July 28, 2022

Announcing the Grand Finale at Willows-Edge

"We have enjoyed the Registered Holstein industry for well over 40 years. Many trophies and Premier Breeder banners. We again have a barnful of young cows, about 80, and pens full of youngstock (100) that encompass our breeding philosophy. Our official BAA in February of this year was 111.1. Our recent special classification of 43 cows added 13 new Very Good 2-year-olds, 7 new Excellents and 9 Excellents raised in score. We have three 3-year-olds that maxed out at EX-92: Willows-Edge Doorman Breezy, Willows-Edge Crush Kenni and Willows-Edge Diamondback Mimicry."

Willows-Edge WILL CLOSE THEIR DOORS SEPTEMBER 7, 2022 AND PUT ALL CATTLE UP FOR SALE. They will certainly have something for everyone including show cattle with deep pedigrees. Cheers to the Grand Finale and your future. 

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Willows-Edge Holsteins
931 140th Ave
New Richmond, Wisconsin 54017
United States

Phone: +1 715 220-6612 (Bonnie)
Email: bvandyk23@hotmail.com