August 7, 2018
Sneak Peek... Top 5 GTPI Young Bulls

As proof week is underway... We will be posting a sneak peek of the lists! To start is the Top 5 High Ranking TPI Genomic Young Bulls. Topping the list is Pine-Tree Herioc, a +3004G Achiever son backed by the Cookiecutters! 

  1. 29HO19000 PINE-TREE HERIOC GTPI+3004
  2. 29HO19010 DENOVO 2800 PRINCE GTPI+3002
  3. 507HO14250 PINE-TREE CW LEGACY GTPI+2999
  5. 614HO14220 S-S-I BG FRZZLD RIVETING GTPI+2952

Full List to come SOON! 

Click to enlarge - Leaninghouse Epic 20199 EX-93
August 6, 2018
Another Leaninghouse highlight

Leaninghouse Epic 20199 EX-93 out of a Jet x EX-93 Advent x VG-88 Redman x EX-92 Kite x VG-87 Triple Threat. She has a beautiful red carrier Mr Leaninghouse Ammo-P*RC heifer. View More

Click to enlarge - Ms Beauty Black Velvet | Photo Cred: Dairy Agenda
August 6, 2018
Triple-T win Intermediate Champ!

First Place Senior 2-Yr-Old and Intermediate Champion of the Mid-East Summer National Holstein Show at the Ohio State Fair goes to Ms Beauty Black Velvet! View More

Click to enlarge - Clear-Echo 822 Ramo 1200 EX-94-3E-DOM
August 6, 2018
New VERY-GOOD 2-Yr-Olds

Classification at Siemers Holsteins... Siemers Awesome Great-RED scored VG-88 91-MS. An Awesome-Red direct daughter to an EX-92 Defiant. Also newly scored very-good is Siemers Draco Starlite-ET VG-88 MS-90. A Draco daughter x VG-87 Mogul x EX-94 Clear-Echo 822 Ramo 1200. Read More

Click to enlarge - FARNEAR-TBR-BH VICKIE-ET EX-93 93-MS
August 6, 2018
Leaninghouse Holsteins exceeds expectations!

Leaninghouse Holsteins now has many high-ranking popular mating sires that are being used around the world. Many of these sires are available at Select Sires and are from popular cow families! FABIO is one of their mating sires, a direct son to Farnear-Tbr-Bh Vickie EX-93 93-MS. Sons with Laurie Sheik influence, include KING ABEL, one of the highest TPI Kingboy sons early in his career. Another bull making his climb up the latter is, HOUSE 7HO12978... VIEW MORE

Click to enlarge -
August 2, 2018
Limited Time ... FREE SHIPPING

Holstein Plaza is excited to announce a special FREE SHIPPING promotion valid thru August 9, 2018. Embryos MUST BE shipped within the U.S. and valid on any orders of 10 (or more) embryos OR a total value of $6000. 

Click to enlarge - Peak Rosa MNTRY 1110 EX-92
July 27, 2018
Max score Monterey daughter!

Peak Rosa Mntry 1110 is now scored EX-92 as a 3 year old (Max Score)! She is a Monterey out of a VG-87 Mogul x Man-OMan x Elegant x EX-95 Outside! She is currently flushing and already has pregnancies from a Bandares daughter scoring a GTPI+2747, and a Modesty daughter scoring a GTPI+2749. View More

Click to enlarge - Savage-Leigh Leona EX-96-2E DOM
July 26, 2018
Closing in ONE hour!

The Online Embryo Auction will be closing in ONE HOUR! There are offerings from elite cow families, high index and show type... and many popular mating sires! VIEW MORE

Click to enlarge - Silvermaple Damion Camomile EX-95
July 26, 2018
Be the last to bid TODAY!

This week's Online Embryo Auction closes TODAY! Make sure to take a look at the exciting offerings and get your last minute bids in! There are Draftking embryos selling out of a +2712G Modesty, early DRIFTER embryos from a +3.99PTA TYPE Millenium direct daughter to UNLIMITED and special offerings backed by the famous CAMOMILE and LEONA and many more offerings... VIEW AUCTION

Click to enlarge - Aija Supersire Makea VG-86-4YR-CAN
July 25, 2018
Auction closes in 24 hours!

The Online Embryo Auction closes tomorrow July 26th, 2018. There are several exciting featured lots, including Sexed CRUSH embryos out of a Golden Dreams daughter to EX-96 Goldwyn Katrysha, Sexed HUMBLENKIND embryos out of a GTPI+2629 / +2.50PTA TYPE Modesty and many more offerings! VIEW AUCTION