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February 9, 2021

The Holstein Plaza Online Embryo Auction is open for bidding until Thursday, February 11th at 4PM EST. Available now are two opportunities to make the next show winning, high type, RED female!


Lot 1: IVF SEXED DURHAM x Pamprd-Acres AB-Ivy-Red - embryos from the beautiful EX-94 donor and show winning female, Ivy-Red. She was the Senior and Reserve Grand Champion at the 2019 Illinois State Show and Nominated All-American in 2018. Bid now and make the next show winning RC Durham female.


Lot 2: IVF SEXED UNSTOPABULL-RED x Golden-Oaks DBK Twilight RC - embryos from the VG-87 Diamondback daughter from EX-94 Miss Pottsdale DFI Tang-Red. She already has multiple high daughters including the No. 1 PTAT R&W female in Europe, Panda Tango Red. Tango was also the 2nd Intermediate R&W calf at the 2020 UK Dairy Expo.

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February 8, 2021
Embryos from 20th Generation Excellent Cow!

Available now on the Holstein Plaza Online Embryo Auction are IVF SEXED KING DOC (+3.37PTAT +2.48UDC +2.02FLC) embryos from the 20th generation Excellent cow, Rise-N-Shine is a AltaMoreno daughter to EX-92 Roylane-KH Tango Rass out of the famous EX-91 Golden-Rose Rasberry. Also available is the chance to control the next IVF Session with Rise-N-Shine with the sire of your choice.


Lot 5: IVF SEXED KING DOC x Sildahl-KH Rise-N-Shine

Lot 6: MAS IVF SESSION: Sildahl-KH Rise-N-Shine

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February 8, 2021

The Holstein Plaza Online Embryo Auction is open for bidding until Thursday, February 11th at 4PM EST. Available now are several offerings of large group, affordable embryos with great production potential.


Lot 7: SEXED DYNAMO x Peak Dancer Salrc 80474 - embryos from the +2496 GTPI Salvatore backed by the EROYs. Salvatore 80474 has a balanced proof with good components (+.10% Fat), and great type at +1.28PTAT. Salvatore x AltaSpring x Supersire Exotic x Shottle Evelyn x Golden Edie x EROY!


Lot 8: SEXED SLATER x Terra-Linda Bndares 4800 - embryos from the Bandares daughter with negative stature, positive teat length and great udder potential at +1.27UDC. Don't miss this affordable offering backed by Ms Welcome Colby Taya.


Lot 9: SEXED NOBLE x Winstar Prophecy 4614 - embryos from the Prophecy daughter with a solid index including low calving ease, positive rump angle, positive rear leg side view, and +4.0 PL.

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February 5, 2021
Auction OPEN for Bidding

The Holstein Plaza Online Embryo Auction is NOW OPEN for bidding. Offerings sell from the best North American cow families direct from the top quality herds of Holstein Plaza members. Featuring numerous packages of IVF, Sexed, Conventional, Type, Index, Show-Winning, All-American cow families and the industry's hottest sires including AltaZazzle, Delta-Lambda, Durham, Dynamo, Huey, Noble, Unstopabull and more! VIEW AUCTION

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February 5, 2021
Michigan Association Announces Cow of the Century Winner

The Michigan Holstein Association began collecting nominations for their Cow of the Century contest in November with voting open during the first two weeks of the year. They have slowly been announcing the runner ups each day and today announced Strautz-AAA GWAtwood Rose 2E95 as the Cow of the Century Winner. Rose produced over 160K pounds of milk, and was the 2015 Michigan Spring Show Intermediate and Grand Champion.


