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May 11, 2021
High Indexing Variant Red Cow Families

Three offerings on the Holstein Plaza Online Embryo Auction come from high indexing Variant Red donors with the potential to make the next No. 1 female. This auction is open until Thursday, May 13th at 4pm EST, and will close using the popcorn bidding system. 


SEXED BIGSHOT x Comfort Thrlr Purs Friday - embryos from a RARE high GTPI female carrying both the Variant Red and Red Carrier Normal Red gene. Friday has a great productive life, over +1660 lbs of milk. and over +2800 GTPI.

SEXED HELIX x Thurler Skywalker Blanche-Red - embryos from a RARE RED SKYWALKER daughter, backed by the FOOLS GOLD FAMILY. Blanche-Red is from the same cow family as Champion-Red at +2994GTPI. Blanche's only daughter is the No. 2 LPI Red Heifer WORLDWIDE, the No. 2 Pro$ Red Heifer, and the No. 3 GTPI Variant Red Heifer.

SEXED ALTAFANDOM-P x Thurler Cmfrt Red Purse - embryos from the Variant Red Pursuit daughter backed by the GOLD DANCER's. 50% of these embryos will be RED FEMALES. Purse's full sister was the No. 1 Red and Polled female in 08/2020 and 12/2020. Her dam is a Top 10 GTPI Splendid P RC daughter in the breed and already milking 110 pounds at 96 days of her first lactation. This family consistently scores an average of 119 points above parent average.

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May 11, 2021
10 Generations of Excellent Jerseys

Cayenne Ripple completes 10 generations of Excellent Jersey's and her SEXED FERDINAND embryos have the potential to make the 11th generation. She is from the same family as SV Velocity Rosie EX-91% (2020 National Reserve Grand Champion), and is backed by EX-CAN 3E 5* Franken Monarch Rosel (Grand Champion Jersey, Royal Winter Fair '87 & '90). Log on now to place your bids on the Holstein Plaza Online Embryo Auction. VIEW OFFERING

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May 10, 2021
Elliott Receives 18th Honorary Klussendorf Award

Ken Elliott of Marshall, Wisconsin became the 18th recipient of the Honorary Klussendorf Award on Friday, April 30 during the Midwest National Spring Jersey and Red & White Shows held in Jefferson, Wisconsin. Considered the highest recognition bestowed on a dairy cattle showman in the United States, the Honorary Klussendorf Award mirrors the attributes of the Klussendorf Award and is presented in special recognition of a recipient’s involvement in the purebred dairy industry.


For the past two decades, Elliott has served as superintendent of the International Holstein Show at World Dairy Expo® and eight years as WDE Assistant Overall Superintendent. Elliott’s tenure as an Expo leader includes working with prominent dairymen such as W. Terry Howard, Bob Kaiser, Jim Crowley Jr., and Dave Bollig.


A 1978 graduate from the University of Guelph and its Ridgetown College, Elliott got his start working for Paperman Farm in nearby Woodstock, Ontario, Canada and then Doug Wingrove’s Allangrove Farm in rural Guelph. Next, the young Canadian headed stateside to California’s Pacific Coast where he worked for Marvin Nunes at Ocean View Farms, Windsor, California. Elliott and his wife, Kathy, eventually moved their young family to their own farm in Wisconsin.


As a farmer and breeder, Elliott excelled in his role as Holstein Superintendent at WDE. His connections with exhibitors spread across North America making him an asset to World Dairy Expo and throughout the stalling process at the annual event.


“Ken Elliott was a master at [stalling cattle and exhibitors],” shares former Expo Red & White Superintendent Bill Langel. “He knows everyone from coast to coast.”


Named in memory of Arthur Klussendorf, the Klussendorf Association first presented its namesake trophy in 1937. Most recently, the award presentation has occurred on the colored shavings at World Dairy Expo each fall. While the Klussendorf Association plans to meet this fall, the 27 living members cast a unanimous vote earlier this month to honor Elliott this spring.


Serving as the meeting place of the global dairy industry, World Dairy Expo brings together the latest in dairy innovation and the best cattle in North America. Crowds of 60,000 people, from nearly 100 countries, will return to Madison, Wis. for the 54th event, September 28 – October 2, 2021, when the world’s largest dairy-focused trade show, dairy and forage seminars, a world-class dairy cattle show and more will be on display.


Provided by World Dairy Expo

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May 10, 2021
High RZG to Make the Next #1

Two offerings on the Holstein Plaza Online Embryo Auction have the potential to make the next chart topping RZG animal. 


AEROSMITH x Ms Misty-Moor Prst Yabby - 4 #2 grade embryos from the +2860GTPI Pursuit daughter. Yabby scores +160gRZG meaning these embryos have the potential to be +161gRZG!


