October 26, 2017

New York Holstein Harvest Sale

The New York Holstein Harvest Sale is November 4, 2017 at 11:00 AM at the Cornell Livestock Pavillion in Ithica, NY. Selling as Lot 2 is Pine-Tree 6809 Fraz 7609... She scores a GTPI+2812 +928NM$ +1952M +9.1PL. Exceptional OUTCROSS pedigree! Selling as Lot 3 is Pine-Tree Era Achie 7603... Scoring a GTPI+2803 +954NM$ +1285M +103F. EARLY Achiever daughter with a unique pedigree! Watch for more highlights in the Harvest Sale and select the link below to view the full catalog. 

NY-Harvest-Sale-11-4-17-catalog.pdf by holsteinplaza on Scribd

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