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Tramilda Holsteins
5731 S.R. 26 East
Montezuma, Georgia 31063
United States


+1 478-244-2172

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Tramilda Holsteins
Tramilda Holsteins
GP-80 / GTPI +1480
Tramilda Holsteins
Tramilda Holsteins
GP-82 / GTPI +2606
Tramilda Holsteins
Tramilda Holsteins
Tramilda-N Kingboy Sage
Tramilda Holsteins
VG-87 / GTPI +2428
Tramilda Holsteins
VG-86 / GTPI +2611

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Summer 2015

Summer 2015

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October 5, 2020
North American Open Red & White Show Results

The North American Open Red & White Show 2020 is underway at the Pickaway Ag & Event Center in Circleville, OH. Choosing the class winners for the day is judge Pat Lundy, NY. Holstein Plaza Members are on-site and competing today. Highlights include:


Winter Calf Class

7th - Oakfield US Aviva-Red (Unstopabull) Oakfield Corners Dairy

8th - Rae-Mew Unstop Rosey-Red (Unstopabull) Mercuro Farms

Fall Calf Class

7th - Golden-Oaks Arrelli-Red (Avalanche) Golden Oaks Farms

Summer Yearling

1st - Pamprd-Acres Aw Adde-Red (Awesome) Tramilda Holsteins

Junior Best Three Females

2nd - Oakfield Corners Dairy

Premier Breeder of the Heifer Show & Overall Premier Breeder

Oakfield Corners Dairy

Senior 3-Year-Old

1st - Wil-O-Mar Diamndbk Rose-Red (Diamondback) Triple-T Holsteins

3rd - Flower-Brook Corena-Red (Avalanche) Golden Oaks Farms

Intermediate Champion & HM Grand Champion

Wil-O-Mar Diamndbk Rose-Red (Diamondback) Triple-T Holsteins


3rd - (B&O) Oakfield Addiction Emoji-Red (Addiction P) Oakfield Corners Dairy

5th - Velvet-View Return-Red (Awesome) Triple-T Holsteins

6th - Roll-N-View Aw Altitude-Red (Awesome) Savage-Leigh

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June 2, 2020
New Genomic Females - June 2020

Congratulations to Holstein Plaza member, Plain-Knoll Holsteins on breeding the No. 5 New Genomic Female in the June Intermediate Run. Plain-Knoll Acura 3061-ET is backed by Seagull-Bay Oman Mirror and scores a great +3018 GTPI. Leading the list are Solution, Prince, Admiral, and AltaZazzle daughters. 


Top 5 New Genomic Females:

1. Siemers SLN Hanina 33232-ET +3119GTPI

2. Denovo Prince 1745-ET +3035GTPI

3. Denovo Admiral 1741-ET +3030GTPI

4. Peak 63007-ET +3024GTPI

5. Plain-Knoll Acura 3061-ET +3018GTPI


Other Holstein Plaza members with females in the Top 25 include Tramilda Holsteins and Oakfield Corners Dairy.

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December 9, 2019
Croaky Pond Dispersal Results

Croaky-Pond, Tramilida and Stunning Holsteins would like to send a big thank you to all the buyers on the Croaky-Pond Dispersal Sale, and wish them success with their purchases! 400 lots were sold for an average of $1450. Thank you to Walnut Grove Auctions forr their Assistance.


High Seller - Lot 1 - $90,000

Buyer: De Novo Genetics, WI

Contender: Peak Genetics, WI


2nd High Seller - Lot 2 - $5,500

Buyer:  Daniel Brandt, PA


3rd High Seller - Lot 20 - $4,250

Buyer: Kevin Doeberiner, OH


4th High Seller - Lot 3 - $4,100

Buyer: Nate Donnay, MN

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December 6, 2019
Croaky Pond Dispersal UPDATES

Croaky-Pond Dispersal Updates -  Lot 1 will sell at 12 PM EST followed by the lots listed below. These lots will be in a group and will sell in the order they enter the ring. Lots 2, 3, - 6AB, 7AB, 8, 10, 14, 20, 22, 23, 24, 26, 28, 29, 40, 68, 85, 138, 145, 166, 195, 205, 207, 226, 388


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November 27, 2019
Croaky Pond Dispersal Catalog

The Croaky Pond Dispersal Catalog is available now. This auction also features the best of Tramilda and Stunning Holsteins. View the Catalog HERE

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November 25, 2019
Tramilida Holsteins Sale

The Croaky Pond Herd Dispersal is being held at Croaky Pond Farm in Montezuma, Georgia on Friday, December 6th. The sale also features the best of Tramilida and Stunning Holsteins. The Dispersal Sale begins at 9:30 a.m, while Lot 1, Stunning-M Rome Lollipop, sells at 12:00 p.m., Her dam, Stunning-M Magic Lotion, sells as Lot 2. Lollipop is A2A2, Haplotype Free, and the #1 NM$ and CM$ Rome daughter in the Breed! Don't miss this exciting offering with +2873 GTPI, +1103 NM$, +1223 DWPS, +276 FE, +1151 CM$, and +206 CFP. VIEW AUCTION INFORMATION

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May 6, 2019
Exciting classification day for Tramilda Holsteins

Holstein Plaza Member, Tramilda Holsteins had an exciting morning with the classifier! Highlights include 8 new or raised Excellents and 20 new Very Goods including 9 Very Good two-year-olds.

