November 21, 2014

Exciting Donor Update from Pine Tree Dairy

S-S-I Robust Design 7220 VG-87 | Her GTPI+2560 Numero Uno daughter is at Pine Tree

The donor section of Pine Tree Dairy has been updated with some truly interesting donors of which several have Unique Pedigrees! New in the donor section or some of the highest Mascalese, History and Uno daughters in the Breed! S-S-I Uno Damica 8433 is a GTPI+2560 from the Niclo Duster Dolly Family, Pine-Tree 705 Tango 6344 is a GTPI+2510 Tango daugther with an unique pedigree including sires like Levi, Trump and Billion her high ranking Massey sister will also soon be in a flush program. Legacy-Sch History 8326 is the #1 GTPI History daughter in the world and Pine-Tree 4944 Masc 5810 is one of the highest Mascalese daughters!

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