Rose was born at Rod-er-Dic from a cow they moved there as a yearling when Strautz Holsteins dispersed and Paul and Sherry were married. The granddam was a Rod-Er-Dic cow purchased by Sherry’s mom at the Lake O’Dessa Sale Barn. Paul and his dad had purchased a cow several years before this named Mari-Way Glendell Spots when Wayne and Rodney Pennock dispersed their herd. Spots was Rose’s 5th dam, and many animals were consigned to sales from her. Another line of this family also resulted in a 94- point Raider. The 8th thru 10th dams also carry the Rod-Er-Dic prefix with one of the cows tracing to the #2 cow in their... VIEW FULL ARTICLE

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February 4, 2021
Duckett Holsteins Announces Consignment to Bright Futures Sale

Duckett Holsteins has announced their consignment to the Bright Futures Sale. Fraeland Doorman Bonnie EX-94 is being offeired on February 18th. Bonnie has been fresh since March and is ready to be started in a flush program or bred back. She has been Nominated All-American two times, flushed conventionally to sexed semen for export, and been successful in IVF as well. Bonnie is ready to improve your breeding program! VIEW BREEDER PAGE

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February 4, 2021
BoviNews Launched Latest Webinar

BoviNews launched their newest webinar yesterday titled Genetic Tools to Impove Feed Efficiency. It featured four of the topic's best specialists who bring their unique knowledge and applicable examples of how to use these genetic tools. Panelists included:


  • Dr. Joel Pankowski, Manager of Field Technical Services for Arm & Hammer discusses management opportunities to make the most of feed efficiency on your farm.
  • Dr. Kent Weigel, the Chair of the Department of Animal and Dairy Science at UW-Madison discusses the research behind the new feed efficiency trait, Feed Saved, and how to apply it.
  • Juan Moreno, CEO of STgenetics, discusses the EcoFeed Index, an integrated approach to genetic selection developed by STgenetics®.
  • Tim Clark, a Quebec dairy producer, offers insights into how he focuses on improving feed efficiency on his dairy.


View the webinar on their YouTube channel.


Their next webinar for dairy producers will focus on building a succession plan and will air on February 24 at 9 am.


Provided by BoviNews

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February 4, 2021
HP Members Consign to Retreat to the Beach Sale

Several Holstein Plaza Members have consigned to the Retreat to the Beach Sale on Tuesday, February 9th at 11 am EST in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. View offerings and bid online at


Lot 17: IVF SESSION with Pine-Tree 7019 Hero 8643-ET

Consigned by Pine-Tree Dairy

A2A2 BB female with nearly +800NM


Lot 18: IVF SESSION with Pine-Tree Yellowstone-ET

Consigned by Fit Genetics


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February 4, 2021
Willows Edge Holsteins updates Breeder Page with New Banner Ad

Willows-Edge Holsteins has updated their breeder page with a new banner ad highlighting their consignments to spring sales. Selling on the Purple Ribbon Classic Sale (March 6) in Marshfield, Wisconsin is the Addison daughter to Willows-Edge Ar Massage-TW EX-90. A maternal sister to this offering is Willows-Edge Def Massie, the 1st Spring Calf and member of the Junior Best Three at the 2019 Midwest Fall National Show. Selling on the Spring Fashions Sale (March 23) in Fond Du Lac, Wisconsin is a maternal sister to Willows-Edge BW Pipes-Red, the 1st Jr. and Reserve Junior Champion at the 2017 WI Holstein District 1 Show. Also selling are an Unstopabull Milking Yearling prospect due July 20 to Sexed Denver (Gil-Tex Stampede III Sale - Feb 13) and an Altitude daughter backed by Rainyridge Tony Beauty (Quest for the Franchise Kind - April 17).  VIEW BREEDER PAGE

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February 3, 2021
Triple-T Holsteins Earns 7 All-American Nominations

Triple-T Holsteins has been awarded seven All-American Nominations in the Spring Yearling, Summer Junior 2-year-old, Junior 2-year-old, Aged cow, Lifetime Production cow, Produce of Dam, and Senior Best Three classes. 

T-Triple-T Piece of Cake - Spring Yearling

Ms TTripleT SW WB Payton - Summer Junior 2-year-old

T-Triple-T Purple Rain - Junior 2-year-old

T-Triple-T Petunia - Aged Cow, Produce of Dam & Senior Best Three

T-Triple-T Play It Again - Aged Cow, Produce of Dam & Senior Best Three

T-Triple-T Platinum. - Lifetime Production Cow & Senior Best Three