January 10, 2019

Top GTPI Red Heifers in the US

Early-Autumn Golden Rae RC

Holstein Plaza took a look at the top GTPI RED heifers (non-variant) in the U.S. and here is what we found. Congratulations to our friends at Morningview Holsteins with the No. 1 Red Female in the U.S., Morningview Smp 6303-Red with a GTPI of +2704 and backed by Super Roxy and the Early-Autumn Golden Rae family. 

1. Morningview Smp 6303-Red-ET (Simplicity-P-RC x  Flagship x Archive-Red) GTPI+2704
2. Scenery-View Crackup-Red-ET (Simplicity-P-RC x  Silver x Ladd P-Red) GTPI+2694
3. Hartford Sawyer 835-Red-ET (Sawyer-RC x  Pat-Red x Supersire) GTPI+2686
4. Morningview Snt 6352-Red-ET (Santorius x  Modesty x Yoder) GTPI+2684
5. Edg 82776-Red-ET (Revival-Red x  Pat-Red x Mccutchen) GTPI+2658


Learn more about Morningview Holsteins - view their Holstein Plaza profile
To contact Morningview Holsteins, click here or use the following contact information

Morningview Holsteins
21375 Cottage Hill Road
Durango, Iowa 52039
United States

Phone: 563-552-2172
Email: dschmitt@yousq.net