May 6, 2019

Exciting classification day for Tramilda Holsteins

Holstein Plaza Member, Tramilda Holsteins had an exciting morning with the classifier! Highlights include 8 new or raised Excellents and 20 new Very Goods including 9 Very Good two-year-olds.

Excellent Highlights:

Tramilda Chester Heleen EX-92 (MAX)

Ladys-Manor Mogul Suzanne E-92

Butlerview Daddy Shene EX-92

Tramilda Brokaw Cali EX-91

Tramilda Racer Silk EX-91

Tramilda Earnhardt Lexus-P EX-90

Tramilda Acme Marcela EX-90

Stunning Chester Amazing EX-90


Two-Year-Old Highlights:

Tramilda Corvette Lacy VG-86

Stunning Awe Alyssa-Red VG-86

Stunning-M Armani Paige VG-86

Stunning Awesome Aria-Red VG-85

Stunning Jedi Calista VG-85

Stunning Defiant Tory VG-85

Stunning-M Brady Rosebud VG-85

Tramilda Jedi Gracious VG-85

T-Triple-T Parade VG-85

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Tramilda Holsteins
5731 S.R. 26 East
Montezuma, Georgia 31063
United States

Phone: +1 478-244-2172