Excellent Highlights:

Tramilda Chester Heleen EX-92 (MAX)

Ladys-Manor Mogul Suzanne E-92

Butlerview Daddy Shene EX-92

Tramilda Brokaw Cali EX-91

Tramilda Racer Silk EX-91

Tramilda Earnhardt Lexus-P EX-90

Tramilda Acme Marcela EX-90

Stunning Chester Amazing EX-90

Click to enlarge - Savage-Leigh RC Lena EX-90
February 18, 2019
Exciting Classification Results

Following a visit from the classifier, Tramilda Holsteins is excited to report 12 new Excellents, 18 new Very Good two-year-olds and 35 total new Very Goods. Highlights include:

Tramilda Montross Golden VG-89 (MAX)
(Montross x EX Supersonic)
- Currently working with daughters over +2700G
Savage-Leigh RC Lena EX-90
(Armani x Savage-Leigh Leona EX-96)
Crasdale Doorman Liberty EX-90
(Doorman x Goldwyn Locket EX-94)
Ladys-Manor MG Suzanne EX-90
(Mogul sister to Shamrock)
Sheeknoll Doorman Aspire VG-86
(Doorman x Arrow EX-96)

Click to enlarge - View-Home Mrdian Iowa VG-86-2YR VG-MS DOM
July 2, 2018
Early FIRST daughter sells

Selling as Lot 31 in the 2018 National Holstein Convention Sale is an early First direct daughter to Meridian IOWA! She scores a GTPI+2762 and +1905 pounds of milk... From a tremendous genomic transmitting cow family. Be the LAST to bid! VIEW MORE

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March 13, 2018
Early MARQUEE daughter

Tramilda Marquee Issie, directly from View-Home Mrdian Iowa... And selling in the Tennesse Spring Spectacular Sale! Issie is a maternal sister to a Modesty daughter that sold in the Holiday Harvest Sale for $162,500. Great pedigree, huge potential! View More

Click to enlarge - Butlerview Arch CNN
March 13, 2018
Archrival daughter to Camomile SELLS

Selling this Saturday March 17th, 2018 as Lot 7 is an Archrival daughter directly out of EX-95 Silvermaple Damion Camomile! She is a maternal sister to EX-92 Doorman Camilla and EX-91 Doorman Class. CNN is due in July to King Doc... VIEW CATALOG

Click to enlarge - Budjon-Vail Doorman Elania
March 6, 2018
Beautiful Doorman daughter sells

Selling March 16th, 2018 at the March Madness Sale... Lot 4 Budjon-Vail Doorman Elania! Nominated All-American Fall Calf 2017 and is backed by Budjon-JK Emilys Edair EX-95! View More

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February 21, 2018
High Jedi daughter sells with embryo contract!

Lot 39... STUNNING JEDI CALISTA a +2760G / +158 RZG +859NM$ Jedi daughter backed by the Ralma Juror Faith cow family sells with an embryo contract to Germany through GenElite...VIEW MORE

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February 20, 2018
High COPYCAT daughter

Stunning-M Copycat Lexus sells as Lot 8 in the Fun in the Sun at Lido Beach Sale. Lexus scores a GTPI+2875 and +973MNM$... Making her the No. 1 GTPI and No. 2 NM$ Copycat daughter...VIEW MORE

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January 4, 2018
High Genomic results on Copycat daughter

Stunning-M Copycat Lexus has came back with exceptional genomic results. Scoring a +2877 GTPI +973$NM +223 FE +2.5 DPR +8.1 PL
+1408lbs of milk and +108lbs of fat. And she Sells February 23rd at Lido Beach in Florida!


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December 20, 2017
View-Home Mrdian Iowa herself sells!

View-Home Meridian Iowa VG-86 DOM is the maternal sister to the popular mating sires Monterey, Missouri, Cashflow and Powerball-P and has four daughters over +2800G. Her two Modesty daughters sold for $162,500 and $132,500.. She's a money maker! And she herself sells dry and open! As well as several IVF embryo offerings! 


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December 20, 2017
Jedi daughter sells ready to flush!

Selling tomorrow in the Holiday Harvest Sale as Lot 107 is Comfort Jedi Mabel... Scoring a NM$+809 and +2115lbs of milk! Goes back to the genomic transmitter Aija Supersire Makea! Mabel sells open and ready to flush! Be the last bid tomorrow at 10:00 AM EST. 


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December 11, 2017
Sells today in the Music Celebration!

Selling as Lot 29 today in the Music Celebration Sale... Sheeknoll Sid Tophatt! A fancy Sid x 2016 WDE Grand Champion, EX-96 Sheeknoll Durham Arrow! Ready to flush heifer that will make for a great cow! 


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December 7, 2017
High MODESTY sells

Selling on December 11th at the Music City Celebration Sale as Lot 42 is Rickland Modesty 6210.. Scoring a GTPI+2787 +2187lbs of milk and +886NM$. Strong maternal line.. VG-87 Montross x VG-87 Mccutchen x EX-92 Superstition! 


Click to enlarge -
December 7, 2017
Beautiful SID daughter from the Unanimous All-American...

Lot 29 in the Music City Celebration Sale... Sheeknoll Sid Tophatt! A beautiful Sid daughter directly out of the Unanimous All-American Aged Cow in 2016 Sheeknoll Durham Arrow EX-96! Tremendous opportunity for this Sid daughter to follow in the footsteps of her SHOW-WINNING dam! Be the one to make your mark in the show ring! 


