November 23, 2018

Tremendous Classification at Oakfield Corners

Underground Bccas Blair-Red EX-90 at 2-09

A tremendous classification at Oakfield Corners Dairy earlier this week included a total of 176 scored, 15 Excellents (8 new Excellents), 37 Very Good (1 new first lactation VG-89), 87 Good Plus (15 with VG-MS). Highlighted by Vale-O-Sken Gold Karmilla going Excellent-94 (max) and the winning Senior 3-Year-Old at the Northeast Fall National Show 2018. Underground Bccas Blair-Red went Excellent-90 at 2-09 an exciting young cow that will show as a Senior 3-Year-Old next year! Congratulations to the team at Oakfield Corners!

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