June 6, 2019

New Scores at Oakfield Corners

OCD Bradnick Candy EX-94

Holstein Plaza Member, Oakfield Corners had a great day with the classifier. Many high storing individuals including multiple new and raised Excellents, 20 VG scores (5 of which are VG-87 or VG-88 two-year-olds), and 57 GP scoring 1st lactation cows!


Highlights Include:

OCD Bradnick Candy EX-94

Skycrest Mincio Prickles EX-94

OCD Atwood Salsa Dancer EX-93

Oakfield ABS Candy-Red EX-93

Underground BCCAS Blair-Red EX-92 MAX

Oakfield Gold Chip Efron EX-92 MAX

Ms Smith-Oak PW D Millie EX-92 MAX

Roclan-ZBW Defnt Paige EX-91

Petitclerc Doorm Analise EX-91

EDG Clairewood May 2081 EX-90

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Oakfield Corners
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Oakfield, New York 14125
United States

Phone: +1 585-704-2501
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