Click to enlarge - BPG Delta Honey 2
December 7, 2017
High DELTA daughter with proven sire stack sells!

Selling in the Music City Celebration Sale as Lot 22 is BGP Delta Honey 2.. Scoring a high GTPI+2814 and +884NM$. She goes back to Wesswood-HC Rudy Missy! And is the highest GTPI Delta heifer in the sale with a proven sire stack! She was just preg-checked and confirmed pregnant to Thonmaker and sells ready to IVF! 


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October 19, 2017
Kizil now scored EX-93 94-MS!

Farhope Sid Kizil is now scored EX-93 94-MS! Kizil was placed 7th 4 year-old in the International Junior Holstein Show, also placed 1st 4 year-old at the Midwest Spring National 2017 and Honorable Mention All-Canadian Sr. 2 year-old in 2015...


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September 13, 2017
Eastern Elite Sale

The Eastern Elite Sale will be held September 19, 2017 at the Pennsylvania Farm Show Complex in Harrisburg, PA. Selling as Lot 1, Gold Barbara WB Bianca. She is the only Windbrook daughter of Barbara in the World. Bianca will show as a Sr. 2 this year and is due back in May next year to Doorman! 


Click to enlarge - Budjon-JK Atwood Eware EX-94 95-MS
August 24, 2017
Eware MAX scored

Budjon-JK Atwood Eware is now EX-94 95-MS (Max Score) @ 4-08. Watch for Eware in the 4-Year-Old class on the colored shavings at World Dairy Expo this year! She is ready to hit the show ring looking fantastic already! 


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June 15, 2017
2017 National Convention Sale

The 2017 National Convention Sale will be held Friday June 30, 2017 in Bellevue, WA. There are several offerings from genomic heifers, backed by All-American and State Show winning dams, deep maternal lines, red & whites of prominence and many more exciting offerings that will fit your specific needs! 


Click to enlarge - Sandy-Valley Robust Ruby VG-87
April 26, 2017
Holstein Plaza Members consign to Pinnacle of Peak

The Pinnacle of Peak will be held this Friday April 28,2017 at 6 P.M. in Madison, WI. Here are some highlights selling from current Holstein Plaza Members. Selling as Lot #2.. Seagull-Bay is consigning the No. 1 GTPI Bourbon in the Breed! She also has the same maternal line as AI bulls Jedi, Jett and Flagship.. And goes back to the EX-91-2E GMD DOM Lynmead Celsius Minnow... 


Click to enlarge - Stunning-M Awe Loyal-Red
March 29, 2017
Better in COLOR

The QUEST FOR SUCCESS SALE has many red & white consignments! Stunning-M Awe Loyal-Red sells as Lot R23... she is an Awesome-Red out of VG-86-VG-MS Savage-Leigh RC Lena-ET *RC who is backed by EX-96-2E-GMD Savage-Leigh Leona! Leona was Nominated All-American Lifetime Production Cow in 2014 and Nominated All-American 125,000 lb. Cow in 2013. This is one deep maternal line from a beautiful red heifer! 


Click to enlarge - Stunning-M Awe Lyric-Red
March 2, 2017
Tramilda Holsteins consign to APPLE MANIA!

LOT #72 STUNNING-M AWE LYRIC-RED sells in the upcoming Apple Mania Sale on Saturday March 4th. Lyric's granddam is the tremendous EX-96-2E GMD Savage-Leigh Leona! This fancy red heifer has one deep pedigree with lots of potential! 


Click to enlarge - Ladys-Manor HDLR Shastee VG-86
February 20, 2017
An elite offering leads to success for Tramilda!

There are several opportunities to invest in great genetics and buy from outstanding members of Holstein Plaza. Lady's-Manor HDLR Shastee            VG-86 in particular, was purchased by Tramilda Holsteins as the top seller in March 2014 Online Heifer Sale. In which she heightened all expectations for herself and her owners! 


Click to enlarge - View-Home Mrdian Iowa VG-86-2YR VG-MS DOM
February 14, 2017
Updates on Tramilda's profile!

The donor section of Tramilda Holsteins has been updated with exciting new donors. Budjon-JK Atwd Eware has been added to the donor list and is the EX-91 Atwood daughter from the Elegance family. Also added Tramilda-N Kingboy Sage, the dam of the No. 1 GTPI Heifer in Europe and backed by the Ruby D Shawns. Sage is due in March to Duke. View-Home Mrdian Iowa also now calls Tramilda home. Iowa is the highest GTPI milking daughter of Robust 4846 and a maternal sister to Monterey, Powerball-P, Missouri and others. She is a very exciting donor that is currently being flushed! Luckily it doesn't end here, there are several other new elite donors but you will need to go to Tramilda Holsteins profile to check them out. VIEW DONORS

Click to enlarge - Wilstar-RS TLT Limited-Red EX-94
July 8, 2016
Tremendous R&W consignments from Holstein Plaza members!

Selling in the National R&W Convention Sale, are several exciting offers from different members. READ MORE

Click to enlarge - Lot 8G (Denver x Cool-Lawn Supersire 4224)
June 28, 2016
Snapshots Lot 8G and Lot 36G

Take a look at lots 8G and 36G from the National Convention Sale. Lot 8G, a +2783GTPI / 2.78T Denver daughter from a Supersire backed by an Unique Sire Stack (Denver x Supersire x Maui x Colby x Boliver) going back to the Eastview Duster Mark Lady family! Lot 36G  is an EARLY Modesty daughter with +2746GTPI and +2.30T with 14 generation of EX and VG family, same family as Kingboy!

