June 30, 2016

Pine-Tree sells #2 GTPI altaSpring in the Breed!

OCD Supersire 9882 GP-83-2YR

Pine-Tree Dairy sends a tremendous consignment to the National Convention Sale. Selling as Lot 4G is a +2809 altaSpring daughter from probably one of the hottest cows in the breed, OCD Supersire 9882 GP-83-2YR. 9882 will leave her mark on the breed thru her many high ranking sons and this calf gives an elite opportunity to buy into one of the hottest cow families around! Pine-Tree 9882 Spri 7002 was the #2 GTPI altaSpring in the breed during the April run (only 1 point behind #1).

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Pine Tree Dairy
8586 Benner Rd
Marshallville, Ohio 44645
United States

Phone: +1 330-466-8916
Web Site: http://www.pinetreedairy.org/
Email: pinetreedairy@earthlink.net