GP-80 or higher... 

  1. PLAIN-KNOLL SSI BG 7467 NM$+975
  3. BOMAZ CABRIOLET 6769 NM$+944
  4. BOMAZ CABRIOLET 6769 NM$+944
  5. GENOSOURCE RDELTA 32507 NM$+937

View More

April 4, 2018
Siemers top the GTPI cow list!

A VG-85 Delta daughter backed by Whittier-Farms Outside Roz... Tops the GTPI cow list scoring a GTPI+2820 and +933NM$! Following her is a GP-81 Josuper daughter scoring a GTPI+2805 at Plain-Knoll Holsteins. 

  3. PLAIN-KNOLL SSI BG 7467 GTPI+2799

View entire TOP 25

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February 20, 2018
Take her home to IVF!

Huge genomic offering, high net merit, balanced cow family... This Samuri daughter has it all! Scoring a GTPI+2813 +913NM$ and backed by the Whittier-Farms Outside Roz EX-95 cow family...View more details

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February 12, 2018
+2815G Flagship daughter sells

Selling in the Wisconsin Convention Futures Sale as Lot #2 is a Flagship daughter scoring a GTPI+2815 +925NM$ and +1035 pounds of milk... Her maternal grandam is Mapel Wood Man O Man Brooke, maternal sister to the popular mating sire Mapel Wood Brewmaster...VIEW MORE

February 6, 2018
Top 25 New Genomic Female List

A young Prophecy daughter at Pine-Tree scoring a +3003G easily tops the new genomic list! Followed by an early Pinnacle daughter scoring a +2969G...

  1. PINE-TREE 5976 PROP 7829 GTPI+3003, Pine-Tree Dairy
  2. SIEMERS PNCL ROZ 28748 GTPI+2969, Siemers Holsteins
  3. DENOVO ACHIEVER 8310 GTPI+2956, De Novo Genetics
  4. LEANINGHOUSE JEDI 24266 GTPI+2954, Leaninghouse Holsteins
  5. LEANINGHOUSE PNNCL 23943 GTPI+2940, Leaninghouse Holsteins


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January 31, 2018
High Genomic FLAGSHIP daughter sells

Selling in the 2018 Wisconsin Convention Futures Sale on February 16th is a Flagship daughter scoring a HIGH GTPI+2814 +1035M and +925NM$... Granddam is a maternal sister to Mapel Wood Brewmaster! Backed by the former #1 GLPI cow Gen-I-Beq Shottle Bombi EX-94 2E *24. 


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January 2, 2018
Top 25 New Genomic Female List

To start the New Year off... The Top 25 New Genomic Females List has been posted! Siemers Holsteins crack the top 5 with a Frazzled daughter backed by Manoman Roz. Scoring a GTPI+2970! 

  3. PEAK RKSTR IMAX 80793 GTPI+2980
  4. SIEMERS FRZLD ROZ 28505 GTPI+2970
  5. ST GEN 79784 GTPI+2967


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December 7, 2017
Ms Nightout Delight #5 GTPI cow (80 or higher)

The Top 25 GTPI Cows (GP-80 or higher) has been posted! With several going back to Windsor-Manor Rud Zip! 

  4. DE-SU DELTA 4900-ET GTPI+2827


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December 7, 2017
+3.80PTA type CALLEN daughter sells

Siemers Callen Ladywhip sells as Lot 46 in the Music City Celebration Sale. Ladywhip scores a PTAT+3.80 and +2.73UDC! High type cow family back to Juniper Outside Wish EX-95-2E DOM. 


December 6, 2017
Top 50 GTPI Calves in the U.S.

The Top 50 GTPI Calves in the U.S. less than 9 months of age has been posted! Siemers Holsteins almost crack the top 10 with SIEMERS FRZLD ROZ 28450 scoring a GTPI+2929 and is backed by Cherry Crest Manoman Roz! 

  2. DE-SU FRAZZLED 6984-ET GTPI+2990
  3. DENOVO MEDLEY 7517-ET GTPI+2985
  4. MS DW MIRACULOUS 79604-ET GTPI+2971
  5. CO-OP FRAZZLED 8062 8651-ET GTPI+2964


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December 4, 2017

Selling this Friday December 8th in the Fun in the Sun Vegas Style as Lot 18 is a Scorpion daughter that scores a +2817G and +927NM$. Huge pedigree back to Manoman Roz! 


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December 1, 2017
High index offering in Music City Celebration Sale

Siemers Mdy Brooke 26816 sells as Lot 21... Close to flush age Modesty daughter that scores a +2812G +930NM$ +2046lbs of milk and +104lbs of fat. third dam of Lot 21 is Gen-I-Beq Shottle Bombi EX-94-2E! 


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November 28, 2017
Fun in the Sun Vegas Style

The Fun in the Sun Vegas Style Sale will be held December 8, 2017 at 1:00pm PST in Las Vegas, NV. There will be 48 lots selling that are genomic leaderswith huge potential! Also 28 Holstein lots sell over +2800GTPI and 3 over +2900GTPI! In addition 5 of the highest GTPI in the Jersey breed sell. 


