September 10, 2018

More Oakfield Classification Highlights!

There were a total of 204 cows scored at Oakfield Corners last Tuesday. Which resulted in 6 excellents, 32 very-good and 117 good-plus! 

Included in the show cow highlights: Avianca is now EX-94 EX-94-MS, Karmilla is now EX-93 EX-94-MS, and Red Candy is now EX-92 EX-93-MS. Paige stays VG-89 EX-MS, while red sisters Emma and Emoji are both VG-86.

Some to keep your eye out for this fall are Blair-Red VG-86 first score and very fresh, and milking yearling Demi is VG-86! 

Congratulations to Oakfield! 

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