Morningview Holsteins


One look into the barn of Morningview is sure to impress even the most critical Holstein enthusiast. From daughters of Apple to offspring of Lead Mae there is something for everyone. Known worldwide for developing the Converse Judy family, Morningview continues to work with and develop the breed’s elite.


Morningview Holsteins
21375 Cottage Hill Road
Durango, Iowa 52039
United States



Donors Offered by This Breeder

Morningview Holsteins
KHW Regiment Apple-Red-ET
Morningview Holsteins
EX-96 / GTPI +1902
Morningview Holsteins
GTPI +2490
Morningview Holsteins
GP-84 / GTPI +2689
Morningview Holsteins
Morningview Super Roxy *RC
Morningview Holsteins
Morningview Holsteins
GP-84 / GTPI +2445

News Items About this Breeder

Click to enlarge - Early-Autumn Golden Rae RC
January 10, 2019
Top GTPI Red Heifers in the US

Holstein Plaza took a look at the top GTPI RED heifers (non-variant) in the U.S. and here is what we found. Congratulations to our friends at Morningview Holsteins with the No. 1 Red Female in the U.S., Morningview Smp 6303-Red with a GTPI of +2704 and backed by Super Roxy and the Early-Autumn Golden Rae family. 

1. Morningview Smp 6303-Red-ET (Simplicity-P-RC x  Flagship x Archive-Red) GTPI+2704
2. Scenery-View Crackup-Red-ET (Simplicity-P-RC x  Silver x Ladd P-Red) GTPI+2694
3. Hartford Sawyer 835-Red-ET (Sawyer-RC x  Pat-Red x Supersire) GTPI+2686
4. Morningview Snt 6352-Red-ET (Santorius x  Modesty x Yoder) GTPI+2684
5. Edg 82776-Red-ET (Revival-Red x  Pat-Red x Mccutchen) GTPI+2658


September 11, 2018
High Proven Sires!

Success stories! Morningview MIMI is the No. 1 Proven sire in Japan, he is a Bookem son from Morningview Freddie Mimi EX-90 DOM. Also the No. 3 on the Proven Sire List is Green-Heights COSMOPOLIS, he is a Mogul son from Larcrest Cale VG-89 DOM! View More --> Click Here

July 5, 2017
Top 25 New Genomic Female List

The top 25 new genomic female list has been posted! Topping the chart is Sandy-Valley Play4Glory at Sandy-Valley Farms with a GTPI+2926. Also making their way to the top 5 are two Bandares daughters scoring a GTPI+2904 and GTPI+2902, not far behind is a Blowtorch daughter scoring a GTPI+2899... All owned by Oakfield Corners


Click to enlarge - Morningview Baxter D-Rae EX-92 EX-MS DOM | 2nd Dam of Morningview Mtry Dynasty
April 1, 2016
Morningview SELLS exciting offering from the Roxys

Selling as Lot G8 in the Hammer Time at Heritage Sale is Morningview Mtry Dynasty, she is July 2015 Monterey daughter with nearly 3 points PTA Type and +2583 GTPI! And perhaps more important she is free of Mogul and Supersire bloodlines so she can be mated to almost every Chart-Topping GTPI sire! The dam of Dynasty is Morningview Uno Danika who recently was rescored VG-85 and is backed by an unique line of the Roxys!

December 2, 2015
Mogul daughters of Super Roxy dominate Top 25 RC/Red Cows

No less than 5 Mogul daughters of Morningview Super Roxy *RC are listed in the Top 25 GTPI Red and Red Carrier Cows (scored GP or better). 

  1. Calbrett Supersire Barb *RC GTPI+2556
  2. Mis Aderyn Asteroid 2002 *RC GTPI+2503
  3. Morningview Mgl Renea *RC GTPI+2481
  4. Dymentholm Sunview Sassy *RC GTPI+2471
  5. Triplecrown Ssire Darla *RC GTPI+2461


Click to enlarge - KHW Regiment Apple-Red EX-96 3E DOM
September 15, 2015
Ladd P daughter direct from APPLE sells!

Selling tonight on the Eastern Elite Sale is the March 2015 red Ladd P daughter direct from All-American Brood Cow, APPLE EX-96 3E! A beautiful heifer with a PTAT of +3.27 she sells as Lot 4.

Click to enlarge - Morningview Super Roxy *RC VG-86 | Her Brekem grandson is the #1 GTPI Red Carrier in the breed with an NAAB code
September 1, 2015
Morningview breeds #1 Red Carrier Bull!