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November 24, 2017
Siemers Holsteins Classification

Siemers Holsteins has recently classified with some fantastic results. Including 21 new excellent cows and 52 new very-good 2-yr olds were scored. Below are some more highlights:

The excellents include: 

  • SIEMERS MERIDIAN BOMBI-ET EX-93 @4-11 (Meridian x EX-94 Shottle Bombi)
  • SIEMERS DMAN FROSTLANE-ET EX-90 (Doorman x EX-94 Atwood x EX-97 Harvue Roy Frosty) ~ +3.88T Byway Daughter in our flush program


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September 11, 2017
Selling as LOT #7 in the Bovines On The Goal Line

Lot 7 in the Bovines on the Goal Line sale is the 1st Imax to sell at a public auction and the 1st red calf to ever break +2800GTPI. She is the #1 red GTPI, NM$ & CM$ calf in the breed. Don't miss this tremendous offering! Selling at the Bovines on the Goal Line Sale tomorrow September 12, 2017 Weston Lounge, Michigan Stadium, Ann Arbor, MI. 


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September 8, 2017
Bovines on the Goal Line Sale

The Bovines on the Goal Line Sale will be September 12, 2017 at the Weston Lounge, Michigan Stadium in Ann Arbor, MI. Featuring 58 of the genomic leaders in the Holstein and Jersey breed!


September 6, 2017
Top 25 New Genomic Female List

The top 25 new genomic females list has been posted. PENN-ENGLAND MARGE 13966 makes her way to the top with a GTPI+2962! 

  1. PENN-ENGLAND MARGE 13966 - GTPI+2962
  2. OCD JEDI LILAC 43441  - GTPI+2930
  5. 8.40003E+14 - GTPI+2890


July 5, 2017
Top 25 New Genomic Female List

The top 25 new genomic female list has been posted! Topping the chart is Sandy-Valley Play4Glory at Sandy-Valley Farms with a GTPI+2926. Also making their way to the top 5 are two Bandares daughters scoring a GTPI+2904 and GTPI+2902, not far behind is a Blowtorch daughter scoring a GTPI+2899... All owned by Oakfield Corners


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June 15, 2017
2017 National Convention Sale

The 2017 National Convention Sale will be held Friday June 30, 2017 in Bellevue, WA. There are several offerings from genomic heifers, backed by All-American and State Show winning dams, deep maternal lines, red & whites of prominence and many more exciting offerings that will fit your specific needs! 


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May 23, 2017
Best of the Barn Sale

The Best of the Barn Sale will be held this Friday May 26th, 2017 at the Landis-Mrk Barn in Lancaster, PA. There are several tremendous animals selling from impressive bloodlines.. 


May 2, 2017
Top 25 New Genomic Female List

The Top 25 New GTPI Female List has been posted.. With De-Su Frazzled 6984 making her way to the top of the list with a GTPI +2950! 

  1. DE-SU FRAZZLED 6984 GTPI +2950
  2. 840003140985770 GTPI +2926
  3. SPEEK-NJ MODESTY 328341 GTPI +2895


Click to enlarge - Strans-Jen-D Tequila-Red
April 28, 2017
Wisconsin Red & White Spring Show

Fantastic day at Wisconsin Red & White Spring Show! Here are a few highlights. 

Strans-Jen-D Tequila-Red Grand Champion, 1st Aged Cow ~ Milksource Genetics 

Underwood Dusk Jazz-Red Reserve Grand Champion, 1st Place 4-yr-old ~ Milksource Genetics 

Kamps-Hollow Asenora-Red Honorable Mention Senior Champion Bred & Owned, 1st Place 5-yr-old ~ Jordyn Kamps

Miss Pottsdale Dfi Tang-Red Honorable Mention Grand Champion, 1st Place Sr. 3-yr-old (also named Intermediate Champion) ~ Golden Oaks Farm 


Click to enlarge - BRIGEEN MCCUTCHEON BELLA VG-87 | #7 PTA Type cow in the USA
April 7, 2017
Top 25 PTA Type Cows and Heifers ONLINE

The Top 25 PTA Type cows and heifers has been posted! Topping the charts on the cow list is Ms Apple Ariella VG-87 +3.94T (Atwood x Apple) and on the heifer list Our-Favorite Velocity +4.53T is ranked first. 

April 5, 2017
Top 50 GTPI Heifers 9-24 months

Top 50 GTPI Heifers 9-24 months list has been posted. With STANTONS JEDI ELISA topping the list with a GTPI +2967. 



April 4, 2017
Top 50 GTPI Calves in the U.S.

The updated Top 50 GTPI Calves in the U.S. have been posted! Peak Divine Jedi 80315 tops the list with a +2991GTPI.

  1. PEAK DIVINE JEDI 80315 GTPI +2991
  3. MS 78574 GTPI +2966

CLICK HERE to view the complete top 50 list. 


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April 3, 2017
Classification Day at Siemers Holsteins

Siemers Holsteins had a successful classification day with 43 new Excellent cows and over 50 new Very Good 2 year olds! Making there now 1000 VG and EX cows in the herd. One of the highlights being Siemers Mogul Apple-Star *RC EX-91 EX-MS. Apple-Star is also one of the highest *RC PTAT cows in the breed and has sons at Semex, Select and Blondin. READ MORE

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March 29, 2017
Genomic animals consigned to QUEST FOR SUCCESS.