Click to enlarge - Tramilda-N Ad Flare-Red now scoring EX-94 95-MS
June 20, 2016
Tramilda classifies!

Tramilda Holsteins reports and exciting classification, the highlights include Tramilda-N Ad Flare-Red now scoring EX-94 95-MS and Ms Boyana Uno Brinley now EX-90 91-MS! CLICK HERE for more highlights.

Click to enlarge - IHG Flame Elsa 9173 - Dam of Lot 8
May 27, 2016
Rare, EARLY opportunities to Party at the Park from Tramilda

Be sure to get in on these Rare, EARLY Opportunities selling Thursday, June 2 at the Party at the Park Sale from Tramilda Holsteins. Stunning-M Modesty Express sells as Lot 8, an early Modesty with a preliminary GTPI of +2738 and 175FE. Lot 9, Stunning-M Modesty Halo is another early Modesty backed by a unique sire stack and a GTPI of +2634, +1658 milk and +2.22 type. Rounding out the offerings from Tramilda is an early *RC Alltime daughter with a GTPI of +2609, +1774 milk and +67 protein. VIEW CATALOG

April 1, 2016
SHOWSPOTS... Choose your favorite show cow!

Choose your favorite SHOW COW out of the ShowSpots section from the Hotspots Winter/Spring 2016 edition. Six fantastic show cows from all around the world and owned by Eurogenes and Holstein Plaza members have been selected and the winner will be published in the Summer 2016 edition and voting ends Saturday, April 30. Follow this link to VOTE. Voting online through Facebook, if you don't have facebook, send the name of the cow by email to info@holsteinplaza.comCLICK HERE to read the full online verson of Hotspots.

• TC Sanchez Kristina
• Du Bon Vent Inkapi
• Farhope Sid Kizil
• DH Gold Chip Darling
• Pineland Goldwyn Hemi
• Vennhuizer Gold One

Click to enlarge - Budjon-JK Gold Chip Enamel VG-89-2YR EX-MS (MAX)
March 15, 2016
Tramilda and Stunning Classification Report

Great classification in the books for Tramilda Holsteins and Stunning Holsteins including an Excellent-92 point three-year-old and a Very Good-89 and Very Good-88 two-year-olds. READ MORE

Tramilda-N Ad Flare-Red EX-93
Supreme Champion, Florida State Fair 2016
Duckett-SA Braxton Fran EX-92 (Max Score)
Braxton x Frosty EX-97
Budjon-JK Gold Chip Enamel VG-89 EX-MS (Max Score)  
Gold Chip x Emilys Edair EX-95

Click to enlarge - IHG Winney Jerod 55380
January 27, 2016
ADDED LOT: Destination Naples Sale

Check out Lot 44 just added to the lineup for Friday's Destination Naples Sale... Selling a GTPI+2735 (prelim) Denver born in December and backed by a unique sire stack (Jerod x Numero Uno x Billion) and eight generations VG/EX. VIEW LOT

November 17, 2015
Tramilda Classification Highlights

Tramilda Holsteins had a great visit from the classifier below are just a few of the high scoring two-year-olds.
Budjon-JK Gold Chip Enamel VG-88  88-MS
Gold Chip x Budjon-JK Emilys Edair EX-95

Savage-Leigh RC Lena  VG-86  86-MS
*RC Armani x Savage-Leigh Leona EX-96

EDG Christa HL 2066  VG-86  87-MS
2427 GTPI Headliner from the Juror Faith Family

Ladys-Manor Mogul Suzanne  VG-86  87-MS
Mogul sister to Shamrock

Ladys-Manor Headliner Shastee  VG-86  87-MS
2373 GTPI Headliner from same Family as Shamrock

T-Gen-AC Denzel Janardy  VG-85  86-MS
Denzel x Benner Fork Janardan VG-87

T-Spruce Mogul 7260  VG-85  87-MS
2377 GTPI *RC Mogul x VG-87 Planet


Click to enlarge - MS Tara GC Tahiti VG-88-2YR
November 9, 2015
Tahiti named Intermediate Champion

Ms Tara GC Tahiti was named first place junior two-year-old and Intermediate Champion earlier today of the Mid-East National Holstein Show. Congratulations to owners Austin Yoder and Matthias Swartzentruber.

Click to enlarge - Ms Tara GC Tahiti VG-86-2YR
October 13, 2015
Ms Tara GC Tahiti pictured

Ms Tara GC Tahiti VG-86-2YR has been pictured recently, Tahiti was the 1st Jr. 2-Yr-old and Reserve Intermediate Champion of the Jr. Show at World Dairy Expo. She was also the 5th place Jr. 2-Yr-Old of the Open International Holstein Show 2015. 

Click to enlarge - Ms Boyana Uno Brinley VG-87-2YR 88-MS
August 21, 2015
Tramilda Classification Highlights

Fantastic results following yesterday's classification at Tramilda Holsteins, Georgia.