Morningview Holsteins has bred the #1 GTPI Red Carrier bull with an NAAB code. Morningview Rolling *RC is a GTPI+2625 EARLY Brekem son from Morningview Mgl Rox, the Mogul daughter of Morningview Super Roxy *RC VG-86, the former #1 GTPI Red Carrier cow in the breed. CLICK HERE for more information about Morningview Holsteins.

Click to enlarge - KHW Regiment Apple-Red EX-96 3E DOM
August 12, 2015
Beemer x Apple is the No. 1 PTAT heifer for August 2015

Ms Apple Aryane *RC is the new No. 1 PTAT Heifer in the U.S. (over +1749G) for August 2015 and is the *RC Beemer daughter direct from KHW Regiment Apple-Red. VIEW CHART

  1. MS APPLE ARYANE *RC (Beemer x Regiment x Durham) PTAT+4.12
  2. RYAN-MVLOO BEEMER RAPTURE (Beemer x Reginald x Atwood) PTAT+4.06
  3. AIR-OSA-B ATW BREEZ19155 (Atwood x Sanchez x Shottle) PTAT+3.97
  4. MS APPLE AKASHA *RC (Atwood x Regiment x Durham) PTAT+3.93
  5. FARNEAR-TBR-BH 1C 31180 (Alta1stClass x McCutchen x Super) PTAT+3.91
Click to enlarge - Morningview Baxter D-Rae EX-92 DOM
June 26, 2014
Morningview sends Lot 1 for National Convention Sale

Selling on Friday evening, June 27 in the National Holstein Convention Sale, Dubuque, Iowa is a beautiful August 2013 Jacey daughter with a GTPI of +2459 and a different sire stack. Morningview Jacey Randi sells with multiple contract interest as Lot 1 and is backed by a VG-86-2YR Robust followed by an EX-92 DOM Baxter and a deep line back to Roxy!

Click to enlarge - Morningview Shtl Lucy EX-90 2E DOM
April 28, 2014
Morningview consignment for Day at the Derby

Morningview consigns a flush-age Uno with a GTPI of +2562. Her dam, Morningview Shtl Lucy, is the EX-90 Shottle from the Lead Maes. The heifer selling is +341 points over PA, she sells as lot 9. READ MORE

Click to enlarge - KHW Regiment Apple-Red EX-96
December 10, 2013
KHW Regiment Apple now EX-96

Another great success for APPLE... after being Reserve Grand Champion at the World Dairy Expo Red & White Show behind her clone, Apple now has been classified EX-96! Congratulations to the Apple Partners!

Click to enlarge - Morningview Super Roxy *RC VG-86-3YR-USA
October 14, 2013
Morningview Super Roxy dam to #1 Red sire

Morningview Super Roxy *RC VG-86 is proving herself as an extrodinairy brood cow. She is the dam of the #1, #6, #12, #16 *RC/Red GTPI heifers in the North America and she is also the dam of the #1 Red sire (with NAAB code), Morningview Attract-Red @ Semex. Attract is an EARLY Alchemy son and scores GTPI+2209. Morningview is still working with Super Roxy *RC and several of her high daughters. 

Click to enlarge - Morningview Super Roxy *RC VG-86-3YR-USA
September 23, 2013
Donor Update from Morningview

Morningview Super Roxy *RC VG-86 has been added to the donor page of Morningview Holsteins. Super Roxy *RC is currently the #1 GTPI cow on the Red/*RC locator list and has several high daughters including the #1, #6, #12 and #16 GTPI Heifers on the Red/*RC list.

Click to enlarge - Morningview Super Roxy *RC VG-86-3YR-USA | Her Destined *RC embryos sell
September 2, 2013
Embryos from the #1 RC/RED on the Locator List

Selling in the Holstein Plaza Online Embryo sale are embryos of Morningview Super Roxy *RC. Super Roxy is the #1 cow on the *RC/Red Locator List and has already several high scoring daughters that are high on the charts. The #1 *RC/Red heifer in the breed is Super Roxys Mogul daughter Morningview Mgl Roxy *RC GTPI+2445, she has two full sisters at GTPI+2411 and GTPI+2364 and a maternal sister by Numero Uno GTPI+2380 in the top 25. Selling are Super Roxy *RC her Destined *RC embryos.