Are you looking to purchase a high GTPI animal backed by a deep pedigree cow family? Lot G3 Siemers Jedi Jipseeny scores a GTPI +2784 +2158M +856NM$... 


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February 28, 2017
Holstein Plaza members consign to upcoming APPLE MANIA SALE!

The Apple Mania II 2017 Sale is scheduled for this upcoming Saturday March 4th at 10:30am at the Great Northern Sale Arena in Fond du Lac, WI. Featuring 90 impressive lots all backed by KHW Regiment Apple-Red-ET EX-96-3E! 


February 7, 2017
Top 25 GTPI New Females February 2017

The Top 25 GTPI new females for February 2017 has been posted. Topping the list with GTPI+2941 is Leaninghouse Mdsty 22575.

  1. Leaninghouse Mdsty 22575 GTPI+2941
  2. MS 78141 GTPI+2936
  3. BGP Modesty Aurora GTPI+2905
  4. Z-Happy Modesty 5952 GTPI+2896
  5. Wet Flagship Mossie GTPI+2882

For the complete Top 25 CLICK HERE.

Click to enlarge - S-S-I Moonry Myesha 9071 | Her GTPI+2711 Modesty daughter SELLS!
November 17, 2016
Tremendous consignments to More Fun in the Sun Sale!

Check out the tremendous consignments of Holstein Plaza members to the More Fun in the Sun Sale, Lido Edition! Don't miss the opportunity to own one of the exciting calves over GTPI+2700 backed by tremendous cow families or flush-age heifers as high as +2650G and over +155 RZG! The More Fun in the Sun Sale starts tomorrow at 2 PM in Sarasota Florida. CLICK HERE to read more.

Click to enlarge - KHW Regiment Apple-Red EX-96 | Her VG-86-3YR Uno SELLS!
November 9, 2016
Tremendous consignments from Holstein Plaza members

Tremendous consignments from Holstein Plaza members to the Sale of Stars 2016, the Sale of Stars takes place tomorrow November 10 starting at 5:00 PM at the Royal Winter Fair, Toronto Canada. Some of the consignments include high ranking PTA Type progeny of show winners like Gold Luster and Lovestruck or high ranking females from the Roz and Barbie family and many more! CLICK HERE to read more!

November 1, 2016
Top 25 New GTPI Females November

A tremendous day for Sandy-Valley Farms during the November run, the complete top 3 heifers are bred and owned by Sandy-Valley Farms including Sandy-Valley Highlight GTPI+2931. Also in the Top 5 is Siemers Jedi S-Rozanne GTPI+2831!

  1. Sandy-Valley Highlight GTPI+2931
  2. Sandy-Valley 7th Heaven GTPI+2877
  3. Sandy-Valley Jedi Ari GTPI+2849
  4. Siemers Jedi S-Rozanne GTPI+2831
  5. ST Gen 77174 GTPI+2824

CLICK HERE for the complete Top 25 GTPI New Females November 2016

Click to enlarge - Cookiecutter Mog Hanker Now EX-92 93-MS MAX-SCORE!
October 25, 2016
Hanker now MAX-Score EX-92 93-MS

Siemers Holsteins is excited to announce that Cookiecutter Mog Hanker  is now EX-92 93-MS MAX-SCORE! Hanker has several high ranking daughters at Siemers by bulls like Modesty, Draco, Monterey, Supershot and more including a GTPI+2651 +4.04 GPTAT Monterey daughter and the #1 GPAT heifer from the August run (over +1930 GTPI) Siemers Monterey Hanan +4.17T.

Click to enlarge - Siemers Delta S-Roz Ann
August 4, 2016
Picture Day at Siemers!

Several donors exiting donors of Siemers Holsteins have been pictured recently. Take a look at the various donors at the Siemers profile including a picture of the #1 GTPI Flush-Age female in North-America Siemers Delta S-Roz Ann GTPI+2835 (Delta x Supersire x Siemers Windbk Rozanne) and several other high ranking daughters and grand daughters of cows like Gen-I-Beq Shottle Bombi EX-94 and Cherry Crest Man O Man Roz EX-91! Also new in the donor section are Ri-Val-Re Delta Riri-Red GTPI+2754, the #1 GTPI Variant Red in the Breed and Siemers D-Man Lady Whip a +3.83 PTA Type Doorman daughter from the Juniper Outside Wish family! VIEW PROFILE!

Click to enlarge - Siemers Goldwyn Galaxy EX-94 | 2nd Place 150,000 lb. Cow B&O
August 1, 2016
Holstein Plaza members successful at WI Championship Show

Rosiers Blexy Goldwyn-ET was the Grand Champion of the WI State Show last weekend. Several Holstein Plaza members exhibited and had great results. CLICK HERE for more information.

Click to enlarge - Quality Tango Paris VG-85-2YR
July 26, 2016
Quality Tango Paris Pictured!

