April 5, 2021

New Classification at Claynook Farms

Claynook Farms had an exciting visit from the classifier with 6 new EX cows and 12 new VG first lactation cows. Highlights include the dam of Discjockey, Duplo, Dupont and Daily at Semex, the first milking daughter of Morningview Duke Zip, the granddaughter of Claynook Clarissa Altaspring, and multiple daughters of Claynook bred sires at Semex and Select Sires.


New EX Cows:

Claynook Dewdrop Monterey EX-91

Claynook Feather Montana EX-91

Claynook Clarissa Altaspring EX-90

Claynook Rosemarie Wickham EX-90

Claynook Demaris Unix EX-90

Claynook Reese Kingpin EX-90


New VG 1st Lactation Cows:

Claynook Zena Bigpicture VG-86

Claynook Carita Positive VG-86

Claynook Rupee Carnival VG-86

Claynook Fennel Casper VG-86

Claynook Russet Casper VG-85

Claynook Decibell Casper VG-85

Meadow Creek Casper 791 VG-85

Claynook Marilyn Farwell VG-86

Claynook Dorsey Farwell VG-85

Claynook Rhoda Fairview VG-85

Claynook Opium Rummy VG-85

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