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Brigeen Farms, Inc., is a tenth generation family-owned and operated dairy farm in Turner, Maine. Since the 1770's, they have cared for dairy cows and produced fresh, high-quality milk as a part of Maine's strong dairy industry. The ninth and tenth generations operate the farm and more recently started making and marketing delicious ice cream in their on-farm creamery. 

Currently, Brigeen Farms is working with several high profile type and index cow families!


Brigeen Farms
278 Upper St.
Turner, Maine 04282
United States


+1 207-225-3724

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Brigeen Farms
EX-91 / GTPI +2301
Brigeen Farms
GTPI +1893
Brigeen Farms
EX-92 / GTPI +1909
Brigeen Farms
VG-87 / GTPI +2546

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July 14, 2021
New England Holstein Summer Show Results

The New England Summer Holstein Show has concluded in Contoocook, New Hampshire.


Grand Champion & Senior Champion: Bry-Ry Sid Farah (Sid), 1st 4-Year-Old, Cedar Lane Farm

Reserve Grand Champion, Champion Bred & Owned & Intermediate Champion: Ms McGucci Amar (McGucci), 1st Senior 2-Year-Old, William Taylor & Beth Roberts

Honorable Mention Grand Champion & Reserve Senior Champion: Ashlyn Sanchez Sprinkles (Sanchez), Cedar Lane Farm

Honrable Mention Senior Champion: Pineland Chicago Pumpkin (Chicago), 1st 5-Year-Old, Pineland Farms, Inc.

Reserve Intermediate Champion: Carpsdale-J Firefly-Red-ET (Diamondback), 1st Senior 3-Year-Old, John & Sara Carpenter

Honorable Mention Intermediate Champion: Ridgedale Area (Thunderstorm), 1st Summer Junior 2-Year-Old, Juniper Farm


Junior Champion: Cobequid Doorman Aspire (Doorman), 1st Spring Yearling, Jadyn Kimball

Reserve Junior Champion: Milk&Honey Unstpabull Tess-Red (Unstopabull), 1st Fall Calf, Cedar Lane Farm

Honorable Mention Junior Champion: Carpsview Chief Executive (Chief), 1st Winter Calf, Carpsview Genetics

Junior Best Three Females: Carpsview

Reserve Junior Best Three Females: Cedar Lane Farm

Honorable Mention Junior Best Three Females: Brigeen Farms

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June 18, 2021
Classification Highlights from Brigeen Farms

Brigeen Farms had a recent visit with the classifier that ended with some great highlights. Brigeen Pety Bell was raised to EX-93. Brigeen Crush Bella, from the same maternal line as Aija Believe-P at Blondin Sires, is now EX-90 at 3-6. The Convincer Rhonda branch of the Roxie's continues to impress with Brigeen Chief Royale scoring VG-87 at 2-3 and Brigeen Sidekick I Rolande scoring VG-89. From the "G" family, Brigeen Racer Gigi was raised to 2E-91 and Brigeen Humblenkind M87 Gigi is now VG-88 with EX udder. M87 Gigi sells in the upcoming Monumental Success Sale! VIEW BREEDER PAGE

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March 8, 2021
Brigeen Farms Consigns to Massachusetts Blue Ribbon Calf Sale

Brigeen Farms has announced their consignment to the Massachusetts Blue Ribbon Calf Sale. Brigeen Hancock Wish-ET is a full aged September calf direct from EX-92 Juniper Wish Come True. Wish scores nearly +3.00 PTAT, over +2.20 UDC, and over +1.00 FLC. Don't miss this great opportunity to buy into a great cow family!

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March 3, 2021
Brigeen Farms Announces Consignments to Spring Tag Sale

Brigeen Farms has announced their consignments to the New England Spring Classic Tag Sale. Brigeen Unst Acelyn-Red-ET and Brigeen ST Chief Ivanka will be available for purchase during the tag sale on April 9-11, 2021. Acelyn-Red is an early June 2020 Unstopabull-Red daughter from Ms Blondin Int Acelyn-Red EX-90. She comes backed by fantastic brood cows including KHW Goldwyn Aiko EX-91 DOM and Kamps-Hollow Altitude EX-95 DOM. Ivanka is a full aged December 2020 Chief daughter backed by EX-94 Brigeen Lauthority Izzy. Don't miss your chance to buy, show, and breed these great heifers.