Quality Tango Paris has recently been pictured. This already scored VG-85-2YR Tango grand daughter of Welcome Mac Peytan is quickly making a name for herself in the barns of Siemers Holsteins! She has already two daughters over GTPI+2750 by Denver with tremendous production numbers and both over 2.8 PTA Type! Her Jedi son came back with +84 Protein which makes him one of the highest PTA Protein bulls in the breed! VIEW DONOR

Click to enlarge - Cherry Crest Manoman Roz EX-91
July 8, 2016
The Roz Family does it AGAIN!

The Roz family at Siemers Holsteins keeps impressing, during the July run the family delivered a +2821G Modesty son from a VG-87 McCutchen daughter of Cherry Crest Manoman Roz EX-91. Siemers is currently working with several high ranking offspring from this exciting and exclusive cow family!

Click to enlarge - Gen-I-Beq Shottle Bombi EX-94 | Her GTPI+2403 Shan daughter scores VG-88-1st Lactation!
June 14, 2016
Siemers reports great classification day!

Siemers Holsteins reports of a great classification day, less than three months after their last classification with 26 new Excellent cows (All homebred), bringing herd total to 183 Excellent, 51 new Very Good 2 year olds (50 homebred), bringing VG 2 year old total to 153. CLICK HERE for the highlights.

Click to enlarge - Ryan-Vu Sid Molly EX-92 94-MS, Unanimous All-American Jr. 2-Year-Old 2014
April 8, 2016
Fantastic classification at Siemers Holsteins

Siemers Holsteins reports of a great classification day with 4 new EX-94 point cows, 31 new Excellent cows (27 homebred), bringing herd total to 173 Excellent, 51 new Very Good 2 year olds (49 homebred), bringing VG 2 year old total to 126. CLICK HERE for the classification highlights.

Click to enlarge - Cookiecutter Mogul Hanker | She has 2 Monterey daughters in the Top 5 PTAT Females!
April 6, 2016
Siemers Monterey Hanan #1 PTAT Female in North America

Siemers Monterey Hanan is the #1 PTAT Female in North America scoring +4.21! She is a daughter of Cookiecutter Mogul Hanker and has another full sister in the Top 5 with Siemers Monterey Hanika (+4.05T).

  1. Siemers Monerey Hanan +4.21T
  2. Ms Apple Aryane *RC +4.12T
  3. Ryan-MVLoo Beemer Rapture +4.09T
  4. Siemers Monterey Hanika +4.05T
  5. Our-Favorite Voracious +4.03T


April 6, 2016
Top 50 GTPI Calves in the USA (<9 Months)

The new Top 50 GTPI calves under 9 months of age in the US has been posted. Siemers Holsteins and Oakfield Corners both have no less than 4 calves in the Top 50!

  1. T-Gen-AC Dixie Delilah GTPI+2851
  2. OCD Classic GTPI+2845
  3. Ms Delicious Rub 73400 GTPI+2828
  4. Sandy-Valley Eternity GTPI+2827
  5. 840003134835574 GTPI+2826


April 5, 2016
Siemers Delta S-Roz Ann #1 GTPI Female (9-24 Months)

Siemers Delta S-Roz Ann is the #1 GTPI Female between 9-24 months of age scoring GTPI+2835! 

  1. Siemers Delta S-Roz-Ann GTPI+2835
  2. De-Su Delta 4900 GTPI+2803
  3. Blumenfeld Troy 4747 GTPI+2794
  4. A-L-H Delta Harriet GTPI+2791
  5. Ms Nightout 63168 GTPI+2790


Click to enlarge - Cherry Crest Manoman Roz EX-91
March 30, 2016
+2688G Rubicon sells from Siemers

Selling on Saturday, April 2 in the Hammer Time at Heritage Sale is a +2688G Rubicon daughter backed by a deep maternal line to Whittier-Farms Outside Roz EX-95 2E DOM. Born in September, this beautiful Rubicon sells as Lot G2 with over +1800 milk and +2.05T.

Click to enlarge - De-Su 1912 VG-87-2YR EX-MS DOM | Her GTPI+2638 Draco sells!
February 17, 2016
GTPI+2638 Draco from the 2150 family sells!

Selling as Lot 2 in the Wisconsin Convention Futures Sale 2016 is a GTPI+2638 Draco daughter of De-Su 1912 VG-87-2YR EX-MS DOM, top seller at the World Classic Sale 2014, next dam Clear-Echo M-O-M 2150 VG-87 EX-MS DOM! The WI Convention Futures Sale will start at 6 PM, February 19 in Marshfield, WI.

Click to enlarge - Ralma Planet Century VG-86-2YR VG-MS
January 29, 2016
Two FANTASTIC Centuria Granddaughters Sell

Selling tonight in the Destination Naples Sale are two fantastic offerings from Siemers Day Century, the Minnigan-Hills Day daughter of Snowman Centuria VG-86 DOM then VG-86 Planet Century and a deep maternal line back to Ralma Juror Faith EX-91 GMD DOM. Lot 22 is the March 2015 Supersire daughter with a GTPI of +2588 over +1850 milk, +97 fat and 62 protein. Lot 23 is the No. 2 PTAM female in the U.S. that is Supersire free with a outstanding +2639 PTAM and a GTPI of +2495, she is sired by Montross and also sells ready to flush. VIEW CATALOG

Click to enlarge - Cookiecutter Mog Hanker VG-88-2YR EX-MS
December 2, 2015
Top 25 PTAT Heifers in the U.S.

