February 22, 2017

Elite offerings from Holstein Plaza Members SELL!

OCD Mogul Abracadabra VG-88 DOM | Her GTPI+2829 EARLY Bandares granddaughter SELLS!

Take a look at the elite consignments of Holstein Plaza members to the More Fun in the West Sale which will be held on February 24th. The consignments include various heifers over GTPI+2800 and several will be ready to IVF (soon). 

  • Lot 1 Genosource 80369 Rylee - GTPI+2835 +2.63T - August '16 Jedi daughter with exceptional health traits backed by a great line of the Dellias that produced Ms Pride Gold Invite 761! Consigned by Genosource.
  • Lot 4 TTM Bandares Pandora - GTPI+2829 NM$+906 - Early Bandares daughter from a Racer daughter backed by a great line of the Converse Judy's! Pandora combines high components, huge health traits with nearly great allround type! Consigned by Mercuro Farm
  • Lot 6 & Lot 7 Buyers Choice - GTPI+2830 +2.55T & GTPI+2806 +2496M +85P - Will sell as a buyers choice, remaining lot will sell after the buyers choice. Unique offering from Princess selling are her highest GTPI daughter with great complete index and as Lot 7 the one of the Only two Jedi's with +2800, +85P and over 2 points of type! Consigned by Comfort & Thurler Holsteins
  • Lot 12 Pine-Tree 6660 Duke 7329 - GTPI+2804 +2.82T - Early Duke daughter with 7.6% SCE, high components and 2.82 PTA Type with great scores for UDC and FLC! Consigned by Pine Tree Dairy
  • Lot 15 Welcome Flagship Maura - GTPI+2802 +2.43T NM$+938 - High GTPI, NM$ Flagship daughter rom the full sister to MODESTY! Next dam is the maternal sister to MONTROSS! Consigned by Welcome Stock Farm
  • Lot 17 Woodcrest Jedi Gene - GTPI+2823 NM$+917 - READY TO IVF, this donor dam already made 12 transferable embryos on her first aspiration. Dam is a fresh Greenway that looks good! Backed by a great line of the Marbella family. Consigned by Woodcrest Dairy.
  • Lot 25 Welcome Jedi Loren - GTPI+2759 NM$+894 - Early Jedi daughter that sells ready to IVF! Backed by an Unique Sire Stack (Jedi x VG-87 Tango x VG-88 O-Style x VG-87 Nifty) from a strong homebred family at Welcome Stock! Consgined by Consigned by Welcome Stock Farm
  • Lot 27 Ri-Val-Re Marquise - GTPI+2803 FE+228 - Modesty daughter backed by a tremendous line of the Sully Shottle May family! Consigned by Ri-Val-Re Farms
  • Lot 34 Seagull-Bay Roulette P *RC *PO - GTPI+2730 +2.42T - The #1 Red Carrier & POLLED heifer in the world! From the ROXY's! Consigned by Seagull Bay Dairy.
  • Lot 35 Ri-Val-Re Culberta-Red - GTPI+2658 +2.04T - Fancy and very complete! The #1 GTPI R&W Heifer in the breed sells, sired by Airship from the Glen Drummond Splendor family! Consigned by Ri-Val-Re Farms
  • Lot 37 Speek-NJ Bourbon Vamoose - GTPI+2788 +2.66T - Early and high ranking Bourbon daughter of an already scored VG-85 Main Event daughter from a great line of the ADEENS! Consigned by Speek-NJ Farms
  • Lot 38 Ri-Val-Re Franchise Val - GTPI+2781 +2.18T - #2 GTPI Franchise in the breed with no Modesty or Jedi in the sire stack! Consigned by Ri-Val-Re Farms
  • Lot 39 Midas-Touch Hangtime 675 - GTPI+2778 +2.77T - Elite consignment from the Ravens, high components, great DPR and over +2.75 PTA Type! Dam is an already fresh and VG Reflector daughter. Consigned by Midas-Touch Genetics and Allen Chester.
  • Lot 47 Comfort Jedi Makea - GTPI+2740 +2090M +72P - Nice Jedi calf that is soon ready to IVF, directly from genomic powerhouse Makea! Consigned by Comfort & Thurler Holsteins

Be sure to check out the catalog below and pay close attention to these consignments! 



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