Click to enlarge - View-Home Mcc Alabama GP-82
June 3, 2019
A2A2 offerings!

Don’t miss out on two fantastic A2A2 lots available through the Holstein Plaza Online Embryo Auciton. Both HIGH TYPE and HIGH INDEX opportunities, including +3.07PTAT and nearly +2900GTPI. Find the perfect fit for your A2A2 breeding goals!

Lot 7: SEXED TAHITI x Peak Fastlane HTLN 60919 

Lot 15: IVF SEXED RIVETING x Peak Azalea Btrch T902 

Click to enlarge - Miss Pottsdale Dfi-Tang Red
June 3, 2019
Excellent All-American Show Type

Featured in this edition of the Holstein Plaza Online Embryo Auction are several lots from Excellent, All-American cow families! From Loyalyn Goldwyn JUNE and Miss Potsdale DFI TANG-RED to Jacobs Sid BEAUTY, there is something for everyone. Bid last and make the next Expo Winner, All-American, and Excellent Cow.

Lot 1: SEXED UPGRADE x Pierstein Solomon Junisse

Lot 2: IVF SEXED WARRIOR-RED x Golden-Oaks Trinity-Red 

Lot 3: SEXED SOLOMON x Eatonholme Atwood Brie 

Click to enlarge - Luck-E Advent Asia
June 3, 2019
High TYPE offerings direct from ASIA

Check out several tremendous HIGH TYPE lots on the Holstein Plaza Online Embryo Auction backed by Luck-E Advent ASIA. Options out of EXCELLENT donors, with nearly +3.00PTAT.


Lot 8: SEXED JORDY-RED x Luck-E Kingboy Angie *RC 

Lot 9: SEXED ALTITUDE-RED x Luck-E Crush Aleksandra 

Lot 10: SEXED ALTITUDE-RED x Luck-E Kenosha Asuko *RC 

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May 31, 2019
Auction OPEN for Bidding

The Holstein Plaza Online Embryo Auction is NOW OPEN for bidding...Offering from the best North American cow families direct from the top quality herds of Holstein Plaza members sell featuring numerous packages of Sexed Semen, A2A2, and the industry's hottest sires including AltaHothand, Crushtime, Crushabull, Menace, Norton, Riveting, Upgrade, Solomon, Doorman, Unix, and more! VIEW AUCTION

Click to enlarge - Luck-E Awesome Joy-Red-ET
May 29, 2019
Donors added to the line up at Pine-Tree Dairy

Pine-Tree Dairy has added multiple donors to their already impressive line-up. From high index to high type, and polled heifers to Jersey donors, you won’t want to miss these top notch additions. Apple-PTS Adreva-Red *P, Luck-E Awesome Joy-Red *P, Pine-Tree 7019 Skyw 8157-ET, Pine-Tree 7019 Achi 7793-ET, Pine-Tree Era Achie 7593-ET, and Pine-Tree Disco Bitty 1702 have joined the donor pen at Pine-Tree and are all currently flushing. 

Click to enlarge - Roylane-KH Montross Rita
May 24, 2019
ONE HOUR LEFT in the Rasberry Futures Sale

Just one hour left until lots begin closing on the Rasberry Futures Tag Sale. Log in, place your bids, and don’t miss out on these tremendous offerings from Rasberry Futures. Just a reminder, this is a traditional English auction, which starts low and allows bidders to place progressively high bids. Lots close at staggering times starting at 4:00 p.m. (EST)! 

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May 24, 2019
Rasberry Futures Tag Sale CLOSES TODAY

The Rasberry Futures Tag Sale ends TODAY! Over 50 fantastic lots backed by the 18th Generation Excellent Golden-Rose RASBERRY. Tremendous combinations of INDEX and TYPE with heifers selling as high as +4.16 PTAT and +2804 GTPI. This is a traditional English auction, which starts low and allows bidders to place progressively high bids. Lots close at staggering times starting at 4:00 p.m. (EST) TODAY, May 24th. There are two ways of bidding - either directly through the sale site or by contacting one of the sale staff members listed on the website. CLICK HERE for a direct link.

Click to enlarge - Roylane-KH 5G Rece VG-87
May 24, 2019
Rasberry A2A2 Heifer

Looking for the perfect cow to add to your A2A2 herd? Look no farther than this Montana daughter with 0.18%Fat, +5.4%SCE and POSITIVE teat length. Offered on the Rasberry Futures Tag Sale, GDR-Kings Montana 50594 was bred 4/30/2019 to Our-Favorite IMMENSE and sells with an embryo contract: 5 #1 conventional ET embryos at $600 per embryo.

Learn more about this heifer and others offered on the Rasberry Futures Tag Sale HERE. Don’t wait too long, sale CLOSES TODAY!

Click to enlarge - Roylane-KH 5G Rece VG-87
May 24, 2019
Ready to Flush Rasberry: Lot 5

+3.59 PTAT King Doc daughter with >800 lbs of milk, positive DPR and a great linear! Dam by Merjack with a son at St Jacobs, next dam VG-87 5G Rece x RASBERRY!

Sells with embryo contract: 5 #1 (ET or IVF) embryos at $600/embryo


Click to enlarge - Wind-N-Tail Dorcy Deva
May 23, 2019
GREAT heifer, high INDEX

Don’t miss out on Lot 1 in the Rasberry Futures Tag Sale! +1002 NET MERIT$ Sassafras daughter sells with +2803 GTPI backed by a deep maternal line from the Mascot Deanna! Huge production with +1604 lbs of milk, +104 lbs of fat with +0.15%F and +58 lbs of protein with +0.03%P. High +217 on feed efficiency and great on health traits +1.9 DPR, low 6.7 SCE and 2.68 SCS. BID LAST, this is one you will want in your donor program!