The Top PTAT Heifers in the U.S. (under 24 months and above +1821G) has been updated on highlighted by newcomer, Siemers Monterey Hanan PTAT+4.12, the Monterey daughter of Cookiecutter Mog Hanker. VIEW FULL LIST

December 2, 2015
De-Su Spark 5106 #1 GTPI Calf <9 Months

De-Su Spark 5106 tops the GTPI charts for calves younger than 9 months scoring GTPI+2846. 2nd on the list is Siemers Delta S-Roz-Ann scoring GTPI+2841.

  1. De-Su Spark 5106 GTPI+2846
  2. Siemers Delta S-Roz-Ann GTPI+2841
  3. De-Su Spring 5197 GTPI+2840
  4. Sandy-Valley Rbcn Logan GTPI+2839
  5. De-Su Delta 4900 GTPI+2830


Click to enlarge - Duckett-SA Atwd Farrah EX-94
November 23, 2015
Siemers Holsteins Classifies

Siemers Holsteins has recently classified with some exciting results. 44 new VG-2YR olds were scored, bringing the herd total to 147 VG-2YR olds. Also, 24 new EX cows were scored, bring the herd total to 163 EX cows. In total, the Siemers Holsteins herd has 987 cows scored 85 points or higher. READ MORE

Click to enlarge - Junior Champions of the Minnesota State Fair R&W Show
September 1, 2015
Siemers win Junior Champion and Reserve at Minnesota State Fair

Siemers Holsteins took home top honors in the heifer show with Junior Champion and Reserve of today's Minnesota State Fair Red & White Holstein Show. The winning winter yearling and 2014 All-American Winter Calf, Siemers Defnt Great-Red was named Junior Champion and the winning fall calf, Siemers Hvz Jubilina-Red was named Reserve Junior Champion. READ MORE

August 27, 2015
Choose your Favorite Epic Daughter: MM-T Pockets Epic Brandy *RC

One of the highest GTPI *RC/Red cows in the US from a big type pedigree containing All-Americans Barbara and Beauty, Brandy is one of four VG 2-Yr-Old Full Sisters. CLICK HERE to read more or to VOTE for MM-T Pockets Epic Brandy *RC as your favorite Epic daughter!

Click to enlarge - Siemers Destry Joy-Red-ET (right) Grand Champion of WI R&W Championship Show
July 10, 2015
Siemers Destry Joy Grand Champion at WI R&W Championship Show

Siemers Holsteins had a very successful day yesterday at the Wisconsin Red & White Championship Show. Siemers Destry-Joy-Red was crowned Grand Champion and earlier named Intermediate Champion and first place senior three-year-old. Siemers also won Junior Champion with Sherona-Hill Applesox, who was the winning winter calf while Siemers Defnt Great-Red was HM Junior Champion and the winning winter yearling. Congratulations to Siemers Holsteins! CLICK HERE for more information about the successful day of Siemers.

Click to enlarge - Siemers Windbk Rozanne EX-92 EX-MS 2nd lactation (MAX Score)
June 29, 2015
Siemers Classifies!

Siemers Holsteins reports of a great classification day with 21 new excellents and 60 new Very Good 2-Yr-Olds! CLICK HERE for some of the classification highlights.

Click to enlarge - Siemers Mogul Apple-Star VG-86-2YR VG-MS
June 2, 2015
Donors updated for Siemers Holsteins

The donors of Siemers Holsteins have been updated and two new stars from the Apple family have been added to the lineup. Siemers Mogul Apple-Star *RC is the +2293G Mogul granddaughter of APPLE and is the No. 1 PTAT Cow on the Locator List at +3.47T. Siemers are also working with a *TV *RC Uno daughter direct from APPLE with a GTPI of +2241G, Ms Apples Uno Aspire VG-85.

Click to enlarge - Gen-I-Beq Shottle Bombi-ET EX-94 2E 16*
May 22, 2015
Gen-I-Beq Shottle Bombi passes away

A note from Siemers Holsteins, "We are sad to announce the passing of Gen-I-Beq Shottle Bombi-ET—an incredible cow. We would like to sincerely thank Mapel Wood Farms andO'Connor Land & Cattle Co. for giving us the opportunity to own Bombi.  Bombi was like a member of the family, and she will truly be missed.

Bombi 16* has recently been scored EX-94-2E, and was nominated as the 2013 Canadian Cow of the Year. Bombi’s legacy will live on at our farm, as we have 97 daughters out of her, and is the dam of the #1 LPI son: Brewmaster."

April 11, 2015
Choose your Favorite Bookem daughter: Siemers Bookem Roz 18034

Is Siemers Bookem Roz 18034 your Favorite Bookem daughter? Don't hesitate and vote now! Roz 18034 is a VG-86-2YR Bookem daughter of the succesful brood cow Cherry Crest Manoman Roz EX-90 and backed by 5 more generations of EXCELLENT dams. You can vote for Siemers Bookem Roz 18034 as your favorite Bookem daughter. READ MORE.