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February 9, 2021
Brigeen Farms - Gold Winner at National Dairy Quality Awards

The National Dairy Quality Awards presents the Best of the Best Awards. From 115 applicants, Platinum, Gold, and Silver winners were recognized for having produced high-quality milk consistantly. Applications were evaluated for measures of qulaity, systems of monitoring udder health, milking routine, protocols for detection and treatment of clinical and subclinical cases of mastitis, and stratages for overall herd health and welfare. Congratulations to Brigeen Farms on earning the Gold Award in the Best of the Best contest!

Click to enlarge - Udder Shot of Apple-Pts Amita
September 18, 2020
NEW DONOR at Brigeen Farms

Brigeen Farms has updated their donor listings to include Golden-Oaks Surge Athena-ET, the highest PTA Type daughter of Apple-Pts Amita VG-89 90-MS. Athena scores +3.11 PTAT +2.61 UDC, AND +2.18 FLC. 

Visit Athena's Donor Profile OR View Brigeen Farms Breeder Page

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June 10, 2020
Brigeen Cow Maintains Top on List of National Production Leaders

Brigeen Farms cow maintains the top spot as the National Production Leader in the Senior Four-Year-Old, 2x Milking Class. Brigeen Convincer Rhonda *TV has a 305d record of 55,950 lbs of milk, 2,350 lbs of fat, and 1,616 lbs of protein. Congratulations to Brigeen Farms!

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June 1, 2020
Brigeen Farms has Successful Classification

Holstein Plaza member, Brigeen Farms had a successful classification this past week. 


New Excellent Cows:

Brigeen M SS Gigi EX-91 at 3-4

Brigeen Solomon HSJ Rhonda EX-90 - Her 1st Grade daughter scored VG-86 at 2-0!

Brigeen Nominee Gina EX-90 - goes back to Miklin Mascot Gidget and made 48,500lbs of milk at 4-4


Cows Gaining Points:

Brigeen Colt 45 Arian - now EX-93

Brigeen Bombero Gigi - now EX-91

Brigeen Juniper Apollo Coral - now EX-91


Two-Year-Old Highlights:

Brigeen 1st Grade Rolan VG-89 - She was Res. Jr. All-American Winter Yearling in 2019 & goes back to Brigeen Integrity Robin EX-95

Brigeen Crush Bella VG-86

Daughters of Brigeen M SS Gigi (daughters sired by Delta-Lambda and King Royal) and Golden Oaks Montross Loren (daughters sired by King Doc and King Royal) also scored VG!

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March 3, 2020
March Holstein Plaza Newsletter

We are excited to bring you our newest monthly newsletter! Check out this month's Member Highlight featuring Brigeen Farms. VIEW NEWSLETTER

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February 19, 2020
Brigeen Farms Consigns to Massachusetts Blue Ribbon Calf Sale

Brigeen Farms consigns a Fall calf to the Massachusetts Blue Ribbon Calf Sale.

Brigeen Hunk Evie | Born September 1, 2019

Sire: 200HO11201 Siemers HUNK

Dam: Brigeen Elude J Evie

2nd Dam: Brigeen Jerrick Evie EX-90

3rd Dam: B-Enterprise Baltimor Evie EX-93-2E


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November 14, 2019
Progressive Genetic Herds

Several Holstein Plaza Members have been awarded the title of Progressive Genetic Herd by the U.S. Holstein Association. To qualify for this award, a herd must be a member of their national and state associations, and be enrolled in multiple association programs, as well as have a minumum of 87% RHA and higher cows in the milking herd with CTPIs. Evaluation of herds is done annually and the award is given to 500 herrds with the highest TPI average for females in the herd, both young and mature. This year 15 of our members recieved this honor. Congratulations to the following herds: De Su Holsteins (29 Year Recipiant) | Regancrest Farm (29 Year Recipant) |Siemers Holsteins (28 Year Recipant) | Kings-Ransom Farm (22 Year Recipiant) | Hendel Farms (20 Year Recipiant) | Pine Tree Dairy (19 Year Recipiant) | Coyne Farms (16 Year Recipiant) | Woodcrest Dairy (15 Year Recipiant) | Oakfield Corners Dairy (11 Year Recipiant) | Speek-NJ Holsteins (11 Year Recipiant) | Misty Moor Holsteins (10 Year Recipiant) | Plain-Knoll Holsteins (10 Year Recipiant) | Brigeen Farms (6 Year Recipiant) | Mecuro Farms (4 Year Recipiant) | Genosource (3 Year Recipiant)

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October 10, 2019
Brigeen Farms Classification and Farm Updates

