February 20, 2014

Tramilda Classification update

Nisly-Gen-A Atwood Velvet EX-90 91-MS 3yr

Yesterday was a good day for Tramilda Hoslteins, Montezuma, Georgia. 

The classifier came to the barn and scored no less than 7 new EX and 16 new VG first calving,

Following the results: 

  • Tramilda Advent Ruthie  EX-93 5yr --- Fresh 2 Days!! Advent from Renita Ranger Family!!
  • Tramilda Atwood Melon  EX-91 92-MS 4yr ---Atwood From the Dellia Family!!
  • Nisly-Gen-A Atwood Velvet  EX-90 91-MS 3yr ---HM Grand Champion Florida State Fair 2014!!
  • Tramilda Atwood Pansy  EX-90 3yr --- Atwood from Bell Precious Family!!
  • Cottoncrest Spirte Roxet EX-90 4yr --- Spirte x EX-92 Durham back to Roxy EX-97!!
  • Tramilda-N Crown Cassie  EX-90 --- Crown x EX-91 Allen x Norbert Morty Calina VG-87!!
  • Blossom-Meadow Gold Adel  EX-90 --- Goldwyn x EX-93 Aaron!!
  • Kingsmill Roy Trixie  EX-90 --- Roy x Del-Hollow Stormin Trudy EX-93!!
  • Nisly-Gen Atwood Kismet  VG-89 3yr --- Atwood x Kismet Family!!
  • Tramilda Observer Lynn  VG-85  87-MS 3yr --- 9 Generations VG or EX back to EX-96 Bootmaker Mandy!!


1st Lactation Cows...

  • Milksource Shock Affair  VG-87 --- Aftershock x Amlaird Lee Alice EX-94 x Chief Adeen EX-94!!
  • Duckett D Legend-Red  VG-86 --- Destry x Greenlea Advent Leta-Red EX-94!!
  • Nisly-Stun Braxton Violet  VG-86 --- Braxton from 5 Generations of VG!!
  • Tramilda Atwood Teresa  VG-86 --- Atwood from Art-Acres Tex Family!!
  • Markwell Explode Cherry  VG-86 --- Explode x Ralma Carat Gold EX-90 x Christmas Fudge VG-88!!
  • Coyne-Farms Observer Yan VG-86 --- Observer x Coyne-Farms Shottle Yeah VG-88 EX-MS!!
  • Tramilda-N Ad Flare-Red  VG-86 --- Advent x VG Talent x EX-95 Eland!!
  • Farnear Brocades Butter  VG-85 --- Robust x Regancrest Brocade EX-92!!
  • Tramilda Atwood May  VG-85 --- Atwood x Donacin Durham Marme EX-94!!
  • Tanbark Shamrock Maria  VG-85 --- GTPI 2100  Shamrock from 9 Generations of VG or EX!!
  • Tramilda Atwood Raine  VG-85 --- Atwood x Silverridge Leduc Renee EX-93!!
  • Tramilda-J San Rachel  VG-85 --- Sanchez from 14 Generations EX!!
  • Tramilda-J Atwood Rhonda  VG-85 --- Atwood from 14 Generations EX!!
  • Tramilda Atwood Iris  VG-85 --- Atwood from 8 Generations of VG or EX!!
  • Tramilda Atwood Rachel  VG-85 --- Atwood x Baxter x EX-93 Allen from Roxy Family!!
  • Tramilda-N Durable No Fear  VG-85 --- Durable x VG Talent x EX-95 Eland!!
  • ST-Jacob Stormatic Ada  VG-85 --- Stormatic x Tri-Day Ashlyn EX-96!!

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