Click to enlarge - Tri-Day Ashlyn EX-96 2E GMD DOM | Her Show Winning Clay Wood Daughter Sells!
March 24, 2015
Ashlyns Show Winning Daughter Sells!

Selling as Lot 2 in the Quest for Success Sale is an exciting Pine-Shelter Clay Wood daughter directly out of the one and only Tri-Day Ashlyn EX-96. Siemers Wood Ashlynn was the 1st Winter Calf (Group 2) at the WI Jr. State Fair 2014, Res. Calf Champion WI Jr. State Fair 2014 and 2nd Winter Calf Wisconsin Championship Show 2014! Ashlynn sells as lot 2 in the Quest for Success Sale. Also selling is a First Choice Archrival Female from Ryan-Vu Sid Molly VG-89-2YR, the 1st Jr. 2-Yr-Old at World Dairy Expo and the Unanimous All-American 2-Yr-Old 2014! Don't miss this Show Winning daughter directly out of Ashlyn or the first choice out of Ryan-Vu Sid Molly!

Click to enlarge - Lot 32: Siemers Mogul Apple-Star *RC VG-86-2YR VG-MS • GTPI+2287 +3.28T
March 13, 2015

Selling a week from today, Friday, March 20 on the Apple Mania sale is the Very Good-86-2YR *RC Mogul granddaughter of APPLE! Apple-Star boasts a tremendous +3.28 PTAT and +2287G and is the No. 1 PTAT Red/RC cow. Dam is the EX-91 Shottle Azalea. Bid last on this tremendous *RC Mogul from the heart of the Apples, she already has a red Olympian son headed to Semex and high indexing daughters by Halogen.

Click to enlarge - Tri-Day Ashlyn
January 13, 2015
Passing of a Legend

Siemers shared today, "It is with heavy hearts that we say goodbye to the legendary Tri-Day Ashlyn. Ashlyn EX-96 14* 2E GMD DOM has left a tremendous legacy in her 18 years of life.  She was family, and she was always happy to show herself off to whoever wanted to see her. Ashlyn was Legend and she knew it!  She will be greatly missed in the industry and at our farm. Ashlyn has made a remarkable impact on our herd, as she leaves our farm behind 75 daughters."

Click to enlarge - Cookiecutter Mog Hanker VG-87-2YR EX-MS
December 26, 2014
Donor Update for Siemers!

Exciting donor update for Siemers Holsteins including the No. 1 GTPI Cow on the Locator List, Cookiecutter Mog Hanker VG-87-2YR. Hanker was added to the Siemers Marketing/Breeding program this fall along with the No. 10 GTPI Cow on the Locator List, De-Su 1912. VIEW DONORS

Click to enlarge - Ryan-Vu Sid Molly VG-89-2YR EX-MS
December 1, 2014
Siemers Classify!

Siemers had an Excellent classification day recently with a total of 22 new Excellent cows, this makes the herd total 116 EX cows! They also currently have a total of 771 VG cows of which 148 are VG two-year-olds. READ MORE

November 12, 2014
Great Offerings from Holstein Plaza Members at Jetstream Sale

Tonight at the Jetsteram Global Greatness Sale (sale starts at 6.30 p.m. at the King 1 Ballroom Hyatt Regency Hotel in Toronto) several Holstein Plaza members are offering several exciting lots. CLICK HERE to find out the tremendous lots that are consigned by the Holstein Plaza Members.

October 3, 2014
Siemers win Junior Champion of Grand Int'l R&W

Siemers Defnt Great-Red-ET wins junior champion of the 2014 Grand International Red & White Holstein. Great was the winning winter calf and the Defiant daughter of Benrise Royce Gretchen-Red. CLICK HERE for more photos and results. 

Click to enlarge - Premier Breeder | Great day for Siemers Holsteins at All-Wisconsin R&W Show
July 14, 2014
Successful All-Wisconsin R&W Show for Siemers Holsteins

Siemers Holsteins had a very successful day at the All-Wisconsin R&W Show, with the Senior and Grand Champion of the Junior Show, the Intermediate Champion and Reserve Junior Champion of the Open Show and they won the Premier Breeder award of the show. READ MORE.

Click to enlarge - Duckett-SA Atwd Farrah now EX-92 Atwood x Harvue Roy Frosty EX-97
July 2, 2014
Classification results from Siemers Holsteins

Siemers had an Excellent classification day recenlty with a total of 22 new Excellent cows, this makes the herd total 113 EX cows! Also over 100 new VG cows were scored bringing the total to 782 VG cows, 129 of them being 2-Year-Olds. CLICK HERE to read the classification highlights.

Click to enlarge - Ms Siemers Designr, she sells at the International Intrigue Sale as Lot 35
July 2, 2014
Exciting donor update from Siemers Holsteins

The donor line-up of Siemers Holsteins has been updated with some new exciting donors. Including Ms Siemers Designr-ET a GTPI+2556 +3.41T Liquid Gold daughter that sells as lot 35 in the International Intrigue Sale later this month. CLICK HERE to find out which donors have been added.

Click to enlarge - Siemers Holsteins
December 9, 2013
Exciting Classification Results from Siemers Holsteins

Siemers Holsteins had an amazing Classification day recently. Click HERE for the highlights.

