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Comfort & Thurler Holsteins is a cooperation between Comfort Holsteins and Thurler Farms, Inc. The goal is create the highest genomic offspring for GTPI, RZG and GLPI in both Red and Black Holsteins. They also focus on the dominant red gene in Red Holseins, which accelerates progress in red and polled.


Comfort and Thurler Holsteins
11313 Snowbird Rd RR1
South Mountain, Ontario KOE 1WO


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Comfort and Thurler Holsteins
GTPI +2653
Comfort and Thurler Holsteins
GTPI +2457
Comfort and Thurler Holsteins
GTPI +2742
Comfort and Thurler Holsteins
GTPI +2821
Comfort and Thurler Holsteins
GTPI +2707
Comfort and Thurler Holsteins

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April 17, 2020
April Newsletter

We are proud to bring your our latest monthly newsletter. Check out this months highlight of Comfort and Thurler Holsteins! VIEW NEWSLETTER

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April 6, 2020
Donors Updated for Comfort and Thurler Holsteins

Donors have been updated on the Comfort & Thurler Breeder Page. Visit their breeder page to view new donors from some of the best cow families including Aija Supersire Makea. VIEW BREEDER PAGE

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February 24, 2020
New Genomic Info on Thurler Cmfrt Sky Saucer

New Genomic information has been shared for the donor of Lot 5 on the Holstein Plaza Online Embryo Auciton, Thurler Comfort Sky Saucer. VIEW OFFERING

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December 4, 2019

Comfort Thrlr Hawai Ruth-Red, bred by a Holstein Plaza member, tops the list of GLPI Variant Red Females for the second time with +3464 LPI. She is 100 points ahead of the No. 2 female, Progenesis Robert Cersei, with +3364 LPI. 

1. Comfort Thrlr Hawai Ruth-Red +3464 LPI

2. Progenesis Robert Cersei +3364 LPI

3. Vector Zipper Zoe +3363 LPI

4. Thurler Skywkr Blanche-Red +3328 LPI

5. Thurler Robson Sunfire PVF 204 +3295 LPI


Click to enlarge - Claynook Faithful Duke
August 19, 2019
NEW Donor Photos!

Just pictured at Comfort and Thurler Holsteins is Claynook Faithful Duke. She freshened at 2-06 milking 3x with a projected 18,840 KG (41,535 lbs) of Milk, with a peak of 80 KG (176 lbs) per day. For more information on this donor and more from Comfort and Thurler Holsteins, visit their donor page HERE.

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July 23, 2019
A2A2 Opportunities!

Check out these unique A2A2 offerings on this week's Online Embryo Auction. Backed by strong cow families like the Makea's, Dalse Bomaz, and Oman Marigold! These embryos would be the perfect addition to any A2A2 herd!

Lot 4: SEXED SOLUTION x Ms Comfort Trmndus Faith

Lot 16: IVF SEXED MAGICTOUCH x Bomaz Franchise 7562

Lot 17: IVF SEXED PIZAZZ x Co-Op Aardema BT 31207

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July 21, 2019
Find your SOLUTION

Check out the three lots sired by Solution in this week’s Online Embryo Auction. Solution has proven to be a great transmitter and has produced daughters that are production powerhouses. With a high index of +2870GTPI and +1030NM$, combined with +2024 lbs of Milk and +110 lbs of Fat, Solution makes the great ones.

Lot 4 – SEXED SOLUTION x Ms Comfort Trmndus Faith

Lot 13 – SEXED SOLUTION x Peak Honor Polish 20501

Lot 15 – SEXED SOLUTION x Peak Cookie Fwheel 20456

Click to enlarge - Comfort Kingboy Princess
June 18, 2019
HIGH RZG Offering

Don’t miss out on this once in a lifetime pair, SEXED PURSUIT X FREEDOM. This RZG offering includes five #1 grade embryos from the high RZG Guarantee daughter that scores +157RZG, +853NM$, and +0.12%F. Backed by the huge indexing line from the MAKEAs, bid last and make the next chart topping RZG female. VIEW LOT

Click to enlarge - N-SPRINGHOPE NUMRO UNO 2407
February 28, 2019
New Donors at Comfort and Thurler Holsteins

New, high-ranking GTPI and gRZG donors, have been added to the line-up of Comfort and Thurler Holsteins! Both heifers will be worked very soon. With +2754 GTPI and +161 RZG, N-Springhope Rio 3191 is one of the most interesting Rio daughters in the breed. Her dam is already scored VG-85 as a 2-Yr-Old and goes back to the Milkworth Manfred Yadda, the same cow family that produced the #1 GTPI sire Legacy @ Select Sires and the #1 RZG sire Durable @ ABS Global. Comfort Thrlr Grnte Fancy is the next generation donor from the tremendous transmitting MAKEA family! With 156 RZG (12/18) she is a high-ranking daughter by Guarantee from an already VG-85 Modesty daughter from Comfort Kingboy Princess. Both heifers will be in an extensive flush program soon!