• Ms Boyana Uno Brinley (+2367G) VG-87-2YR 88-MS
• Duckett-SA Braxton Fran (Braxton x FROSTY) EX-90 91-MS
• Ladys-Manor Hdlnr Shastee (GTPI+2373) VG-85-2YR 86-MS
• Ladys-Manor MG Suzanne (Sister to Shamrock) VG-85-2YR 86-MS


August 3, 2015
SHOWSPOTS... Choose your favorite show cow!

Choose your favorite SHOW COW out of the ShowSpots section from the Hotspots Summer 2015 edition. Six fantastic show cows from all around the world and owned by Eurogenes and Holstein Plaza members have been selected and the winner will be published in the Autumn 2015 edition and voting ends Sunday, August 23. Follow this link to VOTE. Voting online through Facebook, if you don't have facebook, send the name of the cow by email to info@holsteinplaza.comCLICK HERE to read the full online verson of Hotspots.

  • Cleland Advnt Alexia-Red
  • Posal Lheros Olimpia
  • M-Riverview Audra-Red
  • Goldblack du Tombuy
  • Bosdale Gold Luster
  • Kamps-Hollow Adv Noel-Red

READ MORE on the six candidates.

Click to enlarge - M-Riverview Audra-Red EX-92
July 10, 2015
Audra named HM Senior Champion and SELLS

M-Riverview Audra-Red EX-92 was named second place five-year-old and HM Senior Champion at yesterday's Wisconsin Championship Red & White Show. Owned by Austin Yoder, Audra sells July 16 on the National Red & White Convention Sale in Iowa and is backed by the tremendous Atlees!

Click to enlarge - Ms Emily Emarion VG-85-2YR
June 22, 2015
+2658G Yoder sells at National Convention Sale

Selling on Wednesday, June 24 at the National Holstein Convention Sale in St. Charles, Ill. is a +2658G (prelim) Yoder daughter from the VG-85 Supersire maternal sister to Epic and from the tremendous Lead Mae family. Don't miss added Lot 108 Tramilda-N Yoder Echo with 1439 milk, 104 fat and 60 protein and also 2.38 on type! Also selling form Tramilda Holsteins is a +2591G Mr Mogul Delta daughter backed by the No. 1 GTPI Denzel daughter in the breed and a deep maternal line back to the Benner Luke Jean family! Ms Tramilda Delta Jazz sells as Lot 29.

Click to enlarge - Budjon-Vail ABS Adrianna *RC
June 3, 2015
New donors online for Tramilda

All-American type to elite genomics ... be sure to check out the new donors online for Tramilda Holsteins, Georgia. Ten top donors have been added to their profile with new photos and all are currently being flushed to the industry's elite sires including the HUGE Liquid Gold daughter, BGP L Gold Hayworth, and the *RC Absolute daughter from Grand Champion Africa, Budjon-Vail ABS Adrianna *RC. VIEW DONORS

Click to enlarge - OCD Gold Chip Spirit
June 2, 2015
New photo of OCD Gold Chip Spirit

New photo of the beautiful Gold Chip Spring Yearling, OCD Gold Chip Spirit. Selling in the Holstein Plaza Online Embryo Auction are five #1 grade SEXED Archrival embryos from Spirit and backed by a deep pedigree with show winners and high scoring Excellents!

Click to enlarge - Pencroft -Ammon G Chiffon EX-90 92-MS
April 22, 2015
Classification Highlights from Tramilda

Tremendous classification at Tramilda Holsteins today!

  • Tramilda Atwood May  EX-91-3YR
    Atwood x Donacin Durham Marme EX-94
  • Tramilda Atwood Renita  EX-91-4YR
    Atwood from the Roxys
  • Pencroft-Ammon G Chiffon  EX-90 92-MS
    Believed to be Gold Chip's first EXCELLENT daughter!
  • Tramilda Atwood Iris  EX-90
    Atwood x 12 Generations VG or EX

READ MORE including two-year-old results!

Click to enlarge - M-Riverview Audra-Red EX-92 | 1st Place 5-Yr-Old, Best Udder and HM Senior Champion NY Spring R&W Show 2015
April 13, 2015
M-Riverview Audra HM Senior Champion NY Spring R&W Show

A great success for Tramilda Holsteins at the New York Spring Show, M-Riverview Audra EX-92 was the 1st placed 5-Yr-Old, Best Udder and HM Senior Champion of the New York Spring Red & White Show 2015. 

Click to enlarge - Savage-Leigh Golden Girl VG-88 | Her First Choice Female Windbrook/Corvette Sells as Lot C in the Quest for Success Sale II
March 25, 2015
First Choice Female from Res. All-American Golden Girl

Selling as Lot C in the Quest for Success II Sale is a First Choice Windbrook/Corvette Female from Savage-Leigh Golden Girl VG-88-2YR EX-MS. Golden Girl is the Res. All-American Milking Yearling 2014 and stood 2nd at the Milking Yearling Class at World Dairy Expo! She a Goldwyn daughter of Savage-Leigh Leona EX-96! 

February 27, 2015
Congratulations to the Yoders on a tremendous sale!

Congratulations to the Croaky Pond and Tramilda teams and the Yoder families for a very successful spring sale averaging around $2700 on 200 head yesterday. The sale was held in Montezuma, Georgia.