Click to enlarge -
August 9, 2013
Siemers to host Wisconsin State Holstein Picnic

Siemers Holsteins of Newton, Wis., will host this year's annual Wisconsin Holstein Association State Picnic on Saturday, Aug. 17.

The picnic kicks off at 11:00 a.m. with lunch, including build-your-own burger and sundaes for guests. At 1:00 p.m., a lead-out judging contest will be held. Following at 2:00 p.m. will be the Wisconsin Holstein and Manitowoc County Holstein programs, and speaker Steve Rose will address the group at 2:30 p.m. to discuss "Realizing your potential and achieving your purpose!" Finally, a shuttle tour to the large dairy for a drive-by tour will commence at 3:30 p.m. Fun and fellowship will conclude an exciting day, starting at 4:00 p.m.

Click to enlarge -
July 15, 2013
Great Wisconsin Red & White Show for Siemers Holsteins

The Wisconsin Red & White Show held July 14 in Lancaster, Wis. turned out the be a great day for Siemers Holsteins. Ms Opportunity Lauryn-Red was crowned Junior Champion of the Junior Show and Critter-Ridge Reba-Red named Intermediate Champion of the Open Show and was also the Senior & Grand Champion of the Junior Show.

Other highlights:

  • 2nd Winter Heifer Calf, Siemers Burst Jubile-Red-ET (s. Redburst)
  • 1st Summer Yearling Heifer, Ms Opportunity Lauryn-Red (s. Spectrum)
  • 2nd Spring Yearling, Siemers Brbwire Reba-Red (s. Barbwire)
  • 1st Winter Yearling Heifer, Siemers Destry Joy-Red-ET (s. Destry)
  • 1st Junior Best Three Females
  • 1st Junior 3-Year-Old (BU), Critter-Ridge Reba-Red (s. Contender)

Congratulations to Siemers Holsteins

Click to enlarge - Siemers Alisha Gold Ava-ETS 2E-95
May 21, 2013
2012 Star of the Breed

Holstein Association USA is pleased to recognize Siemers Alisha Gold Ava-ETS EX-95-2E as the 2012 Star of the Breed! This designation is given each year to one Holstein who is a "cow for all seasons," possessing both outstanding type and milk production. Ava is bred and owned by 18-year-old Crystal Siemers-Peterman of Siemers Holstein Farm in Newton, Wis. READ MORE

Click to enlarge - Duckett-SA Atwd Farrah VG-87 VG-MS at 2-03
December 14, 2012
New Photos

New photos of Duckett-SA Atwd Farrah-ET and Ransom-Rail Explode Petty-ET, two tremendous young cows currently being worked with at Siemers Holsteins. Click on their name for more details!

December 11, 2012
Classification Highlights from Siemers

Siemers Holsteins recently classified with outstanding results. Over 20 new Excellent cows, including Cedar-Haven-NR P Kassidy-ET EX-90 (Ex- Mam) 2nd calf. She is a Planet from the Art-Acres Kay family purchased at the 2010 Siemers Holsteins Spring Showcase Sale. Siemers also had several EX cows increase in score including;
• Siemers Goldwyn Glams EX-92 2nd calf. Glams won the 2012 WI State Futurity, and was 2nd Jr 3-Yr-old at the International Junior Holstein Show. She is a full sister to Goldie, and is a 7th generation home bred EX
• Mergold Adv Mirror-Red was raised to EX-94 (Advent x Special Missy-Red EX-92).
30 new Very Good two-year-olds including;
Duckett-SA Atwood Farrah VG-87 (Atwood x Frosty)
Ransom-Rail Explode Pety VG-86 (Explode x Mac Peytan VG-87 x Goldwyn Penya VG-89). Pety is +2189G and her natural son by Mogul just came back +2491G.
Siemers Holsteins is currently home to 93 Excellent cows and 643 Very Good cows including nearly 100 VG 2yr olds.

Click to enlarge - 1st Senior Best Three Females, WI Championship Show
July 17, 2012
Siemers Holsteins named Premier Breeder of WI Championship Show!

Congratulations to the Siemers family for a fantastic Wisconsin State Championship taking home the Premier Breeder banner. 

Other highlights...
• Siemers Alisha Gold Ava-ETS was named Best Bred & Owned of the Show and Grand Champion of the Junior Show
• Siemers Dstry Sunraygal-ET was named Junior Champion of the Junior Show and Res Junior Champion of the Open Show
• 1st Place Senior Best 3 Females
• Breeder of the Intermediate Champion of the Show, Siemers Goldwyn Goldie-ET

Click to enlarge - Lot 1: BAF-ZBW Shamrock Tracey-ET: #9 GTPI SHAMROCK daughter GTPI+2482 sold to Daisy Farms, TX for $90,000
March 30, 2012
Siemers Spring Showcase averages $11,208!

A huge crowd and a tremendous line-up resulted in a very successful sale for Siemers Holsteins with an average of $11,208.