Click to enlarge - Comfort Thrlr Fortune Rosa
November 20, 2018
New photo of Comfort Thrlr Frtun Rosa

New photo of the +2854 GTPI Fortune daughter, Comfort Thrlr Fortune Rosa. Rosa hails from the huge genomic transmitting Ransom Marquisse line of the Sully Shottle Mays. Don't miss convention non-sexed Doctor (+2842 GTPI) embryos selling on the Online Embryo Auction from Rosa. VIEW LOT

Click to enlarge - Comfort Denver Kait-Red
July 3, 2018
Another success story!

We love hearing about the success of purchasing embryos from Holstein Plaza Members! Sexed Modesty embryos out of a High-Ranking variant red Denver were purchased last year from one of our online embryo auctions. This month in Europe one of those RED Modesty daughters from Comfort Denver Kait-Red resulted in the NO. 1 High-Ranking GTPI Heifer in Europe and NO. 2 Overall! Scoring a GTPI+2862... View More

Click to enlarge - Morsan Ladd After Fools Red P *VRC *POC
May 29, 2018
Variant Red heifers!

Make sure to take a look at Comfort and Thurler Holsteins donor profile. They have several next generation exciting VRC heifers currently in a flush program! Also, new pictures of Comfort Thrlr Jedi Comet-Red *P and Morsan Ladd After Fools Red P *VRC *POC. VIEW MORE

Click to enlarge - Comfort Rubicon Ruby-Red VG-85
May 23, 2018
Rubicon daughter scores VERY-GOOD

Comfort Rubicon Ruby Red is now VG-85! Ruby-Red is a Rubicon daughter back to Stoneden Fools Gold-Red VG-88. She has a Top-Ranking VARIANT RED Modesty daughter... Comfort Thrlr Mdsty Rusty-Red *VRC. Select link to view all donors at Comfort and Thurler --> VIEW ALL

March 8, 2018
Donor Updates

Comfort and Thurler Holsteins updated their donor page with several new high RZG heifers! Including a high RZG daughter back to Lila Z, a +2886G Fortune daughter back to SULLY SHOTTLE MAY and a GRZG+153 Bandares daughter, her maternal sister sold in Fun in the West Sale 2017 for $51,000! 


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February 20, 2018
Genomic daughters from Thurler Jedi Royal

An early Guarantee daughter scoring a GTPI+2842 +996NM$ and +1879 pounds of milk.. And a Fortune daughter with preliminary genomic results of +2892G +910NM$ +3.03T and +3.14UDC..VIEW MORE

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December 4, 2017
Lot 2 in the Fun in the Sun Vegas Style

Comfort Thrlr Frtun Rosa scores a GTPI+2867 +964NM$ +1908lbs of milk and +81lbs of fat... A Fortune daughter directly out of Thurler Jedi Royal that sold for $61,000 in the 2017 National Holstein Convention Sale... Royal has a RZG+158 and embryos that have sold to Germany! Don't miss your chance on Rosa at the Fun in the Sun Vegas Style Sale! 


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November 28, 2017
Fun in the Sun Vegas Style

The Fun in the Sun Vegas Style Sale will be held December 8, 2017 at 1:00pm PST in Las Vegas, NV. There will be 48 lots selling that are genomic leaderswith huge potential! Also 28 Holstein lots sell over +2800GTPI and 3 over +2900GTPI! In addition 5 of the highest GTPI in the Jersey breed sell. 


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October 25, 2017
Highlight at Comfort and Thurler Holsteins

A recent classfication at Comfort and Thurler Holsteins has made Peak Marq A1 942 VG-85! 942 is an early alta1stClass daughter from genomic powerhouse Marquisse!


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September 27, 2017
High donor dam sells in World Classic

Lot #10 of the World Classic Sale... Comfort Modesty Freespirit a +2777GTPI / +3235GLPI Modesty backed by the genomic transmitter Aija Supersire Makea! Tremendous donor dam confirmed pregnant to Sexed Slamdunk! 