Click to enlarge - Nisly-Gen A Atwood Velvet EX-92
February 25, 2015
Croaky-Pond and Tramilda Spring Sale TOMORROW

TOMORROW, Thursday, February 26 is the Croaky Pond and Tramilda Spring Sale to be held at 10:00 a.m. (EST) in Montezuma, Georgia. Selling as Lot 1 is the EX-92 Atwood daughter from a deep maternal line, she is just fresh and will be a big time four-year-old for this year! 200 fantastic lots sell... VIEW FULL CATALOG

Click to enlarge - BGP L Gold Hayworth GTPI+2510
February 16, 2015
New photo of BGP L Gold Hayworth!

New photo of the +2510 GTPI Liquid Gold daughter, BGP L Gold Haworth. Selling on the Holstein Plaza Online Embryo Auction as Lot 6 are three #2 grade SEXED Rubicon embryos from Hayworth! Don't miss these Elite and Unique Pedigree built in at PA-GTPI+2611, >1,5 on Udders, Feet & Legs and PTAT, >50 Protein, > 75 Fat and great health traits! 

Click to enlarge - Cache-Valley Lheros 2331 EX-92
December 10, 2014
Cache-Valley Lheros 2331 selling at Vegas Sale

Selling as Lot 1 in the Destination Vegas Sale is Cache-Valley Lheros 2331 EX-92. Lheros 2331 is Nominated All-American and All-Canadian 4-Yr-Old 2014 and up for committee at EX-95 96-MS. Lheros 2331 was recently 1st 4-Yr-Old and Best Udder of the Royal Winter Fair and 2nd 4-Yr-Old and Best Udder of World Dairy Expo! 

Click to enlarge -
November 19, 2014
Cache-Valley Lheros 2331 SELLS!

News Flash.....the rumors are true, Cache-Valley Lheros 2331 SELLS as Lot 1 in the Destination Vegas Sale! Fresh off her win at the Royal and due back in June to Armani, she is sure to be in the hunt for the major titles next fall!

Click to enlarge - Savage-Leigh Acme Light *RC
November 3, 2014
New Photo of Savage-Leigh Acme Light *RC

New photo of the *RC Acme daughter of a VG-87-2YR Atwood granddaughter of Licorice. Selling in the Holstein Plaza Online Embryo Auction are Sexed Barbwire embryos from Light... RED LICORICE SHOW CALVES! Light was also 4th spring yearling at the 2014 International Junior Holstein Show at World Dairy Expo!

Click to enlarge - A-Mason Durham Lanny EX-94
October 12, 2014
Fantastic Georgia State Show for Tramilda

Great day at the Georgia State Show for the Yoder family of Tramilda Holsteins winning Grand and Supreme Champion with A-Mason Durham Lanny EX-94. READ MORE

Click to enlarge - MS Butlervw Uno Liva2074-ET GTPI+2320 (Numero Uno x Rocking-P Bowser Luna VG-86 x Stone-Rise Durham Lizzy EX-95 2E DOM family)
September 17, 2014
Donors Pictured at Tramilda

Recently several donors of Tramilda Holsteins have been pictured. CLICK HERE to view the results. 

Click to enlarge - Le-O-La Superson Golden raised her score to VG-87-2YR-USA
September 13, 2014
Great classification day at Tramilda Holsteins

Tramilda Holsteins had a tremendous classification day! CLICK HERE to read the highlights.

Click to enlarge - Kings-Ransom Dorc Dextra VG-87 | Her GTPI+2386 Deductive sells tomorrow as lot 2 in the Virginia Sale of Stars
July 31, 2014
Holstein Plaza members selling at VA Sale of Stars 2014

Several Holstein Plaza members are selling some exciting heifers and cows tomorrow at the Virginia Sale of Stars 2014. The Sale of Stars start at 5:00 PM EST at the Rockingham County Fairgrounds in Harrisonburg, VA. CLICK HERE to find out which lots Holstein Plaza members consigned.

Click to enlarge - Le-O-La Superson Golden VG-85-2YR | Her GTPI+2429 Sterling female sells at the Intrigue
July 24, 2014
Tramilda-N Sterling Goldie sells at International Intrigue

An exciting consignment by Tramilda to the International Intrigue Sale, Tramilda-N Sterling Goldie is a +2429G +3.61T Sterling daughter from Le-O-La Superson Golden VG-85-2YR, who is the maternal sister to the international sire of sons Le-O-La Mogul Gambler-ET. Goldie sells as lot 58.

Click to enlarge - A-Mason Durham Lanny is now EX-94!
May 25, 2014
Classification highlights from Tramilda Holsteins

Friday was classification day at Tramilda Holsteins, several two-year-olds were scored VG including Duckett-SA Braxton Fran VG-86 and A-Mason Durham Lanny is now EX-94. READ MORE

Click to enlarge - Nisly-Gen-A Atwood Velvet  EX-90 91-MS 3yr
February 20, 2014
Tramilda Classification update

Find all the highlights following a visit from the classfier at Tramilda Holsteins which include 7 new EX and 16 new VG first lactation, READ MORE. 

Click to enlarge - Ms Boyana Uno Brinley | Sells as lot 25 in the Destination Naples Sale
January 30, 2014
Exciting consignments from Tramilda Holsteins

Tramilda sells 3 exciting lots in the Destination Naples Sale. 

