March 28, 2017

Quest for Success consignments..

EX-96-3E-DOM Ernest-Anthony SD Tobi

Indianhead sells as Lot #20 a Doorman daughter out of Indianhead Trinity EX-92-2E.. Same family as the EX-96-3E-DOM Ernest-Anthony SD Tobi! Oakfield Corners is selling as Lot #23 a Jacoby daughter out of EX-91 Woodlawn Dundee Daphne whose out of an EX-92 Durham backed by an EX-93 Juror. Deep maternal line! Also be sure to check out Lot #29 a Sid daughter out of an EX-90 Terrason.. OCD Sid Laguna is a maternal sister to EX-93 OCD Sanchez Lavender and EX-90 OCD Goldwyn Lacey. To see a more detailed pedigree check out the catalog below! 


Quest for Success Catalog 2017 Online Version by holsteinplaza on Scribd


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