March 6, 2017

K-Manor Holsteins Updates!

K-Manor P Snowflake 387-ET GP-83

K-Manor Holsteins have a tremendous Modesty daughter (GTPI+2872 +994NM$ +2.40PTAT) that scores a GTPI+2888 +977NM$ +5.2DPR +8.1PL +2.55PTAT +2.44UDC +1.87FLC! The Modesty's dam, K-Manor P Snowflake 387-ET scores a GTPI+2579 +667NM$ +2.30PTAT.. Goes back to the EX-92 Derrwyn Special MIssy-Red and EX-94 2E DOM Derrwyn MIss Special-Red. Backed by type and index! Exciting updates for K-Manor Holsteins. 

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K-Manor Holsteins
31723 Town Hall Road
Muscoda, Wisconsin 53573
United States

Phone: +1 608-219-6018