SEXED BIGSHOT x Comfort Thurler Einstein Flyn - 3 #1 grade embryos from a high indexing Einstein daughter from the same family as BURLEY. An elite combination of RZG, GTPI, and Production, Flyn scores +158gRZG, +2786GTPI, and nearly +1600 lbs of Milk. 

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May 10, 2021
Show-Winning Type

The Holstein Plaza Online Embryo Auction is open for bidding until Thursday, May 13th with several high type offerings with show-winning potential. The auction will begin closing at 4 PM EST using the popcorn bidding system, so log on now and don't miss your chance to take home embryos from today's top cow families.




IVF SEXED LATENITE-RED x Blackncherry KD Aldalicia

IVF SEXED HANANS x Blackncherry KD Adalicia



SEXED CHIEF x Kingsway Doorman Anahiem



SEXED CHIEF x Pierstein Solomon Junisse



SEXED ANALYST-RED x Miss Pottsdale DFI Tang-Red




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May 10, 2021

The Holstein Plaza Online Embryo Auction features one of the only opportunities to own sexed embryos by JERICHO with NO CONTRACT. These embryos were made with semen purchased before the April proof run when Jericho joined the Legend program at ST Genetics and have the potential to be over +2950GTPI. VIEW OFFERING

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May 7, 2021
Auction NOW OPEN for Bidding

The Holstein Plaza Online Embryo Auction is NOW OPEN for bidding. Offerings sell from the best North American cow families direct from the top quality herds of Holstein Plaza members. Featuring numerous packages of IVF, Sexed, Conventional, Type, Index, Show-Winning, All-American cow families, Jersey Embryos, a unique Wagyu offering and the industry's hottest sires including Analyst, Bigshot, Chief, Delta-Lambda, Helix, Hanans, Jericho, Latenite, and more! VIEW AUCTION

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May 5, 2021
Leaninghouse Holsteins Making Big Strides in Herd Classification

Numbers speak for themselves and the numbers produced by Leaninghouse Holsteins’ latest classification say a lot!  They are proud to announce the following impressive herd totals.


97 Excellent // 557 Very Good // 811 Good Plus


The herd now houses 3 cows that scored EX-94! Leaninghouse had 48 new Excellent and many new Very Good classifications sired by some of the industry’s best bulls, including Leaninghouse’s own Ammo-P, House and Fabio. They have new EX females sired by Ammo-P, Pinnacle, Resolve, Jedi, Legendary, Bandares, Salvatore, King Royal, and Kingboy. New VG 2-Year-Old females are sired by Disc Jockey, Tarrino, Delta, House, Fabio, Jedi, and Weekend.


Time and time again, their supersire cow Vickie produces big results.   In this classification alone, she produced new EX’s out of Bandares, Franchise, Hang-Time and King Royal.  Her King Royal daughter went EX-91 as a 3-year-old and her Hang-Time daughter went EX-92 in her third lactation.


Leaninghouse Holsteins also produces calves on the high end of the genomic spectrum. An October heifer, Leaninghouse Yis 29024 just scored a remarkable 3002 GTPI! This heifer has a unique pedigree with a dam that went VG-88 as a 3-year-old and is a direct line to the Markwell-Ravens Family. 


With impressive growth in both classification and genomic numbers, this herd is definitely one to watch.  Learn more about Leaninghouse Holsteins at

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May 4, 2021
Top 25 New Genomic Females

Wilra S-S-I 1910 2254-ET tops the list of New Genomic Females after the May 2021 Intermediate Run. 2254 is a Gameday daughter with +3135GTPI and +996NM. Rounding out the top 5 females are:


2. Cherrypencol C 927-ET +3123G

3. S-S-I Gmdy Hodellia 2321-ET +3095G

4. Jook Captain 1294-ET +3092G

5. Winstar Kimber 7816-P-ET +3090G


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May 1, 2021
Pennsylvania Spring Holstein Show Results

Grand Champion honors was awarded to the winning 4-Year-Old cow, Sweet-Pea GChip Alex, owned by Denise Pease. Judging the classes was Phil Topp of Ohio. 


Grand Champion of the Open Show

Sweet-Pea GChip Alex - 1st 4-Year-Old

Owned by Denise Pease


Junior Champion of the Open Show

Borderview Denver Chloe - 1st Fall Calf

Owned by Vickie Roudabush


Grand Champion of the Junior Show

Chester Springs Dreams Amy - 1st 5-Year-Old

Owned by Olivia Claypoole


Junior Champion of the Junior Show

Sweet-Peas Tatoo Foliage - 2nd Fall Calf

Owned by Tyler Soden