July 28, 2022

Leaninghouse Holsteins Has Outstanding Classification

Leaninghouse Holsteins Continue to Rise in Classifying Statistics


Leaninghouse Holsteins continue to improve their herd and gain outstanding classifications this summer! With a classification count of 1,474 head, they proved to be successful even in the torrid heat. Below you will find the accomplished set of herd totals.


85 Excellent

511 Very Good

878 Good Plus (mostly 2-year-old cows)


Leaninghouse Holsteins has also enhanced their herd with 37 new cows that scored Excellent classifications and 47 new two-year-old cows that received Very Good classifications. These cows are the progeny of some of the best bulls in the industry at the moment, with some of them being Leaninghouse Holsteins’ very own bulls!


New VG 2 Year Old Females Sired by:

*** Leaninghouse Bulls

Fabio*** (VG-88 2-year-old daughter)                                                          

Monterey (VG-87 2-year-old daughter)

Pursuit (Two VG-87 daughters)
















The supersire cow, Vickie, remains a prominent individual in the Leaninghouse Holstein herd. She has continued to produce several Excellent classifying daughters including Silver, Delta, Legendary, Franchise, Bandares, and King Royal. At just two years old, her daughter Tropic is one that you will want to keep your eye on! Leaninghouse Holsteins is confident in her potential and believes that she could possibly be Vickie’s most exciting daughter.


Leaninghouse Holsteins is continuing its impressive record with several new 92-point cows in this classification. The new high cow, Leaninghouse KR 24770-ET, was classified as an astounding Excellent 93! She is a 4-year-old out of an EX-94 Goldwyn x EX-94 Durham x EX-93 Encore. They are excited to see her continue to do well and continue her lineage prominence throughout the herd.


This set of classifications shows continual growth and improvement for an already outstanding herd of Holstein cattle at Leaninghouse Holsteins. You will definitely want to take notice of this herd as they continue to produce high-classifying cattle! Learn more about Leaninghouse Holsteins at LeaninghouseHolsteins.com.





[Leaninghouse Holsteins is a premier provider of both high type and high genomic Holstein cattle with operations in Willard, NM and Dexter, NM]

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