December 3, 2019

Top 25 GPA LPI Heifers (9-30 Months)

Claynook farms heifers round out the top of the list of Top GPA-LPI Heifers aged 9-30 months old, behind two Westcoast Holsteins Heifers. Westcoast Positive Jabel 7923 tops the list with +3808 LPI, followed by Fly-Higher Renegade March with +3725 LPI. 

1. Westcoast Positive Jabel 7923 +3808 LPI

2. Westcoast Rnegade March +3725 LPI

3. Claynook Ziva House +3867 LPI

4. Claynook Chelsey Renegade +3657 LPI

5. Progenesis Marius Precious +3651 LPI


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