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Welcome Stock Farm
285 W. River Road
Schuylerville, New York 12871
United States


+1 518-424-6770

Donors Offered by This Breeder

Welcome Stock Farm
Welcome Stock Farm
VG-86 / GTPI +2367
Welcome Stock Farm
Welcome Stock Farm
Welcome Stock Farm
VG-86 / GTPI +2578
Welcome Stock Farm
GTPI +2536
Welcome Stock Farm
GP-83 / GTPI +2521
Welcome Stock Farm
VG-86 / GTPI +2476
Welcome Stock Farm

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June 2, 2021
Top 25 New Genomic Females - June 2021

Welcome ESPN Hipno-ET tops the list of New Genomic Females after the June 2021 Intermediate Run. Hipno is a ESPN daughter owned by Holstein Plaza Member, Welcome Stock Farm. She scores +3146GTPI, +954NM$, and +1.62PTAT. Rounding out the top 5 females are:


2. Sandy-Valley G Escapade-ET +3129G

3. RMD-Dotterer S-S-I 17358-ET +3127G

4. Fly Higher Reliant 2832-ET +3123G

5. OCD Gameday Mint 55880-ET +3102G


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February 12, 2020
Welcome Stock Farm highlighted in The Pulse

Holstein USA highlighted Welcome Stock Farm in the Winter 2020 edition of The Pulse.

For six generations, and more than 180 years, [Bill Peck's] family has been caretakers for dairy cows and the land on Welcome Stock Farm. Today, Bill and his brother, Neil, own the farm and manage daily operation, along with their father, William. The brothers took the reins more than 25 years ago, carrying on a family tradition that's been in place since 1836.

View the full article --> HERE 

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January 15, 2020
Welcome Stock Farm Consigns to Fun in the Sun Sale

Welcome Stock Farm has consigned an IVF Session with their donor Welcom Legacy Gaye to the Fun In the Sun Sale on February 26 in Hawaii. Gaye is a May 2019 Legacy daughter and the No.1 RZG Female in the WORLD. She scores +177 RZG, over +1000 NM$, great components, solid production, and more! VIEW BREEDER PAGE

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December 19, 2019
Holstein International features Welcome Stock Farm in Dec. Issue

Check out this awesome article in Holstein International featuring Holstein Plaza member, Welcome Stock Farm. HI does a great job capturing the spirit of the farm, their success, and outlook on the future of both their farm and the industry. 

Authers Doug Savage & Han Hopman sum it up perfectly, "The arrival of genomics brought a world of change to the bull breeding side of the industry. Welcome is one herd that adapted seamlessly and continues to send a significant number of bulls to AI. Over the years, bulls such as Garter, Pennymaker, Petrone and Tango, and more recently Montross, Modesty and Thonmaker, have been products of the breeding program at Welcome Stock Farm.


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April 4, 2019
Progressive Genetic Herds

BRATTLEBORO, Vt., April 4, 2019 – Holstein Association USA is excited to honor herds with the 2018 Progressive Genetics HerdSM award. Given annually, the award is presented to Registered Holstein® herds with high genetic values, measured by average CTPI. The Progressive Genetics Herd (PGH) recognition was first given in 1991. The PGH award honors herds with high genetic value, based on average TPI® levels, which lead toward continued breed progress. All eligible herds are automatically evaluated annually and the PGH recognition is awarded to the 500 herds with the highest average TPI for females in the herd, both young and mature. 

De-Su Holstein LLCRegancrest Farm and Welcome Stock Farm LLC all have received the Progressive Genetic Herd honors all 28 years the award has been given. CONGRATULATIONS to these outstanding breeding establishments!

Click to enlarge - Welcome Modesty Tetra VG-86
October 25, 2018
Welcome Stock donors high daughters!

Welcome Stock have updates on their Donor Profile. Including Welcome Modesty Tetra VG-86, a Modesty direct daughter to Ms Welcome Uno Tarina VG-86 x Colby TAYA! She has already proven to make them high. With a +2889G / +2.87PTA TYPE Maverick daughter on the ground... Also added to their donor profile is Welcome Delta Lauralynn, she has been producing high daughters. With a +2817G Roland daughter and a +2700 early Skywalker daughter on the ground. 

