Click to enlarge - Sheeknoll Durham Arrow EX-96 2E
June 20, 2018
"THOMAS" EX-96, her Doorman daughter SELLS!

Exclusive and exciting offering. Selling as Lot 1 in the Online Heifer Sale is a Doorman daughter directly out of 2016 World Dairy Expo GRAND CHAMPION & Unanimous All-American Aged Cow Sheeknoll Durham Arrow "THOMAS" EX-96 2E! Sheeknoll Doorman Aspire sells pregnant and due in December to Woodcrest King Doc (+3.97 PTA Type). "THOMAS" herself was unfortunately passed last month so this is one of the very rare chances to own something directly out of this EXPO CHAMPION! 

Click to enlarge - Pen-Col Robust Harp-ET VG-87 DOM | Her +918 NM$ Tyler granddaughter SELLS!
June 20, 2018
Exciting Net Merit $ Heifers SELL!

Whatever your breeding goal is or the price range, it is all offered in the Online Heifer Sale. Including some exciting NM$ offerings around NM$+900 and starting as low as $3,000 USD. They are all backed by great pedigrees, several are ready to flush and with indexes that could make you the next chart-topping male or female!  

  • Lot 3 — PINE-TREE 7019 JEDI 7624 | Exciting Index and READY TO WORK! Pine-Tree 7019 Jedi 7624 is a +2732G / NM$+878 / +71 Protein / 6.2% SCE Jedi granddaughter of OCD Supersire 9882 that knows how to work, she already made 11 and 14 frozen embryos in her frist two IVF sessions!
  • Lot 12 — COMFORT JEDI CHARLIE | Jedi daughter SELLS! Scoring a GTPI+2751, NM$+871, +2246 pounds of milk and +219 Feed Efficiency. Along with her high INDEXING she also comes from the well-known TRANSMITTING cow family back to Makea!
  • Lot 15 — PINE-TREE 6543 TYLE 7979 | Don't miss out on this very modern and EARLY Tyler daughter. Negative Stature combined with almost PTA Milk+2000, PTA Protein>+70, NM$+918 and a tremendous Feed Efficiency of +236!
  • Lot 16 — PINE-TREE 2390 KENN 7978 |Early Kennedy daughter with a very balanced index... Nearly +2800G, NM$+894 combined with +97 Fat, +61 Protein, +211 Feed Efficiency and +2.74 PTA Type! Dam is a Delta granddaughter of Robst 4846!

CLICK HERE for a direct link to the Heifer Sale.

Click to enlarge - HARVUE ROY FROSTY EX-97-USA 3E GMD
June 19, 2018
Show type embryos backed by FROSTY

Selling as Lot 5... IVF SEXED ARTIST (PTAT+4.16) embryos from a beautiful EX-90 Alexander daughter to the two time Supreme Champion World Dairy Expo and Voted All-World Holstein International... HARVUE ROY FROSTY EX-97-USA 3E GMD! View Lot

June 19, 2018
Chart-Topping RED & Polled Heifer!

Special offering... She is Red, Polled and ready to WORK! Some of the facts:

  • Believed to be the #9 GTPI Red & Polled Female
  • gRZG+149 
  • #1 Fat, #1 Protein, #1 Milk & #3 GPA-LPI Red heifer!
  • Made 18 and 23 oocytes in her first two IVF collections!

Don't miss out on LOT 6 Comfort Thrlr Jedi Comet Red-P

Click to enlarge - Golden-Rose Rasberry EX-91
June 19, 2018
Newly scored excellent cows!

There are two newly scored excellent cows that both complete 19th generation excellent at Rasberry Futures! Roylane-KH 5G Rita EX-90 91-MS, an Alta5G direct daughter to Golden-Rose Rasberry EX-91. And Roylane Tango Rass EX-90 92-MS, a Tango direct daughter to Rasberry! View More

June 19, 2018
Exciting offering... March '18 Avalanche back to PARADISE EX-96

Looking for a fancy calf sired by one of the hottest type sires in the breed, AVALANCHE? This is your chance! Take a look at lot 19, a fancy March '18 (show-) calf from an EX-93 Action daughter backed by an EX-90 Advent and EX-94 Gibson back to Vandyk-K Integrity PARADISE EX-96 DOM!

Click to enlarge - PAPPYS GOLDWYN RAVE VG-88-2YR-CAN
June 18, 2018
Big Time show offering!

IVF SEXED SOLOMON (PTAT+3.70) embryos out of an EX-90 Redliner x EX-93 Durham x EX-92 Rudolph... Back to EX-95 GMD DOM Blackstar! Rosa has several daughters that are doing extremely well in the show ring! Pictures are included. Rosa is also a Full sister to Pappys Goldwyn RAVE! 2011 All-American/All-Canadian Winter Yearling! VIEW LOT

Click to enlarge - Lot 2 — SIEMERS BRKW WHIPCREAM EX-91 | only a month Fresh EX-9 Brokaw x EX-94 x EX-93 x Wish EX-95
June 18, 2018
Snapshots of tremendous type consignments!

Several snapshots have been added to the catalog pages of some of the tremendous type consignments in the Online Heifer Sale. The line-up includes, EX-91 +3.77T fresh Brokaw from the Outside Wish family, stunning Bred Elaborate daughter directly from Camomile and the believed to be #5 gPTA Type Red female in the breed! Don't miss them out! The Online Heifer Sale closes Friday June 22nd starting at 4 PM EST. All lots are priced to SELL! READ MORE & VIEW SNAPSHOTS


Click to enlarge - View-Home Kboy Rockstar VG-85
June 18, 2018
+2750G Myles daughter at Hendel Farms

Make sure to take a look at Hendel Farms Donor Profile... Featured is a Myles daughter of View-Home Kboy Rockstar +2576G. Rockstar’s dam is the famous View-Home Mrdian Iowa, who is a maternal sister to Monterey, Powerball-P, Missouri and other popular bulls. Her family traces all the way back to Wesswood Rudy Missy. In her first lactation, Rockstar scored VG-85 and has performed exceptionally! They're currently flushing Rockstar’s Myles daughter, who is the highest Myles daughter at +2750G! View Profile

Click to enlarge - VIEW-HOME UNO HOPE-ET EX-92 DOM | Her +2783G Kennedy granddaughter SELLS!
June 18, 2018
EARLY +2783G Kennedy that checks all the boxes SELLS!

From one of the best lines of perhaps the strongest transmitting family since the arrival of genomics, the RUDY MISSYS. Selling is an EARLY Kennedy daughter that scores +2873 GTPI combined with a tremendous balanced proof, +1777 PTAM, +61P, +211 Feed Efficiency, +2.7 Livability, +2.74 PTA Type and a near perfect linear! Dam is Delta daughter of View-Home Uno Hope EX-92 followed by Pine-Tree 2149Robst 4846 VG-87 DOM the dam of Monterey, Missouri, Powerball-P and many more!