  • Lot 22 EDG Christa HL 2066-ET • GTPI+2338 GLPI+3277 | The #12 Headliner in the breed sells, 1st flush she made 14 #1 grade embryos
  • Lot 25 Ms Boyana Uno Brinley • GTPI+2395 +4.02T | One of the highest Barbies in the Breeds sells!
  • Lot 40 BAF-ZBW Turning Layne • GTPI+2308 | #20 GTPI Layne daughter in the breed!
Click to enlarge - Stranshome Sid Skylar
January 2, 2014
Skylar named Junior All-American for Tramilda!

Congratulations to Austin Yoder on Stranshome Sid Skylar being named 2013 Junior All-American Spring Yearling!

Click to enlarge - Coxlyn Fireworks Pansy EX-95
November 12, 2013
Successful Mid-East Fall National Show for Tramilda

Tramilda Holsteins had a successfull day at the Mid-East Fall National Show in Louisville, KY. Stranshome Sid Skylar-ET became Honorable Mention Junior Champion and 1st Spring Yearling. Coxylyn Fireworks Pansy was 1st 5-Yr Old. In the R&W Show M-Riverview Audra-Red-ET was the 1st placed Sr-3-Yr. 

Click to enlarge - Coxlyn Fireworks Pansy EX-95
October 14, 2013
Tramilda successful at GA State Show

Tramilda had a great GA State Show last weekend. Coxlyn Fireworks Pansy EX-95 was crowned Supreme Champion and Grand Champion with Cache-Valley Lheros 2331 EX-92 (Intermediate Champion) as Reserve Grand Champion, 2331 is also owned by Tramilda. However this wasn't the only success for Tramilda, M-Riverview Audra-Red was Reserve Intermediate Champion and Stranshome Sid Skylar was Reserve Junior Champion. 

Click to enlarge - Stranshome Sid Skylar - HM Junior Champion, 2013 International Junior Holstein Show
October 1, 2013
Tramilda has HM Junior Champion of International Junior Show

Stranshome Sid Skylar was the winning spring yearling and named Honorable Mention Junior Champion of the 2013 International Junior Holstein Show for owners Austin Yoder and Matthias Swartzentruber, Georgia. Congratulations!

Click to enlarge - Lookout Advent Flicka
September 12, 2013
Success for Greenlea & Yoder at All American Red & White Show

The All American Red and White Holstein Show was in full swing on Wednesday, September 11th in Harrisburg, PA. The show proved to be quite competitve, with an endless stream of beautiful cows. The show proved to be quite successful for Holstein Plaza Members, Greenlea Farm and Austin Yoder. READ MORE

Click to enlarge - Tramilda Holsteins
July 26, 2013
Great consignment from Tramilda at International Intrigue

Tramilda consigned a huge lot at the International Intrigue which is held July 28th. Selling is Ri-Val-Re Ehrdt Daisy the #2 GLPI Polled Heifer in the World, this GTPI+2283/GLPI+3208 Earnhardt heifer sells as lot 57. Her dam is a fresh Observer who looks magnificent. 

Click to enlarge - Tramilda Holsteins
July 23, 2013
Classification update from Tramilda Holsteins

The recent classification at Tramilda Holsteins brought some exciting news. Highlights from the classification were:

  • Miss A&W Magical Lucy EX-93 
  • Donacin Goldwyn Randee EX-92 (MAX score)
  • Rivermar Pure Gold Kiesha EX-90 EX-92-MS
  • Gloryland-SA Anita Rae EX-90 EX-MS | Red Advent granddaughter of Liberty Rae!
  • KHW Sbox Avena VG-86 2YR | Maternal sister to Apple EX-95
  • Croaky-Pond Dundee Mint VG-86
  • Tramilda Atwood Renita VG-86 2YR
  • Tramilda Aspen Lori VG-86 2YR
  • Tramilda Jasper Royalty VG-85 2YR
  • Ms Atwood Lili-A VG-85 2YR | Atwood x VG-87 Pronto x Lila Z!
  • Tramilda Gabryil Pamela VG-85 2YR


Click to enlarge - KHW Sbox Avena VG-86
July 22, 2013
Update Lot 13 Avena scores VG-86 2YR

KHW Sbox Avena scored Very Good-86 as a 2 year old last Sathurday. She is a Shadow Boxer daughter straight out of Kamps-Hollow Altitude EX-95 which makes her the maternal sister to APPLE! In the Holstein Plaza Online Embryo Auction her Distinction embryos sell.

  • Lot 13 Distinction x KHW Sbox Avena VG-86 2YR
May 14, 2013
Tramilda Tag Sale Review

The Tramilda Tag Sale was a Great Success!  Nearly 40 lots sold for an average of $6,200 resulting in a gross of over $230,000. A special Thank You to All the buyers and consigners! Just a few of the high selling lots:

