Click to enlarge - Misty-Moor Rubi Zinnia
June 19, 2019
HIGH Net Merit Embryos

Don’t miss these HUGE Net Merit offerings in the Holstein Plaza Online Embryo Auction. Embryos out of top net merit sires including Solution (+1030NM$), Bundle (+1032NM$), Pursuit (+961NM$), Riveting (+987NM$) and Rapid (+921NM$). 

Click to enlarge - KHW Regiment Apple-Red
June 19, 2019

This edition of the Holstein Plaza Online Embryo Auction closes in 24 hours! Don't miss out on exciting lots from the industry's elite sires, backed by impressive families like Apple and the Makeas, and priced as low as $200! Most lots are exportable and can be shipped through AMS Genetics International to many different countries. 

Click to enlarge - Nova-TMJ Bradnick Evade
June 19, 2019
Unique Denver Offering

A unique offering selling in this week's auction… Five #1 grade DENVER embryos direct from the EX-93 Bradnick daughter, Nova-TMJ Bradnick Evade. Evade is just fresh in March with a recent test of 134lbs, 5.3 fat, and 2.6 protein. A high type cow family that knows how to work in the parlor. VIEW LOT

Click to enlarge - Gold-Barbara Bonita
June 19, 2019
All-American Show Type

Don’t miss this elite show type offering backed by a deep pedigreed cow family. Selling are 3 #1 grade SEXED SOLOMON (PTAT+3.91 UDC+2.61) embryos out of the beautiful fresh Sid daughter to the one and only Gold BARBARA! Solomon and Gold Barbara come together to create the ultimate show-stopper! VIEW LOT

Click to enlarge - Comfort Kingboy Princess
June 18, 2019
HIGH RZG Offering

Don’t miss out on this once in a lifetime pair, SEXED PURSUIT X FREEDOM. This RZG offering includes five #1 grade embryos from the high RZG Guarantee daughter that scores +157RZG, +853NM$, and +0.12%F. Backed by the huge indexing line from the MAKEAs, bid last and make the next chart topping RZG female. VIEW LOT

Click to enlarge - Huronia Centurion Veronica
June 18, 2019
Jersey All-American Show Type

Offering three #2 grade IVF SEXED VENOM embryos out of the EX-92 daughter to SUPREME CHAMPION of World Dairy Expo, Huronia Centurion Veronica. View is a full sister to EX-96 Arethusa Response Vivid. Bid last and make the next Champion and All-American Jersey! VIEW LOT

Click to enlarge - Tri-Vision-Amelia-Red
June 18, 2019
Your Choice: Unstopabull-Red or Jordy-Red

Take your pick and create a sister to World Dairy Expo Junior Champion, Annie-Red, or Reserve All-American, Avery-Red. Selling are 6 SEXED IVF embryos from the EX-90 donor, Tri-Vision Amelia-Red. Choose between four #1 and two #2 grade SEXED UNSTOPABULL-RED embryos OR six #1 grade SEXED JORDY-RED embryos. Both pairs bring tremendous RED SHOW TYPE! VIEW LOT


Click to enlarge - Markland Delta Yoda
June 18, 2019
Sired by BUNDLE

Featured in this week’s auction are several lots sired by BUNDLE. With +2866GTPI and +1032MILK, Bundle is the perfect sire to complement the already strong pedigrees from three Misty Moor donors. Don’t miss out, BID NOW!

Lot 3: SEXED BUNDLE x Misty-Moor Fraz Zuper

Lot 6: SEXED BUNDLE x Misty-Moor Reso Pryme

Lot 7: SEXED BUNDLE x Misty-Moor Swch Yodel

Click to enlarge -
June 17, 2019
Upcoming Shipments with AMS Genetics

AMS Genetics International is in the process of gathering embryos for their next shipments to the United Kingdom, North Ireland, and Ireland. They anticipate shipping to these countries within the next month. If you are interested in embryos from this edition of the Holstein Plaza Online Embryo Auction, and reside in one of these countries, your embryos will be shipped right away. No waiting time for embryos to arrive. BID NOW!

Click to enlarge - Comfort Modesty Freespirit
June 17, 2019
A2A2 Options

Whether you are just getting into A2A2 breeding or are looking for some great additions to your already A2A2 herd, check out three lots in this week’s Holstein Plaza Online Embryo Auction

Lot 4: SEXED SOLUTION x Ms Comfort Trmndus Faith 

Lot 21: SEXED SOLUTION x Peak Fastlane HTLN 60919

Lot 22: SEXED RIVETING x Peak Hrmny Btrch 20590