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Crystal Star Dairy
12440 Burkholder Lane
Hagerstown, Maryland 21740
United States



Donors Offered by This Breeder

Crystal Star Dairy
GP-82 / GTPI +2575
Crystal Star Dairy
GTPI +2650
Crystal Star Dairy
Crystal Star Dairy
VG-88 / GTPI +1887
Crystal Star Dairy
Tri-Vison Amelia-Red
Crystal Star Dairy

News Items About this Breeder

Click to enlarge - Crystal-Star Avlnch Cali, 2nd Place Fall Calf WDE 2019 (Photo by Cowsmopolitan)
October 7, 2019
Maternal Sister Places High at WDE

Place your bid on Lot 20 in the Holstein Plaza Online Heifer Sale and take home your favorite daughter to EX-92 Regancrest Chanel. A full sister to two of these heifers was the 2nd place spring calf at WDE and Reserve-All American in 2017.  Just last week a maternal sister to all three offerings was the 2nd place Fall Heifer Calf in the International Holstein Show at World Dairy Expo. Choose from two Solomon daughters and an Artist. All three are ready to flush and show in the Winter and Fall yearling classes in 2020. VIEW LOT

Click to enlarge - Tri-Vision-Amelia-Red
June 18, 2019
Your Choice: Unstopabull-Red or Jordy-Red

Take your pick and create a sister to World Dairy Expo Junior Champion, Annie-Red, or Reserve All-American, Avery-Red. Selling are 6 SEXED IVF embryos from the EX-90 donor, Tri-Vision Amelia-Red. Choose between four #1 and two #2 grade SEXED UNSTOPABULL-RED embryos OR six #1 grade SEXED JORDY-RED embryos. Both pairs bring tremendous RED SHOW TYPE! VIEW LOT


Click to enlarge -
February 27, 2018
Frosty daughter added to donor page!

Added to Crystal Star's donor page directly out of the two time Supreme Champion World Dairy Expo and Voted All-World Holstein International... Harvue Roy Frosty EX-97-USA 3E GMD. Is Duckett-A SA Fritzi EX-90! Fritzi is currently making around 5 or more embryos...VIEW MORE

Click to enlarge -
October 30, 2017
Avalanche embryos to sell

Selling in the Harvest Sale this Saturday November 4th, 2017 as Lot 44A and 44B are IVF Sexed Avalanche embryos out of the EX-92 Regancrest Chanel... The maternal sister to the Global Cow of the Year 2011 EX-92 Regancrest S Chassity. Backed by the Barbie's! 


Click to enlarge -
May 23, 2017
Best of the Barn Sale

The Best of the Barn Sale will be held this Friday May 26th, 2017 at the Landis-Mrk Barn in Lancaster, PA. There are several tremendous animals selling from impressive bloodlines.. 


Click to enlarge - Eastview Bryer VG-87
March 20, 2017
NEW PHOTO added to Crystal Star Dairy's Profile.

Crystal Star Dairy has added an updated photo of Eastview Bryer to their profile. Bryer is a VG-87 Airlift who is out of an EX-90 Clark who is backed by an EX-94 Lheros.. Deep maternal line in this pedigree! Be sure to view Crystal Star Dairy's updates along with Bryer's photo! 


Click to enlarge - Eastview Lheros Lani EX-94 | Her +3.47 PTAT VG-87 Airlift is now at Crystal Star Dairy
September 22, 2016
New donors at Crystal Star Dairy!

New donors have been added to the profile of Crystal Star Dairy! The exciting new donors include a GTPI+2572 Rubicon daughter backed by an unique line of the Pen-Col D family, a +3.47 GPTAT VG-87 Airlift daughter backed by 6 generations Excellent from the same family that produced Briarpatch-R Misty and a 10th generation Excellent Red & Polled ROXY! CLICK HERE for a direct link to the profile of Crystal Star Dairy.

Click to enlarge - Harvue Iota Evies Jewel VG-85
January 22, 2015
NEW PHOTO of Harvue Iota Evies Jewel

New photo of the +2247G Iota daughter scored Very Good-85 and backed by a deep maternal line! Harvue Iota Evies Jewel has IVF embryos selling in the current Holstein Plaza Online Embryo Auction sired by AltaSpring and Silver!

Click to enlarge - Crystal Star Dairy joins Holstein Plaza
July 28, 2014
Crystal Star Dairy joins Holstein Plaza

Holstein Plaza welcomes Crystal Star Dairy as a member. Located in Hagerstown Maryland, Crystal Star Dairy works with a exciting group of donors including Harvue Iota Evies Jewel GP-83 who already has a Tango daughter over +2500G, Ms Lookout Psc FB Evette VG-85 an early Facebook daughter that goes back to the Eroy family, and a +2338G +3.05T Supersire daughter that goes back to the Pandoras. CLICK HERE for a direct link to the Holstein Plaza profile.