Brigeen Farms had a great fall show season and had great results from this morning's visit with the classifier. Earlier this fall at the Northeast Fall National Holstein Show, Brigeen 1st Grade D Rolene was the 1st place Winter Yearling heifer, while Juniper WIsh Come True placed 4th in the Junior-3-Year-Old class. This morning sevaral donors scored big including Brigeen Supersire SH Gigi (EX-92 2E), Brigeen Pety Bell (EX-91 at 3-3) and Brigeen King Royal G (VG-85 at 2-3). Look for Stantons Chief calves by Pety Bell and Rapid calves out of one of Brigeens Top Donors, Midas-Touch Hum Joely, in 2020. Juniper Wish Come True and Brigeen King Royal G are currenly flushing. Contact Brigeen Farms for more information on embryo availability. VIEW BREEDER PAGE

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July 22, 2019
Excellent Classification at Brigeen Farms

Congratulations to Holstein Plaza Member, Brigeen Farms, on their successful day with the classifier. NEW Excellents include Juniper Apollo Coral (EX-90) and Juniper Wish Come True (EX-91). Wish Come True was scored just 12 days after freshening with her 2nd calf. New VG 2-year-olds included several descendants of Brigeen Convincer Rhonda EX-95 DOM GMD. Brigeen M SS Gigi 2987 scored VG-88 at 2-07. VIEW BREEDER PAGE

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June 10, 2019
Brigeen Farms receives National Elite Performer Certificate

Brigeen Farms donor, Brigeen Atwood Regina, was recognized as a 2019 National Elite Performer by the Holstein Association. Congratulations to everyone at Brigeen Farms on this tremendous accomplishment!

Click to enlarge - Brigeen Supersire SH Gigi EX-91
March 14, 2019
Brigeen Supersire SH Gigi now EX-91

Congratulations to Brigeen Farms, Brigeen Supersire SH Gigi is now Excellent-91 and completes 8 generations of VG/EX from the Leadman Glory family. CLICK HERE for more on Gigi

Click to enlarge - Lake-Breeze Def Careful-Red VG-88 MS-90
September 6, 2018
Members recent Classification highlights

Members have had successful Classification, such as Brigeen Farms Two-Yr-Old Juniper Wish Come True went VG-88 MS-88. MS Beautys Black Velvet VG-89 MS-92, a Goldwyn direct daughter to Ms Exels Dundee BEAUTY EX-95 of Triple-T Holsteins. At Willows-Edge Holsteins a couple highlights Lake-Breeze Defiant Careful-RED VG-88 MS-90 2-Yr-Old, a direct daughter to EX-94-4YR-CAN Care-Red and Willows-Edge A Maybenot-RED VG-88 MS-87 2-Yr-Old! VIEW MORE

Click to enlarge - Juniper Doorman Wish Come True VG-88
August 18, 2018
Brigeen Farms Classification

Brigeen Farms had a fantastic classification day with Jordan Ingrid now EX-92-2E, Domain Ida now EX-91-2E with a very-good Doorman sister. Roxy domination continues with 4 new excellent, two sisters to EX Atwood Regina. Doorman Rolene now EX-91, Sid Rilla EX-93 and just passed 125,000 lifetime. Solomon HSJ Rhonda VG-85, 4th dam Convincer Rhonda EX-95. Other two year old highlights include Entail 2792 at VG-87 and her dam Jacey 2299 now EX. Avalanche Evie VG-87 her dam is EX-93 Baltimor Evie... View More

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May 25, 2018
Another highlight at Brigeen Farms

A cow family kind of day! There were 3 daughters and 1 granddaughter of Brigeen Bolton Rhonda EX (Bolton graddaughter of Convincer Rhonda EX-95) scoring well, 1 excellent, 2 VG-88 just fresh second calf, and last but not least, Sydney's Princess at VG-87! View More

Click to enlarge - Brigeen Atwood Regina
May 24, 2018
Regina scores EX!

Great classification day at Brigeen Farms. Brigeen Atwood Regina is one of the seven cows that went excellent today. Regina, is a great granddaughter of Convincer Rhonda EX-95, and is rolling along on a record that looks to finish up way north of 2600 pounds of fat. View More

April 5, 2018
PTAT+4.09... Monterey x Mogul x Man-O-Man

Like mother, like daughter! The dam to the No. 1 PTAT Heifer, ranks NO. 1 on the PTAT cow list! A VG-85 Monterey scoring a PTAT+4.09... 

