Click to enlarge - Sidahl-KH Rise-N-Shine EX-90
January 8, 2021
New 20th Generation EX at Rasberry Futures

Rasberry Futures and partners Midway Dairy now own a 20th Generation Excellent cow, Sidahl-KH Rise-N-Shine. Rise-N-Shine is a AltaMoreno daughter to EX-92 Roylane-KH Tango Rass out of the famous EX-91 Golden-Rose Rasberry. Congratulations!

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January 6, 2021
January 2021 New Genomic Females

Several Holstein Plaza Members have females on the January 2021 list of New Genomic Females. Oakfield Corners Dairy and Pine Tree Dairy have females in the Top 5. Topping this list of New Genomic Females is Sandy-Valley Sugarplum-ET with +3121 GTPI. Sugarplum is a Parfact daughter backed by Sandy-Valley Plane Sapphire VG-87.


Top 5 Females

1. Sandy-Valley Sugarplum-ET +3121G

2. Jenniton Magntd Lilianna-ET +3071G

3. OCD Legacy Frances 63527-ET +3068G

4. Pine-Tree 7479 Gali 8883-ET +3065G

5. Siemers RLNT Paris 34454-ET +3065G


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December 14, 2020
NEW CLASSIFICATION Scores at Willows-Edge Holsteins

Two donors at Willows-Edge Holsteins have new classification scores. Ms D Angel Denisha RC is now scored EX-94 and OCD Jordy Las Vegas-Red is now scored VG--86 in her first lactation. VIEW BREEDER PAGE

Click to enlarge - MS STOP MINKSTER-RED-ET
December 14, 2020

Selling today on the Music City Celebration Sale is a choice offering of two daughters from Willows-Edge Real Mink-Red! MS STOP MINKSTER-RED-ET is sired by Unstopabull-Red and MS AWESOME MINKY-RED is an Awesome-Red daughter. Both are early June 2020 calves and maternal sisters to the 1st Spring Yearling at the 2019 Midwest Fall National Show, Ms Willows-Edge Mix-ET. VIEW BREEDER PAGE

December 11, 2020
Duckett Holsteins earns 5 All-American Nominations

Congratulations to Holstein Plaza Member, Duckett Holsteins and their partenrs on earning FIVE All-American nominations!

Duckett Doorman Cola-ET (Spring Calf)

Tree-Hayven Tatoo Last Song (Milking Yearling)

Duckett Control Buffy (Jr. 2-Yr-Old)

Duckett Solomon Leta (Sr. 2-Yr-Old)

Dream-Team NK Amelia (4-Yr-Old)

Oakfield GC Darby (Aged Cow)


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December 11, 2020
Brigeen Farms Classification Updates

Brigeen Farms has updated their website with new photos and classification scores. After their recent classification they have four new cows scored EX-92, six new Excellent cows, and three cows scored VG-87. 

Brigeen M SS Gigi EX-92

Brigeen Pety Bell EX-92

Juniper Apollo Coral EX-92

Juniper Doorman Wish Come True EX-92

Brigeen DL Georgia VG-87

Brigeen Stronger Acelyn VG-87

Midas-Touch Hum Joely VG-87


December 10, 2020
Auction Ends TODAY

Log on now and place your bids. The Holstein Plaza Online Embryo Auction will be closing in just a few short hours at 4 PM EST. This auction features many exciting lots including TWO unique WAGYU offerings! VIEW AUCTION

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December 9, 2020

Another wagyu offering has been added to the Holstein Plaza Online Embryo Auction from the black fullblood wagyu donor, Synergy Haruki Hikokura 543G. VIEW OFFERING

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December 8, 2020
Show Winning Potential

Multiple offerings with show winning potential are available now on the Holstein Plaza Online Embryo Auction. This auction ends this Thursday, December 10th at 4 PM EST.


SEXED DELTA-LAMBDA x Bonita - SEXED DELTA-LAMBDA (+2.61PTAT +2.77UDC +0.90FLC) embryos from the beautiful, fresh Sid daughter to Butz-Butler Gold Barbara. Barbara was the 2019 Grand Champion Holstein at WDE. An elite show type offering backed by a deep pedigree cow family. 


IVF SEXED ALTITUDE-RED x Bliss RC - IVF SEXED ALTITUDE-RED (+2.84PTAT +2.31UDC +1.56FLC) embryos from the beautiful Goldwyn daughter who goes back to Unanimous All-American and All-Canadian female, EX-95 Rainyridge Talent Barbara. 


SEXED SOLOMON x Parfait - SEXED SOLOMON (+2.59PTAT +1.72UDC +0.43FLC) embryos from EX-94 Atwood daughter, Windy-Knoll-View Parfait. She was Reserve Grand Champion at the New York International Spring Show in 2015 and is a 2x nominated All-American in milking form! Parfait scores +2.33 PTAT and +1.40 UDC, with positive teat length, and a great FLC at +1.03. 


SEXED WARRIOR-RED x Autumn RC - SEXED WARRIOR-RED (+3.39PTAT +2.18UDC +1.57FLC) embryos from the red carrier daughter by Undenied direct from EX-96 Apple-Red. Autumn RC is backed by 7+ Excellent dams including 2 at EX-96 and 4 more over EX-93. These embryos have the potential to be over +3.00PTAT and over +2.00UDC! 


SEXED UNIX x Gold Rush - SEXED UNIX (+2.40PTAT +2.40UDC SCE+1.7%) embryos from the Avalanche granddaughter to EX-96 LEONA.

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December 8, 2020
Unique Wagyu Offering!

Selling now on the Holstein Plaza Online Embryo Auction are YASUFUKU JR embryos from ESF Sanj - 96. These embryos combine growth traits, carcass quality, and marbling ability in one pedigree. Bid now on this offering of FULLBLOOD WAGYU embryos from one of the hottest sires. VIEW OFFERING