Click to enlarge - Leaninghouse Holsteins Classification Day
May 9, 2018
Leaninghouse Classification Results

Successful classification day at Leaninghouse Holsteins! They now have 49 Excellent cows, 283 Very Good, and 67 new Very Good 2 year olds! View More

Click to enlarge - Gloryland-Sa Anita Rae-Red EX-92-2E
May 9, 2018
Embryos sell backed by the ROXYS

Big time offering... ABSOLUTE (PTAT+2.83 +3.25UDC) embryos sell out of an EX-92 EX-MS 2E Advent direct daughter to EX-95-3E DOM Liberty Rae! Well-known cow family!

View Lot

Click to enlarge - NOVA-TMJ SEBASTIAN ESLYN-ET EX-93-2E
May 9, 2018
Looking for DURHAM embryos?

DURHAM embryos sell out of an EX-93-2E Sebastian x VG-88 Goldwyn back to the Eroys! Strong pedigreed cow family! View Lot

Click to enlarge - Crystal-Star Silver 715
May 8, 2018
High Index Offering backed by the EROYS

IVF SEXED PINNACLE (GTPI+2803 +937NM$ +2118M) embryos from an early CHARLEY daughter backed by the EROYS... +2719 GTPI Parent Average makes for a tremendous offering from one powerful pedigree! View Lot

Click to enlarge - A-L-H SYMPATICO ARIEL-RED VG-87
May 8, 2018
From the APPLE cow family!

A tremendous RED cow family... Five #1 grade SANTORIUS *RC (GTPI+2724 +811M$ +2.33PTAT) embryos sell out of a Sunfish *RC x VG-87 Sympatico *RC x EX-94 Talent direct daughter to APPLE! Combination of TYPE and index from a well-balanced cow family! Auction closes this Thursday... VIEW LOT

Click to enlarge - Sully Shottle May EX-91
May 7, 2018
New Lot added to the embryo auction

Selling are three #1 and one #2 grade SEXED RAPTOR (GTPI+2766 +934NM$ +92F) embryos out of a Superhero daughter that scores a GTPI+2660 and +847NM$... Backed by Sully Shottle May EX-90 DOM! VIEW LOT

Click to enlarge - Lake-Breeze Def Careful-Red VG-87-2YR-OLD
May 7, 2018
New Photo of CAREFUL-RED

Lake-Breeze Def Careful-Red VG-87-2YR was 5th Place Sr. 2-Yr-Old at the Midwest Spring National R&W Show 2018. She is a Defiant direct daughter to GREENLEA A CARE-RED EX-94-4YR-CAN, the Grand Champion at Quebec Spring Red & White Show 2018... View More

Click to enlarge - Pine-Tree Goldwyn Missy VG-87
May 7, 2018
High Index offerings from a +2712G MODESTY

HIGH index matings... Lot 1 in this weeks auction are IVF Sexed Kanzo (GTPI+2805 +953NM$) embryos out of a +2712G Modesty daughter x VG-85 Monterey x VG-85 Mogul x VG-85 Planet back to RUDY MISSY! Also offering IVF Sexed Skywalker embryos from her! View Lots

Click to enlarge - Jedi daughters at Leaninghouse!
May 7, 2018
Jedi daughters at Leaninghouse Holsteins

Beautiful Jedi daughters at Leaninghouse Holsteins. From left to right the first is a Jedi x Jacey that is a maternal sister to the bull Leaninghouse House, the second is a Jedi x VG Halogen that goes back to the Skychief Adeen family, and the third is a Jedi x VG Man-O-Shan that goes back to the Rudolph Missy family! View More

Click to enlarge - KHW Regiment Apple Red EX-96-3E-USA DOM 16*
May 4, 2018
Embryo auction NOW OPEN for bidding!

Holstein Plaza Online Embryo Auction is NOW OPEN for bidding! And will run May 4th through May 10th, 2018... There are IVF SEXED KANZO embryos selling from a +2712G Modesty daughter and SANTORIUS *RC embryos out of the APPLE cow family and several more tremendous features!..VIEW AUCTION