  2. AIR-OSA-HB BLISS 21442 PTAT+4.09

View TOP 25

Click to enlarge - Savage-Leigh Leona EX-96-2E DOM
March 29, 2018
Members consign to Exclusive Opportunity Sale

Selling as buyers choice of two GOLDWYN daughters out of Savage-Leigh Leona EX-96-2E GMD! Pick your favorite from these stunning daughters and you could own the next All-American...More Consignments 

Click to enlarge - Brigeen McCutchen Bella VG-87-2YR VG-MS
March 26, 2018
+4.17 PTA TYPE Crush daughter

A December CRUSH calf sells scoring a PTAT+4.17... VG-87 Mccutchen x EX-93 2E Atwood x EX-90 2E Shottle! Tremendous maternal line seeks an exciting future! VIEW MORE

Click to enlarge - Golden-Oaks M Loren VG-85
January 23, 2018
Success Story

Golden-Oaks M Loren was purchased in one of our Holstein Plaza Online Heifer Sales and we're excited to see that she has already made so many acccomplishments! Especially being both sold and purchased by a Holstein Plaza Member. Loren, a Montross out of Gloryland-I Locket EX-94 95-MS has become a favorite at Brigeen Farms...


Click to enlarge - Brigeen McCutchen Bella VG-87-2YR VG-MS
November 9, 2017
Lot 36 in Sale of Stars

Selling as Lot 36 in the Sale of Stars tonight is Brigeen Bailey M Bella... Bella scores a high type of +3.53PTAT and is directly out of the VG-87 Brigeen Mccutchen Bella with a huge PTAT+3.78! Backed by 8 generations of excellent cows! 


Click to enlarge - Brigeen Supersire SH Gigi EX-90
August 4, 2017
New Photo

New photo added to Brigeen Farms donor page... Brigeen Supersire SH Gigi EX-90! Make sure to view Gigi's new photo on Brigeen Farms Breeder Page. 


Click to enlarge - Brigeen McCutchen Bella VG-87-2YR VG-MS
July 31, 2017
Brigeen Farms add NEW PHOTO

Brigeen Farms received new pictures back recently and Brigeen McCutchen Bella VG-87 at only 45 days fresh with her second calf is already looking the part! They're all looking forward to getting her back onto a flush program. 


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July 25, 2017
Updates at Brigeen Farms

Updates made to some of Brigeen Farms herd favorites fresh again and beautiful heifers getting ready to start a flush program! Brigeen McCutchen Bella VG-87 is recently fresh on June 15th and is already to 143 pounds on test. There will be matings to Crush due in December and Bella will be flushed. In addition, Brigeen Supersire Gigi EX-90 was fresh again June 1st and was scored excellent a week fresh and will be flushed! 


Click to enlarge - Golden-Oaks M Loren VG-85
June 14, 2017
Brigeen Farms Classification

Brigeen Farms recent classification day was a success with 16 new VG two year olds, and new EX second calf cows! Brigeen Jett Air Magnolia is now EX-90, making her a 4th generation excellent. Also exciting the team at Brigeen Farms is Brigeen Mccutchen Gloria also now EX-90, she's a sixth generation EX going back to Roylane Leadman Glory! 


Click to enlarge - BRIGEEN MCCUTCHEON BELLA VG-87 | #7 PTA Type cow in the USA
April 7, 2017
Top 25 PTA Type Cows and Heifers ONLINE

The Top 25 PTA Type cows and heifers has been posted! Topping the charts on the cow list is Ms Apple Ariella VG-87 +3.94T (Atwood x Apple) and on the heifer list Our-Favorite Velocity +4.53T is ranked first. 

March 30, 2017
Regina now VG-88 92-MS at 2-02

Exciting classification news from Brigeen Farms, Brigeen Anaheim Regina scored VG-88 EX-92-MS at 2-02! This stunning KHW Anaheim daughter comes from a tremendous homebred line of the ROXY's! Her dam is a EX Bolton, Ms Milksource Blt Regina EX-90, from a EX Shottle daughter of Brigeen Convincer Rhonda EX-95 GMD DOM!

Click to enlarge - BRIGEEN MCCUTCHEON BELLA VG-87-2YR | #5 PTAT Cow in North America
April 6, 2016
Brigeen McCutcheon Bella #5 PTAT Cow in the U.S.

Brigeen McCutcheon Bella is now the No. 5 PTA Type cow in the breed scoring +3.66 PTAT! 