Would you like to learn more about Welcome Stock's donors? 

View Donor Profile --> CLICK HERE

Click to enlarge - Cookiecutter Epic Hazel EX-91
September 28, 2017
High FRAZZLED daughter sells

Selling as Lot #14 in the World Classic Sale is a +2863GTPI / +3338GLPI Frazzled daughter that goes back to the EX-95 2E GMD DOM Snow-N Denises Delia! 


July 5, 2017
Top 25 New Genomic Female List

The top 25 new genomic female list has been posted! Topping the chart is Sandy-Valley Play4Glory at Sandy-Valley Farms with a GTPI+2926. Also making their way to the top 5 are two Bandares daughters scoring a GTPI+2904 and GTPI+2902, not far behind is a Blowtorch daughter scoring a GTPI+2899... All owned by Oakfield Corners


Click to enlarge - Lot 31 Welcome-Tel Gtdncr Paleo
May 3, 2017
Exciting Gatedancer from Windy-Knoll-Family SELLS!

Selling at the Genetic Fiesta Dos Sale, Friday May 5th is an exciting GTPI+2803 Gatedancer daughter from the Windy-Knoll-View Family. Welcome-Tel Gtdncr Paleo is consigned by Welcome Stock Farm and David Chlus and is the #3 Gatedancer in the world and the highest Gatedancer for Feet and Legs Composite! Don't miss this exciting lot in the Genetic Fiesta Dos Sale.

Click to enlarge - Sandy-Valley Robust Ruby VG-87
April 26, 2017
Holstein Plaza Members consign to Pinnacle of Peak

The Pinnacle of Peak will be held this Friday April 28,2017 at 6 P.M. in Madison, WI. Here are some highlights selling from current Holstein Plaza Members. Selling as Lot #2.. Seagull-Bay is consigning the No. 1 GTPI Bourbon in the Breed! She also has the same maternal line as AI bulls Jedi, Jett and Flagship.. And goes back to the EX-91-2E GMD DOM Lynmead Celsius Minnow... 


Click to enlarge - BRIGEEN MCCUTCHEON BELLA VG-87 | #7 PTA Type cow in the USA
April 7, 2017
Top 25 PTA Type Cows and Heifers ONLINE

The Top 25 PTA Type cows and heifers has been posted! Topping the charts on the cow list is Ms Apple Ariella VG-87 +3.94T (Atwood x Apple) and on the heifer list Our-Favorite Velocity +4.53T is ranked first. 

Click to enlarge - OCD Mogul Abracadabra VG-88 DOM | Her GTPI+2829 EARLY Bandares granddaughter SELLS!
February 22, 2017
Elite offerings from Holstein Plaza Members SELL!

Take a look at the elite consignments of Holstein Plaza members to the More Fun in the West Sale which will be held on February 24th. The consignments include various heifers over GTPI+2800 and several will be ready to IVF (soon). CLICK HERE to read more. 

August 9, 2016
Top 50 Genomic Young Sires (with NAAB & born before 12/1/2015)

Modesty still is the #1 GTPI Young Sire with NAAB code and before December 1, 2015. 

  1. Bacon-Hill Modesty GTPI+2847
  2. Progenesis Fortune GTPI+2833
  3. OCD Spring Slamdunk GTPI+2817
  4. Silverridge V Imax GTPI+2807
  5. S-S-I Montross Jedi GTPI+2806

CLICK HERE for the complete Top 50

Click to enlarge - Welcome Miles Paige VG-86
June 28, 2016
Welcome Stock consign tremendous lots to National Convention

Welcome Stock Farm is sending some of its finest genetics to the National Convention Sale. Four elite offerings directly from the Welcome Stock program are selling. Lot 25G is an Early +2725G Alltime daughter from the Aaron Penel family that also scores +824 NM$ and over 2 points on UDC, FLC and PTAT. 
Lot 26G is a ready to IVF GTPI+2620 and +73P Supershot daughter out the VG-86 Welcome Miles Paige from a 10 generation of EX and VG family. And she is ready fo IVF! From the Buttercup family (Lot 40G) is selling a +2671 GTPI Modesty daughter that has two full brothers (+2802G & +2708G) going to Select Sires and selling as Lot 41G is one of the highest Red heifers in the bred. Bacon-Hill Ald Raive-Red GTPI+2492 who is backed by the Roxys and offers an unique sire stack for RED!

