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July 23, 2019
A2A2 Opportunities!

Check out these unique A2A2 offerings on this week's Online Embryo Auction. Backed by strong cow families like the Makea's, Dalse Bomaz, and Oman Marigold! These embryos would be the perfect addition to any A2A2 herd!

Lot 4: SEXED SOLUTION x Ms Comfort Trmndus Faith

Lot 16: IVF SEXED MAGICTOUCH x Bomaz Franchise 7562

Lot 17: IVF SEXED PIZAZZ x Co-Op Aardema BT 31207

Click to enlarge - Pamprd-Acres AB Ivy-Red
July 22, 2019
Recent Classification at Golden Oaks

Congratulations to Holstein Plaza Member, Golden Oaks Farm, on their successful classification day with many new and raised scores! Highlights include:

Pamprd-Acres Ab Ivy-Red EX-93 (2019 Res. Grand at Illinois State Show)

Golden-Oaks Cheyenne EX-93 93-MS

Blondin Goldwyn Bistro EX-91 93-MS

Golden-Oaks Colt Reva EX-91 92-MS

LJP King Cherry EX-91

Golden-Oaks S Lmborghini EX-90 91-MS

Budjon-Vail Dormn Ameera EX-90

Drolie Doorman Maycy EX-90 (Dam of Golden-Oaks MASTER)


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July 22, 2019
High Type Wagyu Semen!

Don't miss this unique offering of Wagyu semen from one of the higher type bulls of the breed: Designer Abe! Selling 10 units of DESIGNER ABE semen. One of the higher type bulls of the breed, Designer Abe is sired by one of the hottest wagyu bulls, Takamichi Doi (FB7970). A double Misako with marbling power and extreme growth. His dam is the great brood cow, Bay Shige Miki 118 (FB16081) who continues to stamp out the legend makers! She comes from the elite Hisako cow family known for high quality meat traits, including extremely high marbling. Abe continues to pass on the transmitting power that has been seen in his family. When looking for a high type bull, turn to Abe to help your reach your goals. His semen is EU certified and ready to ship at anytime. VIEW LOT

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July 22, 2019
Excellent Classification at Brigeen Farms

Congratulations to Holstein Plaza Member, Brigeen Farms, on their successful day with the classifier. NEW Excellents include Juniper Apollo Coral (EX-90) and Juniper Wish Come True (EX-91). Wish Come True was scored just 12 days after freshening with her 2nd calf. New VG 2-year-olds included several descendants of Brigeen Convincer Rhonda EX-95 DOM GMD. Brigeen M SS Gigi 2987 scored VG-88 at 2-07. VIEW BREEDER PAGE

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July 22, 2019
Red Show Type Offerings

Featured in this week's Holstein Plaza Online Embryo Auciton are three high type, Red & White Holstein lots, from some of the best RED, SHOW-TYPE sires.

Lot 1: IVF SEXED WARRIOR-RED x Golden-Oaks Trinity-Red

Lot 18: IVF REDLIGHT-RED x Luck-E Awesome Joy-Red

Lot 19: CROWN-RED x Pine-Tree 5860 B6729-Red

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July 21, 2019
Find your SOLUTION

Check out the three lots sired by Solution in this week’s Online Embryo Auction. Solution has proven to be a great transmitter and has produced daughters that are production powerhouses. With a high index of +2870GTPI and +1030NM$, combined with +2024 lbs of Milk and +110 lbs of Fat, Solution makes the great ones.

Lot 4 – SEXED SOLUTION x Ms Comfort Trmndus Faith

Lot 13 – SEXED SOLUTION x Peak Honor Polish 20501

Lot 15 – SEXED SOLUTION x Peak Cookie Fwheel 20456

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July 21, 2019
Grand Champion Wagyu Genetics

Two offerings from the only Wagyu female to have Multiple National Grand Champion Titles to her name. Most recently, Bay Misao qualified for the title of 2017 Wagyu - Miss World. Choose from two #1's or three #2 grade embryos or take both lots home to create the next CHAMPION WAGYU!

Lot 23 – IVF SEXED YASUTANI x Bay Misao

Lot 24 – IVF SEXED YASUTANI x Bay Misao

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July 20, 2019
Make the next All-American Jersey

Make the next All-American Jersey with these three #2 grade IVF SEXED VENOM embryos from the daughter to Huronia Centurion Veronica. Dam is a full sister to EX-96 Arethusa Response Vivid and was Intermediate Champion at Big E in 2010. VIEW LOT

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July 20, 2019
Pick your mating: MAS IVF Sessions

Choose your own mating sire to use on any one of these donors backed by 18th Generation Excellent, Golden-Rose RASBERRY. Each lot comes with five #1 grade embryos and are available for export to Canada and the EU!

Lot 9 – IVF SESSION: GDR-Kings Doc 52442

Lot 10 – IVF SESSION: GDR-Kings Doc 52427

Lot 11 – IVF SESSION: GDR-Kings Rubicon Ruby

Lot 12 – IVF SESSION: GDR-Kings Jedi 50508

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July 19, 2019
Auction OPEN for Bidding

The Holstein Plaza Online Embryo Auction is NOW OPEN for bidding...Offerings sell from the best North American cow families direct from the top quality Holstein, Jersey, and Wagyu herds of Holstein Plaza members. Featuring a unique lot of Wagyu semen and several mutually agreeable sire IVF sessions along with numerous packages of IVF, Sexed Semen, and the industry's hottest sires including Altitude, Crown-Red, Doorman, Jordy-Red, Pursuit, Solomon, Solution, Unix, Upgrade, Venom, Warrior-Red, Michifukiu, Yasutani, and more!