December 8, 2012

Classification Highlights from Tramilda

  • A-Mason Durham Lanny-ET  EX-93 95-MS 5YR
    Grand Champion, Georgia National Fair 2012
  • Kingsmill Roy Roulette-ET  EX-92 (just two weeks fresh)
    14th Generation Excellent back to Audrey Posch
  • Tramilda Durham Lolita-ET  EX-92 93-MS
    3rd Dam is Hepp-Haven Lisa of Pinehurst EX-96
  • DeBoer Dundee Snow Pea-ET  EX-91 EX-MS
    Dundee from the Snow family
  • Donacin Goldwyn Randee-ET  EX-90 91-MS 4YR (just two weeks fresh)
    Goldwyn from the Roxys
  • Whitaker Durham 639  EX-90 (just two weeks fresh)
  • Oakfield Gold Topaz-ET  VG-88-2YR EX-MS
    Owned by Austin Yoder & Matthias Swartz
    1st Jr 2-Yr-Old & Reserve Grand Champion GA National Fair Jr Show 2012
  • Tramilda Atwood Melon  VG-88 EX-MS (1st Lac)
    Atwood from the Dellias
  • Tramilda Dundee Robin-ET  VG-86 87-MS (1st Lac)
    Dundee from the Roxys
  • Tramilda-J Sanchez Rose-ET  VG-86-2YR VG-MS
    Sanchez x Kingsmill Roy Roulette EX-92
  • Hendel Gabor Bailey 3130-ET  VG-86-2YR VG-MS
    GTPI+2084 - Gabor from the Oman Biffy Family
    Embryos by Shotglass selling in Holstein Plaza Auction
  • Tramilda Atwood Pansey  VG-86 VG-MS (1st Lac)
    Atwood from Bell Precious Family
  • Butlerview After Adora-ET  VG-85-2YR 86-MM
    Aftershock x Brookvilla Jasper Aka EX-94
  • Tramilda-N San Fabric-ET  VG-85-2YR 86-MS
    Sanchez x Brandt-View Shottle Fern VG-86
  • Tramilda-N Atwood Candy  VG-85-2YR
    Atwood from Whittier-Farms Christina Family
  • Tramilda-N Alex Sabrina-ET  VG-85-2YR 86-MS
    Alexander from the Sweet Family
  • Budjon-Vail Dangerously-ET  VG-85 (1st Lac)
    Advent x Redmarker Desire EX-96
  • Tramilda Jasper Gracie-ET  VG-85 VG-MS (1st Lac)
    Jasper from Pinehurst Family
  • Nisly-Gen-A Atwood Velvet  VG-85-2YR 86-MS
    Atwood from 3 Generations of VG
  • Tramilda Graybil Jewel  VG-85 VG-MS (1st Lac)
    Graybil from Jezebel Family
  • Donacin Shottle Ariel  VG-85-2YR 86-MS
    Fancy Shottle

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