K-Manor Holsteins


K-Manor Holsteins is owned by Steve and Janet Keller and located 60 miles west of Madison, Wisconsin in the rolling hills of Richland County.


Breeder of K-Style Tarino Spartacus 7HO14674

Spartacus is an A2A2 AB sire owned in partnership with Kellercrest Holsteins and scores GTPI +2836. His 2nd and 3rd dams both have lifetime production records over 200,000 pounds of milk. 

His son, S-S-I Spartacus Elon-ET was the No. 5 U.S. Genomic Young Sire during the August 2020 proof run with GTPI +3066.


K-Manor Holsteins
31723 Town Hall Road
Muscoda, Wisconsin 53573
United States


+1 608-219-6018

Donors Offered by This Breeder

K-Manor Holsteins
VG-88 / GTPI +2562
K-Manor Holsteins
VG-86 / GTPI +2536
K-Manor Holsteins
VG-85 / GTPI +2589
K-Manor Holsteins
GP-84 / GTPI +2577

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Summer 2015

Summer 2015

News Items About this Breeder

Click to enlarge - K-Manor Gabor Secrecy RC VG-87 GMD
January 3, 2019
SECRECY strikes again!

A tremendous January proof run for the small herd of K-Manor Holsteins, Wis. backed by the foundation cow, K-Manor Gabor Secrecy RC VG-87 GMD. The new No. 1 Solution of the breed came back at +2974 GTPI for K-Manor with a Net Merit of +1070, +0.14%F, +8.0PL and over 2 points on type. 611 is backed by K-Manor Not So Modest 510 x Payton x Snowman x Gabor Secrecy. Modest 510 is just fresh and scored GP-83 VG-MS at just a few weeks fresh and right at two years of age. Another highlight was 602 coming back as a Top 10 Red Heifer in the Breed at +2656 GTPI. 602 is sired by Simplicity-P-RC out of a just fresh Rubicon, K-Manor Rub Scandel-512 RC. Scandel also scored GP-83 VG-MS just fresh at one year and ten months of age and is out of the Aikman daughter of Secrecy. CONGRATULATIONS to K-Manor on these top heifers.

Click to enlarge - Preston Gabor Rita 3777 *P EX-92
November 1, 2017
Exciting Splendid-P daughter at K-Manor

K-Manor Radhika-ET-545 is one of the most exciting calves at K-Manor Holsteins, she is one of the highest PTA Type females in the World over GTPI+2500! Radhika combines GTPI+2539 with a nice production index, positive DPR and +3.90 PTA Type and +3.22 UDC combined with a near perfect linear! She is sired by Splendid from a Monterey granddaughter of Preston Gabor Rita 3777 P EX-92.

April 4, 2017
Top 50 GTPI Calves in the U.S.

The updated Top 50 GTPI Calves in the U.S. have been posted! Peak Divine Jedi 80315 tops the list with a +2991GTPI.

  1. PEAK DIVINE JEDI 80315 GTPI +2991
  3. MS 78574 GTPI +2966

CLICK HERE to view the complete top 50 list. 


Click to enlarge - K-Manor P Snowflake 387-ET GP-83
March 6, 2017
K-Manor Holsteins Updates!

K-Manor Holsteins have a tremendous Modesty daughter (GTPI+2872 +994NM$ +2.40PTAT) that scores a GTPI+2888 +977NM$ +5.2DPR +8.1PL +2.55PTAT +2.44UDC +1.87FLC! The Modesty's dam, K-Manor P Snowflake 387-ET scores a GTPI+2579 +667NM$ +2.30PTAT.. 


January 4, 2017
Top 25 GTPI New Females January 2017

The Top 25 GTPI new females for January 2017 has been posted. Topping the list with GTPI+2923 is Hilmar Superfly 13227.

  1. Hilmar Superfly 13277 GTPI+2923
  2. Leaninghouse Mdsty 23510 GTPI+2917
  3. Sandy-Valley Jedi Anika GTPI+2892
  4. K-Manor Not So Modesty 510 GTPI+2888
  5. De-Su Flagship 6422 GTPI+2876

For the complete Top 25 CLICK HERE.

Click to enlarge - K-Manor B Mistaken VG-88 EX-MS
March 31, 2016
Huge Feed Efficiency Female from K-Manor Sells!

K-Manor Holsteins is sending one of the highest Feed Efficiency heifers in the breed to the Hammer Time at Heritage Sale. Selling is K-Manor S Mistrust 463, she is a GTPI+2608 SIlver daughter that scores +207.51 Feed Efficiency which ranks her in the Top 100 Feed Efficiency females in the U.S., Dam of Mistrust 463 is Mistrust 277 a VG-85 Supersire daughter backed by a VG-88 EX-MS Bookem daughter that goes back to the Whittier-Farms Lead Mae family. K-Manor S Mistrust 463 sells as lot G6 on April 2nd.

August 20, 2015
Choose your Favorite Epic Daughter: K-Manor Epic Sagacious

A full sister to Save *RC and from an Unique Pedigree, Sagacious is proving herself a genomic giant with already 11 daughters over GTPI+2400 including 4 over GTPI+2500. CLICK HERE to read more about Sagacious or to VOTE for Sagacious as your favorite Epic daughter!

Click to enlarge - K-Manor Epic Sagacious VG-87-2YR | Her SEXED Delta Embryos Sell!
March 18, 2015
Exciting Offering from K-Manor Holsteins

Selling in the Quest for Success Sale II next week is a GTPI+2657 Halogen daughter of K-Manor Epic Sagacious VG-87-2YR 88-MS, this top-ranking heifer carries an unique pedigree with sires as Halogen x Epic x Gabor  Advent x September Storm x Paradox x Derrwyn Miss Special. Also selling in the Holstein Plaza Online Embryo Auction are SEXED Delta embryos from K-Manor Epic Sagacious VG-87-2YR. Tremendous Opportunity to buy into this great cow family with an Unique Sire Stack!

Click to enlarge - K-Manor Gabor Secrecy dam to Save *RC #5 GTPI *RC Bull
May 9, 2014
K-Manor Donor Update

The profile page of K-Manor has been updated with new exciting donors including K-Manor Gabor Secrecy No.15 GTPI RC on Locator List and dam to Save *RC #5 GTPI *RC Bull with GTPI+2332. VISIT PROFILE

Click to enlarge -
September 17, 2012
Donor Updates for K-Manor

Check out the updates just posted for K-Manor Holsteins including the +2137 GTPI Homozygous Polled Colt P daughter, K-Manor Colt Raelyn-Red-ET!

Click to enlarge - Golden-Oaks Des Raelyn-Red *PO • She Sells!
May 17, 2012
POLLED Destry from the Roxys sells at Regancrest

Selling on Saturday, May 19 at the Regancrest Command Performance Sale is a RED POLLED Destry due in September to Larson *RC and backed by the Roxys! She sells as Lot 34 and click here to view the catalog!

Click to enlarge -
November 7, 2011
K-Manor donor pages updated!

Check out the K-Manor Holsteins breeder profile page to see updated donor pages, pictures and more!

Click to enlarge -
June 8, 2011
Holstein Plaza welcome K-Manor

K-Manor Holsteins owned by Steve and Janet Keller is now online with Holstein Plaza. Check out some of the high profile individuals they are currently working with!