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March 9, 2020

Selling IVF SEXED MAGNITUDE embryos from the Resolve daughter with elite production and components, scoring +2098MILK. A proven producer of high scoring offspring, with multiple daughters over +1000 NM$ and +2800 GTPI. VIEW OFFERING

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March 9, 2020
HIGH TYPE from the Promis Family

Check out this high type offering from the Promis family. Purple is the Avalanche RC daughter to EX-94 Windy-Knoll-View Parfait. She scores +3.82PTAT, +3.39UDC, +318MILK, and +5.15 Rear Udder. VIEW OFFERING

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March 9, 2020
High Type Jersey Embryos

Don't miss this high type offering of Jersey embryos backed by EX-93% Juliannas Deluxe Justine and direct from EX-93 Justines Valiant Jemini. This is your chance to buy into this tremendous cow family. VIEW OFFERING

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March 6, 2020
Auction OPEN for Bidding

The Holstein Plaza Online Embryo Auction is NOW OPEN for bidding. Log on now and view some of the best offerings direct from the herds of Holstein Plaza members. Type, index, and even an exciting Jersey offering, you won't want to miss these offerings! VIEW AUCTION

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March 3, 2020
Top 25 New Genomic Females

Holstein Plaza Member bred and owned female, GENOSOURCE HISTORIC 8419-ET, tops the list of Top 25 New Genomic Females for the March Intermediate Run. This Solution daughter scores GTPI +2990, +1131 NM$, and is owned by GenoSource. Other females in the Top 5 include:

2. River-Bridge Tahiti Cruise - GTPI +2986

3. Peak Dnalee Mllnal 82649 - GTPI +2967

4. Peak Grdian Mllnal 82652 - GTPI +2947

5. T-Spruce Dynasty 7609 - GTPI +2946


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March 3, 2020
March Holstein Plaza Newsletter

We are excited to bring you our newest monthly newsletter! Check out this month's Member Highlight featuring Brigeen Farms. VIEW NEWSLETTER

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March 2, 2020
Holstein Canada: First Time EX Cows

Check out the top scoring first time Excellent cows scored in January through Holstein Canada.

Carldot Doorman Lyndsay EX-93 - Carldot Farms

Guyview Airlift Apple EX-93 - Burnacres Farms

Lakefield Golden Stacey EX-93 - Butte Holsteins, Lakefield Farm & Rietveld Dairies

Legend-Maker Yorick Chancey EX-93 - Don-Mair Farms & Legenmaker Holsteins

Ulmar Wickham Winsconsin EX-93 - Pfister Dairy

Vinbert Kingboy Birdy EX-93 - Ferrme Belgarde, Ferme Belgo, Ferrme Silvercrest & Ferme Vinbert

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March 2, 2020
February First Time Excellent Cows

Congratulations to all Holstein Plaza Members with newly scored first time excellent cows!

Al-Lew Monterey Ashley 1346 EX-90 - Mecuro Farms

EDG Cyprus 32644 EX-90 - Genosource

Golden-Oaks Freestyle Chick EX-90 - Golden Oaks

Golden-Oaks Gambler All In EX-90 - Golden Oaks

Golden-Oaks Mont Rross EX-90 - Golden Oaks

Golden-Oaks Unix 6864 EX-90 - Golden Oaks

Ms Coco Chanel EX-90 - Golden Oaks

Ms-AOL Dback Raelynn-Red EX-90 - Mecuro Farms, J.L. Eberly & C.H.Wojciechowski

OCD Yoder Enrrich 3844 EX-90 - Mecuro Farms

Peak Menna Ahead 850 EX-90 - Genosource

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March 2, 2020
February High Scoring 2-Year-Olds

Congratulations to Holstein Plaza Members with NEW high scoring 2-Year-Olds.

Golden-Oaks Love Me More VG-89 - Golden Oaks

Golden-Oaks Dbk Twilight VG-87 - Golden Oaks & Panda Holsteins

Golden-Oaks Imac Ivery VG-87 - Golden Oaks

DJPurePride Beemr Patty VG-86 - Golden Oaks

Genosource Spider 38609 VG-86 - Genosource

Golden-Oaks Cryptonight VG-86 - Golden Oaks

Golden-Oaks Drop Dead Diva VG-86 - Golden Oaks

Golden-Oaks S Charisma VG-86 - Golden Oaks

Golden-Oaks Sequence Flo VG-86 - Golden Oaks

Ms MD-Maple-Dell Crsh Ivory VG-86 - Savage-Leigh, Dennis Patrick & Sean Johnson

TTM Achrival Ginger VG-86 - Mecuro Farms


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February 27, 2020
Embryos backed by Lila Z

Just a few hours remain to bid last and take home these IVF SEXED MURPHY embryos from a Skywalker daughter with +153 RZG and traces back directly to the 34 Star Brood Cow, EX-94 Lylehaven Lila Z. VIEW OFFERING