December 19, 2016

Exciting classification at Oakfield Corners

Craigcrest Rubies Rachelle EX-92 EEEEE

Oakfield Corners reports the results of an exciting classification! Highlights include an EX-94 EEEEE Braxton daughter of Harvue Roy Frosty EX-97, an EX-90 McCutchen daughter from the Gold Missys and many more EX and VG-2YR-Olds backed by breed leading families like Crimson, Roxy, Raven, Lili, Elegance and Barbie!


  • Duckett-SA Braxtn Frisco EX-94 EEEEE Braxton x Frosty EX-97
  • Bella-Rosa GW Sara EX-94 EEEE Goldwyn x EX Linjet x EX-95 Spendide Spirit
  • Penlow Geography Goldwyn EX-94 EEEEE Goldwyn x EX Dragoon x VG Clyde
  • Penn-Gate Denison Finae EX-93-2E Denison x EX Gibson x EX-94 Finley
  • Oakfield Reality Harmony EX-93-2E Reality x VG Advent x EX-96 Hazel
  • Craigcrest Rubies Rachelle EX-92 EEEEE Goldwyn x EX Dundee x EX Charlton
  • OCD Sanchez Esther EX-91-2E Sanchez x VG Dundee Esmeralde x EX-93 Emerald
  • Butz-Hill Magical Missy EX-90 McCutchen x VG Man O Man x VG Dolman x Gold Missy EX-95-2E
  • Larcrest Cologne EX-90 Epic x Crimson EX-94 x Cosmopolitan VG-87

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