February 18, 2014

New Donor update from Pine Tree

Richmond-FD Pompey EX-90 DOM

Exciting new donor update from Pine-Tree Dairy, Rittman, Ohio. This update includes heifers such as the No. 2 Red Heifer in the US, a +2315 GTPI Polled and a GTPI+2417 Massey. 

  • Pine-Tree 4890 Casta 5660 *PO is the current No. 12 polled heifer and one of the highest flush-age in the breed. She also has a outcross pedigree. (Castaway x Codie P)
  • The current No. 2 Red heifer in the US is Pine-Tree 5092 S5860-Red-ET, is a Sympatico out of Pine-Tree 2149 Colt 5092-ET *RC, sister to Pine-Tree 2149Robst 4846-ET GTPI+2396 from the Rudy Missy family
  • Pine-Tree 2228 Gala 5813 ET is a high Galaxy daughter with GTPI +2436  out of an EX Massey. 
  • Pine-Tree Hand Maur 5603 ET *PO is a +2251G *PO from the Gypsy Grand family, her dam is  Affinity Mag Handrail *PO VG-87 EX-MS.

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Pine Tree Dairy
8586 Benner Rd
Marshallville, Ohio 44645
United States

Phone: +1 330-466-8916
Web Site: http://www.pinetreedairy.org/
Email: pinetreedairy@earthlink.net