Click to enlarge - Golden-Oaks Perk Rae-Red-ET *PO EX-90-USA
February 16, 2018
Online Heifer Sale closes TODAY

The Holstein Plaza Online Heifer Sale closes TODAY. Twenty-six tremendous lots sell direct from the herds of Holstein Plaza members. Featuring the best of the best in elite genomics heifers, red and show type including several females that are ready to work! This is a traditional English auction, which starts low and allows bidders to place progressively high bids. Each lots closes at staggering times starting at 4:00 p.m. (EST) on TODAY, February 16. There are two ways of bidding - either directly through the sale site or by contacting one of the sale staff members listed in the catalog. CLICK HERE for a direct link. 


Click to enlarge - Lot 9 TRAMILDA BANDARES MELODY
February 15, 2018
ONLY 24 HOURS LEFT... Online Heifer Sale Closes Soon

Only less than 24 short hours are left in the ONLINE HEIFER SALE.. Don't miss the opportunity to invest in some of North America's finest genetics. Whether you are looking or high GTPI, GRZG, GLPI, PTA Type or a fancy calf backed by a deep pedigree it all is offered! CLICK HERE for a direct link to the auction site.

Click to enlarge - S-S-I SUPRSIRE MIRI 8679-ET VG-89 DOM
February 15, 2018
MIRI Granddaughter sells READY TO WORK!

Jedi, Jett, Biggie, Flagship, Alltime, Ainsley, Expresso, Miller-P and more recenlty Pinnacle, Marquee, Bighit-P were all popular mating sires and what do they have in common? They are all sons or grandsons of S-S-I Suprsire Miri 8679-ET VG-89 DOM (Supersire x S-S-I Bookem Modesto7269 VG-87 DOM)! Selling as Lot 9 in the Online Heifer Sale is a GTPI+2762 Bandares granddaughter of MIRI and she is READY TO FLUSH! Dam is a VG-85 daughter of Furnace-Hill M Superior. 

Click to enlarge - Butlerview Doorman Class EX-91-USA
February 15, 2018
Show-Type Pedigree with Big Time Type Numbers!

WOW! Ever dreamed about owning a heifer that has big-time type numbers (+4.00 PTA Type and +19 DGV-Conformation) and a big-time (show-) Type pedigree to back it up? Lot 2 in the Online Heifer Sale puts it all together! Siemers Slmn Allclass 28655 scores a smashing +4.00 PTA Type and +19 DGV-Conformation in the Canadian system. The proof includes tremendous Dairy Strength, Rumps and a perfect linear! Dam of this Solomon daughter is a stunning Bred Archrival daughter of Butlerview Doorman Class EX-91-USA. Class was the HM All-American Spring Yearling 2014, Class is a full sister to Butlerview Door Camilla EX-92 as well as a maternal sister to Silvermaple Windham Camile and Wedgwood WH Camomile VG-89-CAN all class winners at National Shows! The next dam is the one and ONLY Silvermaple Damion Camomile EX-95-USA, All-Canadian & All-American Jr. 3-Yr-Old 2011, Intermediate Champion Royal Winter Fair 2011 and Reserve Grand Champion World Dairy Expo 2011!

Click to enlarge - Golden-Oaks Perk Rae-Red-ET *PO EX-90-USA | EARLY Red Jordy with +3.33T sells from her line!
February 14, 2018
Red & Whites! Take a look at the Index, Type and Variant REDS!

Looking for an exciting Red and White heifer to add to your program. Whether you are looking for that special genomic female, exciting type pedigree or something special like a Red and Polled Jedi. Is is all offered in the Online Heifer Sale. CLICK HERE to learn more about the exciting RED consignments!

Click to enlarge - NO-FLA PETRONE MAY 35114-ET VG-86 | 2nd dam of Speek-NJ Verona Mercedes
February 14, 2018
+2800G +925NM$... And knows how to work in IVF!

She is LOT 1 for a reason, Speek-NJ Verona Mercedes. An exciting heifer that checks all the boxes. She offers PRODUCTION (+1973M +81F +61P), Health Traits (+9.4PL, +3.3 Livability, +3.4 DPR & 2.75 SCS), very complete linear and she is READY TO WORK! She made no less than 51 OOCYTES in her last IVF collection! And with her pedigree she can be mated to almost all high ranking bulls in the BREED! Backed by a great line of North-Florida breeding!

Click to enlarge - S-S-I SUPRSIRE MIRI 8679-ET VG-89 DOM | Her GTPI+2762 Flush-Ready Bandares daughter SELLS!
February 14, 2018
Make an IMMEDIATE RETURN ON INVESTMENT with these offerings!

Invest in a heifer/cow that can start paying for herself right away. If you are looking for a high genomic female, type pedigree loaded with show winners or something special the Heifer Sale has it all. Some of highlights include a +2800G +925NM$ Verona daughter, +2779 high production Lopez daughter that already made 60 oocytes in her first 2 IVF sessions, a Doorman daughter of Camomile that is ready to flush or a Polled/Red Jedi daughter. They all sell and they can all be worked right away! CLICK HERE TO READ MORE.

Click to enlarge - Harvue Roy Frosty EX-97-USA
February 13, 2018

Elite offering from the two time Supreme Champion World Dairy Expo and Voted All-World Holstein International... HARVUE ROY FROSTY EX-97-USA 3E GMD! A beautiful EX-90 Alexander daughter with a tremendous show type pedigree! Makes usually 5 or more embryos by SEXED semen per flush! Sells Dry and Ready to Flush, IVF or Breed. 

Click to enlarge - Ms Welcome Colby Taya-ET VG-88-USA GMD DOM
February 13, 2018
+2833G, +1015 Cheese Merit EARLY Magictouch SELLS

The first ever Magictouch daughter to be offered in an auction sells in the Holstein Plaza Online Heifer Sale! Misty-Moor Mt Yamaha sells as Lot 26. She is not only an early daughter but also an exciting individual scoring GTPI+2833 combined with high components, +1015 Cheese Merit and a great pedigree back to the one and only COLBY TAYA!

Lot 26 Misty-Moor Mt Yamaha GTPI+2833 NM$+965 CM$+1015

Click to enlarge -
February 13, 2018
Ryan Shank Complete Dispersal Sale

On February 23rd, 2018 at 11:00 AM ET there will be 150 head of very complete and highly productive cattle selling. Featuring several offerings from the Manhatten Cow Family, which is a deep rooted Maryland bred cow family. Along with the deep pedigreed red & whites, there will be high producing Holsteins and some fancy Jersey's to sell...VIEW MORE