Click to enlarge - Ms Jacobs Sanchez Janna EX-93
October 22, 2018
Willows-Edge Consignments

Selling as Lot 6 is Willows-Edge Atwood Lona, a VG-87 Atwood with an EXTREME pedigree! Also, featuring Willows-Edge Gold Java... A VG-86 VG-MS Goldsun direct daughter to Ms Jacobs Sanchez Janna EX-93 x Valleyville Lheros Jenn EX-94-5YR-CAN 12*...

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Click to enlarge - Our-Favorite Unlimited EX-94 MS-96
October 22, 2018
McGucci direct daughter to UNLIMITED!

Selling October 29th in the Halloween Harvest Sale as Lot 1 is Our-Favorite Zealous. A VG-86 VG-MS direct daughter to Our-Favorite Unlimited EX-94 96-MS. Be the last to bid and buy into this incredible cow family! 

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Click to enlarge - Greenlea A Care-Red EX-94-4YR-CAN
October 19, 2018
Auction NOW OPEN for Bidding!

Holstein Plaza Online Embryo Auction is NOW OPEN for bidding! And will run October 19th through October 25th, 2018... There are JACOT-RED embryos selling out of a VG-88-2YR EX-MS Defiant daughter with a deep pedigree, Jacot-Red had several show winning heifers this past show season! Also selling are IVF Kenobi embryos out of a Flagship direct daughter to Delta BLAKE! Show type, high index and several other offerings to fit your program! 

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Click to enlarge - HARVUE ROY FROSTY EX-97-USA 3E GMD
October 18, 2018
More sale highlights...

Lot 8 in the Ohio Holstein Fall Elite Sale is Oakfield Slater Tabby... A June 2018 Slater daughter that scores a +3.05PTA TYPE and is backed by Gaige Highlight Tamara EX-97-4E. Oakfield is also featuring a Beemer granddaughter to FROSTY! 


Click to enlarge - OCD Supersire 9882 VG-86 VG-MS
October 18, 2018
Pine-Tree consigns ELITE offerings!

Selling as Lot 3 in the Ohio Holstein Fall Elite sale is a GTPI+2817 / NM$+956... She sells with a 5 embryos contract with Gen Elite at $2,200/embryo. She is also haplotype FREE, her dam is a VG-85 Profit direct daughter to OCD Supersire 9882, and she also sells in the sale as Lot 6! She is A2A2! Talk about ELITE offerings! 

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Click to enlarge - Golden-Rose Rasberry EX-91
October 17, 2018
Rasberry Futures Tag Sale

Starting next week is the Rasberry Futures Sale. Selling are BOTH 19th generation excellent Rasberry daughters... Along with many HIGH-TYPE family members, heifers over +2800GTPI, two heifers over +4.15PTA TYPE, a few early ALTANITRO daughters and more! 

The sale starts October 24th and will run until October 29th. 


Click to enlarge - Thurler Commander Chantal VG-86
October 12, 2018
Closing in one hour... BID NOW!

The Holstein Plaza Online Heifer Sale is closing in just ONE HOUR! This is your chance to buy into some elite genetics! With a variety of HIGH GTPI, high type, show type, FLUSH-AGE and more... You will be sure to find something that fits your program! 

BID NOW... Before it closes! 

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Click to enlarge - Golden-Oaks Doorman Tessa | SHE SELLS
October 12, 2018
Could be the next ALL-AMERICAN!

Stunning DOORMAN Winter Calf from Arethusa Sid TESS EX-92-MAX EX-MS... Tess was the 1st Sr. Milking Yearling of the International Holstein Show at World Dairy Expo 2015 and All-American Milking Yearling 2015 and is backed by a deep pedigree with many more All-American winners like TOBI and TINA!


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Click to enlarge - SPEEK-NJ JEDI CHAMPAGNE | SHE SELLS as Lot 19
October 12, 2018
Take her home... PUT HER TO WORK!

Everyone knows this cow family and everyone wants to own something from this cow family... Backed by CALE, CRIMSON & COSMOPOLITAN sells a +1967 PTA Milk, +71 Protein, DPR+2.0, SCE 6.5% Jedi daughter from an already scored VG-87 Silver granddaughter of Cale. 100% proven pedigree and 100% proven sire stack! Take this heifer home and put her to work immediately! 

LOT 19 - Speek-Nj Jedi Champagne 

Click to enlarge - Speek-Nj Tarrino Synergy | SELLS as Lot 3
October 12, 2018
Snapshot of LOT 3, Tarrino daughter...

+2850 GTPI Tarrino daughter with a very exciting proof... Production, Health Traits, well balanced type all in one package! A maternal sister to the dam was the dam of the top-seller at the National Convention Sale 2018, who sold for $91,000! Backed by a tremendous line of the SPLENDORS!

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