May 3, 2016
Top 25 New Genomic Females for May 2016

JUST IN... the Top Genomic Females for May 2016. Congratulations to Pine Tree Dairy with four full sisters in the Top 20 and the No. 1 female for May at +2871G, Pine-Tree 9882 Prof 7019.

  1. PINE-TREE 9882 PROF 7019-ET GTPI+2871
  2. HILMAR-D JEDI 10296-ET GTPI+2841
  3. DE-SU MODESTY 5829-ET GTPI+2806
  4. DE-SU MODESTY 5810-ET GTPI+2803
  8. DE-SU MODESTY 5792-ET GTPI+2785
  9. NO-FLA SUPERSHOT 43459-ET GTPI+2782


April 5, 2016
Modesty #1 GTPI Young Sire

Bacon-Hill Modesty remains the #1 GTPI sire in the breed with an NAAB code scoring GTPI+2850. 


CLICK HERE for the complete Top 50.

December 1, 2015
Bacon-Hill Pety Modesty #1 GTPI Young Sire 12/15

Bacon-Hill Modesty tops the GTPI charts in December with a dazzling +2854 GTPI! Modesty was bred by Welcome Stock Farm and Tom Kugler. 

  1. Bacon-Hill Modesty GTPI+2854
  2. DG Charley GTPI+2821
  3. Wa-Del Yoder Bandares GTPI+2818
  4. S-S-I 1stClass Flagship GTPI+2803
  5. S-S-I Montross Jedi GTPI+2787

CLICK HERE for the Top 50 GTPI Young Sires with a NAAB code.

Click to enlarge - Ms Welcome Colby Taya VG-88 GMD DOM
October 20, 2015
Ms Welcome Colby Taya earns GMD status

Ms Welcome Colby Taya the Very Good-88 Colby daughter with numerous sons and grandson in A.I. including TANGO, TUFFY, TATUM and more has earned GMD status. Congratulations to owners Welcome Stock and Peter Vail.

Click to enlarge - Unique-Style Bolton Money now EX-93
May 11, 2015
Unique-Style Bolton Money now EX-93

Welcome-Stock Farm had an exciting classification recently with several new VG and Excellent Bull dams. Unique-Style Bolton Money is now EX-93, Money is the dam to Bacon-Hill Montross at Select and also had daughters by Supersire and Numero Uno scoring VG! Other higlights include the full sister to Coyne-Farms Srock Mack scoring VG-88 in her second lactation and Welcome Shamrock Leona scoring EX-91 in her second lactation. 

April 18, 2015
Choose your Favorite Bookem daughter: Welcome Bookem Paisley

She is fresh with her second calf, Bookem Paisley hails from the tremendous Penel family at Welcoem Stock and is the dam of the one of the highest milking Mogul daughters, Welcome Mogul Patts, GTPI+2559. You can now vote for Bookem Paisley as your favorite Bookem daughters. READ MORE.

Click to enlarge - Pine-Tree Dorcy Alexa II VG-88 | Her GTPI+2473 Dictate daughter sells tomorrow at the Emprie Summer Blast Sale
August 6, 2014
Holstein Members selling at Empire Summer Blast Sale

Several Holstein Plaza members are selling exciting calves tomorrow at The Empire Summer Holstein Blast. CLICK HERE to find out what Holstein Plaza members are selling.

Click to enlarge - Kings-Ransom Dorc Dextra VG-87 | Her GTPI+2386 Deductive sells tomorrow as lot 2 in the Virginia Sale of Stars
July 31, 2014
Holstein Plaza members selling at VA Sale of Stars 2014

Several Holstein Plaza members are selling some exciting heifers and cows tomorrow at the Virginia Sale of Stars 2014. The Sale of Stars start at 5:00 PM EST at the Rockingham County Fairgrounds in Harrisonburg, VA. CLICK HERE to find out which lots Holstein Plaza members consigned.