  • Lot 1 Destined *RC x Morningview Super Roxy *RC 
Click to enlarge - Morningview Super Roxy *RC VG-86-3YR-USA
June 6, 2013
Morningview Tag Sale huge success!

The Morningview Tag Sale ended with gross sales of $246,000 on 23 head for an average of $10,696.00! The top seller at $50,000 came on Morningview Uno Regenia *RC,  from the Roxy cow family at +2377 GTPI from VG-86 Super Roxy. With embryo and bull contracts, she was the choice of John Schneller, Dodgeville, WI. The 2nd high lot was the impeccable clone of Apple, EX-95, herself at $35,200. Due soon with a Gold Chip heifer, she now resides at Milksource Genetics, Kaukauna, WI.

Click to enlarge -
May 22, 2013
Updates for Morningview Tag Sale

Updates for the Magic of Morningview Tag Sale to kick off tomorrow and run through Friday, May 24 are now online. VIEW UPDATES | ONLINE CATALOG

Click to enlarge -
May 10, 2013
Magic of Morningview Tag Sale

Catalog NOW ONLINE for the Magic of Morningview Tag Sale to be held May 23-24 with an open house today from 12:00 - 4:00 p.m. (CST). VIEW CATALOG

Click to enlarge - Ms Apples Angel-ET *RC EX-92
April 8, 2013
New photo of Ms Apples Angel

New photo of Ms Apples Angel-ET *RC, the now Excellent-92 Damion daughter of KHW Regiment Apple-Red-ET. Angel is currently being flushed and inquiries are welcome.

Click to enlarge - KHW Regiment Apple-Red-ET EX-95 DOM
April 5, 2012
New #1 *RC/Red Cow on Locator List... she's an APPLE!

Ms Apple Brandy-ET *RC VG-86 VVVVV @ 2-08 is the new #1 GTPI *RC/Red Cow on the Locator list with GTPI+2133 +3.47T +512NM$. Brandy is a Shottle daughter direct from Apple who also jumped to +2010 GTPI with +3.20T!

Click to enlarge - KHW Regiment Apple-Red-ET EX-95 DOM
March 14, 2012
Morningview sends their best to Iowa Sale

Selling on Saturday, March 17 at the Iowa State Sale as Lot #1 is the RED Nov. 2011 Colt P granddaughter of Apple! She has a GTPI of +2269 putting her among the top RED GTPI females in the U.S. Her dam is Apples Alexis by Shottle and VG-85-2YR! Also selling from Morningview is a *RC Colt P born Sept. 2011 and from a *RC Pronto VG-87 EX-MS followed by 8 generations of Excellent Roxys! Also from that family selling is a *RC Pontiac daughter fresh with second calf.

Click to enlarge - Morningview G Addition-ET VG-88-2YR
December 14, 2011
+2365G Bookem sells from Converse Judys

Selling in the Breeders Holiday Classic Sale from Morningview Holsteins is a +2322 GTPI Bookem daughter from the VG-88-2YR Goldwyn x Oman Annette VG-87 GMD DOM and the great Converse Judys!
Visit the online catalog for more elite offerings from Morningview.

Click to enlarge - KHW Regiment Apple-Red-ET now EX-95
November 16, 2011
KHW Regiment Apple-Red-ET now EX-95

The Grand Champion of the 2011 International Red & White Holstein Show is now EX-95! Congratulations to the Apple Partners on developing such a tremendous individual and to KHW Genetics breeder of the great Apple!

Click to enlarge -
November 9, 2011
APPLES to the Sale of Stars

Two fantastic APPLE opportunities to the Sale of Stars... here is your chance to own a daughter of 2011 Grand Champion Red & White at World Dairy Expo!


  • Beautiful *RC Talent daughter with loads of promise and potential... already VG-86-2YR VG-MS
  • Super Stylish December 2010 *RC Destry with a GTPI of +2034 +3.15T
Click to enlarge -
October 25, 2011
#1 GTPI *RC in the Breed Sells!

Selling on Thursday, Oct. 27 in the Legends of the Fall Sale, Avon, NY is the #1 GTPI *RC in the breed, KHW Super Aderyn-ET, GTPI+2328! This beautiful Super from Goldwyn Aiko and the great Altitude sells with contracts and an embryo package by Alchemy!

Click to enlarge -
October 20, 2011
EARLY Alchemy x *RC Super daughter from the Roxys!

Eight generations Excellent Roxys back these unique Alchemy embryos from a *RC Super daughter! Current bid: $875. Click here for more details.