  • Lot 12: 1st Choice MAS from outcross pedigree! Dam is the +2409 GTPI Ronelee Hero Donalynn. $31,000 to Oakfield Corners Dairy, NY
  • Lot 1: BAF-ZBW Shamrock Tracey-ET: #9 GTPI SHAMROCK daughter GTPI+2482 sold to Daisy Farms, TX for $90,000
  • Lot 3: GTPI+2024 a polled COLT P out of Ms Apples Alexis *RC, Granddam is the great one Apple herself $53,000 to Blake Hansen, IA
  • Lot 4: GTPI+2276 a *RC SHAMROCK out of Aiko-ET VG-89 who is a maternal sister to Apple sold for $19,000 to Daisy Farms, TX
  • Lot S1: GTPI+2258 an EXPLODE daughter that extends back to the All-American Lylehaven Durham Marriet-ET 2E-94 sold to Golden Oaks for $38,000
  • Lot 35: a GOLDWYN out of the 2E-94 Arethusa Dundee Mallory-ET, family of Hillcroft Leader Melanie EX-96 for $33,000
  • Lot S10: #1 PTAT Heifer from the Dec. 2011 run, Siemers Domain Beautify-ET, has a GTPI+2201 and 4.02T and sold for $20,500
  • Lot 20: now VG-88 EX-MS Shottle from the Lead Maes sold for $23,000
  • Lot 7: +2470 GTPI Osmond from the same family as Mogul sold for $25,000 to Dairy Farms, TX

Click here for more prices from today!

Click to enlarge - Tri-Day Ashlyn-ET EX-96 2E GMD DOM
March 30, 2012
15 and Fabulous... ASHLYN!

The living legend Tri-Day Ashlyn is on display for the Siemers Holsteins Spring Showcase. Ashlyn will be 16 years old in September and looks tremendous! What a fantastic cow that has had such an impact on the Holstein breed!

Click to enlarge -
March 28, 2012
One of the MOST impressive line-ups to be offered in 2012!

The Siemers Holsteins Spring Showcase sale is fast approaching and will be held this Friday, March 30 at the Great Northern Sales Arena, Fond du Lac, Wisconsin. A tremendous group of animals will sell assembled from the very finest North American herds!
Click here to view the catalog!

Click to enlarge - Siemers Domain Beautify-ET GTPI+2315 • #1 PTAT individual in the U.S. +4.92T
December 6, 2011
Siemers Domain Beautify #1 PTAT

Siemers Domain Beautify tops the PTAT charts at +4.92T! Beautify is a Domain daughter of Regancrest G Bedazzle-ET EX-90 DOM and granddaughter of the type-leading Regancrest-PR Barbie. Congratulations to owners Siemers Holstein Farm, Newton, Wisconsin.

Click to enlarge - Siemers Alisha Gold Ava-ET EX-95 97-MS
November 30, 2011
Siemers Alisha Gold Ava now EX-95

Congratulations to Crystal Siemers Peterman of Siemers Holsteins owner of the newest EX-95 cow, Siemers Alisha Gold Ava. Ava is a granddaughter of Ashlyn and was named Champion Bred & Owned animal at the 2011 International Junior Holstein Show.

November 10, 2011
#2 Proven Type Sire has passed away

The current #1 Udder Composite bull in the Holstein breed and the #2 Proven Type Sire, Siemers Toys Hero 9701-ET, has passed away. This popular bull was bred by Holstein Plaza member, Siemers Holstein Farm, Newton, Wisconsin.

Three elite packages of embryos sired by Hero sell in the Holstein Plaza Auction and all from different branches of the Roxys... Debutante Rae, Lana Rae and Md-Valleyvue Chris-Red. Click here for more details on Lots 14, 19 and 41. Here is your opportunity!

Click to enlarge - Dam: Regancrest G Bedazzle-ET EX-91 DOM
November 9, 2011
Snowman from the Barbies

Selling tomorrow night in the Sale of Stars from Siemers Holsteins is a potential 7th generation Excellent Snowman from the Barbies! A June 2011 model and sells with a GTPI of +2206 +3.09T and DGV LPI +2861! Her dam is the EX-91 DOM Goldwyn daughter of the one and only type producing Barbie!

Click to enlarge -
October 21, 2011
Siemers Holsteins joins Holstein Plaza

Holstein Plaza welcomes Siemers Holsteins online! Siemers are currently working with several high profile heifers and enjoy owning, developing and breeding elite cattle with a special interest in showing their registered Holsteins. Mark your calendars for the Siemers Spring Showcase Sale, March 30, 2012. Click here to preview some of the exciting individuals Siemers Holsteins is currently working with.

Click to enlarge - Siemers Dundee Hilda 8669, Grand Champion - International Junior Holstein Show 2011
October 4, 2011
Siemers take home Top Honors at World Dairy Expo Jr Show!

Congratulations to Siemers Holsteins for a very successful 2011 International Junior Holstein Show. Siemers Dundee Hilda 8669 was named 1st 125,000 lb. cow, Senior Champion and Grand Champion of the Show for junior exhibitor Jordan Siemers. Siemers Alisha Gold Ava-ETS was named Champion Bred & Owned for junior exhibitor Crystal Siemers-Peterman and the Intermediate Champion also carried the Siemers prefix, Siemers Sanchez Hia Mae, and was purchased off the 2010 Siemer Spring Showcase Sale.