July 23, 2013

Classification update from Tramilda Holsteins

Tramilda Holsteins

The recent classification at Tramilda Holsteins brought some exciting news. Highlights from the classification were:

  • Miss A&W Magical Lucy EX-93
  • Donacin Goldwyn Randee EX-92 (MAX score)
  • Rivermar Pure Gold Kiesha EX-90 EX-92-MS
  • Gloryland-SA Anita Rae EX-90 EX-MS | Red Advent granddaughter of Liberty Rae!
  • KHW Sbox Avena VG-86 2YR | Maternal sister to Apple EX-95
  • Croaky-Pond Dundee Mint VG-86
  • Tramilda Atwood Renita VG-86 2YR
  • Tramilda Aspen Lori VG-86 2YR
  • Tramilda Jasper Royalty VG-85 2YR
  • Ms Atwood Lili-A VG-85 2YR | Atwood x VG-87 Pronto x Lila Z!
  • Tramilda Gabryil Pamela VG-85 2YR

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