  1. Webb-Vue McCutchen 6793 +3.77T
  2. Poly Atwood Barbie 5757 +3.75T
  3. KHW Defiant Atifa +3.70T
  4. Our-Favorite Unlimited +3.66T
  5. Brigeen McCutcheon Bella +3.66T


Click to enlarge - Brigeen McCutcheon Bella VG-87-2YR VG-MS
March 10, 2016
New donor photos for Brigeen Farms

New donor photos have been posted for Brigeen Farms including Brigeen McCutcheon Bella, the VG-87-2YR McCutchen daughter backed by eight generations Excellent and boasts a PTAT of +3.61. 

Click to enlarge - Brigeen McCutcheon Bella VG-87-2YR VG-MS
February 16, 2016
Brigeen Donor Updates and Classification Highlights

Following a visit from the classifier, Brigeen has four new high scoring two-year-olds including Brigeen McCutcheon Bella VG-87 VG-MS at 2-03. Bella is backed by eight Excellent dams and boasts a PTAT of 3.61. Other two-year-olds receiving high scores were sired by Aftershock, Supersire and Atwood. Don't miss a new donor added to the lineup, Golden-Oaks M Loren currently being flushed from EX-94 Goldwyn Locket and the Lana Rae Roxys. Loren, sired by Montross has a balanced proof with milk and type from the Roxys.

Click to enlarge - Canyon-Breeze Gold Arian now EX-94 2E!
September 11, 2015
Terrific classification at Brigeen Farms

Brigeen reports exciting new scores following a limited classification yesterday. 22 new VGs, with several members of the Gigi famly including 2 Lexor x Shottle Gigi EX-90 and a Meridian daughter of Super Gigi. Five new Excellents including a 7th generation excellent Brigeen Sid Rilla EX-90 @ 3-00. Canyon-Breeze Goldwyn Arian is now EX-92 2E and due in December. Her fancy Pure daughter sells on Sept 19 in Morrisville!

Click to enlarge - Brigeen Jordan Regina VG-88 EX-MS
August 5, 2015
New donor added for Brigeen Farms

Brigeen Jordan Regina Very Good-88 EX-MS at 3-02 has been added to the lineup of donors for Brigeen Farms. Backed by an EX Bolton and the Convincer Rhonda family, Regina is currently being flushed. 

Click to enlarge - Brigeen Ingrid Jordan EX-91
June 30, 2015
Donors pictured at Brigeen Farms

Recently several donors of Brigeen Farms have been pictured. Including Brigeen Jordan Ingrid EX-91 that goes back to Dreane Astre Inksou EX-96-CAN 4E with several generations of VG and EX Cows!

Click to enlarge - Brigeen Atwood Bella EX-92
December 15, 2014
Brigeen donor update!

Two new donors have been added to the profile of Brigeen Farms! An exciting daughter/dam duo backed by 7 generations Excellent and huge type scores! Don't miss Brigeen Atwood Bella EX-92 and her daughter, Brigeen McCutcheon Bella PTAT+3.31.

Click to enlarge - Cowtown Atwood Lucyfer
September 9, 2014
Donor Update from Brigeen Farms

The donor section of Brigeen Farms has been updated with an exciting heifer, Cowtown Atwood Lucyfer is an exciting young Atwood daughter from Elleeta Skybuck Lucy EX-95 3E EEEEE, the Grand Champion of the World Dairy Expo of 2007! Alsonow in a flush program is teh VG-87 Lauthority from the Durham sister to VT-Pond-View Gold Levi EX-93 95-MS

Click to enlarge - Canyon Breeze Gold Arian now EX-93 95-MS
July 12, 2014
Classification update from Brigeen

Brigeen had an exciting classification this week with several Excellent including 8 new excellent and 55 new VG cows. CLICK HERE for the classification highlights.

Click to enlarge - BKB Shottle Amorillo EX-93 - SHE SELLS!
June 24, 2014
Brigeen sends tremendous group to Best of Both Worlds Sale

Selling tomorrow at the Best of Both Worlds Sale, Richford, VT are several fantastic offerings from Brigeen Farms. VIEW MORE

Click to enlarge - BKB Shottle Amorillo-ET EX-93 94-MS
April 25, 2014
New scores for Brigeen Donors

A recent limited classification increased the scores of some donors of Brigeen Farms, BKB Shottle Amorillo is now Excellent-93 with 94 point in udder. READ MORE

Click to enlarge - Brigeen Farms
December 19, 2013
Classification Highlights from Brigeen

An exciting classification at Brigeen with several new EX cows. Click HERE for the highlights.