Click to enlarge - Welcome Man-O-Man Prue now VG-88 EX-90MS
May 9, 2014
Welcome-Stock Classification highlights

Welcome-Stock had a great classification day with many new Excellents and Very Goods such as Welcome Manoman Prue now VG-88 with EX-90-MS or Hos-Cot Palermo Tabbi now EX-92 with EX-92-MS. READ MORE

Click to enlarge - Granddam of lot 6: Ms Welcome Colby Taya VG-88 DOM
April 11, 2014
Consignment from Welcome Stock

Welcome Stock consigns a very early Jacey daughter from a full sister to Tango to the New York Spring Holstein Sale, she is already nine months old and has a GTPI of +2395. READ MORE

Click to enlarge - Welcome Man-O-Man Walton VG-85-2YR DOM | Her GTPI+2290 Parker heifer sells tonight at the World Classic Sale
October 4, 2013
Welcome Parker-P Whit-ET sells at World Classic Sale

An unique Polled heifer from Welcome-Stock Farm will sell tonight in the World Classic Sale. Welcome Parker-P With-ET scores GTPI+2290 and is a Parker daughter from Welcome Man-O-Man Walton VG-85. Whit-ET has a GTPI+2414 Shamrock son at Select Sires.

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March 27, 2013
Donors updated for Welcome Stock

Visit the breeder profile page for Welcome Stock to see the updated list of donors! Also don't miss these special consignments selling within the next week from Welcome-Stock...

Three sell at the Crackholm Spring Fever Sale III – March 29 – St-Hyacinthe, QC

  • Lot 6 – 11/12 +2479G Mogul x VG-86 Bookem x VG-86 DOM Jose
  • Lot 15 – 11/12 +2356GSupersire x VG-87 Manoman Gildie
  • Lot 17 – 09/12 +2379G McCutchen x VG-87 Manomanx  EX Baxter

Two sell at the Genomic Giant Sale – April 3 – Victoriaville, QC

  • Lot 11 – 12/12 +2544G Supersire x VG-87 Colby Taya
  • Lot 31 – 11/12 + 2407G Parish x VG-86 Bookem x VG-86 DOM Jose
Click to enlarge - Welcome Goldwyn Penya VG-89 GMD DOM
October 29, 2012
Welcome Goldwyn Penya daughters score high!

Recently classified two-year-old daughters of Welcome Goldwyn Penya score very well including some early Bowser and Domain daughters!

  • Welcome Bowser Palmer VG-86 86-MS at 2-04
  • Welcome Bowser Pamela VG-85 85-MS at 2-05
  • Welcome Bowser Pascale VG-85 at 2-04
  • Welcome Domain Polly VG-86 86-MS at 2-02
  • Welcome Domain Poppy VG-87 87-MS at 2-02
  • Welcome Man-O-Man Payout VG-87 87-MS at 2-08
June 28, 2012
Welcome Stock consignments to Convention Sale

Selling in the National Convention Sale from Welcome Stock Farm is a high health trait Gold Chip daughter (Lot 19) with a GTPI of +2345 +814NM$ +7.7PL and backed by the Aaron Penel family! Also selling from the outcross Penel family is a +2253 GTPI Snowman daughter selling as Lot 69.

Click to enlarge - Welcome Freddie Annice VG-85 VG-MS 2YR
January 20, 2012
Photo of EARLY Freddie at Welcome-Stock

An EARLY Freddie daughter at Welcome-Stock scored back in November VG-85 VG-MS now has a photo! Check out this early Freddie from a VG-86 Bret and then 12 more generations VG or EX!

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January 17, 2012
1st Choice Snowman to NY Convention Sale from Welcome Stock

Selling January 20 at the New York Convention Sale is First Choice Female from Welcome Goldwyn Gracie VG-88 with numerous sons in AI. Choose between: 1. Welcome Snowman Gusta-ET +2234 GTPI +634NM 2. Welcome Snowman Gustave-ET +2234 GTPI +625NM or 3. Welcome Snowman Gwendolyn +2203 GTPI +680NM!

