September 13, 2014

Great classification day at Tramilda Holsteins

Le-O-La Superson Golden raised her score to VG-87-2YR-USA

Tramilda Holsteins had a tremendous classification day!

  • Nisly-Gen Atwood Velvet EX-92 (Max Score) 
  • Nisly-Gen Atwood Kismet EX-91-3YR
  • Croaky-Pond Dundee Mint EX-91-3YR
  • Duckett-SA Braxton Fran VG-88-2YR (Braxton x Harvue Roy Frosty EX-97)
  • Pencroft-Ammon G Chiffon VG-87-2YR
  • Le-O-La Superson Golden VG-87-2YR
  • Tramilda Atwood May VG-87-2YR
  • Tramilda Atwood Woe-Look-Out VG-87-2YR
  • Tramilda Atwood Rose VG-86-2YR
  • Tramilda Absolute Ilene-Red VG-86-2YR
  • Nisly-Gen Chester Jessica VG-86-2YR
  • KFH Supersonic Shasta VG-85-2YR
  • Muranda FB Lani VG-85-2YR
  • Tramilda Cameron Lynn VG-85-2YR
  • Tramilda Escalade Elsa VG-85-2YR
  • Tramilda Escalade Style VG-85-2YR

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