Leaninghouse Holsteins


Rock Hill Dairy, home of Leaninghouse Holsteins, is owned and operated by the Abel Villalpando family. Centered primarily around Dexter, New Mexico, the operation is comprised of seven facilities milking a total of 23,000 cows. Recently, they have turned their attention to the genetics side in breeding elite Holstein cows. They're striving to raise the genetic level of the entire herd. 


Leaninghouse Holsteins
396 East Orchard Park Road
Dexter, New Mexico 88230
United States



Donors Offered by This Breeder

Leaninghouse Holsteins
GTPI +2753
Leaninghouse Holsteins
GTPI +2763
Leaninghouse Holsteins
GTPI +2851
Leaninghouse Holsteins
GTPI +2881
Leaninghouse Holsteins
GTPI +2748

News Items About this Breeder

Click to enlarge - Leaninghouse House 23679
June 15, 2018
A new FAVORITE at Leaninghouse

One of Leaninghouse Holsteins upcoming favorite heifers is Leaninghouse House 23679, scoring a GTPI+2851 and a PTAT+2.91. She is a House out of L-L-M Dairy Dysis, a Jedi bred heifer. 23679 has a full brother at Select at GTPI+2794, and a full sister at GTPI+2749. View More

Click to enlarge - Leaninghouse Delta 22084 GP-83
June 11, 2018
One that calls Leaninghouse Holsteins home

Leaninghouse Delta 22084 GP-83 and very-good in the mammary with a +2744G! She is also backed by 11 VG and EX dams behind her one of which is her second dam, Pine-Tree 2149ROBST 4846 VG-87, who has produced many sons in AI including Monterey. Another one of her iconic dams is the great contributor Rudolph Missy EX-92. She is already producing high exciting daughters, including a Frazzled scoring a +2823G and a Fortune scoring a +2819G! View More

Click to enlarge - Rainsom-Rail Delta Papparazi VG-87-2YR 88-MS
May 14, 2018
New VG Delta daughter at Leaninghouse

Ransom-Rail Delta Papparazi is VG 87-2YR 88-MS. She is out of an excellent Uno that goes back to the Mac Peyton family. Papparazi was fresh in August, currently pregnant to Kennedy and still milking 84 pounds a day! View More

Click to enlarge - Leaninghouse Holsteins Classification Day
May 9, 2018
Leaninghouse Classification Results

Successful classification day at Leaninghouse Holsteins! They now have 49 Excellent cows, 283 Very Good, and 67 new Very Good 2 year olds! View More

Click to enlarge - Jedi daughters at Leaninghouse!
May 7, 2018
Jedi daughters at Leaninghouse Holsteins

Beautiful Jedi daughters at Leaninghouse Holsteins. From left to right the first is a Jedi x Jacey that is a maternal sister to the bull Leaninghouse House, the second is a Jedi x VG Halogen that goes back to the Skychief Adeen family, and the third is a Jedi x VG Man-O-Shan that goes back to the Rudolph Missy family! View More

May 1, 2018
Top 25 New Genomic List

The top 25 new genomic females list has been posted... Topping the list is a Frazzled daughter scoring a GTPI+2917! 

  2. RONALEE IMAX 54745 GTPI+2903
  4. WINSTAR PONTIFF 4916 GTPI+2896 Owned by, Winstar Genetics
  5. PLAIN-KNOLL PINNCLE 1992 GTPI+2883 Owned by, Plain-Knoll Holsteins

View Full List

Click to enlarge - Leaninghouse Mdsty 22575
April 4, 2018
Sneak Preview... Top 10 GTPI Heifers 9-24 months

Below are the TOP 10 GTPI Heifers U.S. 9-24 months of age.. Leaninghouse Mdsty 22575 cracks the top 10 scoring a GTPI+2881! Elite pedigree back the Juror Faith. 

  1. DE-SU FRAZZLED 6984 --> GTPI+2967
  3. SANDY-VALLEY EDEN --> GTPI+2900         
  4. MS 78141 --> GTPI+2898                  
  5. BOMAZ OUTSIDERS 7727 --> GTPI+2887  VIEW TOP 10    
February 6, 2018
Top 25 New Genomic Female List

A young Prophecy daughter at Pine-Tree scoring a +3003G easily tops the new genomic list! Followed by an early Pinnacle daughter scoring a +2969G...

  1. PINE-TREE 5976 PROP 7829 GTPI+3003, Pine-Tree Dairy
  2. SIEMERS PNCL ROZ 28748 GTPI+2969, Siemers Holsteins
  3. DENOVO ACHIEVER 8310 GTPI+2956, De Novo Genetics
  4. LEANINGHOUSE JEDI 24266 GTPI+2954, Leaninghouse Holsteins
  5. LEANINGHOUSE PNNCL 23943 GTPI+2940, Leaninghouse Holsteins


Click to enlarge - Leaninghouse Jedi 22468
January 18, 2018
Leaninghouse Holsteins

Welcoming Rock Hill Dairy, home of Leaninghouse Holsteins! They're centered primarily around Dexter, New Mexico, the operation is comprised of seven facilities milking a total of 23,000 cows. Lately, they have turned their attention to the genetics side in terms of raising the genetic level of their herd. Added to their donor page is a Jedi daughter scoring an impressive +2947G and +1032NM$...