Click to enlarge - Morningview Shtl Lucy-ET EX-90 EX-MS DOM
August 9, 2011
Morningview Shtl Lucy jumps to +2190G

The genomic powerhouse Morningview Shtl Lucy jumps to GTPI+2190 PTAT+2.40 +652NM$. Palermo embryos from Shtl Lucy selling on Online Embryo Auction - Click here!

Click to enlarge - Morningview Shtl Lucy-ET EX-90 EX-MS DOM
July 20, 2011
Two Offerings from Shtl Lucy to Central Wisconsin Summer Event

Two fantastic offerings from the genomic powerhouse, Shtl Lucy GTPI+2156 sell tomorrow on the Central Wisconsin Summer Event Sale.

Lot 16 - Sept. 2010 Destry *TR (3K GTPI+2262 +647NM$ +3.08T)
Lot 17 - Nov. 2010 Domain (3K GTPI+2188 +623NM$ +2.66T)

Click to enlarge - Morningview Shtl Lucy-ET EX-90 EX-MS DOM
June 23, 2011
Domain x Shtl Lucy SELLS!

From the great genomic powerhouse, Shottle Lucy sells a +2230 GTPI Domain daughter on the National Covention Sale. From the great Lead Maes, Domain Lucy sells with contracts!

Click to enlarge - Morningview Shtl Lucy-ET EX-90 EX-MS DOM
May 25, 2011
Morningview consignments to Field of Dreams Sale

Selling on Saturday, May 28 at the Field of Dreams Sale from Morningview Holsteins... 9/10 *RC Destry +2221G and 9/10 Goldwyn +2090G from the genomic giant transmitting, Shtl Lucy!

Click to enlarge - Morningview Baxter D-Rae VG-86 VG-MS @ 2-07
May 24, 2011
Morningview sends three to Chosen Few Sale

Three fantastic offerings sell Friday, May 27 at the Chosen Few Sale, West Union, Iowa from Morningview Holsteins!

• 1st Choice Bookem x Morningview Shottle Madilyn EX-92 DOM GTPI+2012 and from the Lead Maes.
• 12/10 Destry GTPI+2068 from the million dollar Apple
• 1st Choice Lewis x Morningview Baxter D Rae VG-86-2YR GTPI+2085 and from the Roxys

Click to enlarge - Early-Autumn Golden Rae-ET *RC EX-92
March 30, 2011
Morningview send two to Minnesota Spring Special

Selling on Saturday, April 2 in Rochester at the Minnesota Spring Special are two tremendous offerings from Morningview Holsteins.
- #2 GLPI Paddy sells with $10,000 base AI contract plus $3,000 incentives. Born Sept. 2010, Paddy Loyal is from the Lead Mae family and a daughter of the super-transmitting Shtl Lucy.
- Super from the Roxys! Selling is a 7/10 *TR Super daughter of Golden Rae *RC EX-92.

Click to enlarge -
March 23, 2011
Goldwyn Opportunity from Shtl Lucy sells at Milksource Sale!

Morningview is sending another fantastic Shtl Lucy offering to the Milksource Main Event this Friday, March 25. Selling is a 9/10 Goldwyn GTPI+2061 from the one and only Shottle Lucy EX-90 DOM GTPI+2156 and backed by the dominant Lead Mae family. Click here for Shtl Lucy's Donor Page

Click to enlarge - Morningview Shtl Lucy-ET EX-90 DOM | GTPI+2156
March 2, 2011
Offerings from Morningview to North American Breeders Showcase

Five Fantastic Offering sell this Saturday, March 5 on the North American Breeders Showcase from Morningview Holsteins...

Click to enlarge - Morningview Shottle Maui-ET VG-87   GTPI+2103
February 22, 2011
Freddie x Shottle Maui to Limited Edition Sale from Morningview

Morningview Holsteins sends a 10/10 Freddie from the Lead Maes to the Limited Edition Sale. A high GTPI/NM Freddie at +2207G and +677NM$ sells from Shottle Maui VG-87, GTPI+2103. Deep pedigree, high genomics and a fantastic offering from Holstein Plaza member, Morningview Holsteins!

Click to enlarge -
February 4, 2011
Morningview joins Holstein Plaza

Holstein Plaza welcomes Morningview Holsteins. From daughters of Apple to offspring of Lead Mae there is something for everyone. Known worldwide for developing the Converse Judy family, Morningview continues to work with and develop the breed’s elite.