August 8, 2017
Comfort and Thurler dominate VRC GPA-LPI List

A great day for Comfort and Thurler Holsteins, with 9 animals in the Top 10 GPA-LPI for Variant Reds they are truly dominating the list. 

  1. Comfort Thrl Bndr Joann-Red GPA-LPI+3459
  2. Thurler Cmfrt Jedi-Red Tutu GPA-LPI+3372
  3. Comfort Denver Kait-Red GPA-LPI+3269



August 8, 2017
Top 25 GPA-LPI Heifers < 9 months Canadian Owned

The Top 25 GPA-LPI Heifers < 9 months in Canada has been posted! Topping the charts... 

  1. Furnace-Hill BD Patience GPA-LPI +3714
  2. Westcoast Fortune BD4061 5889 GPA-LPI +3656
  3. Progenesis Bandares Polyanthus GPA-LPI +3648
  4. Progenesis Fortune Hamiota GPA-LPI +3622
  5. Progenesis Eugenio Manitoba GPA-LPI +3617


Click to enlarge - Peak Marq A1 942
June 27, 2017
#1 RZG Jedi in the WORLD!

Selling as Lot 3 in the National Convention Sale is Thurler Jedi Royal... An impressive Jedi daughter that scores a GTPI+2849 / +3516GLPI / +158RZG +2146lbs of milk and +74lbs of fat. She is currently the #1 RZG Jedi in the WORLD! Her dam Peak Marq A1 942 is fresh roughly 30 days and already milking over 90 pounds a day! 


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June 15, 2017
2017 National Convention Sale

The 2017 National Convention Sale will be held Friday June 30, 2017 in Bellevue, WA. There are several offerings from genomic heifers, backed by All-American and State Show winning dams, deep maternal lines, red & whites of prominence and many more exciting offerings that will fit your specific needs! 


April 5, 2017
Top 50 GTPI Heifers 9-24 months

Top 50 GTPI Heifers 9-24 months list has been posted. With STANTONS JEDI ELISA topping the list with a GTPI +2967. 



April 5, 2017
Comfort and Thurler Holsteins dominates Variant Red List

Comfort and Thurler Holsteins are dominating the Top 10 GPA-LPI Variant Female list in Canada. No less than 8 females in the Top 10 come from the Comfort and Thurler Holsteins breeding program. Topping the list are two Red Denver daughters followed by a GPA-LPI+3098 Red Jedi that was bred by Hollenshead Farms. 

  1. Comfort Denver Kait-Red GPA-LPI+3218
  2. Comfort Denver Rose-Red GPA-LPI+3139
  3. Hollendal Jedi Crim-Red GPA-LPI+3098


April 4, 2017
Stanton delivers 3 flush-age females in Top 5 GPA-LPI!

An impressive day for Stanton Brothers LTD. No less than 3 of their flush-age females rank in the Top 5 GPA-LPI flush-age females in Canada! 


CLICK HERE for the complete Top 25 GPA-LPI Flush-Age females (Age 9-30 months). 

Click to enlarge - OCD Mogul Abracadabra VG-88 DOM | Her GTPI+2829 EARLY Bandares granddaughter SELLS!
February 22, 2017
Elite offerings from Holstein Plaza Members SELL!

Take a look at the elite consignments of Holstein Plaza members to the More Fun in the West Sale which will be held on February 24th. The consignments include various heifers over GTPI+2800 and several will be ready to IVF (soon). CLICK HERE to read more. 

Click to enlarge - Comfort Thurler Modesty Ria
February 16, 2017
Elite consignments for the Fun in the West Sale!

Check out these exciting consignments from Comfort and Thurler Holsteins! Lot #6 Comfort Thurler Modesty Ria +2823 (Preliminary index) Highest daughter of Princess, A2A2 and over 2.3 on Udders, FLC and PTA Type! Another daughter of Comfort Kingboy Princess is selling as Lot #7, ​Thurler Jedi Chantal scoring a GTPI+2806 and +85P...... READ MORE

Click to enlarge - S-S-I Moonry Myesha 9071 | Her GTPI+2711 Modesty daughter SELLS!
November 17, 2016
Tremendous consignments to More Fun in the Sun Sale!

Check out the tremendous consignments of Holstein Plaza members to the More Fun in the Sun Sale, Lido Edition! Don't miss the opportunity to own one of the exciting calves over GTPI+2700 backed by tremendous cow families or flush-age heifers as high as +2650G and over +155 RZG! The More Fun in the Sun Sale starts tomorrow at 2 PM in Sarasota Florida. CLICK HERE to read more.