Click to enlarge - Ms Milksource Blt Regina-ET EX-90
August 1, 2013
Classification update from Brigeen Farms

A great classification day for Brigeen Farm. The classification day left Brigeen Farms with the following highlights:

New 2nd lacation excellent

  • MS Milksource Blt Regina EX-90 (Bolton X Shottle Rhonda EX-90 x Convincer Rhonda EX-95)
  • Giltex Atwood Ida EX-90
  • Brigeen Gershwin Saphir EX-90

New VG two year olds:

  • Wabash Way Super Eletta VG-85 
  • B-Enterprise Charlize G-ET 
  • B-Enterprise Dom Lissa (Domain X Jasp Lilac VG-89 2yr x Gold Levi EX-93)
Click to enlarge -
May 6, 2013
Classification Highlights from Brigeen

Cow families highlighted a beautiful spring scoring day at Brigeen: B. Maestro Ida raised to 2E-91 hails from Villarosa BC Ida EX-96 family.  Big day for the Glory family – new EX Zenith Gwyneth, and her Jeeves a new VG two year old, Baxter Gaby now EX-91 for Ashlie Hardy, and Beacon Gloria – VG-85 at just three weeks fresh. New VG Bolton in the Roxies, with other family members gaining points.

Click to enlarge - Canyon-Breeze Gold Arian-ET EX-90 EX-MS
February 12, 2013
Donors updated for Brigeen Farms

Check out the new donors at Brigeen Farms including a +2238 GTPI Armitage granddaughter of Lautamie Titanic and an Excellent Goldwyn daughter of Mor Alicha EX-95!

Click to enlarge - BKB Shottle Amorillo-ET EX-91 92-MS
October 13, 2012
Classification Highlights from Brigeen Farms!

Super classification on October 12 for Brigeen Farms... Five new Excellents including BKB Shottle Amorillo at EX-91 EX-92 MS and Canyon Breeze Gold Arian EX-90.  Ms Milksource Blt Regina raised to VG-89 1st lactation, her second dam is none other than Brigeen Convincer Rhonda EX-95 GMD DOM.  Other Roxys scored well with the Zenith sister to IPS’s bull Brigeen Rockwell adding a point to 2E-91. Comestar Shottle Lautamice scored VG-87 fresh just three weeks with her first calf, her dam is Comestar Lautamie Titanic.

July 10, 2012
Classification Updates from Brigeen Farms

Brigeen Farms participated in a breeders choice classication last week resulting in three new EX cows, Brigeen Griffin Stella EX-90, Brigeen Baxter Gaby EX-90 owned by Ashlie Hardy, and Duckett Fortune Lotto EX-90. Three  EX cows received additional points -  Rodonwa Canyon Cherry Jodie raised to EX-92, Brigeen Adam gigi EX-91, and Brigeen Lucifer Marge 2E-91.  Three new VG two-year-olds – MS Milksource Bolton Regina VG-85, Brigeen Shottle Gigi VG-85 @ 2-01, and Brigeen-I Lavanguard Rhana VG-85 @ 2-04.  Cow families carried the day, with five of these highlights going back to Roylane Leadman Glory, and two others back to Roxy herself.

Click to enlarge - Brigeen Buckeye Rhonda EX-92
March 7, 2012
Classification Highlights for Brigeen Farms

Yesterday's limited classification ended with great results for Brigeen Farms! New excellents including Canyon Breeze P Alivia ET – Pronto sister to Mor Alicha ‘EX-95’, Gil-Tex Fortune Laura – Fortune x Comestar Lauseen Skychief and Brigeen Talent S Jewel from the great Ito Jewel family. Two cows raised to EX-92 Brigeen Buckeye Rhonda and Cowtown Allen Ideal – Excellent dams back to Dreane Astre Inksou. Twelve new Very Good two-year-olds including Pintail Point JG Roxet-Jeeves from an EX Goldwyn out of an EX Durham sister to Brigeen Skychief Rose ‘EX-93’.

Click to enlarge - VT-Pond-View Gold Levi-ET EX-93 96-MS
December 20, 2011
Classification Highlights for Brigeen Farms

After a visit from the classifier, Brigeen Rhondette (Sandy-Valley Talent x VG-87 Mac from the Convincer Rhondas) is now VG-85-2YR and VT-Pond View Gold Levi (Goldwyn x EX-95 Broker) is now EX-93 w/EX-96 MS! Watch for embryos selling from Gold Levi's VG-89-2YR Jasper daughter on the January online embryo auction.