November 16, 2011
Classification Updates for Welcome-Stock

Exciting new classication updates for Welcome-Stock Farm include 14 new Very Good two-year-olds and two new Excellents carrying the Welcome prefix!

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October 26, 2011
+2259 GTPI Iota... complete outcross!

May 2011 +2259 GTPI Iota sells tomorrow on the Legends of the Fall Sale! Dam is the VG-86-2YR Colby Taya and the deep pedigree continues.

Click to enlarge - Ms Welcome Colby Taya-ET VG-86 • GTPI+2127
October 5, 2011
#2 GTPI Iota daugher sells from Welcome-Stock

Selling in the World Classic Sale on Friday, October 7 is the #2 GTPI Iota daughter +2365G from Colby Taya... Complete Outcross Opportunity! Also selling from Welcome-Stock is the highest tested Snowman +2270G from Welcome Goldwyn Penya VG-89-2YR DOM!

Click to enlarge - Welcome Socrates Synergy-ET VG-86-2YR • GTPI+2017
July 27, 2011
Three Extreme Genetic Offerings from Welcome-Stock

Welcome-Stock sends three tremendous heifers to the International Intrigue Sale, Saturday, July 30 at Blondin Farms!

• Jan. 2011 Man-O-Man GTPI+2294 +794NM$, #2 GTPI Man-O-Man on May 2011 run. Dam VG-87 Socrates Synergy +2017 and 2nd dam full sister to Super!
• Feb. 2011 Beacon GTPI+2202 +684NM$ from a VG-87-2YR Planet GTPI+2188... outcross pedigree!
• Jan. 2011 Bookem GTPI+2415 +798NM$ +6.3PL +2.97T, the #3 Bookem on the April 2011 run. Dam VG-86 DOM Jose Pansey GTPI+2061.

July 11, 2011
NDS names Peck Distinguished Dairy Cattle Breeder

The National Dairy Shrine has named William H. Peck from Schuylerville, NY as the 2011 Distinguished Dairy Cattle Breeder. Peck’s farm Welcome Stock has national and international recognition in producing quality and sought after cattle. Peck has also served on several New York and national boards and committees, such as Holstein Association USA Board of Directors and New York State Agricultural Society Member and Director. He has shown great leadership abilities and the insight to use innovative breeding ideas.

Click to enlarge - Welcome Socrates Synergy-ET VG-86-2YR • GTPI+2017
June 23, 2011
The #6 GTPI Ross daughter sells!

Selling on the National Convention Sale is the #6 GTPI Ross daughter from Supers family, Welcome Socrates Synergy! Tested free of brachy with +2264 GTPI +797NM$ and 6.7PL and sells with numerous contracts.

Click to enlarge - Ms Vision-Gen Burt Caily VG-88
May 6, 2011
Super from Whittier-Farms Christina Family to Woodlawn Sale

Selling tomorrow on the Pride of Woodlawn Sale is an Aug. 2010 Super GTPI+2153 from a VG-88 Burt x EX-90 Finley Clarisa x Christina VG-87 GMD DOM!

Click to enlarge - Welcome Goldwyn Penya-ET VG-89-2YR DOM
April 25, 2011
Welcome-Stock consignments to Crackholm Sale

Selling tomorrow, April 26 at the Crackholm Spring Fever Sale, Richmond, QC, Canada

  • GTPI+2117 Ross from Goldwyn Penya VG-89-2YR DOM
  • #1 GPA LPI Observer +2880 and from outcross family. Dam by Socrates and 2nd dam is full sister to Super!
  • Snowman embryos from Welcome Goldwyn Gracie-ET VG-88
  • RED Secure daugher from the Roxys!
Click to enlarge - Unique-Style Bolton Money EX-91
April 20, 2011
Bolton Money #2 Milk and Protein Cow of the Breed

Unique-Style Bolton Money is the #2 Milk and #2 Protein Cow of the Breed and the #6 GTPI Cow of the Breed - April 2011. Check out Bolton Money's donor page!