  • Lot 10 Sold for $20,000 Cache-Valley Lheros 2331 VG-89-3YR-CAN
    HM Intermediate Champion BC Spring Show 2013
    Consigned by : Joel Phoenix, T&L Cattle and Kingsway Farms, Canada
    Purchased by: Austin Yoder, Ruben Schaapman and Matthias Swartz, GA
  • Lot 7  Sold for $20,000   Choice of ODaddy Females both over 2400 GTPI!
    Dam is a VG-2YR Dorcy with numerous contracts!
    Consigned by: Seagull Bay Dairy, ID
    Purchased by: Select Sires, OH
  • Lot 12  Sold for $15,000    Savage-Leigh Golden Girl-ET
    Fancy Goldwyn Fall Calf x Savage-Leigh Leona EX-96
    Consigned by: Chip Savage, MD
    Purchased by: Austin Yoder & Samuel Nisly, GA
  • Lot 29  Sold for $12,500   Croaky-Pond Bolivia Remnant EX-91
    Big Time 4-Yr-Old for this Year!  Traces back to the Roxys!
    Consigned by: Austin Yoder, Ruben Schaapman & Matthias Swartz, GA
    Purchased by: Jason Volker & Jason Steinlage, IA
  • Lot 4  Sold for $12,000  Morsan Miss Agreable
    Hero Fall Calf x Eastside Lewisdale Gold Missy  EX-95
    Consigned by: Morsan & Butz, Canada
    Purchased by: Farnear Holsteins, IA
May 10, 2013
New video featuring the Tramilda Tag Sale

Scroll down the homepage to see the new featured video including snapshots taken in beautiful sunny Georgia at the Tramilda Tag Sale or visit the Videos link.

Click to enlarge -
May 9, 2013
Tramilda Tag Sale Updates NOW ONLINE

The Tramilda Tag Sale starts TODAY and runs through tomorrow May 10. CLICK HERE for updates.

Click to enlarge -
April 9, 2013
Updates Lot 56: SEXED HEADLINER x Tramilda-N Magnus B-Ware

Tramilda-N Magnus B-Ware an early Magnus daughter from the Oman Biffy family is now +2316 GTPI, +3.55T and +59P following the April run. Don't miss the SEXED Headliner embryos selling from B-Ware on the Holstein Plaza Online Embryo Auction.

December 8, 2012

New scores for the donors of Lot 32 and Lot 35 on the current Holstein Plaza Online Embryo Auction

December 8, 2012
Classification Highlights from Tramilda
  • A-Mason Durham Lanny-ET  EX-93 95-MS 5YR
    Grand Champion, Georgia National Fair 2012
  • Kingsmill Roy Roulette-ET  EX-92 (just two weeks fresh)
    14th Generation Excellent back to Audrey Posch
  • Oakfield Gold Topaz-ET  VG-88-2YR EX-MS
  • Owned by Austin Yoder & Matthias Swartz
    1st Jr 2-Yr-Old & Reserve Grand Champion GA National Fair Jr Show 2012
  • Tramilda-J Sanchez Rose-ET  VG-86-2YR VG-MS 
  • Sanchez x Kingsmill Roy Roulette EX-92
  • Hendel Gabor Bailey 3130-ET  VG-86-2YR VG-MS
    GTPI+2084 - Gabor from the Oman Biffy Family
    Embryos by Shotglass selling in Holstein Plaza Auction
  • Butlerview After Adora-ET  VG-85-2YR 86-MM
    Aftershock x Brookvilla Jasper Aka EX-94

Click here for more classification highlights!

Click to enlarge - A-Mason Durham Lanny - Grand Champion, Georgia National Fair 2012
October 17, 2012
Tramilda results from Georgia National Fair!

A-Mason Durham Lanny-ET EX-91 93-MS was the winning four-year-old, senior and grand champion of the show! Lanny will be flushed soon. Windy-Knoll-View Pimlico (Dundee x Promis EX-95) EX-93 94-MS was first aged cow and reserve senior and reserve grand champion. Oakfield Gold Topaz-ET VG-85 (purchased after the show by Tramilda) was first junior two-year-old, intermediate and reserve grand champion of the junior show. Topaz's second dam is Luck-E-JK Linjet Twizzle-ET EX-95. Milksource Shock Affair-ET (Aftershock x Amlaird Lee Alice EX-94) was the winning spring yearling and reserve junior champion. Affair has embryos available by sexed Acme! Jons-Hbd Braxton Izzie was second fall calf and honorable mention junior champion. Izzie is sired by Braxton and will be flushed!

Click to enlarge - Kingsmill Roy Roulette EX-91 • 14th Generation Excellent
May 11, 2012
Classification Updates for Tramilda Holsteins

A few highlights following a visit from the classfier at Tramilda Holsteins!


  • Windy-Knoll-View Pimlico EX-93 (94-MS) Dundee x "Promise" EX-95
  • Tramilda Burns Matilda-ET EX-91-4YR (91-MS) Mr. Burns from the "Snow" Family
  • Tramilda Advent Ruthie-ET EX-90-3YR (91-MS) Advent great granddaughter of Renita EX-94
  • Tramilda Dundee Robin-ET VG-85-2YR Dundee x Silverridge Leduc Renee EX-93
  • Tramilda-J Sanchez Rose-ET VG-85-2YR  Sanchez x Kingsmill Roy Roulette EX-91
  • Tramilda-J Atwood Rose-ET VG-85-2YR Atwood x Kingsmill Roy Roulette EX-91
November 17, 2011
CTC Celebration sale catalog NOW ONLINE

The CTC Celebration sale catalog is NOW ONLINE - CLICK HERE! Tremendous opportunities from the industry's elite cow families... Roxy, Lead Mae, M Hillary, Elegance, Ashlyn, Altitude, Apple, Bellwood Linda and more!

Click to enlarge -
October 27, 2011
Holstein Plaza welcomes Tramilda Holsteins

Tramilda Holsteins is now online with Holstein Plaza. Currently working with members from the Altitudes, Lead Maes, Rosa Rebels and more! Visit the Tramilda Holsteins breeder profile page for more details.