December 11, 2015

Oakfield Corners Classifies!

OCD Robust Shimmer now EX-90!

Oakfield Corners reports some exciting classification results! Below some of the highlights of the classification at december 7th.

1st Lactation Very Goods

  • Car-J Uno Lisa VG-85 (Numero Uno x Atlantic x Eastview Mtoto Mia Lady), Lisa has sons by Silver over GTPI+2600
  • EDG Ruby Uno Rae 254 VG-86 (Numero Uno x Robust x Sandy-Valley Planet Sapphire) Rae 254 has daughters by Delta over GTPI+2700 and daughters by Muscadet over +2600G
  • Hez Gldwn Hermoine VG-87 (Goldwyn x Dubeau Dundee Hezbollah)
  • Jolicap Hdlnr Huata VG-86 (Headliner x Robust x Screaming-Vis-R Heaven) Huata still scores GTPI+2569 and has offspring over 2700 & 2600 by altaSpring, Muscadet and Profit
  • Just-N-Rust Atwd Pledge VG-86 (Atwood x Lee x Mayerlane-DK Fig-Pie)
  • Landis-MRK Mogul Zaneta VG-87 (Mogul x Superstition x Lynncrest Goldwyn Zenita) Zaneta still scores GTPI+2487 and has an Eraser P son at Select with GTPI+2588
  • OCD Lavanguard Tootsie VG-88 (Lavanguard x Advent x Highlight Tamara)
  • OCD Braxton Tammy VG-85 (Braxton x Ms Americana LDC Twinkle)
  • OCD Actn Lovestory-Red VG-86 (Action x Advent Lyndi x Lylehaven Form Laura)
  • OCD Doorman 9689 VG-85 (Doorman x Shamrock x Schimty Bojangles Nappy) EArly Doorman with sons over +2600G by Delta

2nd Lactation Very Goods

  • Oakfield Bright Goldsun VG-85 (Goldsun x Outside Brynn x Oakfield Storm Bailey)
  • Oakfield Sid Bria VG-85 (Sid x Outside Brynn x Oakfield Storm Bailey)
  • Oakfield Dusk Salina-Red VG-85 (Dusk x Stoney-Pollar Sharmaine-Red)
  • Oakfield Atwd Blacknblue VG-86 (Atwood x Dundee x Bubbling-Brook J Quiet)
  • Oakfield-Bro Re Freshman VG-87 (Reginald x Storm Fleurel x Penn-Gate Skychief Finesse)
  • OCD Mogul Delight VG-87 (Mogul x Boxer x Miss Elegant Delight)
  • OCD McCutchen Dafne VG-88 (McCutchen x Observer x Curr-Vale Goldwyn Delicious), full sister to Dresser at Select Sires and has a daughter by Montross over +2600G
  • OCD Mogul Fuji VG-87 (Mogul x Lars-Acres Felices Fame)
  • OCD McCutchen Shine VG-88 (McCutchen x Robust Shimmer x Amon-Peachey Shana) GTPI+2492
  • Raggi Uno April VG-87 (Numero Un ox Sanchez x Golwdyn)
  • Seagull-Bay Ssire May VG-85 (Supersire x Domain x Seagull-Bay OMan May) GTPI+2482

Other highlights of the day include:

  • OCD Dorcy Dynamite VG-88 (DOrcy x Eleganct x Windsor-Manor Z-Delight), dam of Dufner at Select Sires
  • OCD Robust Shimmer EX-90 (Robust x Ammon-Peachey Shana), daughters over +2600G full sister to Smokin Jo and Skippy at Select Sires
  • Redcarpet Ab Os Brookfield VG-88 (Osmond x Million x Regancrest G Brandis), dam of Buick at Select Sires
  • Winterfield Atwood Silky EX-9 (Atwood x Linjet x Scientific Sweetie Rae)

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