Click to enlarge - KHW Regiment Apple-Red EX-96 | Her VG-86-3YR Uno SELLS!
November 9, 2016
Tremendous consignments from Holstein Plaza members

Tremendous consignments from Holstein Plaza members to the Sale of Stars 2016, the Sale of Stars takes place tomorrow November 10 starting at 5:00 PM at the Royal Winter Fair, Toronto Canada. Some of the consignments include high ranking PTA Type progeny of show winners like Gold Luster and Lovestruck or high ranking females from the Roz and Barbie family and many more! CLICK HERE to read more!

August 9, 2016
Top 25 GPA-LPI Heifers <9 Months

A tremendous run for Claynook Farms as they have 4 heifers ranking in the Top 25 GPA-LPI young females! 

  1. Progenesis Duke Melee GPA-LPI+3632
  2. Claynook Celia Jedi GPA-LPI+3631
  3. Progenesis Duke Moldavite GPA-LPI+3586
  4. Thurler Jedi Royal GPA-LPI+3582
  5. Stantons Model Giselle GPA-LPI+2531

CLICK HERE for the complete Top 25 GPA-LPI Females <9 Months.

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June 22, 2016
Exciting donors pictured at Comfort and Thurler Holsteins

Several exciting new donors have been pictured and added to the lineup for Comfort and Thurler Holstein, Ontario, Canada, including a GTPI +2643 / RZG +154 Profit daughter of Makea and a GTPI +2629, +2370M and +178CFP Silver from the Lauri Sheik. VIEW DONORS

Click to enlarge - PEAK MARQ A1 942
June 10, 2016
+2816G Jedi daughter at Comfort and Thurler Holsteins

One of the first daughters of Peak Marq A1 942 came back at GTPI+2816 making her the #3 GTPI heifer of the June run! Comfort Thurler Jedi Royal is an early Jedi daughter who combines +2040 lbs Milk with +76 Protein and +2.07 PTA Type!  Her alta1stClass dam is a high ranking daughter of Bryhill Ransom Marquisse that also scores well on RZG and NVI and is backed by the same family that produced bulls like Meridian, Munition and McCutchen!

Click to enlarge - Aija Supersire Makea GP-83-2YR
May 19, 2016
Makea is pictured!

Transmitting superstar Aija Supersire Makea is fresh, pictured and scored! Makea recently scored GP-83-CAN 1st score 72 days fresh, she is currently milking around 100 lbs per day and is the highest milking 2-Yr-Old in the Thurler herd in Ontario were she is competing with 440 herd mates. Makea already has multiple sons at Semex, ABS & Select Sires as well as high ranking daughters by many different sires as high as GTPI+2728! Her offspring also tests well in other systems like Germany and Canada. Comfort & Thurler Holsteins are currently working with her high ranking daughters by Profit, Denver and Rubicon who all score over GTPI+2600 (up to GTPI+2675) and 154 & 153 GRZG. 

Click to enlarge - Comfort Denver Kait-Red | #1 GPA-LPI Variant Red Female
April 5, 2016
Comfort and Thurler Holsteins dominate Variant Red List

Comfort and Thurler Holsteins are dominating the Canadian Variant Top 10 with no less than 7 females! 

  1. Comfort Denver Kait-Red GPA-LPI+3205
  2. Thurler Rubicon Red Holly GPA-LPI+3099
  3. Comfort Mogul Maggiemay Red GPA-LPI+3006


Click to enlarge - Comfort Denver Kait-Red GTPI+2602
February 16, 2016
Exciting Donor Update from Comfort and Thurler Holsteins

The donor section of Comfort and Thurler Holsteins has been updated with some exciting new donors. New in the line-up is the #1 Variant Red Female from the December run Comfort Denver Kait-Red GTPI+2602. Also two daughters of genetic powerhouse Aija Supersire Makea have been added, Comfort Profit Jasmine GTPI+2651 and Thurler Rubicon Lyn GTPI+2676. Also new in the donor section is a GTPI+2636, +202FE and +172 CFP Silver daugther from the Laurie Sheiks, ZBW Silver Lining that will enter a flush program soon.

