July 3, 2018

Another success story!

Comfort Denver Kait-Red

We love hearing about the success of purchasing embryos from Holstein Plaza Members! Sexed Modesty embryos out of a High-Ranking variant red Denver were purchased last year from one of our online embryo auctions. This month in Europe one of those RED Modesty daughters from Comfort Denver Kait-Red resulted in the NO. 1 High-Ranking GTPI Heifer in Europe and NO. 2 Overall! Scoring a GTPI+2862.... If you have a success story of your own from embryos purchased in our online auctions, please contact us. Or if you're interested in consigning embryos in our embryo auctions also contact us for more information. 

Congrats to all! 

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Comfort and Thurler Holsteins
11313 Snowbird Rd RR1
South Mountain, Ontario KOE 1WO

Phone: +1 613-577-3263
Email: comfort@ripnet.com