Click to enlarge - Cookiecutter Mog Hanker EX-94 96-MS
September 6, 2018
New Photos of Hanker!

New photos of the genetic powerhouse that has continued to make high type daughters, Cookiecutter Mog Hanger EX-94 96-MS DOM... 


Click to enlarge - Lake-Breeze Def Careful-Red VG-88 MS-90
September 6, 2018
Members recent Classification highlights

Members have had successful Classification, such as Brigeen Farms Two-Yr-Old Juniper Wish Come True went VG-88 MS-88. MS Beautys Black Velvet VG-89 MS-92, a Goldwyn direct daughter to Ms Exels Dundee BEAUTY EX-95 of Triple-T Holsteins. At Willows-Edge Holsteins a couple highlights Lake-Breeze Defiant Careful-RED VG-88 MS-90 2-Yr-Old, a direct daughter to EX-94-4YR-CAN Care-Red and Willows-Edge A Maybenot-RED VG-88 MS-87 2-Yr-Old! VIEW MORE

Click to enlarge -
September 5, 2018
Karmilla scores EX-93 EX-94-MS!

Classification at Oakfield Corners went well yesterday, Goldwyn KARMILLA now scored EX-93 EX-94-MS as a Senior 3 Yr Old! 

Congrats to Oakfield! 

Click to enlarge - Leaninghouse Vincent
September 4, 2018
New EXCITING Leaninghouse sire

Leaninghouse Vincent scores an impressive GTPI+2925 +3.6DPR +2.33PTA Type +2.78UDC +2.7FLC! He is a Magictouch out of a Rubicon, out of a VG-87 Supersire x EX-90 Observer x EX-90 Shottle x EX-90 Manat x EX-91 Lynmead Clesius Minnow. Vincent is a maternal brother to the Modesty that was the high selling female of the 2017 World Classic Sale. His dam has also produced several other high genomic daughters, to name a few, a Big Bubba scoring a +2829G... View More

Click to enlarge - Cookiecutter MOM Halo VG-88 DOM
August 31, 2018
Cookiecutter DTA Habitan VG-88-2YR EX-91-MS!

A great day for Midas-Touch Genetics when the classifier visited. Cookiecutter Dta Habitan is now scored VG-88 91-MS @ 2-06! Habitan is owned by AOT Genetics (partnership between Midas-Touch and Tom Kugler). Habitan already has proven herself to be a very valuable transmitter with a son and daughter over GTPI+2900 and 5 more offspring over GTPI+2850! Habitan is sired by Delta out of a Day daughter of Cookiecutter MOM HALO!

Click to enlarge - Willows-Edge Holsteins Showteam
August 31, 2018
Fantastic MN State Fair for Willows Edge

Willows-Edge Holsteins had a tremendous MN State Fair being named Premier Breeder & Exhibitor of the R&W Show as well as Premier Exhibitor of the B&W Show earlier this week. CLICK HERE to read the show-highlights for Willows-Edge.

Click to enlarge - PINE-TREE BELLA-ET VG-87
August 30, 2018
Looking for EFFICIENCY?!

Looking for cows that excel in FEED EFFICIENCY? Don't look any further the Online Embryo Auction has several lots that are already built in over +215 Feed Efficiency up to almost +240! Sired by SEXED semen and already starting at $300 per embryo! Don't miss this exciting opportunity!

Click to enlarge - Seagull-Bay Oman Mirror-ET VG-86 DOM
August 30, 2018
Exciting DYNAMO Embryos from the MIRROR FAMILY!

Selling in the Holstein Plaza Online Embryo Auction are some exciting embryos sired by SEXED semen of Mr Rubicon DYNAMO (GTPI+2849 / NM$+964 / +2131M), dams of these embryos are backed by some of one of the most popular AI families of the last decade. The family that produced bulls like JEDI, JETT, FLAGSHIP, PINNACLE and more! And they are priced very competitive, starting at $300 per EMBRYO!

Click to enlarge - Aija Supersire Makea
August 30, 2018
Online Embryo Auction closes today...

If you haven't already... Make sure to take a look at this weeks embryo auction! We have 18 exciting lots from tremendous cow families. Whether you're looking for show type, index, production or red & white! No matter what your goals may be, we have it! We're now in our final hours of bidding!!



Click to enlarge - CLEO now EX-95
August 29, 2018
CLEO now EX-95!

A fantastic day for Kings Ransom Farm! Kings-Ransom Mogul Cleo joings her full sister, CLEAVAGE, and is now also EX-95 and she knows how to transmit her beautiful genes! Her daughter Clash, sired by Monterey is also already scored VG-88!