December 1, 2015

Silverridge V Shot Earring #1 GPA-LPI 9-30 months

Silverridge V Shot Earring is the #1 GPA-LPI Female (Canadian-Owned) between 9-30 months of age. 

  1. Silverridge V Shot Earring GPA-LPI+3474
  2. Blumenfeld Troy 4747 GPA-LPI+3469
  3. Stantons 1st Amy GPA-LPI+3457
  4. Peak Bombero Maxima GPA-LPI+3415
  5. Morsan CapitalG Alexa L 2489 GPA-LPI+3410

Also in the Top 25 are two Silver daughters from an exciting young and fresh McCutchen at Claynook, View-Home Mcc Found. Found is the full sister to Monterey!

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