Click to enlarge - Thurler Monterey Mabel | GTPI+2658 Monterey daughter of Makea!
August 31, 2015
New Donors Added at Comfort and Thurler Holsteins

Three new exciting donors are added to the profile of Comfort and Thurler Holsteins. Maternal sister Comfort Kingboy Princess and Thurler Monterey Mabel are both daughters of the genomic powerhouse Aija Supersire Makea. Comfort Kingboy Princess is a GTPI+2579 Kingboy daughter and Mabel is an early Monterey daughter scoring GTPI+2658 with over 60 lbs Protein! Mabel her full brother is going to ABS while Princess has a full brother at Semex. Peak Marq A1 942 is a GTPI+2578 First Class grand daughter of Sully Robust 720, the maternal sister to Meridian and Munition! A1 942 also scores high in Canada (DGV GPA-LPI+3392), GRZG and GNVI! CLICK HERE to read more about the donors of Comfort and Thurler Holsteins.

Click to enlarge - Ms Hartford Jbr Dior-Red | The #1 GTPI Variant Red Female in the Breed Sells... Also selling her first choice Female by Rubicon and Profit!
June 22, 2015
Exciting consignments from Comfort and Thurler Holsteins

Comfort and Thurler Holsteins consigned some exciting genetics. The consignments from Comfort Holsteins include a high ranking and EARLY Monterey daughter of genomic powerhouse Makea, a PTA Milk+2002 Josuper and the #1 GTPI Variant Red Heifer in the Breed and a first choice of her Rubicon and Profit pregnancies. CLICK HERE to read more.

Click to enlarge - Daughter: Thurler Lottomax Lottie GTPI+2472, she SELLS in the Holstein Plaza Online Heifer Sale!
June 3, 2015
Makea does it again!

Aija Supersire Makea proves herself as a tremendous transmitter! This run three Commander daughters from Makea born in Germany ranked #3, #10 and #18 on the June GTPI Intermediate run of the European animals scoring between GTPI+2623 and GTPI+2545! Makea her Canadian Commander daughter is the #1 GPA-LPI female in Canada (4/15) and sold in the Scottsdale Spring-Fling Sale for $150,000. Selling in the Holstein Plaza Online Heifer Sale is Makea's GTPI+2472 Lottmax daughter that has a tremendously balanced proof! Don't hesitate and add Makea's valuable genetics to your herd! CLICK HERE for a link to her catalog page.

Click to enlarge - Comfort & Thurler Holsteins
May 19, 2015
Donors pictured at Comfort and Thurler Holsteins

Recently several donors of Comfort and Thurler Holsteins have been pictured including the high ranking GTPI, GPA-LPI and RZG Commander daughter Thurler Commander Chantal and the high ranking RZG Kingboy daughter Comfort Kingboy Princess. Also pictured a GTPI+2472 Kingboy daughter from the Pandoras and a GTPI+2476 Lottomax sister to Commander Chantal that will both sell in the next edition of the Holstein Plaza Online Heifer Sale (June 1-11) and a Red & Polled Kingboy daughter. CLICK HERE to see the results of the picture day at Comfort and Thurler Holsteins.

April 7, 2015
Comfort and Thurler Holsteins Breed #1 GPA-LPI Female

Thurler Commander Chantal is the #1 GPA-LPI Female below 9 months of age in Canada. Chantal was bred by Comfort and Thurler Holsteins and recently sold trough the Spring Fling Sale in Scottsdale Arizona. 

  1. Thurler Commander Chantal GPA-LPI+3637
  2. Morsan CapitalG Alexxa L 2489 GPA-LPI+3621
  3. Alexerin Monterey 1504 GPA-LPI+3556
  4. Progenesis Monterey Ruby GPA-LPI+3524
  5. Peak Marq A1 942 GPA-LPI+3501

CLICK HERE for the complete top 25 GPA-LPI Females below 9 months of age (Canadian Owned).

Click to enlarge - Holstein Plaza welcomes Comfort and Thurler Holsteins
April 2, 2015
Holstein Plaza welcomes Comfort and Thurler Holsteins

Holstein Plaza welcomes Comfort and Thurler Holsteins as members. Comfort and Thurler Holsteins is a collaboration between Comfort Holsteins and Thurler Farms, Inc. and focusses on breeding high testing genomic offsprig for GTPI, RZG and GLPI for both B&W as R&W. The red program focusses on the Variant Red Gene. Comfort and Thurler Holsteins are currently working with some of the highest females in the breed including the #1 GTPI VRC and #4 red female in North America, Ms Hartford Jbr Dior-Red, GTPI+2422, a GTPI+2613 Pure heifer from the Lead Mae's. READ MORE.