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January 11, 2020
Show Winning Jersey Genetics

A lot of high type Jersey embryos are being offered as Lot 6 on the Holstein Plaza Online Embryo Auction. This offering includes 6 #1 grade Sexed, conventionally made embryos by Chrome and out of the EX-90%, 10th generation Excellent cow, Cayenne Ripple. Ripple is backed by the great Franken Monarch Rosel (3x Grand Champion Jersey, Royal Winter Fair), and from the same family that produced the recently crowned Grand Champion Jersey of the 2019 Maryland State Jersey Show, SV Applejack Restless. VIEW OFFERING

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January 11, 2020
Embryos with High Production Potential

Two offerings on this week’s Holstein Plaza Online Embryo Auction have tremendous production potential, scoring OVER +2000 LBS OF MILK. Lot 7 includes Sexed Twitch embryos from the A2A2 donor with +2144 lbs of milk and unlimited transmitting ability. VIEW TWITCH EMBRYOS. Lot 8 includes Sexed Dynamo embryos from a Chinchi daughter with +2090 milk, a great PL, low SCS, and MORE. VIEW DYNAMO EMBRYOS.

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January 11, 2020
Offerings by MOOVIN RC

Several offerings on the Holstein Plaza Online Embryo Auction include embryos sired by one of the hottest type bulls on the market today, Lindenright MOOVIN RC. Find the perfect mating for your program.

Lot 2 includes Moovin RC embryos from the high genomic type female scoring +4.40PTAT. Relentless is the full sister to the #1 PTAT bull at St. Jacobs, 94HO19431 VICTOR. VIEW OFFERING

Moovin RC embryos from a high fat, high type donor from the Unlimited family are available in Lot 4. Misconduct is another female with a great PTAT at +4.10. VIEW OFFERING

Embryos from the HM Intermediate Champion of the WDE Jr Show, Southern-Hills Okalbr Trix, sell as Lot 5. Trix is scored EX-93 and is ready to make the show heifer of your dreams. VIEW OFFERING

Lot 9 includes Moovin RC embryos from the cow who has proven to make the All-American kind. Bid last on these embryos from Tri-Vision Amelia-Red and make a sister to Junior Champion of World Dairy Expo, ANNIE-RED. VIEW OFFERING

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January 10, 2020
Auction OPEN for Bidding

The Holstein Plaza Online Embryo Auction is NOW OPEN for bidding ... Offerings sell from the best North American cow families direct from the top quality Holstein herds of Holstein Plaza members. Featuring numerous packages of IVF, Sexed, PTAT, NM$, Milk, a unique Jersey offering, and the industry's hottest sires including Denver, Chrome, Moovin RC, Select, Solution, Twitch, Unix and more! VIEW AUCTION

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January 9, 2020
First Time Excellent Cows - December 2019

Together the Canadian Holstein Association and Holstein USA saw over 700 first time Excellent cows during the month of December. The Canadian list was topped by 5 impressive cows scoring EX-93 including Bernadale Doorrman Lucy, Bernadale Goldwyn Nikki, Cobequid Sanchez Devine, Craila NC Act Lustful, and High Point Ivory Gay. Co-Vale Dorcy Kyndra 5734, Hammertime ABS Revalee, Jacobs Doorman Victoire, Ms Milksource RL Krystal, and Sco-Lo-Af Sid Sangria lead the USA list of first time Excellents scoring EX-92. Congratulations to the owners and breeders of these animals!

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January 9, 2020
Canadian Holstein Association Announces 2019 Master Breeders

Brantford, Ont. – The announcement of the Master Breeder recipients has become an annual tradition at Holstein Canada. This tradition is now in its 90th year, and we are pleased to announce the Master Breeders who will be honoured at the National Holstein Convention Master Breeder Gala in Regina, Saskatchewan on Saturday, April 18, 2020. Of the breeders who received this honor, 11 (58%) are first-time recipients of a Shield. Two breeders are receiving it for the third time. The winners come from five provinces: eight breeders are from Quebec; four are from Ontario and British Columbia each; two are from Prince Edward Island.; and one is from Manitoba. Congratulations to the 2019 Master Breeder Recipiants! View full list HERE

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January 7, 2020
Top 25 New Genomic Females

Melarry Crimson 1690-ET, owned by Melarry Farms, topped the list of New Genomic Females during the January 2020 Intermediate Proof Run. 1690 is followed by two Heroic daughters, FB 399 Heroic 628098-ET and Denovo Heroic 1129-ET, respectively. Females in the Top 5 include:

1. Melarry Crimson 1690-ET GTPI +2958

2. FB 399 Heroic 628098-ET GTPI +2943

3. Denovo Heroic 1129-ET GTPI +2942

4. Peak Measure-ET GTPI +2934

5. Denovo Heroic 1104-ET GTPI +2928


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January 6, 2020
Pine Tree Website Updates & Sale Consignments

Pine Tree Dairy has updated their website ( has included a listing of their upcoming sale consignments. Selling in the Ohio Holstein Convention Sale on February 28th are several high indexing offerings including a choice lot with two A2A2 donors who are just fresh! Pine Tree is also consigning three great offerings to the Fun in the Sun sale on February 26 in Hawaii!


Selling in the OH Convention Sale (Feb 28)

*Pine-Tree AHS 7589 L 724 - CM$ +1120

*Cookiecutter Embark - UDC +3.33

*Pine-Tree 7589 NOBL 8281 - A2A2 BB

*Choice Lot: Pine-Tree 7019 Achi 7793 OR Pine-Tree Era Achie 7655


Selling in the Fun in the Sun Sale (Feb 26)

*Pine-Tree 7829 Enfo 8520 - Neat Sire Stack!

*Pine-Tree 7593 Lega 8477 - CM$ +1045

*Pine-Tree 5976 Lega 8366 - Flush-age


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December 31, 2019

Log on now and place your bids on the Holstein Plaza Online IVF Session Sale. There are many affordable offeirngs with some starting at just $6000! WIth these sessions you are guaranteed at least 8 #1 or #2 embryos with 3 IVF sessions. You could get embryos from some of the best index heifers starting at just $800/EMBRYO! Don't miss out on these stellar deals. VIEW AUCTION NOW

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December 31, 2019

The Holstein Plaza Online IVF Session Sale ends in just a few short hours! Don't miss out on IVF Sessions from some of the breeds finest index heifers including the ONLY female in the breed to combine GTPI>+2600, PTAT>+4.25 and positive teat length, a Top 25 GTPI heifer in the BREED over 9 months of age, the No. 1 GTPI Red heifer in the breed, and more! VIEW AUCTION